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Zombies Vs. Gladiators

...Amazon has announced that Clive is to rewrite the Zombies Vs Gladiators script as Amazon Studios develops the project for a mainstream audience. Based in ancient Rome, the Zombies vs. Gladiators story opens as a shaman who is about to die in the Colosseum casts a spell that unleashes the world's first zombies. It's up to a gladiator to stop the spread of the zombie horde and save Rome...

Click here to read more on the genesis of this project at Amazon Studios.

"I'm excited by the opportunity to interweave two very rich narrative threads. One of them concerns itself with the reality of the decadence of Rome and its rise and fall. The other is a fantastical narrative element - the living dead. My brief to myself on this project is to give the audience not only zombies they have never seen before but also a Rome they have never seen before.
"Amazon Studios offered up the dream ticket with this project. In twenty-five years of working in this town, I've rarely had people listen to what I had to say as closely and as carefully as they did and then simply give me the freedom to go do it. Amazon Studios is an innovative creative concept. I am looking forward to providing my own perspective to make Zombies Vs. Gladiators a highly commercial and entertaining movie."

Press Release

By APA, 5 June 2012

"We can push push push. We can go, I think, to extremes of horror and extremes of spectacle and extremes of narrative intensity that people haven't been given in horror for a very long time. We're actually taking two groups of people that the viewers of those types of films will be very familiar with from other movies - gladiators, and zombies - and we're going to fling them at each other with lots of back story. And that's a great story to tell. In the end, why do you choose any story to tell? Because it excites you. Because it gets your pulse racing. Because it gets your palms clammy. That's why."

"Why Do You Choose Any Story To Tell? Because It Excites You"

By [ ], Hollywonk, Amazon Studios, 27 July 2012

Roy Price, director, Amazon Studios: "We are excited to see how Clive will add his unique narrative to capture the essence of this story and propel the project into something unique and original that could one day be enjoyed by all audiences."

Press Release

By APA, 5 June 2012

Clive Barker Presents: Hellraiser

(The Hellraiser 'Reconfiguring')

Hellraiser 2022 on Hulu
Note, although the quotes below track several iterations of plans for a reboot/remake/reimagining over the last decade and a half, August 2021 sees the movie underway! Now set for a 7 October 2022 release, see fresh comments from the director, David Bruckner, below.

...Despite the ability of the original 1987 Hellraiser movie to stand tall in the company of other horror films of the Eighties (and beyond), the Weinstein brothers decided there was the potential, nearly twenty years on, for a remake. October 2006 therefore saw Clive announce that he had accepted an invitation to write the screenplay and to have a role in the film's production. Clive told us that he was especially looking forward to using the extra funding to improve physical effects - so no more Engineer on wheels then..!
Variety reported that Seraphim's Anthony DiBlasi and Joe Daley would co-produce, with Richard Saperstein and Matthew Stein overseeing for Dimension... October 2007 saw Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury confirm they would be directing and scripting the project, with Clive producing. However, the New Year brought news that the somewhat optimistic release date of 5 September 2008 had now been pushed back to 9 January 2009, followed by reports that Bustillo and Maury had been replaced as writers by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton... and in April 2008 that Bustillo and Maury had left the project altogether, meaning that the January 2009 date had been abandoned...
October 2008 saw The Hollywood Reporter announce that the cup had passed to Pascal Laugier (who directed Martyrs and is also set to direct China Miéville's 'Details') to write and direct this 'dream project'... and Clive was now reported as saying it had become a "re-configuring" rather than a remake. March 2009 brought a treatment heading Clive's way for his thoughts, but June saw Clive mentioning that Laugier is no longer directing... maybe good news for Doug Bradley given Laugier's comments in SFX the same month...
Another year, another proposal... October 2010 had Dimension announcing (via Variety ) that Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier would be taking on this project, with production slated for the new year ahead of a late 2011, early 2012 release. However, following the release of Hellraiser: Revelations to secure continuing rights, September 2011 (see below) saw Todd Farmer confirming that he and Lussier were no longer involved.
October 2013 saw Clive revisit his 2006 acceptance to write the script, with the proviso that Doug Bradley reprises his Pinhead role (see below)...
...and in October 2014 Clive mentioned (here) that he'd be utilising the 'Devil's Island' story which was previously part of the 'Heaven's Reply' short in the Black is the Devil's Rainbow collection.

...May 2019, though, brought new news with Gary Barber's Spyglass Media Group having hired David S. Goyer to produce and write a reboot screenplay.

...and bringing us bang up to date, August 2021 sees the Spyglass Media movie underway! It's directed by David Bruckner (Night House, The Ritual), based on a script by writers Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (Night House) and is set for a 7 October 2022 release date on Hulu.

"They're going to remake Hellraiser One with a lot more money and they've invited me to write it - the invitation came from Bob Weinstein - which I am going to do, on the basis that if I don't do it, it will be done in some way that I probably won't like!
"It's only that one that I really, really, really care about in terms of its remake value - and it'll be kind of fun to have the extra money to do the effects and all that cool stuff...
"I'm excited about it - actually it'll be kinda cool to revisit it once and see if there are things we can do to it which will make it significantly better... I am very happy at the idea of having some more money for the cool stuff - I don't know how much more money, but it's got to be more than the $900,000 that we had the first time!"

'It's Yours - It Always Was...'

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 20 October 2006 (note - full text here)

"When I'm done with Gospels, I'll begin writing Hellraiser 1 while I'm doing the paintings for Abarat part three... I just wouldn't be at peace with myself if I gave this [remake] writing gig to somebody else, and I've always had in the back of my head what I wanted to do. There are things which are going into the movie which I've had tucked in my brain for years.
"I haven't talked to anybody else [involved in the original] about this... I'm going to write it and see how it goes. I'm hoping Doug [Bradley] will be back [but] this will be a different Pinhead."

Clive Barker Talks New Hellraiser

By Ryan Rotten,, 23 October 2006 (note - full text online at

"There are some areas of the first movie where I think we can be a lot more intense and a lot more scary... It will not be simply a reworking or reshooting of the first picture."

'Hellraiser' Back From Dead

By Stephen Zeitchik, (i), 8 November 2006 (note: full text online at, (ii) Daily Variety, 9 November 2006

"If this is gonna happen the last thing I want to happen is A.N.Other coming in and doing something which is violently antithetical to the feeling and the mythology...
"I think it's going to be its own thing; frankly, it's going to have its own life. One of the things when I went to look at the movie again - I steeled myself, because I don't like watching my own work - I looked at it and I thought the performances by the women in this are what hold the movie together - particularly Clare; I mean I think Clare Higgins's performance is fucking magnificent, you know without her.... When I bring that movie to mind, it's her eyes, it's the images of her face, cleaning blood from her face, her taking down the hammer from the wall, the expression on her face totally transformed; it was an awesome performance. So what I'm saying is, although the structure may roughly be the same, it will be a totally different movie because it won't have Clare Higgins in it, it won't have Andy Robinson in it...
"We shouldn't downplay the fact that all movies work or fail on the basis of their performers, although sometimes performers can be a pain in the ass! We'll see, I'm excited.
"I've already begun [writing]. While I'm waiting for Scarlet Gospels to arrive in typed form I have started Abarat Three and Hellraiser One on the basis that everything changes anyway in movies, so I'll just take a crack at it. I have some reasonably radical ideas; I want to answer questions that people posed in the first one like, 'Who was that old guy?' I think that's a completely valid question - and I have no answer to why he was eating a cricket, just that it was a disgusting image! ...It feels to me as though one of the things people always wanted is a clearer sense of the mythology that lies behind this world and I'm hopefully delivering some of that...
"I think Dimension definitely wants to make this movie and I think they are looking to me to re-freshen the palate and I have some ideas which I think will not violate the mythology, remembering of course that that mythology is hugely developed in the book I'm writing. So, I have the answers, I don't have to make up the answers, they're right here in the novel [Scarlet Gospels]. If we actually go down to Hell for any tiny period, I have a very clear idea of what Hell should look like.
"I'm just getting on because I know what will happen: Bob will call me in the New Year and say, 'Where's my script?' and I don't want to be saying, 'Where's the paperwork? I'm still waiting...'"

Pinhead's Progress

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 15 and 22 December 2006 (note: full text here)

"The Hellraiser treatment has been signed off on by Miramax. They have it in their hands and they like it, and they want a bit more Hellraiser mythology, which is music to my ears - it's the first time I've ever heard that request! You know, where do I sign? But they've already signed so that's fine..."

A Spiritual Retreat

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 26 March 2007 (note - full text here)

"If they're going to do this - and they are going to do it - I want to be involved, but I don't want to be so much a part of it that I feel I'm simply returning to old territory. I feel as though I always want to be breaking new ground, which is the reason I took up painting and wrote the Abarat books. The moment that I feel like I've got it all sussed and have figured it all out, I won't be me. I'll be somebody else entirely."

Gone And Back Again

By Carnell, Fangoria, No 268, November 2007

"I will watch over two Frenchmen who will remake it and only because I think they are two very splendid young men who made a fucking great movie. I like them both. I like the movie Inside. It's very good, very bloody and they are very nice smart guys who have a commitment to the original movie...
"I have no interest in turning Hellraiser into game. Firstly, I don't have the rights so if somebody's going to do it they can do it. I earned 21,000 dollars from writing and directing the first movie and it was my deal with the devil, god bless 'em. I'm fine with that. I have no interest in that. I feel like we're constantly looking over our shoulder, it's all retro at the moment... I think it's all the more reason that they remake it; that they don't take my version of the story. I had some specific suggestions, which I don't want to spoil for you or anyone else, about how things might be taken up a notch or two. And you know S&M just isn't what it used to be! So if we're to do the whips and chains and the hooks we have to do them at a whole new level because I think it's tired material... It's not just Pinhead, the whole fucking movie has to be scary again. My commitment to being involved was really based on these guys who had a bloody good idea that had nothing to do with what I had in my head. So more power to them."

