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Archived Expressions Of Support For A Restored and Extended Nightbreed Release

Note : the expressions of support below from 2009 to 2011 are separate from and in addition to the many people now signing the 2012 Occupy Midian Facebook group's brand new Occupy Midian petition, here. Sign up there to show your support!

From 2009... Well, we knew there were a lot of fans out there, but Boy!! As is self-evident from the long, long listing below, we've had a bulging in-box with 1,200 wonderful e-mails and tweets in the three weeks since asking for for your help...!
Clive. Mark and ourselves will keep pushing for this with the weight of your support behind us - thank you on behalf of the Tribes of the Moon!

As the FANGORIA journalist who wrote all the exclusive set reports on the making of NIGHTBREED, I feel this film is long over-due to be discovered by a new generation of horror movie fans -- and seen the way it was intended: the Director's Cut, uncensored, restored to its full length, and remastered. Philip Nutman

Hey guys, Joe Lynch here, hope all is well! Im SO pleased to hear that there is a directors cut of ANY form out there, and so glad its in the right hands! I know now it was moot, but when I was directing my feature for Fox, all I would do is beg them for info on NIGHTBREED (when I should have been worrying about my own film!) and how we can restore it for future generations. I was so emotionally scarred from seeing it the first time in 1990 that I actually took a group of 13 year old peers on a catholic school trip to the movies one night...IN DISNEY see it, and needless to say, I fucked some innocent minds up good! That film has been a major reason ive gotten into filmmaking, and while nurturing my own career, one of my lifetime goals is to be part of getting this film the respect it's due. PLEASE keep me in the loop on how one can help make this a reality, because as much as Clive has less than stellar feelings towards the film (in any version), its one that made a very lasting impression on many a horror fan, and again, one that deserves to be recognized properly. Hope all is well and keep fighting the good fight...for Midian!!! Staying Scary, Joe Lynch

Hi - I am interested in an extended version of NightBreed. This is a critical film for the genre. The extended or Director Cut version will be completely see the author's intent. P.S. I put a link to the most popular Russian SF-board.
Gregory Batanov, Russia, Moscow.

I'm a U.S. fan, and this email is to lend my support to releasing Nightbreed on DVD with the extra footage. Thanks, Rachel


Was delighted to see someone's taken the time to hunt down the missing nightbreed footage. I remember talking to Ingrid Pitt at a signing a few years ago about the missing footage from the wicker man and it seems the missing reels on that film went in to the landfill under the M25 - by Clive's comments I had always assumed half of Midian was probably under some motorway too!

I dont understand how a studio wouldnt think there was commercial potential for this movie to be restored and rereleased - I mean, how many people by Clive's books? How many issues and reissues of Hellraiser have there been over the years?
In any case, I'd certainly buy one - especially a region 2 one, as I have to reset my DVD player every time I want to watch my import! cheers Martin White, Gullane, Scotland

Love to see Nightbreed director's cut. peloquin1969

Well, you know what my thoughts are on getting a director's cut! I've been telling people about it on message boards for years, and I thank you for putting together a wonderful Nightbreed section so that now I can just point people to your site when they wonder what a Nightbreed director's cut would be like. At least we know the footage is there. For me, there will now always be hope that the winds of change will happen and some new executive will show some love for my favorite fantasy movie. As the good book (Cabal) says, "The rest was patience, and they were well used to that." "On the next wind, let him come. If not now, then tomorrow." Please give my thanks to Mark Miller and Clive for showing initiative and getting to the bottom of it. It's just too bad the bottom of it is based solely on dollars and cents. And thank you for the new behind the scenes footage! It was good to see that Clive had some fun on the set. Best, Dave.

