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Clive Barker: Revelations

News - Limited Edition Of King Rat By China Miéville

King Rat - artwork by Richard Kirk

...Two of our favourite authors collide in this new edition of China Miéville's wonderful debut novel, King Rat, from Earthling Publications, which is now shipping. This edition features an afterword by China Miéville, 16 fabulous new illustrations from Richard Kirk of the illustrated Imajica fame (see interview with Richard Kirk) and an introduction from Clive Barker.

Earthling have produced two deluxe limited edition states:
400 numbered copies, signed by Miéville, bound in bonded leather and slipcased at $85; and
15 lettered copies, signed by Miéville, Kirk and Barker, hand bound in high-end goatskin leather, with special endpapers and silk ribbon page marker, and housed in a handcrafted traycase covered in fine Japanese cloth, with the title stamped on a piece of leather that matches the book covering at $500 (now sold out).

Visit Earthling Publications for more details of King Rat and their other upcoming projects...

For a snippet of Barker's introduction to King Rat, click here.

For China Miéville's review of Abarat, click here.


Thanks to the kind generosity of Paul Miller at Earthling, Revelations has just completed a draw for a numbered copy of King Rat and we'll be sending it out to the lucky winner who (among many others) correctly answered the following three questions...

  • Earthling's Modern Classics series publishes deluxe editions of cornerstone and/or much celebrated works of dark fiction. Name both the second and third titles being planned in the series to follow King Rat. ANSWER: Song of Kali by Dan Simmons and The Snowman's Children by Glen Hirshberg
  • In his introduction to this new edition of King Rat, Clive Barker suggests that the King is not at the heart of King Rat. Which archetypical character does Barker instead believe to be at the heart of the story? ANSWER: The lost prince
  • King Rat is set in London, England but in which fantasy city does the action of China Miéville's subsequent novel, Perdido Street Station, take place? ANSWER: New Crobuzon
  • We've been in contact with the winning entrant and this time our Revelations winner will be giving the book a new home in the Netherlands. For everyone else, many thanks for entering and better luck next time!

    Richard Kirk's illustration for King Rat

    Earthling Modern Classics

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