Jericho / Hellraiser: Clive Barker Reveals All!

By Mister Disgusting, Bloody, 7 November 2007 (note - full text available online at

"It's not going to be a 'remake' remake. I hope it isn't. I would be disappointed if it was.
"Back in the Universal days, there was 'Son of Frankenstein,' 'House of Frankenstein' and 'Bride of Frankenstein.' They made those movies back in the '30s. Once characters are fixed in audiences' heads and they like them, why not go back to them? The problem is, can you tell a new story? My beef with recent stories is that they haven't been fresh. They've been tired and worn out. In a way, when you let these things out into the world of cinema, you sort of let them go their own way. It's foolish to try to control them. There will be tears before bedtime if you do.
"There are two Frenchmen who are writing and directing the project together. They want me involved, but it will depend on where they are making the movie. I'm very happy to be involved in some degree. These two guys have a very interesting revisionist take on the mythology, which I like, so more power to them."

Pushing The Boundaries Of Horror And Fantasy

By Larry Nichols, Detour, Philadelphia Gay News, 16 November 2007 (note - full text available online at

"It's being written and directed by two Frenchmen. They actually made a very good movie called À L'Intérieur, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Bob Weinstein hooked them up with me. They're going to remake it - and radically re-design it.
"I am, [OK with that], Andrew. I look at it this way: the film that Clive made is the film that Clive made. I made it my way, and it wouldn't make sense to try to remake it. So what they've done is take the basic elements and reconfigured it in a way that makes a lot of sense - and they have a lot more money. I had $900,000 and 23 days to film it, and was paid the morbid sum of $21,000 to write and direct it."

Clive Barker: Raising Hell

By Andrew Davis, Windy City Times, 9 January 2008 (note - full text available online at

"Bob Weinstein at Dimension owns the Hellraiser franchise and he has just sent me a movie by a French director whose name I cannot say right now [Pascal Laugier]. If I like this film then they want to hire this guy to write and direct. Right now that is where we are with Hellraiser: searching for the right person to give Pinhead new life. And I should add that I don't have, in principle, any problem with them taking a new crack at the story. If Pinhead is worth a damn he should be able to stand up to a quality re-telling and this is what we are planning for Hellraiser. It is definitely not going to be a remake. It is going to be a complete re-configuring of the original story."

Back Into Hell

By [ ], SFX, No 177, Christmas 2008

"I fuckin' love Martyrs. I'm glutton for intensity, extreme stuff. Martyrs is certainly extreme, it's a movie that has courage and commitment. [Pascal] is someone who really, really cares about horror movies. I'm supposed to be seeing a treatment soon. I'm not certain but I believe he is going to back to the first movie but not with an obsessed loyalty. He's taking the first movie as a launching board, a rock model, but there are things you can obviously do now both visually and sexually. It was always a sexual movie - the censors told me I had to cut a scene because it has spanking in it. You're telling me I can have the skinning, but I can't have the spanking? It's a different time, so I'm excited."

Barker Praises Laugier, Talks Pinhead Design

By Ryan Rotten, Shock Till You Drop, 13 February 2009

"My understanding there is that I will receive a treatment for a script from the director - who made a wonderful movie called The Martyrs, a French picture - and I'm supposed to receive that, I think today, actually, and then we're going to have a conversation and, all things being equal, he will then go away and write the script and I will executive produce the movie and he will direct."

Pod of Horror #52

By Mark Justice, Pod of Horror, March 2009 (note: full podcast online at

"Yes, there is an update of Hellraiser in the planning stages, however, I think my role on that will depend on whether or not the narration is one that I can get my heart behind. I have been asked to act as a producer on it and I am going to do my very best to remain involved. At the moment I don't want to call it a remake because it is more of a reconfiguration that they have in mind. Bob Weinstein, who owns the material, sent a film called Martyrs to me and I was very impressed by it. The director of that, Pascal Laugier, is now taking the reins of the new film and I don't have any problem with someone talented coming in and taking a crack at it. As far as I am concerned Hellraiser is strong enough to be worth revisiting - I just think that it is important not to do the exact same story all over again."

Still Raising Hell

By Calum Waddell, Judge Dredd Megazine, No 286, 21 July 2009

"Pascal Laugier is regrettably no longer on the Hellraiser remake. I think Martyrs is extraordinary.
"I don't know much more. I mean why would anyone tell me? I mostly discover these things here or through friends who still buy the trades."

Twitter posts

By Clive Barker, Twitter, 2 June 2009

"HOT FROM HELL! My friends, I have some news which may be of interest to you. A few weeks ago I had a very productive meeting with Bob Weinstein of Dimension Pictures, in the course of which I pitched a remake of the first HELLRAISER film. The idea of my coming back to the original film and telling the story with a fresh intensity - honoring the structure and the designs from the first incarnation but hopefully creating an even darker and richer film - was attractive to Dimension. Today I have officially been invited to write the script based upon that pitch. What can I tell you about it? Well, it will not be a film awash with CGI. I remain as passionate about the power of practical make-up effects as I was when I wrote and directed the first HELLRAISER. Of course the best make-up in the world loses force if not inhabited by a first-rate actor. I told the Dimension team that in my opinion there could never be a Pinhead without Doug Bradley, and much to my delight Bob Weinstein agreed. So once the papers are signed, I will open a Lemarchand Configuration, dip my quill in its contents and start writing. I promise that there will be nowhere on the Internet where the news of my progress will be more reliable than here, because the only author of these reports will be Your Infernal Correspondent, me.
"As questions are asked I'll do my best to answer them, though as you all know making movies is a volatile art, and things seldom remain fixed. One question regarding the rating has been asked. I asked it too, and Dimension confirmed that they are purely interested in an R rated picture. Somebody else asked why I'm not writing something original. The answer is that I am. After HELLRAISER I intend to write and direct a completely new horror movie, which will mingle graphic horror and erotic content, to create an unrated film which will push the envelope of extreme content further than ever..."

Facebook posts

By Clive Barker, Facebook posts, 25 October 2013

"I think the phrase is 'reboot,' although I've never really understood what that meant. I wanted to make sure we sounded some fresh notes. The movie actually begins on Devil's Island. I wanted to fold into the Hellraiser narrative something about the guy - the Frenchman Lemarchand - who made the mysterious box, which raises Pinhead. I figured, 'Well, what would have happened to him?' He might well have been taken to Devil's Island and I thought that would be a pretty cool place to start the movie. We're waiting for Bob to come back to us and see when we're going to actually make the movie."

Clive Barker is Back From the Dead

By Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly, October 2014 (note - full text online at

David Bruckner: "Night House was loosely inspired by a Hellraiser pitch that Ben and Luke had gone in with back in 2012, 2013, when the rights were still with Dimension. When I was in post- for the Night House, Spyglass (the production company Spyglass Media Group) brought in Ben and Luke to do a first draft and [then] brought me into the fold"

Get first look at Jamie Clayton's Pinhead (and a brand new Cenobite!) in new Hellraiser

Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly, 1 September 2022

Doug Bradley: "Hi everyone! Just arrived in Orlando for Spooky Empire, to be greeted by the news via FearNet and Clive Barker's Facebook that he is writing a new Hellraiser script and intends that I should play Pinhead again. This is intriguing news, about which I know absolutely nothing. No one has contacted or spoken to me about returning. So until you hear from me to the contrary, assume that all rumors about me returning as Pinhead are only rumors. Peace & Pain."

Facebook posts

By Doug Bradley, Facebook posts, 25 October 2013

Alexandre Bustillo: "We are actually writing the script right now and we don't want to remake exactly the Clive Barker movie. We have met Clive and told him what we want to do with Hellraiser and he said, 'It's fucking good do it!' We are happy to have his benediction. It will not be a remake. It will still be called Hellraiser and it will have a new Pinhead."

Inside Directors Speak On Hellraiser

By Blake, Twitch, 11 October 2007 (note: full text online at

Bob Weinstein: "Julien and Alex showed their incredible creative talent on 'Inside,' and I'm excited to have them at the helm, working with Clive Barker, to create a fresh, suspenseful and scary reimagining of the classic tale."

French Duo To Remake 'Hellraiser'

By Michael Fleming, Variety, 15 October 2007 (note: full text online at

Julien Maury: "We really don't know. It's quite fresh, this decision to hire these two guys we don't know [Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton]. I spoke with the Weinsteins last week and we're supposed to do a conference call with these guys, and with Clive Barker, to expose their way of seeing the movie. So we are just waiting for the next step because we don't want to be just directors doing another bad remake. We'll wait and see if we stay on board...
"The script we originally wrote is not a remake. We tried to rebuild the franchise and reinvent the mythology of Hellraiser and Clive Barker was okay with that. He was really excited about our ideas and what we wrote. And you know, what we wrote was really, really different from the original. We only kept the character of Pinhead and the Cenobites and we reinvented all the rest. But obviously they didn't like it because they hired new scriptwriters, so we'll see..."

Enfants Terribles

By Stuart F. Andrews, Rue Morgue, No 78, May 2008

Doug Bradley: "Now, I knew nothing about this until I was checking my e-mails in the Marriott hotel in Birmingham, Alabama last Saturday morning. So I gather Clive has made some comment about being asked by Bob Weinstein to remake Hellraiser or re-write it in some ways. Now all I can tell you is I don't know anything more than what everybody else is commenting on and reacting to. I haven't spoken to Clive...
"If it's a question of asking Clive to go back and re-explore the territory, so to speak; a kind of look again at areas that he maybe felt he didn't explore this time around, that he could explore this time around..? I don't know, I don't know..."