I would definitely purchase a copy of an extended version of Nightbreed, provided it has Mr. Barker's stamp of approval on it, without hesitation. I'm always eagerly awaiting the next Clive Barker release be it book, film or graphic novel. I'm more than happy to offer my sincere support for one the most brilliantly creative minds of our generation. ~ Bran Thorngrave Seattle, WA

Yes, I'd definitely pluck down my cold, hard-earned cash for a copy. Kelly Shaw

Hi there, Clive Barker is the leading fantasist of his generation - and several other generations besides - and his popularity is greater now than it has ever been. To think that there is not a big enough audience for an extended cut of Nightbreed is misguided at best. One need only look at how many adaptations of Clive's stories are either in the works or recently released to see that now is the ideal time for such a release. From the Midnight Meat Train, to the Books of Blood, to Dread, to the remake of Hellraiser - there have never been so many Clive Barker films in the offing at the same time. Add to that the massive anticipation for the third Abarat book, the recent release of Clive's unpublished early writings, his continued presence in art galleries and at conventions, and it is plain to see that the man is at the zenith of his popularity and creative prowess. Failure to commission and release an extended cut of Nightbreed - with commentaries, extras and all the trimmings - would be a financial oversight of staggering proportions. The market is ready for it. Hungry for it. Surely the execs who are responsible for this decision are canny enough to recognise this fact. Strike now and let the dollars roll in! All best! M.

You know my answer... Let's get this dvd out and you have my guarantee that I will be one of the first to add it to my CB dvd's. Best of luck with your efforts. Don Bertram, Houston, Tx USA

It's about time a decent dvd release of Nightbreed was made! I've put off buying a bare-bones release until now in the hope that a "special edition" finally sees the light of day. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer... And pile on the special features! Commentaries, interviews, deleted/missing scenes, goofs, galleries, anything you can find. We'll buy it. Mike Fudakowski New Zealand (R4, not that that means anything - we're used to having to buy R1 and R2 dvds from overseas)

As a longtime fan of Nightbreed, I'd not only be "interested" in such a thing, it would be a dream come true! I can hardly believe that the people currently holding this footage don't think it's even worth upgrading to blu-ray, but hopefully we can convince them otherwise. It would be excellent to see a 20th-anniversary Director's Cut with the extended footage, for example. Is there any way that we the fans can help this happen? ---Erin D. Lindsey

You have my vote for releasing this finally the way Barker meant us to see. I absolutely love this movie, and have been waiting years for them to finally release a directors cut....This day and age, with the audience for DVD and Blu-Ray, and the already cult status of this movie....It Screams to be done! Considering some of the other restored and uncut films that have been release already. Nightbreed is a MUST! Sincerely, Erik Daniele

Are you kidding? A directors cut would be fantastic! The only thing wrong with the film was that it was cut, the story could have been so much more. I have actually been waiting for the directors cut so I could buy it, so haven't got the version available now. I know that sounds strange but I want to wait and see the film as Clive intended it. I hope you get the support you need. Regards David

I'd be down for this!!!!!!!! Mike

Hell Yeah! bring on a Directors Cut. Cabal was always one of my favorite Barker books, and when i saw the movie i was greatly disappointed. It always seemed like so much was missing. With the remake of Hellraiser coming, this is the perfect chance to introduce this awesome material to a whole new generation. Drop it on Bluray or DVD and i am in. Jesse Garcia, USA

Camden Natysin Minnesota, USA I would gladly pay for an extended edition of Nightbreed, and I know more than a few people who would do the same. Nightbreed was certainly a bold step forward for Clive Barker as a directorial stylist, and to see a film that would do greater justice to his vision would be a real gift to the fans. I think these studio heads have to realize that not only Clive Barker fans but horror fans in general would be willing to pay a fair amount of money for the director's cut on DVD, and that the horror fan demographic is certainly large enough to guarantee a recoupment of their investment.

Marcus Ferguson, Australia Would absolutely love the chance to get this in an extended version, especially with some good extras and a commentary by Clive. Would even consider buying a Blu-ray player for this movie alone!

