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Clive Barker Documentary

...Working in tandem with Clive's production company, Seraphim, Thommy Hutson has been working on a documentary exploring Clive's creative life, which he first hinted at in June 2014.

Thommy Hutson : "I'm excited to be working on a documentary about Clive Barker. I'm partnering up with Clive's company to produce, direct and write. It's exciting because it's not going to be like all the other documentaries in a sense that it's a movie by movie, scene by scene breakdown of how they made it. This is going to be more about Clive Barker as a person, Clive Barker as a creator, Clive Barker as an artist and just really looking at how someone of his artistic caliber and creativity functions and brings things into the world. Why we love those things so much and why the things that he's created have clearly become iconic. That's going to be a really fun project to work on."

Filmmaker Thommy Hutson of The Id, Crystal Lake Memories

By Melissa Ann, Horror Geek Life, 22 November 2016

Thommy Hutson : "I am excited that I'll be putting together a documentary on Clive Barker, which will focus on him as a creator of so many wildly creative and memorable things, with the amazing team at his company, Seraphim Films. It's going to be different in approach than any other doc project I have done and that is really exciting."

Thommy Hutson Talks Freeing The Id

By Staci Lane Wilson, Dread Central, 14 November 2016

Thommy Hutson : [On a possible Clive Barker project] "That might be true. It might also not be. A boy has to keep some secrets until the time is perfect."

Oh, The Horror: Behind the Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary

By Devan Sagliani, Escapist Magazine, 9 February 2015

Thommy Hutson : "Without delving too deep, Catherine and I are working on something with Clive Barker and his company Seraphim Films, which is really exciting."

'Animal' Writer-producer Thommy Hutson Talks About His Creature Feature

By Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly, 19 June 2014

Hellraiser Anthology Volume Two

Hellraiser Anthology Volume 2, 2017

Following their involvement in writing spin-off Hellraiser comic stories for Boom! Studios, members of Seraphim's creative team including Ben Meares, Christian Francis and Mark Miller came together to produce the in-house Hellraiser Anthology graphic novel in April 2017.
First teased with this video in October 2016, the Seraphim project sought out artists familiar with working on Hellraiser comic series including Daniele Serra and Nick Percival and also ran an open call to populate a gallery of related artwork. A trade paperback edition is planned for July 2017.
Seraphim Comics is now set to release a second volume at the Son of Monsterpalooza event in Burbank on 15 September 2017. The second anthology includes a Chatterer origin story - Prayers of Desire - by Nicholas Vince, illustrated by Clive and will again feature cover art by Daniele Serra. Edited by Ben Meares, it will be made available in hardback and digital formats from 24 September.

Hellraiser Anthology 2, 2017
Prayers of Desire

Ben Meares (Seraphim) : "[Hellraiser]'s a wildly versatile mythos, and with this second volume we get to explore with even more variety the possibilities within the world that Clive has so graciously allowed us to play in. Volume Two will feature more stories, more pages and more creators than Volume One. I've been absolutely floored with the kinds of original, fresh and brilliant stories everyone involved has contributed."

Press Release

By Seraphim Comics, 23 June 2017

Mark Miller (Seraphim) : "I'm so thankful to everyone who helped make the first volume such a smashing success despite us trying our hardest to offend everyone. It's so much fun to have the opportunity to do it all over again."

Press Release

By Seraphim Comics, 23 June 2017

Nicholas Vince : "I'm beyond excited to finally share a story I drafted in December 2012. It's worth the wait as it's found its spiritual home beside wonderful illustrations by Clive and amongst superb storytellers."

Press Release

By Seraphim Comics, 23 June 2017

Nicholas Vince : "I wept a little when I first saw this.
"I'm deeply honoured my short prose story, 'Prayers of Desire' will be part of Hellraiser: Anthology - Volume 2... I was blown away by Volume 1, as it truly is uncensored and contains wonderful Hellraiser mythos stories."

Facebook Post

By Nicholas Vince, 23 June 2017

Riley Schmitz : "Get ready for something I would consider even more special than the first volume! Super proud of this one!
"Don't forget, it's Pin-occhio's birthday! And he's going to have a very special day!"

Twitter Post

By Riley Schmitz, 23 June 2017

Hellraiser Anthology Volume One...

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