By Dee Snider and Debbie Rochon, Fangoria Radio, 27 October 2006

Doug Bradley: "So let's come to Hellraiser. This has fallen out of a clear blue sky in the last few weeks and I can't comment on what is planned because, quite simply, I don't know. As for my response, mixed feelings don't come close. As with The Omen, throwing more money at it won't necessarily make it better, and state-of-the-art CG may just make it look and feel like everything else. Part of what makes Hellraiser special is the real-time 'hand-made' physical nature of a lot of the special effects. On the other hand, we could finally decide whether the film takes place in England or America: take the British Rail 125 Express out, clarify why Kirsty's boyfriend has an American accent if he's one of those English guys she was warned about and why Julia has apparently trawled the bars of whichever US city we're in searching for bald English guys to club to death and feed to Frank. Now that is perverted. And you need to find performances to match the original - Clare Higgins' Julia in particular. And you'll never better Chris Young's score.
"Clive's comments are intriguing because they suggest some kind of re-working, re-visiting, re-thinking rather than just a remake - which sounds interesting, but I wonder whether that's what Bob Weinstein wants. Clive is also talking about it in the same breath as The Scarlet Gospels, but I thought that related more to the end than the beginning. As a fan and a friend, I can't wait to read the book, but I haven't spoken to Clive about it so will make no attempt to second guess him in this. Watch this space, I guess."

The Official Speak To Doug Thread

By Doug Bradley, Forum, Doug, 16 November 2006 (note: full text online at

Doug Bradley: "To come to your specific question, you bet I'd be interested if I had the chance to play Pinhead again. As to whether I will, well that remains to be seen and relates to the ongoing discussion about the announced remake of Hellraiser. I would add that I think that the announcement of that remake means it's very unlikely that a Hellraiser 9 will get made and that, whatever else happens and whether or not I have any further involvement, it would be wise to assume that that series is at an end."

The Official Speak To Doug Thread - Hellraiser 9?

By Doug Bradley, Forum, Doug, 11 January 2007 (note: full text online at

Doug Bradley: "Well, what there's talk of is a remake of the first one. That's as much as I can tell you, really, because that's as much as I know. I know that someone on IMDB has posted that I am 'in talks'. All I can say is if that's the case, then these talks are very, very, very, very quiet. Nobody's contacted me about anything to do with the remake either as to say they're going to be using me or as to say they're thinking of using someone else.
"I would assume that remaking the first Hellraiser film implies as far as the series as it is stands is static. I can't imagine them wanting to make a Hellraiser remake before they make a Hellraiser 9. I think it's a 'that must be it, then' sort of way. I think the series as a whole is finished.
"[Re. no Hellraiser 9 movie] Don't take my word for that! I'm just trying to put 3 and 3 together and make 29. But I just assume they won't. I can't see why they would want to go back and remake Hellraiser and then wanting to go back and having to continue the series.
"So that's where we are on this. Obviously history is not on my side for doing remakes. When they waste everybody's time and money remaking a movie, they don't tend to use the original cast.
"But it's less than two years since the last Hellraiser movie was released so I'm very confident it might not happen. I'm absolutely ambivalent about remakes. Really ambivalent. It doesn't make it more 'real'. But if they were to offer me the chance to re-do it, if I had the time I'd probably do it. But exactly what that plan is, I don't know."

Crowgrrl's Perch

By Athena Schaffer aka The Crowgrrl,, 11 March 2007 (note: full text online at

Doug Bradley: "Nobody has spoken to me about it, one way or the other. If I'm asked, of course, I'll do it! I am protective of the character and I do care about it. But also, if it meant that, as an actor, I was asked to do it again, but tasked to find new beats for Pinhead as a character to exist - all the better. I think that there are lots places that we haven't really explored with him. One, actually, is right at the beginning of the first film. When he walks through the chains over the remnants of Frank and puts the pieces of his face back together, dabbling his fingers in the blood. There's a kind of childishness there - of putting the jigsaw right, of wanting to recreate the being whom he's just destroyed. It's a beat of child-like curiosity that's right there on the surface and we've never gone back to it. Huge areas just begging to be explored."

An Interview With Pinhead

By Christopher Monfette,, 16 October 2007 (note: full text online at

Doug Bradley: "Yesterday I had two more Anchor Bay interviews back-to-back at lunchtime. Immediately prior to them, I intercepted an email from Gary Tunnicliffe, currently shooting in Louisiana with Joel Soisson who directed me in Prophecy 3, alerting me to Dimension Films' 're-announcement' of the Hellraiser remake, one year since this first broke upon me in a hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. Writing and directing duties have now been handed to two French guys, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. Whether that means Clive will now have no direct involvement is unclear at the moment. The looming Writers' Guild strike will be focussing minds as well.
"Gary's timing is perfect: both interviewers ( and make reference to it so I'm not wrong-footed by it. Interviews over, Gary's on the phone. It's great to hear him again and, as always we're in fits of laughter in short order. Where this new announcement leaves me, I have no idea. I have only repeated in interviews what I have said already that, apart from what everyone else is seeing in Press Releases and on the Net, I know nothing and nobody has spoken to me directly about it."

Doug's Diary

By Doug Bradley, Doug, 17 October 2007 (note: full text online at

Doug Bradley: "I have no idea whether anybody intends I will be involved in it, but I will do it again like a shot. If it involved taking different beats with Pinhead, that would also be fine by me. I think there are lots of areas that we never looked and never went to. History is not on my side with remakes that don't intend to use original cast. You know, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen - and I wish it absolutely nothing but good, if I'm involved or not. I'm not the biggest fan of remakes."

Still Raising Hell

By Gilbert Macias,, 23 October 2007 (note: full text online at

Pascal Laugier: "This is a dream project for me. I know Clive Barker's work very well, and I would never betray what he has done. Fans are expecting a definitive Hellraiser, and I don't want to take that away from them."

'Hellraiser' Redo In Laugier's Hands

By Borys Kit and Gregg Goldstein, The Hollywood Reporter, 29 October 2008 (note: full text online at

Pascal Laugier: "Hellraiser is a child's dream coming true. I saw the first when I was 13, I remember precisely the shock it had on me because it was so new, so fresh, so it's very hard to resist the temptation to do Hellraiser, you know? So of course. When you come from my culture it's like amazing you're even proposed to do Hellraiser. So of course I felt about it a lot. Right now I have no reasons to refuse the opportunity because if I disagree with the producer I would leave the project. You know, I'm not forced to do anything I don't want. So, let me write the first draft, let me tell you what all the American producers have reacted to the reading of the first draft and I will tell you if I'm in good hands or if I'm gonna leave a hellish experience but in any case, I won't betray Clive Barker's work. I want to do a fresh film filled with a lot of unexpected and surprising things. At the same time, I want it to be connected to the real, original material... I'm talking about the novella and the first film that are very close to each other.
"We'll get the chance to have much more money than even Clive had in the first film, so it will be of course more epic, it will be bigger, and I hope that it won't be softer. And right now I trust the guys in Dimension You know? It's all a matter of human relationship. I talk a lot with Bob Weinstein, he cares about the projects, he's a movie buff, he knows a lot about cinema. But at the same time he's Bob Weinstein and he's a very realistic money maker. So it will be a battle, and I hope that a balance will be found so the film will be close to my vision. What can I say? I'm not sure. I can't sign with my blood that I'm gonna achieve..."

Northlander Interviews Martyrs' Pascal Laugier - And He Spills About His Hellraiser Remake!!

By The Northlander, Ain't It Cool News, 29 December 2008 (note: full text online at

Bob Weinstein: "If I could make all my films from franchises, I would."

'Hellraiser' Redo In Laugier's Hands

By Borys Kit and Gregg Goldstein, The Hollywood Reporter, 29 October 2008 (note: full text online at

Ashley Laurence: "It's really exciting to see Hellraiser considered such a classic that a new generation of filmmakers want to revisit it. Whatever your opinion of remakes, when they're done right, it's like re-discovering a great story but told in a new voice."

Hellraiser's Ashley Laurence Talks Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

By Tim Janson,, 30 December 2008 (note: full text online at

Gary Tunnicliffe: "I then started getting worried when I heard of varying story ideas and grandiose pitches from an assortment of writers and potential directors. What worried me the most was when I heard that a new Pinhead would be required - a reimagining, something more 'now', more 'hardcore.'...
"The reality of the situation hit me. If I didn't redesign it, someone out there probably would. And even though I have been involved with Hellraiser since 1993, it's no guarantee I would be invited back for the possible remake. Here was talk of French directors and, hey, that probably means French makeup FX designers, right?
"I figured, I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't, I may as well at least try to create something, throw my version out there to see if it sticks. At the very least, it might end up on YouTube and people would know that I tried. Maybe tried and failed, but at least tried. So we embarked on 'Project Angel: Recreating an Icon.' "

Pinhead Reborn

By Gary J. Tunnicliffe,, 3 February 2009 (note: full text online at

Pascal Laugier: "The stills of the new Pinhead you published on your site [Fangoria] a few days ago have nothing to do with the official Hellraiser reboot project I'm preparing.
"I've never met Gary, and although I respect him a lot, I want to be very clear about the fact that my vision of the character will be totally different. It is crucial for me to make it really clear. The new look of Pinhead is a very important matter to all of us... Right now, it's just too soon. I'm still writing it."

Hellraiser Remake Update/Clarification

By Tony Timpone,, 6 February 2009 (note: full text online at

Pascal Laugier: "I am not going to betray Clive Barker's vision of this. The original world of Hellraiser is so graphic and so well illustrated. I intend to keep that atmosphere that the first film had. But, when you look beyond all the flashy visuals, Hellraiser is a character-driven story. I would describe this version as a twisted romance...
"I am currently completing the script, but everything will loook a little different - including Pinhead... It would be a bit odd to put Doug Bradley back in the make-up, wouldn't it? I just cannot see people accepting a new-look Pinhead with the same actor saying the words. But that does not mean I won't speak to Doug about making an appearance in the film..."