My name is Tom Brown from the United States, and I am glad to give my name in support for an extended Nightbreed. Of all the films Clive Barker has his name attached too, I feel that Nightbreed has the most potential but was left simply unfinished.

I saw your page for the Nightbreed Director's Cut and I would definitely buy it the second it came out. I have loved Clive Barker since I saw Hellraiser and have been an aspiring author myself for a long while. Nightbreed is amazing with it's dark fantasy elements. David Cronenberg is absolutely terrifying as Decker the serial killer. The ending is particularly haunting for me because seeing the fallen Reverend Ashberry worship the newly reborn Decker praising "Hallelujah" over and over is amazing. Not to mention the ending leads into a potential sequel. I am a resident of the United States. Hope this helps, "J"

I'm a longtime horror fan and advocate working within the film industry here in Los Angeles. I saw NIGHTBREED in its truncated 1st- run debut back in 1990 -- with one of the worst, most misleading one- sheets of all time -- and fell in love with the story even though it felt choppy and didn't flow very well. I soon learned why-- it was missing 25 minutes of footage that had been hacked out by the distributor. I'd KILL to see this. The only reason I haven't bought the bare-boned DVD is because I've been patiently waiting for a true director's cut. If we can get special editions of cheapie Italian gore movies from small companies like Blue Underground, why can't a company like Morgan Creek or Warner Brothers, which I assume still own DVD rights, put some meager resources toward patching this up? I'd buy a true SE of NIGHTBREED on Blu-Ray in a heartbeat (and if anyone from WB home video ever reads this, please work to acquire the R2 special features for CREEPSHOW before its September Blu-Ray debut!). Best, Mark Cappelletty

Rob Rafuse Abbotsford, British columbia Canada Just messaging to say if deff pay for a directors cut of nightbreed specially if clive barker did a comentary the bare bones version is not enough

Nightbreed is one of my favorite films from the last 20 years. The soundtrack is great as well. I would be extremely interested in an extended version. Hopefully you get a good response and can persuade the "higher ups" to reconsider. I look forward to that day. Thanks for your efforts in this project. Brandon Dix

David Rechichi I'd love to see an extended cut of this film. I think it's a real shame that it got so much footage from it removed. Clive's original image will be most welcomed

Put my name down on as many petitions as needed. This film must see the light of day as Clive always intended. Jonathan McEvoy

I really hope you guy manage to encourage the studio to change their mind. It would be criminal if this footage wasn't released and Clive's original vision never see the light of day. Sign me up!! Graham Le Neve Painter UK

In my mind the Director's cut of Nightbreed is the holy grail for horror movie fans. It's right up there with London After Midnight. Kindest regards, David Pollison


Put me down - This needs to be out! Marilyn Moon x

I asked Clive about the director's Cut Laser Disc of Nightbreed at a signing back in 1996! I will pay any price for this director's cut, just give us fans a chance and Put a really nice cover with Clive Barker's name across the top. It will sell! -Ryan Danhauser USA

Please put me down to help in any way possible to get the studio to restore this lost footage. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Clive is the Master of Horror, and I love his books and movies. This movie is great as it blended horror, romance, suspense, and fantasy all together. I love the fantasy aspects to this movie. I saw this movie 5 times in the theaters, I even skipped school the day it came out to see it. I fell in love with Cabal, so when I found out that Nightbreed was the movie verson of Cabal, and Clive Barker was doing it, I had to see it. I have bought this movie on vhs before and on DVD twice already. The studio is wrong if they feel that there is no audience for this film. Please let me know what I can do to help get this restored. Thanks. tristan thorne 6603 jamaica crt austin tx

I want a extended version of Nightbreed on Blu-ray....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dennis

I would love to see a restored director's cut of Clive Barkers masterpiece Nightbreed! I would happily buy it in any form, dvd or blu-ray. The film has been a favorite of mine since I was 10 years old, and it deserves to be treated with proper respect! Jeff Ferrell