Demon Days

By Richard Edwards, SFX, No 183, June 2009

Doug Bradley: "Having someone else play Pinhead and the fact that they are doing a remake bothers me on so many different levels. That character, much like Robert [Englund] and Freddy, is one that I really worked hard to make mine, and seeing someone else become Pinhead feels like a kick in the teeth.
"The studio hasn't asked me to come back as Pinhead, and they really couldn't care less what I think about the remake. I think studios need to be looking for the new Tobe Hoopers, John Carpenters, or Clive Barkers rather than taking a ride on someone else's work. It's cheap, and it's disrespectful I think.
"Hellraiser deals with the ideas behind sado-masochism and nothing else. I don't think it would even get greenlit these days when you take into consideration the very conservative stance most studios have right now. I've seen some stuff on the Internet that indicates Dimension wants to soften it a bit, and I guess then my reaction is this: Why bother remaking something if all you want to do is butcher it?"

Doug Bradley Talks Hellraiser Legacy

By Heather Wixson, Dread Central 16 December 2009 (note: full text online at

Matthew Stein (Executive Producer): "We see this as an opportunity to reinvent this franchise while still staying at its core roots."

Dimension Revives 'Hellraiser' Franchise

By Justin Kroll, Variety, 20 October 2010 (note: full text online at

Patrick Lussier: "We [Todd Farmer and I] are officially a go to get it written and we're hashing out the story right now and then we'll go through Bob Weinstein with how we want to approach the massive Hellraiser mythology that exists and how to work within that do something unique. One of the things we didn't want to do... We think Clive's film stands on its own. We think it's brilliant and it made such a specific, dark vision at that time unlike anything that had come before it. So going to do just a remake of his movie but with more money is not something we wanted to do. We wanted to work within the Hellraiser lexicon... We want to pull from the world that Clive created. Specifically that's what we wanted to do. In that original film he opened so many interesting doorways and opportunities that that's what we want to explore - always keeping in mind what he had done and how he did it and just working within that world...
"They [The Weinstein Company] talked to us about it about a year ago. We were talking about Halloween 3D and everything about that. We had worked something up for it at that time but then Halloween sort of lept to the forefront. And then a year later they came back to us and said, 'Hey! About that thing that you have, how would you feel about fleshing that out more?' I think we had a different approach than any of the others that they had heard. We wanted to make a grown-up movie, not a teen movie...
"If you're going to make a Hellraiser movie, you're basically looking at a franchise that went from Clive's movie up to the Hellraiser-in-Space movie, Bloodline, which had some great stuff in it, actually; the way it goes backwards and forwards in time, and Angelique is such an interesting character..."

Director Patrick Lussier Talks The Mayhem Of Drive Angry, What To Expect From The Hellraiser Remake

By Peter Hall, AOL Moviefone Cinematical, 15 December 2010 (note: full text online at

Todd Farmer: "What's interesting is when they first started talking about it, the discussion was, 'Well, we don't really want to remake Clive's film because his movie is there, it will always be there, and it sort of changed all of the rules.' It was so unique for what it was. I can't remember seeing anything like it. It's funny, the only thing I can liken it to is the first time I opened up Fangoria; I was like, 'I can't believe that this is actually being printed, that people can actually look at this.' Hellraiser was the same thing, so we don't want to reinvent that wheel. What we're doing is sort of modernizing and putting our filthy spin on it.
"Some people are upset that we're remaking Hellraiser. This is the thing: I feel like we did a good job with My Bloody Valentine, I trust me and I trust Patrick. Somebody's going to remake Hellraiser, and personally, as a fan, I'd rather it be me, and that's sort of the way I'm going about it. I know that sounds a little arrogant, but what I don't want to do - and I don't want to dis anyone - but there have been remakes I didn't like, and others where I was really interested to see what happened. Remember, we grew up with remakes. The Fly and The Thing, those were remakes and they were fantastic. Cronenberg took the original idea and spun it into something completely unique, and Carpenter did that with The Thing.
"That's what we want to do when we do remakes. With My Bloody Valentine, they literally made [the original] for 40 bucks and a box of smokes. We put some money behind it and did it in that aspect. The idea is to treat it with respect. Hold to the original to a degree, but take it somewhere different, show the audience something new. Clive's Hellraiser will always be out there, and it will always be on my shelf and I'll pull it off like I always do and watch it. We don't want to change that; we don't want to burn the copy that exists. Clive's brilliant, why would we ever do that? We just want to add to that world.
"The script for Halloween 3D... Patrick and I re-read it recently and we really love it... we're still hopeful that one day it'll happen. But all of the focus is on Hellraiser, and we couldn't be more thrilled with what we've come up with."

Todd Farmer Talks Remakes, Hellraiser And Halloween 3D

By Samuel Zimmerman,, 20 December 2010 (note: full text online at

Todd Farmer: "At the end of July, Bob called Patrick. They played phone tag. We had neither reached out nor heard from TWC since the whole H3D thing went down at the end of '09. So we were, to say the least, curious... After a week of phone tag, we finally learn the reason for Bob's call: Hellraiser. Well, this will excite and annoy sections of the horror world. We had actually pitched a take of Hellraiser a year ago. Over a year. In fact, we pitched Bob three movies at the same time. H3D, Hellraiser and Scanners. And throughout the whole Hellraiser discussion, H3D never came up. We still scratch our heads at this, because the script for H3D is just... well... just sitting there. We're pretty certain Bob never read it. But perhaps August wasn't the time to ask. Bob was clearly VERY excited about Hellraiser. Plus, Patrick and I love Clive and love the original. With Bob this excited, someone was gonna make it. May sound arrogant but I trust us.
"So Patrick and I started talking about our old pitch... and... it changed. It became... hard to describe. It gained a life of its own. As a writer... when the story... or the characters... or both...break out of your head and start doing stuff YOU didn't see coming. Stuff you DID NOT plan. Well. That's when the magic truly happens."

Angry Hellraisers... Driving

By Todd Farmer, Todd Farmer's journal at, 27 December 2010 (note: full text online at

Patrick Lussier: "I don't know if reboot is the right word or remaining or reinvention, or re whatever. We pitched them a pretty aggressive turn in the story, leading into the world that Clive created in the first one. But not an essential remake, because Clive's film is a landmark horror movie. Why remake something that holds up so beautifully. That story is such a personal story. We talked about doing a hard and fast remake. And then talked about, "What if we take the parts of that story, the parts of the world that you're never allowed to see, mostly because they didn't have the money or the time, and what if we walk into that world? What if we walk into the facets that Clive showed the world, but didn't have the means to drag you in kicking and screaming?
"Hopefully we'll be able to look at [talking to Clive] later in the Spring when hopefully we'll have the full script to work with."

Drive Angry Director Explains Why Satan's Right-Hand Man Is An Accountant

By Meredith Woerner,, 27 January 2011 (note: full text online at

Patrick Lussier: "We are into the thick of it, and it's very exciting. It's something that when we went in to pitch to Bob (Weinstein), we told him that we didn't want to remake a classic, and that the original Hellraiser stands as it is. It's a personal movie for Clive, and we want to play with the world that he has created, and to go behind the curtain behind what you see, and to see more of that world, as opposed to retelling the story of Frank and Kirsty.
"The film is so beloved by genre fans, but it's also so personal... So we want to be very respectful of the source material and at the same time not step on the movie that Clive made."

Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer Talk Halloween 3, Hellraiser and More!

By Sean Decker, Dread Central, 23 February 2011 (note: full text online at

Patrick Lussier: "We're keeping it within the world of the box. What the box is and what the box does... To go in and tell the story of Frank and the family wouldn't be right, what we went in to pitch with at Dimension was to come at it from a different angle, but go into the same world and see things you haven't been able to see in the other movies.
"We had the contracts changed to specifically say we were delivering an R-rated film. The treatment we turned in, it was like, if you're expecting a happy ending, stop reading now."

Different Story, Same World: Lussier, Farmer On The Hellraiser Remake

By Ryan Turek, Shock Til You Drop, 23 February 2011 (note: full text online at

Todd Farmer: "For the most part, it's all about what we want to do. I'm familiar with what the fans want, but -
"A lot of times, I tend to think I go with the majority as far as horror is concerned - which movies are good, which ones screwed up - so the idea is to create movies and stories that Patrick and I want to see, and just hope that the majority follows along. That's the intention, anyway."

Todd Farmer Collaborates 'Angry'

By Samuel Zimmerman,, 24 February 2011 (note: full text online at

Todd Farmer: "[Hellraiser] is so unique and tells such a personal story so we don't really see the need to remake it. Our plans are to take the mythology and set it in a modernized world that makes sense in context with the original. It's not a remake and it's not a reboot - it's something else entirely. But we are definitely planning for our Hellraiser to be very R-rated so fans shouldn't be worried there."

Todd Farmer Gives Updates on Halloween III, New Hellraiser Flick

By thehorrorchick, Dread Central, 25 May 2011 (note: full text online at

Patrick Lussier : "Doug is pretty critical and key to the whole history of the franchise, just his face and how it looks covered in the pins and his voice, just his presence. That's something that we're working through with Dimension right now, about the uniqueness in the approach to Pinhead and how he'll appear and how he'll resonate with the past and how he'll be presented to the future."

New Hellraiser Movie Defies Explanation And Features Elements Of Origin, Says Drive Angry Duo

By Terri Schwartz, MTV Movies Blog, 25 May 2011 (note: full text online at

Todd Farmer: "We developed several versions for Dimension, but in the end we never saw eye to eye creatively... Originally what they wanted was epic and dark, rated R. It was in our contract. So... if WE do 'Hellraiser', it's rated R; if they want to do PG-13 then they have to get rid of us... To me it seems impossible to do 'Hellraiser' as a PG-13."

Todd Farmer Talks Halloween 3D And Hellraiser!

By BC, Bloody Disgusting, 7 September 2011 (note: full text online at

Todd Farmer: "Lussier and I are no longer attached to Hellraiser... We pitched, sold and wrote a take, then we developed a couple additional approaches. In the end we never fully connected creatively. Nothing wrong with that. Happens all the time. We wish Hellraiser and TWC the very best and look forward to what they come up with... My only access to Clive was through Twitter thus I tweeted him a few times but never heard back. Understandably."

Hellraiser Remake & Halloween 3D Updates

By Deth Banger,, 14 September 2011 (note: full text online at

Doug Bradley: "I gather word is beginning to spread about the new Hellraiser movie [Judgment] which is, apparently, already shooting...
"First, a point of clarification. This is the first time I have said anything about this. Anything else you have heard me say about any proposed Hellraiser film refers to the constantly rumored remake. And, for the record, I still know nothing about that..."

Facebook post

By Doug Bradley, Facebook post, 18 February 2016

Gary Barber: "Clive and I go back more than 30 years together. For generations, his brilliantly twisted and imaginative Hellraiser haunted the minds of moviegoers with its searing imagery of Pinhead. David is the perfect storyteller to continue Clive's vision for a new theatrical version of Hellraiser."

Hellraiser Revival In The Works With Dark Knight Writer David S. Goyer

By Dave McNary, Variety, 6 May 2019

David S. Goyer: "I've been a fan of Clive's work since the original Books of Blood paperbacks and The Hellbound Heart novella. Having the chance to reimagine Pinhead and the Cenobites for a new audience is a nightmare-come-true. Gary is a true fan as well and we're committed to making something dark and visceral."

Hellraiser Revival In The Works With Dark Knight Writer David S. Goyer

By Dave McNary, Variety, 6 May 2019

David Bruckner: "Thanks all for the Hellraiser love. Promise not to hold back."

Twitter post

By David Bruckner, Twitter, 11 April 2020

David Bruckner: "We can't say anything about it yet. But it is something that we are actively working towards, and it is a joy and a dream for a filmmaker like myself to dive into that world. All I'll say is that we are aiming to be as true as we can to the original material. The Hellbound Heart is also a primary source of inspiration, as well as the original film. But then it is something of a small reimagining and we are currently working on it."

Scared Of The Dark

By Darren Scott, SFX, No 343, September 2021

David Bruckner: "It's sacred material for people like us, in some ways. There was a little bit of hesitation for me at first. I wanted to make sure that I had a grasp on this and that there's something here that's really achievable. Clive Barker's original is formative. I saw the first Hellraiser when I was too young to understand it, and it scared me. I saw it a few years later, and it hit me that it was about a lot more than I thought it was. It changed again over the years. It's deceptively complex. What has been really illuminating about this process is that there's so much fantastic material to pull from that. There's so much that we can do with it. At a certain point, the pressure of managing the reboot kind of goes away, and giddy horror fan comes alive a little bit, and you realize that there's so much potential here. Who wouldn't want to open the box again..? "It's a reimagining. We would never remake the original film. It can't be done. There are other fantastic stories to tell in this universe."

Talking The Business Of Nightmares With The Filmmakers Behind ‘The Night House’ And The ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot

By Simon Thompson, Forbes, 20 August 2021

Keith Levine: "I've been working on Hellraiser for 11 years. I was a studio exec on it, so I've been involved in the product for a long time. We had a great experience together [on The Night House], and we were thinking, 'What can we get the band back together on?' It just kind of felt natural. David Bruckner wasn't officially involved when we were formally involved, but our intention was always to have him as part of it."

Talking The Business Of Nightmares With The Filmmakers Behind ‘The Night House’ And The ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot

By Simon Thompson, Forbes, 20 August 2021

David Goyer: "It's the same with Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. They wrote The Night House and Hellraiser scripts. Keith and I started speaking to Spyglass about it, and as soon as those conversations were becoming real, we just said, 'Right, let's get David and Ben and Luke on this. Now.'"

Talking The Business Of Nightmares With The Filmmakers Behind ‘The Night House’ And The ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot

By Simon Thompson, Forbes, 20 August 2021

David Bruckner: "Obviously Hellraiser is its own beast and is in this much larger, more fantastical world [than The Night House]. There's certainly a grandeur to taking on something like Hellraiser just in my own mind, because it's sacred ground in so many different ways. There's a respect. There's a caution. Can we do this justice? But I will say a lot of that falls away when you get into the work.
"I would never try to remake the original Hellraiser. But I think, like many horror fans, would I open the box? Absolutely. Do I think there’s more to be said about this? Are there more things that can be done? Absolutely. So it's kind of a dream come true to get to work on it. I don’t think I've ever worked on anything that pushes everyone quite as much just on a purely creative level. There's such a regard for what they were able to achieve in '87 — really all the movies — and so it's a lot to wrap your head around it. And I just couldn’t be more excited."

The Night House's David Bruckner On The Journey From V/H/S To Hellraiser

By Rosie Knight, Nerdist, 13 September 2021

David S. Goyer: "[We're] shooting as we speak. We're about two-thirds of the way through it, and it's going to be pretty neat. David Bruckner is definitely sticking true to the mythology, but also reinventing some of it. I think it's going to be beautiful and terrifying."

Hellraiser Remake Is Shooting Now And Will Be 'Beautiful And Scary'

By B.J.Colangelo / Jacob Hall, /Film, 13 September 2021

David S. Goyer: "I will say that we went back to the original novella for the source material, we're really honoring Clive's work. I can say that David Bruckner is a genius. It's filming right now. The footage is terrifying and amazing, and the Cenobites are jaw-dropping."

David S. Goyer Tells Us the New 'Hellraiser' Movie Is "Terrifying," "Amazing," "Jaw-Dropping"

By Gregory Lawrence / Steve Weintraub, Collider, 14 September 2021

“Having seen some of the designs from David Bruckner’s new Hellraiser film, they pay homage to what the first film created, but then take it to places it’s never been before. This is a Hellraiser on a scale that I simply didn’t expect. David and his team are steeped in the story’s mythology, but what excites me is their desire to honor the original even as they revolutionize it for a new generation.”

Press Release

Press release from Spyglass and Hulu, reported variously at Deadline, Variety, etc. 7 October 2021

Peter Oillataguerre (President of Production for Spyglass): "Next year marks the 35th anniversary since Hellraiser first haunted our dreams. It’s only fitting to come full circle in collaborating with Clive, the original creator and master of visionary horror. We look forward to working with our partners at Hulu in bringing this unique take on the original to new audiences."

Press Release

Press release from Spyglass and Hulu, reported by Anthony D'Alessandro at Deadline, 7 October 2021

David Bruckner: "It’s been such an honour to have Clive onboard to help support and shepherd us through the incredible universe he created so long ago. Combined with a fearless and committed cast, including the amazing Jamie Clayton, who fully embodies the role as the Hell Priest, we’re aiming to create a very special new chapter in the Hellraiser legacy."

Press Release

Press release from Spyglass and Hulu, reported by Anthony D'Alessandro at Deadline, 7 October 2021

David S. Goyer: "From the moment I first read The Hellbound Heart, Clive Barker became one of my literary heroes. His work is transgressive and completely redefined the horror genre. Under the guiding hand of David Bruckner, we’re going back to the source and taking our inspiration from that original novella."

Press Release

Press release from Spyglass and Hulu, reported by Anthony D'Alessandro at Deadline, 7 October 2021

David Bruckner: "It's the tale of a young woman, who's struggling with addiction and compulsive behavior, that comes in contact accidentally with the box and unfortunately begins to dabble with it. And chaos ensues...
"We knew we wanted Pinhead to be a woman. Jamie [Clayton (Sense8)] was just the right person for the role. A person's identity can be really exciting for a role in many ways, but I have to emphasize that Jamie absolutely killed, that's how we got there...
"Clive came on before the shoot, when we were in prep, and was really just a wonderful resource for me. He was really generous with his time, and very welcoming of the idea that this was a new group of artists, and that they were going to run with this and land in different places with it. He was very supportive of that."

Get first look at Jamie Clayton's Pinhead (and a brand new Cenobite!) in new Hellraiser

Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly, 1 September 2022

Kathrin Eder (production design): "There are a lot of talented people in Serbia. It was very busy at the time we got there since covid essentially caused a production traffic jam. We faced some challenges making a movie with specific location needs, set in a country of english language, since Serbia has limited options in regards to the locations we were looking. This however led us to build a lot of the set pieces and heavily alter existing locations in order to stitch together our hero set holding the elegance we envisioned for it and the film...
"I really enjoy the stories from Clive Barker, I think this film specifically will do The Hellbound Heart justice with David at the reigns. I continually fall in love with production design since every story is a journey into the unknown that we get the chance to discover and to know intimately."

Production Designer talks new Hellraiser – Exclusive

[ ], Bloody Flicks, 15 September 2022

David Bruckner: "[Clive] was very involved. We had a lot of conversations when I was in prep, and a lot after the fact on the edit, and he’s a creative producer, so he was there to look into the material, to challenge me, to encourage me to look into various ideas. He sent me lots of art. We had lots of conversations about theme. He fully embraced the idea that this was after the essence of Hellraiser, but was also a departure in some ways. Even before he’d seen the designs, [he] said to me, we’ve got to find a new way to do some of this; times have changed and the spirit of it has to be rejuvenated. And so I hope that that’s something that we accomplished. But I’m grateful to him for his time, and he’s a marvel to work with and speak to. And he was very generous with us."