My name is Scott Johndrow and I live in the USA. A Director's Cut of Nightbreed would be a dream come true! I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Jason B Edmonton, Canada I have this on dvd but would upgrade in a heartbeat. I am a makeup artist and would love to see more footage of the amazing makeup applications on the Nightbreed creatures. Great movie, put me down for a copy on blu-ray :)

Mark Adams United Kingdom Nightbreed has become a genuine cult classic, the missing footage a holy grail amongst horror fans. Clive Barker himself is very visible in cinema at the moment, with the "Films of Blood" and the release of The Midnight Meat Train which itself motivated fans to support the movie. Horror fans alone are not a mass audience, of corse, but Barker does have a name and they're a strong base for marketing and support of such films and a release of Nightbreed has every potential to be a success if approached correctly.

Hi, I would absolutely pay up to $50 (most likely even more if it had to be) for any type of extended cut special edition of Clive Barker's Nightbreed. I have read the stories for years about missing footage and have been waiting for this moment to happen. I will gladly support this product!!! Jason Moore

Hello, I'm just emailing in response to the article I just read on the Fangoria website about trying to prove to the studios that there's a big enough fan base for the Extended Nightbreed DVD. My name's Jason Wilkinson, I like in California. Thank you and good luck with the "fight" Jason

with some of the trash already out there cluttering up our shelves i'm amazed there isn't room for an extended cut of Nightbreed - especially with such a strong Barker fanbase still in effect. i for one would love to see it (i remember seeing the original on opening night all those years ago) and would guarantee we'd definitely review it here at The List (Scotland's leading arts and entertainment magazine) as i believe our readers would be very interested as well. all the best and good luck Henry Northmore (Assistant Editor) The List

my name is Tim and I'm from Belgium. I remember seeing Nightbreed years ago and was hugely disappointed with it. But hearing much later that there is a 'director's cut' out somewhere : bring it on! Tim

NIGHTBREED was my absolute favorite movie when I was about 16. I have never bought the DVD because it doesn't have any extras on it and I always figured they would some day release that director's cut we'd always heard was out there somewhere. I'm still holding out hope that they'll make a worthy DVD of it some day. --Bryan T.

Please put me down for one very enthusiastic YES to an extended version. I've yet to see Nightbreed in any form, and if my first viewing turns out to be the film as Clive intended, so much the better! All good wishes and the very best of luck. Stephen Lord

Thank you for posting the information update about confirmation that the missing Nightbreed footage does actually still exist. I'm sorry to hear there is not currently sufficient financial incentive to get an extended version put together, but hopefully enough fans will respond to your call to show a high level of interest. I for one, being a UK resident, would dearly like to see a Region 2 standard dvd release of the current film. A Blu-Ray extended edition would be a dream come true! I have had to make do with my Region 1 cardboard case dvd for far too long... To provide a short story to go with this message of support, Nightbreed was the first introduction I had to the worlds of Clive Barker, as a video rental at an early teenage birthday party. I will admit to cowering behind a sofa for most of the movie but I was intrigued by the creatures and events I saw on screen. It was a few years later that I saw Hellraiser on TV, my eyes always having been drawn to the picture of Pinhead on the video cover on a top shelf in the rental store, and Clive's imaginings filled my head again. Since then I have always been a big fan of Clive's books, art and film projects and have been fortunate enough to shake his hand and share a few words at a book signing. I fully support any possible Nightbreed restoration project that may bring the movie more inline with the original vision for the film and would love to have a Blu-Ray extended edition to go with the upcoming Hellraiser Blu-Ray release. David.