Hellraiser's Director and New Pinhead on What Makes the Hulu Film Feel Fresh — and Scary

Cheryl Eddy, io9 / Gizmodo, 21 September 2022

The Damnation Game

...After languishing in our 'TV Still to Come...' section as a potential mini-series for several years, The Damnation Game was unveiled in April 2001 as a big screen adaptation. Continuing Seraphim's unerring ability to sell scripts, Phoenix Pictures paid "a mid-six-figure" number for the rights to Barker's debut novel, with Barker producing and John Heffernan working on the adaptation.
Warner Bros. then picked up the picture, bringing along some interesting names to the deal. Big name rumours spread of the inclusion of Paul Newman and Sean Connery - with Connery producing alongside Barker, and a 'source' being widely quoted on the prospect of more names being attached to the $40m project, "There has been a lot of financial wrangling to get Newman and Connery at a cut rate with a share of the profits to come." Ed Harris, Kim Basinger and Dame Maggie Smith were also reported to be considering supporting roles in the venture, which was to be shot in New York and Connecticut. Barker, however, remained suitably wary of such rumours (see below). Three years on, personnel changes at Warner left the project without support there, but December 2006 saw Seraphim's Anthony Diblasi having turned in his version of the script. Further drafts from Diblasi through 2007 have been positively received by Phoenix and Clive remains highly confident about this adaptation of his first, and one of his best, novels...

"[The Damnation Game will not] wink at you, in the way that so many horror films today do, with a comedic or semi-comedic self-referential tone... we will do our damndest to scare people in the old fashioned way.
"There's so many books I've written where I just know, 'No way is this ever going to be a film' but this one has the right size and feel. You don't have to cut out too much of the story, which in this case is a Faust story - without the Devil."


By [ ], Daily Variety, 4 April 2001

"Warner Brothers, as you know, are doing Damnation Game... I don't know where [the rumours of big names] came from - I assume those names came from Warner Brothers... They worried me! I think at one point I saw Paul Newman and I saw Sean Connery... I don't think either of them are very likely, frankly! We have a $45 million movie here!
"It's really hard to see where these things come from. Obviously somebody's given some thought to this - it isn't just names pulled out of a bag... it was a weird thing."

Nips And Tucks, Tits And Fucks

By Phil & Sarah Stokes, 10 July 2001 (note - full text here)

"I chose him, so yes [I'm happy with the screenwriter]. His name is John Heffernan. He's a young guy who I think is just amazing. Tremendous. So, I think he's a tremendous guy, a tremendous writer and I think he's going to do a great job with Damnation Game."

Clive's Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy Year

By Smilin' Jack Ruby, 13th Street, 12 July 2001 (note - full text online at

"You know, there are lots of elements in my work that are very difficult for people, so difficult at times I look back and I think this is hard stuff. I'm getting the script for Damnation Game today. Warner Bros. is making the movie Damnation Game and John Heffernan who wrote the script that we're turning in today says it is very, very dark. So I went back and read the book and I thought shit, this is a very grim book. And this comes out of my psyche the same way the colourful paintings for Abarat come out of my psyche. It's all a part of Clive Barker. It would be hard to say that I like Damnation Game I don't know that I do. Even though I'm the author of it. It's way grim, you know."


By Craig Fohr, Lost Souls, 22 February 2002 (note - online at

"Damnation Game has just been turned in as a finished script to Warner Bros. and they seem very encouraging about this being something that they want to make. I don't know whether that will go into pre-production this year but it's moved along much faster than we thought it was going to."

Open Roads... What Price Wonderland?

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 3 April 2002 (note - full text here)

"I can't speak about a specific writer right now, but Warner Bros. are bringing in the writer of a great horror movie of yore to come and do a final draft of Damnation Game. I hate to be so coy about this, but if he gets to do it, I feel he will bring it on home and then we can make that movie."


By Craig Fohr, Lost Souls, 1 August 2003 (note - full text online at Lost Souls)

"Well, it seems like it's not going to be at Warner Bros. anymore. It's definitely going to be a movie; curiously, though it started earlier than the other [projects], it's further off than the others. Just because of Warner's change of people - the people who bought it were removed from office, for various reasons which I can't talk about, and they were gone. One day we called them up and they were gone! I know it sounds weird, but it really is the way this town works and there are so many reasons why people are removed and there's so much politics, so much politics."

In Anticipation Of The Deluge: A Moment At The River's Edge

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 1 and 12 July 2004 (note - full text here)

"We also have Damnation Game being scripted - though I think it will be a year or two away. Yeah, I think it is a good one and I'm excited by that."

Clive Barker On The Phone

By [Thomas Hemmerich], That's Clive!, 29 March 2005 (note - full text online at

"With Damnation Game, we still have a lot to do and it's a difficult novel to adapt. There's a lot of internal stuff in it; of course everybody remembers 'the zombie who doesn't know he's a zombie' and all that stuff, but in actual fact there's a lot of psychological stuff that is much harder to get on the screen."

Weird Fantasy

By Joe Nazzaro, Starburst, Special No 76, July 2006

"[The second draft is] tremendous, and it's been delivered to Mike Medavoy at Phoenix and I guess he's reading right now and we'll see what his response is. I'm incredibly proud of Mr Diblasi - you know this is a guy who came in to Seraphim what, four years ago, and now he's a fully-fledged writer and he's soon to be writer/director and I am incredibly impressed."

A Spiritual Retreat

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 26 March 2007 (note - full text here)

John Heffernan : "This isn't Devil-with-a-pitchfork kind of stuff, it's more visceral. It's about the worst kind of hell: the evil that men do to one another.
"After a time, you start to sympathize with the antagonist, too. After all, the Devil always makes good on his bargains. It's man who is always trying to get out of the deal."

Damnation Game Signs On Scribe

By [ ], Really, 15 May 2001

Anthony Diblasi : "I've had the privilege to work along side Clive creatively for several years now, and that in itself has helped me immeasurably in adapting his work. The themes that run though Clive's writing, from his short stories, plays to his novels, connect with me personally. So no matter how much I change the structure for the adaptation, for me it still rings faithful, because I've stayed true to the themes. I've been working on Damnation Game for many years now as a producer, and it has always been a tough adaptation. The characters are very complex, and it often becomes difficult to capture those complexities for the screen. I feel I was lucky when I found a way into the story, or more specifically, the voice to tell the story properly. The biggest challenge for me so far has been length. Keeping the script to a manageable page count for an audience. It may seem like a small problem, but it's an important part of the process, there's so much to tell, and being able to tell it in an economic way is crucial. But I'm getting there, and so far it's been a very exciting journey for me."

Damnation Game

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 3 April 2007

Joe Daley : "The strike unfortunately put the pin on a lot of our material. However, Damnation Game is now going out to directors. That one has not been held up."

Fear Factory

By [ ], SFX, No 168, April 2008

The Adventures Of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus And His Travelling Circus

...written over an extended period but certainly finalised around 1974 as Clive finished university, the tale of Mister Bacchus was published in 2009 (see bibliography here) and subsequently adapted for the screen by Mark Miller. Now news reaches us of studio interest in making the movie...

"I was influenced by the stories of Lord Dunsany, with a wilful use of fantastic names. None of the characters in Bacchus were based on real people; actually that's not true, Ophelia, the ballerina, had a little of Ann Taylor who wanted to be a ballerina and the perfect prince was Graham Bickley who was just the most beautiful of people, a wonderful looking 18 year-old. I was Bacchus, the ringmaster."

Liverpool Lives

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy (Volume 1), 2009 (see ordering details here)

"The only things that will come with it are some very poor black and white photographs that I took of the lost artwork - there were six pieces, all of which were given as gifts, all of which have been lost. There's Jozabiah Bentham and his crew, there's one of Bacchus, there's a demon boy which is half-finished, two or three other things but not very much..."

A Skein, A Train: Connections Made, Connections Missed...

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 17 July 2008 (note - full text here)

"The only thing I regret is I was hoping that maybe the picture I did of Jozabiah Bentham and his Circus would be flushed out by the publicity - I hoped someone had it... You don't happen to have a reproduction of that up on your site? I did a very detailed ink with a Rötring pen. I think it would be nice to have it on the site - it might be that someone is looking at it on their wall or something and there will be lots of people who visit the site who won't buy the book and it wouldn't hurt because even if we could just get a very high resolution scan of it, because I've got a piss-poor 35mil photograph of it, it would be really, really nice to have that - so there's maybe someone looking at it, or maybe somebody's just trashed it... "

The Bleed Between The Apprentice And The Master

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 28 February and 7 March 2009 (note - full text here - see Clive's sketch of Jozabiah Bentham there!)

"New Machine Studios is a Canadian animation company that is optioning "The Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Travelling Circus," and buying the script, which has been adapted from my book by Mr. Mark Miller of Seraphim Studios. He's done a wonderful job."

Facebook Posts

By Clive Barker, 29 July 2013


...five years after the initial Disney deal expired, 2012 brought news of a fresh start on the cinematic possibilities for the Abarat, with Clive quietly confident about new negotiations with an enthusiastic team. In May 2013 Clive announced that he has been working with David Barron...

"I can't say very much right now but the people involved are very committed to what they're doing. We're in active negotiations to make several Abarat movies and I think people will be delighted to hear that the people we're talking to are people who are good at making these kinds of movies - very large scale, very expensive and very visual and, boy, Abarat is going to be, I think, a very different kind of movie: certainly one thing they have is several hundred pictures as points of reference. These people are good at making these kinds of movies - and it isn't Disney!!"

A Light, Hidden

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 12 and 14 March 2012 (note - full text here)

"I am very optimistic that we will have news about an Abarat Movie at some point in the future. But my Irish-Italian ancestry makes me a superstitious son of a bitch, and I don't want to spoil our chances [to] make something come to fruition by getting too cocky or certain about any future possibilities. Let me say this; if there is any project of mine which seems to holler, 'Film me! Film me!' it would be the Abarat books. There as you all probably know FIVE in total. The scale of the story expands exponentially as we move towards the cosmic climax of those five books. It's going to be an incredible challenge for the filmmakers who take on the project to create the mystical visions and transfigurations that the whole journey of the Abarat books is taking us towards."

Facebook Q&A

Replies to questions at a live Facebook Q&A session, 15 December 2012

"Nothing in cinema is reliable, but I have high hopes that there will be a series of ABARAT films. The project has already drawn the services of one of the most experienced producers of modern fantasy film. His name is David Barron. He was the producer of all but one of the Potter films. A great friend and a superb producer."

Facebook Updates

By Clive Barker, 2 May 2013

Tortured Souls - The Movie

...Another challenge for the MPAA... Just a few short days after industry rumours had Barker sending sets of the Tortured Souls figures to studios as a speculative pitch for a feature, early November 2001 saw both Variety and Hollywood Reporter proclaiming that Universal had picked up the movie rights (for a mid six-figure sum against $2 million) to what they may be hoping will form the basis of a new franchise - the Universal deal is for three pictures.
Seraphim and McFarlane have reportedly managed to get their own Joe Daley and Terry Fitzgerald (respectively) attached as co-producers along with Barker and Todd McFarlane. Barker completed a treatment which Hans Rodionoff (who had writing duties on Saint Sinner) worked up into a screenplay.
A whole year passed in silence until, in December 2003, Lost Souls broke the news that Barker was back on writing duties himself for a new re-write - and that he had signed up to direct the movie...
The storyline is reported to involve a diabolical pact with a man swapping his wife for a demon goddess - Lucidique. She is thereby banished to a monstrous world from which she must escape if she is to save her child and overthrow the demon.
McFarlane continue to be extremely encouraging about the progress of the project, having received initial sketches from Clive to accompany the screenplay which McFarlane and Universal have been discussing with him. Latest news (see below) is that Universal have given the project more time, in which Todd McFarlane will work on a further rewrite. Meanwhile, Clive is concentrating his own efforts on other projects and it is unlikely that he will personally direct Tortured Souls...
See our toys and games pages for more comment on the figures themselves...

"We're really looking forward to pursuing a film featuring these characters. Ideally that will work out."

Clive From New York

By [ ],, 13 February 2001 (N.B. full text available at

[Re Six Destinies] "I don't think there is a book in there, but there's certainly a movie. The city of Primordium, which is where all this takes place, that's a city that I'll definitely be visiting again."

Souls' Survivor

By Anthony C. Ferrante, Cinescape, Issue 56, January 2002

"There's a lot of excitement over at Universal about having that [Tortured Souls] project as a movie. That's going to be a fast-track project as well."

Open Roads... What Price Wonderland?

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 3 April 2002 (note - full text here)

"Yes, we did [recently hire a screenwriter]. I'm delighted; there seems to be real passion at Universal for the project, which is great, and I feel that Universal is the 'home of monsters'. In some ways, it's the perfect place for us to be."

Clive Barker, Author

By Gina McIntyre, The Hollywood Reporter, 4 October 2002

"That project is coming along nicely. We've got a writer who's working from a very detailed treatment of mine, and of course we already have all of the monsters designed. So I'm very confident in the development process. We should be off to the races. We feel that it could become a franchise."

Saint Clive

By Chris Wyatt and Anthony C. Ferrante, Cinescape, Issue 66 and 67, November / December 2002

"Tortured Souls we have what we hope is the final draft coming in in two weeks time. Then that will go to Universal, and hopefully we'll start to make that movie, and that will be great. At least that's what we plan."


By Craig Fohr, Lost Souls, 1 August 2003 (note - full text online at Lost Souls)

"I'm turning in the script in four weeks, and if Universal likes it, they're prepared to go into production right away. I've taken the Tortured Souls toys and really expanded their universe, so it'll be different than what fans are expecting."

Clive Barker Update On Tortured Souls

By [ ],, 29 January 2004 (note - full text online at

"Our heroine is transported to Primordium, which is a place of darkness and horror and monsters, and now she has to figure out a way to survive, along with a way to get back for three reasons: one, she wants to get back for her son who's only four years old; second, she wants to fuck over her husband for sending her to this place; and thirdly, she wants to deal with that bitch who's in her bed.
"These are adult people with adult problems. The battles which will be fought will not just be fought for the sheer physical effect. The effects should look great, the monsters should be cool but also, because there's something at stake here, you care about somebody. It's all about human interest."

Barker Promises 'Intense' Return To The Genre

By Jen Vuckovic, Rue Morgue, No 39, May/June 2004

"I'm going to make a movie for Universal, called Tortured Souls... An incredibly violent picture, based upon a series of models that I created with Todd McFarlane and my team here, called The Tortured Souls. And it's fun to play in these two areas; to dabble in something a little, you know, dark for a while, just for a year to make this movie, I'll be doing that. "

Barnes and Noble Stage Presentation

By Brein Lopez, LA Festival of Books, 2004

"I came home to address the notes which Universal had given me, which are not massive, on the draft which I'm now working on - it's in front of me here. And I will, that's what I will work on 'til it's delivered, which hopefully will be sometime later in the summer. It will then be Universal's choice to make it or not make it. In the meantime, I'll get on with finishing the collection of short stories while they're making up their minds, because that's never as short a process as you think it's going to be. You hope they're going to come back to you in a week, in the end it's always months and that's just the way it is; there's nothing to do about it...
[Early 2005 decision on Tortured Souls?] "I think probably that's exactly the timing. The truth is I'm on tour for Abarat II anyway through some portions of October / November, so I couldn't even begin prepping a movie even if they said so. They wouldn't begin in December because nobody starts prepping a movie in December - you go into hiatus December 14th anyway. So the earliest we could possibly start something would be January. And by that time, yes, I would hope I would have an answer - absolutely."

In Anticipation Of The Deluge: A Moment At The River's Edge

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 1 and 12 July 2004 (note - full text here)

"It will be taking elements of the story, character elements, little stories from the models, but it goes off in its own, very particular direction, and it's a story I really look forward to telling, I'm very excited about the prospect of getting out there and shedding the romantic cloth. It's a very scary story, actually."

The Clive Barker Interview

By Brett Alexander Savory,, Vol I, No. 8, 21 August 2004

"I just turned in the screenplay for Tortured Souls to Universal. They are reading it right now, and if they like it, hopefully I will direct that myself next year... There's also something to be said for being released from the day-to-day rhythm of writing in the morning and afternoon, having a workout and then going to paint, which is practically my seven-day regime. I don't think it hurts to break that rhythm for a year to make a movie. I want to make a horror movie; I want to make a scary movie; I've never lost my interest in that. And Tortured Souls is a damn good story, so we'll see what Universal thinks."

Clive Barker's Dark Plans

By Joe Nazzaro,, 2 December 2004 (note: interview took place in October 2004)

"So... I finish all the drafts for Universal and the people I'm dealing with at Universal are really cool people and one of them says, 'I don't think we're going to make this movie,' and I said, 'OK... Why?' and they said, 'Because I think we're going to have to make another movie with demons in it and we don't want to be making two demon movies...'
"And, you know, I've been this way before, there's no use trying to persuade somebody, I mean a corporate decision is a corporate decision. But what I do have is a lot of people around town who would like to make this movie, so my hope is that between now and Christmas... though Christmas sort of starts early in L.A, it's amazing how it almost seems to slosh together [with Thanksgiving]... There's not going to be any problems heading it up, is my sense, and the work that Universal had me do on the various drafts was work that I am pleased to have done. I mean, sometimes a company, an executive, will push something in a direction that you don't really want it to go and you'll think, 'Shit, this is getting less and less like the picture I want to make,' and luckily that didn't happen. The man we've been dealing with at Universal, his name is Dylan Clarke, is extremely smart and I think respects me and respects the kind of horror I like and all he was eager to do was to get more of that into the movie. So I said - you know, I was very happy to have that happen. I want to make this thing as scary as possible and so all the drafts have done is, I think, upped the scare quotient - it's a very hard R movie, it's not one of these wishy-washy PG13 things. And so, I think the movie's in very good shape, the script is in very good shape and speaks well for itself and I think if people want to make a movie with me right now, that's the movie that's right there on the table. The guys at Universal have treated me extremely well, this is just corporate - Dylan Clarke is an A-OK guy and so is his boss. There are so many other things going on in my life that if for some reason or another Tortured Souls did not happen in the next six months, frankly it wouldn't be the end of the world."

There And Back Again: Touring The Abarat

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 30 November 2004 (note - full text here)

"Well, what happened was [Universal] let it lapse and then a sub-company of theirs called Rogue, which released over here Shaun of The Dead and a bunch of other pictures, is looking at it. With my nose being so much to the grindstone, I'm writing the Hellraiser stuff during the day and at night I am painting Abarats 3 and 4, there isn't another minute during the day to think about anything else at all. My feeling is that if fate wants me to direct a movie it will pick up the phone to me at some point, but am I happy right now doing what I am doing? Blissfully! So you know, let it be what it will be."

The Hellbound Art : Memory, Fantasy And Filigree

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 10 February 2005 (note - full text here)

"Tortured Souls has taken a little bit of a side-step. It's hard to imagine while I'm producing two movies for other directors and producing Demonik and also executive producing Weaveworld how the heck I would be able to do those things respectfully and competently and also go away and do what is essentially a 24 hour-a-day job, which is to direct a movie. It seemed to me that I needed to make a choice and I thought the choices were pretty clear - we've got these movies going, we need them to be wonderful and Joe and Anthony have been amazing and I want to give them as much support as possible. I want Scarlet Gospels to be great and I want the paintings to be great, so it's impossible to say, 'OK, now I'm going to step away from all of this and go do a job which will consume me completely' - but that just doesn't make any sense. I mean it would be lucrative as hell, but that's not the way I look at things or I've ever looked at things and right now I am much more interested in making sure that the next Abarat book is the best it can be and the Scarlet Gospels is the best that it can be."

The Lazarus Muse: Nights Of Magic, Days Of Gore

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 2 June 2005 (note: full text here)

"I want to make Tortured Souls with a hard 'R'. I want it to be a vision of Hell or some other ghastly place of judgement that would be seared into the audience's imagination. I wanted to expand that whole fetishistic, dark, almost priestly world; the old Barker preoccupation with religion and anti-religion. I wanted some dark religious underpinnings to the movies and I'm pretty sure at Universal that didn't go down too well."