It's really great of you both to take this on. Thanks for giving me the chance to offer my support of a proper DVD/Blu-ray release of Nightbreed. No writer has had more of an impact on me as a reader or as an aspiring writer than Clive Barker. The obscurity to which his film Nightbreed has been relegated over the years remains a profound mystery to me. Even in its existing state it's a wildly innovative film with moments of great power and brilliance. I would love nothing more than to add an expanded DVD copy of this film to my personal library. (And may it include the atmospheric intro by Clive himself, which the original VHS release sported!) Sincerely, Pete Mesling Seattle, WA

I'm in. Hell yeah, I'll be first in line to throw my money at this. A BluRay would be fine. Please Santa, I've been a good boy. Henrik Nilsson, Sweden

I would definately be interested in buying an extended release of nightbreed, in whatever format possible. Carl Barton England

Hi A director's cut would be very welcome. We need a chance to see this unique vision the way it was meant to be. They would have a sure-fire cult hit on their hands, too. Paul Gorman UK

Nightbreed is one of my fav films of all time. I would defiantly pay to watch an extended version. Make sure it's available on R2 though! Daniel Booth

I own the barebones edition and have been waiting years for a special director's edition. Would pay almost anything to have Clive's version of Nightbreed in my hands. Only in dreams shall man be truly free, It was always thus and thus will always be Ric Proctor

Of course I am interested! I'll pay upwards to 50 bucks for a fully restored Blu-Ray (please don't bother with DVD) version including Clive's comment track. Best, Freek Suijver The Netherlands

Without a shadow of a doubt I would buy it. lenny

I would definately buy a uncut Nightbreed dvd. This is a classic film that deserves to be seen the way Clive Barker envisioned it. Timothy

Hi folks, It's great to hear that the missing footage exists and to see it in Clive's preferred form would be fantastic, I would buy it immediately upon release. Even if it got a limited edition release and was confined to a region 1 only release the audience must surely be there and multi region DVD players are easy to get hold of and very cheap these days. Well, let us hope that it gets a deserved release.Regards, Mark.

Hello, I would love to see a Special Edition Director's Cut version of Nightbreed containing the deleted scenes ASAP. I would not hesitate in buying a Blu-Ray or DVD of this. Cheers, Mike Kratochvil Melbourne, Australia

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!! I for one would love to say the film restored with all the missing footage and I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting it. I would happily pay a high sale price for it too as it's one of my favourite films of all time! Add my name to the campaign! Cheers, Jon Corcoran

Would totally buy it. -- Matt Packer

I would shell out extra to see the original vision and learn more from this fantastic movie. CEO's saying no money in it, but yet they allow crap to be put on dvd. I say yes, give us what we crave. Ken Kirtland, Washington

Hi, Matt from the USA. Just wanted to add my support to the interest of seeing Nightbreed released in an extended cut on DVD. It would be a must buy for me. Thanks

I've always been a fan of Nightbreed, I saw it in theaters and would love to not only have the unrated version but also it being on Blu Ray. I have the movie on tape and the DVD. I always wished for a sequel. My screen name is jon46410 and I am from Merrillville, Indiana.

Name: Titus37 Location: Tega Cay, SC, USA Clive Barker's original vision of Nightbreed deserves to be seen.

Hi i'm Patrick van Balen from the Netherlands I hope the film will come out on DVD or Blu-ray, because the fans will appreciate a good release of the film

I'm a loyal fan who is 100 percent behind the re-release of a definitive version of Nightbreed. This is one of films that inspired me to become a filmmaker and it's a shame that this movie has never received the proper treatment that it deserves. I would gladly pay for a version of this movie with the missing footage put back in. I would love to see it on Blu-ray too! Regards, Glen Baisley

I am a huge fan of Clive Barker's work and of this film. I would definitely purchase an uncut or extended version were one made available. Sincerely, Dan Domingues New York, NY

I would absolutely be interested in purchasing a Standard def or Blu-ray version of a new Nightbreed disc. Thanks for your efforts. -Marty Langford

I have long clamoured to see the fully director's cut of this. Iknow several of my friends have held off on buying this movie in the hopes of the true versions seeing the light of day. Pelase make it happen! Marc Wiener USA