Barker's Midnight Meat Train On Track

By Dave Alexander, Rue Morgue, No 47, July 2005

"I don't know whether it'll be on at a major studio. I'm arguing forcibly to go with a couple of smaller companies that want us - doing the picture smaller, and rawer and better. It's frustrating as heck. It was a really good writing experience, but they just called me up and said, 'We can't do it. We've got too many zombie/demon movies.' "

Visions In Paint And Celluloid

By Carnell, Fangoria, No.247, October 2005

"Tortured Souls is on hold right now because there is just too much going on and I know we have another - Universal has [just granted] us another six months to play with it and hopefully somewhere in that time we will get it out into the world."

You Called, He Came...

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 2 and 3 June 2006 (note: full text here)

"We're waiting for a rewrite and we're not going to get a rewrite really fast so - Todd is doing the rewrite, Todd McFarlane, and he has some legal problems which I don't entirely understand... so it hasn't been easy to get him focussed on the rewrite, which I think he could do a nice job with. I think I've got all the pieces in the right order and I think it's time for him to take a tackle at it... I think it'll be a very cool picture and I think - one of the cool things about horror, fantasy, generally is you can, you don't have to be too eager or too impatient - if it's a good story, if it's good shit in some way or other then there's going to be an audience for it. I'm hoping that we can get past the CGI fever to a point here actually you can have actors in costumes - a few zips up the back wouldn't hurt! I see a lot of nodding heads here - are we all CGI'd out? Yeah, yeah, I certainly am and I feel like I would like to go back and I think we'll do Tortured Souls with the minimum of CGI and the maximum of actors doing their thing. There's something soulless about CGI..."

Clive Barker And Simon Bamford Q&A

Moderated by Paul Kane, Informal Q&A Session, FantasyCon, Nottingham, 23 September 2006

"It's out there but I think until Todd gets into a place where he really wants to get into movies it'll sit. But, you know I'm up to my neck in stuff as it is."

Jericho / Hellraiser: Clive Barker Reveals All!

By Mister Disgusting, Bloody, 7 November 2007

"I think [the Tortured Souls movie]'ll happen probably only when I've got back into the swing of directing. There's a script I like very much. I love the toys. I shouldn't call them 'toys.' What should I call them...? The figures, the sculptures. I think they're beautiful, detailed things. Do I want to see those things walk onto the screen and speak? Damn right I do. So I would like to make sure that happens at some point. But right now we've got a lot of scripts that are already written, and I want to get those out and have people shooting them. But I'm a tenacious son of a bitch, you know - I'm Italian-Irish - and one of these days if it gets done, it gets done. I think what Todd's company did when they created the Tortured Souls stuff was superb, and I think it will be wonderful to see those things breathe and take on life and step onto the screen."


Conference call reported, (i) by Joseph McCabe as 'Clive Barker On The Next Books Of Blood Movies And Tortured Souls!',, 15 February 2009, (ii) by Brian Gallagher as 'Clive Barker Speaks Out on Midnight Meat Train',, 16 February 2009, (iii) by Heather Wixson as 'Clive Barker on Hell, Meat & More!', Dread, 17 February, 2009, (iv) by Jason Coleman as 'Clive Barker: Riding Midnight Meat Train', The, 17 February, 2009.

"Todd and I talked about [Tortured Souls] repeatedly - we have a great script and it's a more expensive movie than Friday 13th, put it that way. [Live action?] Absolutely, but Todd has always been imaginatively ambitious and so am I and so it stands to reason if you get McFarlane and Barker together it isn't going to be a cheap night at the movies! So I think that the Tortured Souls movie will eventually get made but right now we're finishing work on a movie called Dread..."

Pod of Horror #52

By Mark Justice, Pod of Horror, March 2009 (note: full podcast online at

Todd McFarlane : "From the first time we met, I knew that we were both kids in grown men's bodies, and that can be trouble - in a good sense. The strength of Clive and his studio and the strength of me and my studio, it's an amalgamation, a hybrid of a bunch of good creative people working together."

Tortured Souls On Screen

By [ ],, 1 February 2002 (N.B. full text available at

Brad Gould (McFarlane staff) : "Todd and Clive Barker were both doing that Hollywood thing earlier in the week, making progress on the Tortured Souls movie. Clive had written up a basic outline containing the major elements he's looking for in a story. A few select writers were then given this outline, and discussed their ideas with Todd, Clive and the studio heads, describing where they would take the story. They were free to use as little or as much of Clive's basic skeleton of a plot as they wanted. They could add or subtract, whatever they want. Then, at the end of it all, Todd, Clive and the execs discussed what they had heard, and will decide which writer they think can handle the story in the best and most creative way.
"It sounds like quite a few really cool sounding ideas were presented. Although there isn't a written plot or script yet, it appears that the story will soon have a definite direction and a basic structure. From what Todd was describing to Drew and me, this is going to be one very interesting and especially creepy movie."

Daily Update

McFarlane message board announcement, (note - online at By Brad Gould, 13 September 2002

Hans Rodionoff : "Being a fan of horror movies, I tend to think the less I know about a movie, the better. It tends to take some of the surprise and scare factor out when you know what's gonna come out of the dark at you. There's already such a huge pre-awareness of this project and we've already been given a pretty great window into the movie, just by having the action figures out there. Since everybody's already seen or bought the figures, I don't think I'll be spoiling anything when I say that you're gonna see some of those creatures, and they're gonna scare the crap out of you. One thing is, I think anyone who looks at the figures will immediately think of Hellraiser, I know I did. But after reading Clive's original treatment, I realized that they were moving it into a completely new direction, and that's what got me really excited. So, yes, you will see some of the Tortured Souls big as life and in the rotting flesh. No, this is not going to be a Hellraiser movie."

An Interview With Hans Rodionoff

By Ryan Rotten, Creature Corner, 4 December 2002 (N.B. full text available at

Jon Goff (McFarlane staff) : "I can tell you, at this very moment Todd and Terry [Fitzgerald] are going over the first draft of Clive Barker's script for the Tortured Souls film. I don't have any details as far as plot and characters go (it is far too early at this stage to release any detailed information), but as soon as Todd and Terry give their thoughts and suggestions to Clive regarding the story it will be time to hand the script over to the studio for their comments, which brings us one step closer to getting the greenlight for pre-production."

Update - Just Hangin' Around

McFarlane message board announcement, (note - online at By Jon Goff, 10 March 2004

Hans Rodionoff : "Late last year, Clive made the decision that he wanted to direct Tortured Souls. I just about fainted. It's such great news. I think fans have been waiting for Clive to get back behind the camera for a long time, and this story is perfect for him. Right now, Clive is tweaking the script. The last I heard, they were getting ready to turn in Clive's draft to the studio in the next few weeks. The basic plot of the movie concerns a man who decides to exchange his wife for a demon. The exchange sends his wife to a place called Primordium, where she must battle her way across a hostile landscape to try and get back home.
"There is a core mythology of Primordium that's built in the novellas. That core mythology is respected and expanded. There are characters from both figure lines in the script. Fans of the action figures can expect to see some familiar faces, but there will also be things that will be new to everyone."

Hans Rodionoff On Man Thing The Movie, The Comic And More

By Dave Richards, Comics2Film, 12 May 2004 (N.B. full text available at


...This fully animated film project is based on a new storyline from Clive and has been waiting in the wings since Spring, 2014. October 2015 sees Steven Hoban of Copperheart Entertainment talking to Fangoria about the upcoming feature. After toying with other titles (below) the creators have settled on ZOOmbies...

Steven Hoban (Copperheart Entertainment) : "We've got a big animated feature adaptation of a Clive story called 'Zoombies'; our version is called Night of the Zoombies and it's basically Madagascar meets The Walking Dead. We're very excited about that."

Christmas Horror Story Creator Talks Sequel, Clive Barker Projects, More Ginger Snaps?

By Michael Gingold, Fangoria, 6 October 2015 (note - full text online at

"ZOOmbies... is another project which I just signed a contract on... I think the tone of it is something like ParaNorman, you know that kinda dark, but funny thing? What's weird is, I pitched the thing as I was falling asleep - I was off and I'd completely forgotten about it, but Mark remembered it all, he taped it all and it was there!"

Beautiful Monsters

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 7 October 2015 (note - interview took place 30 May 2014, full text here)

Ben Meares (Seraphim): "There's an animation company that's very, very interested in making a film called ZOOmbies, which is based on an idea that Clive had where a kid is trapped in a zoo during a zombie outbreak - and it's something that I wrote as a two-issue comic just to see if we could do anything with it and we ended up sending it to this company and they went, 'We're very, very interested in it, this is something we want to do' and it will be their first venture into children's movies."

Beautiful Monsters

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 7 October 2015 (note - interview took place 30 May 2014, full text here)

The Thief of Always

...After the animated, live action, an ILM CGI version and a Kelly Asbury / Fox version all fell by the Hollywood wayside (see 'Films That Got Away...'), the project became stuck in limbo. However, May 2013 saw Clive happy to confirm that Oliver Parker is taking the helm and he quietly continues (January 2019) to work on the project...

"The film is being directed as a live action feature by one of my oldest and most creative friends, Oliver Parker. More news as this project gets underway."

Facebook Updates

By Clive Barker, 9 May 2013

"We are getting closer and closer to a live-action film of The Thief of Always. I'm extremely excited by Oliver Parker's rich and emotional adaptation of the novel, and as Oliver will also be directing it (I'll be around to help on the producing side), I think we have every chance of seeing a beautiful film, true to the book in every way, on the big screen in the next couple of years. As always, I promise to keep you up to date with developments, right here...
"This is NOT a Disney movie. It will be a Barker and Parker film."

Facebook Updates

By Clive Barker, 1 November 2013

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