Hello, I saw the news on, I'm a huge fan of Nightbreed, I would LOVE to get a director's cut DVD, especially on Blu Ray. I've got the bare bones DVD and I still remember catching Nightbreed on the big screen in theaters twice back in 1990. I live in the USA and I'm ready to do a pre-order, just say the word. Thanks! Chris Alo

Please add me to the list of fans who want an extended DVD of Nightbreed. This movie I always did like, but it was so cut some of it didn't make sense. This is the version we have wanted to see all along. Plus look at the success of My Bloody Valentine with all the uncut footage added back. All a video company worth its salt has to do is slap NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE on the package and fans will buy it. Tim Sherrill

Phil and Sarah, Not only would I be interested in a DVD of the FULL Nightbreed, I want to host a screening! And I'm in Wichita KS, BTW.

Just read your story on I am one of many fans of Clive Barker who would love to see the director's cut, meaning that I would definitely buy it on release. The director's cut is the only worthwhile cut for any fan and we're all out here, waiting for years! Blu-ray or not, bring it on! Keep up the great work and I'll be looking forward to good news! Sincerely, Yuzuru Nomura Tokyo, Japan

My name is Chris Sawin and I read a post on a message board about the article in Fangoria discussing the lost footage in Nightbreed. I just watched the film for the first time the other day and I actually really enjoyed it, so I'd like to support the film along with any sort of director's cut and special edition that could potentially be released. So yes, I'm a fan and yes I'm very interested in seeing the lost footage restored. I'm in Houston, so I'm emailing you from the US. If there's any sort of follow up on this story, please let me know. Thanks.

I've been dying to see the lost footage since I first heard of it! I'll do my best to spread the word... Thomas Karlsson, Sweden

I just read the piece at Fangoria and can't believe that an executive actually believes there is no audience for this. Shows just what idiots many execs are and I've heard Clive in person talk about this frustration. So count me in to pluck down whatever $ it costs to have this in my collection. All the best, Scott Pierce Stroudsburg, PA USA

Nightbreed is one of my all-time favorite films. It has some of the coolest creatures ever created. I would definitely go out and buy an extended version on dvd. It's nice to know someone is working on this. Good luck. Beverly NYC

I read an article on about the possibility of a Nightbreed Director's Cut DVD, and I just wanted to chime in that I'm a huge fan of the film and would instantly plop down the cash for an extended edition DVD release. Please do whatever is necessary to make the director's cut available for the fans to buy and enjoy!

Nightbreed is a rare and important piece of horror history. Not only is it one of the few feature films directed by Clive Barker (undeniably one of the most important and creative figures in the genre,) it also features work from other legends like Danny Elfman, David Cronenberg, and more. Nightbreed is a movie with fantastic visuals that subverts the monster story and offers a vivid jaunt down the road less traveled. There are many fans waiting for a proper, modern release of this film on Blu-Ray and DVD, and adding the lost footage back to the movie would make a definitive cut in high definition very marketable. It would also be a great opportunity to restore one of horror's lost milestones. I hope to see it happen sooner rather than later, Sincerely, Brian Dell

Keith Patrick-USA Would be great to have, and possibly lead to some product from NECA or Sideshow.

This is so random yesterday was the first time I had ever watched Nightbreed.....EVER!!! It was on the Encore channel and after watching it I feel in love with the movie and everything involved with it and quickly came to work today to spread the word about this film which I believe it a beautiful film. If there is an opportunity to add 25 minutes to the film and get it out there to the real fans of this film plus the real fans of the horror genre then it must be done. I hope my email is one of thousands you get today to persuade you to get a Bonus disc out there so we can see Clive's real vision of the film. Thanks, Jason

I would readily buy an extended version of 'Nightbreed'. As an owner of the original DVD release I am shocked at the bare bones treatment the film got; for all intents and purposes it offers nothing more than its VHS counterpart. Surely the studio would see fit to rectify that situation by restoring the integrity of the film with the available extra footage, giving it the bells-n-whistles treatment it deserves, and in the process earning the admiration, gratitude (and hard-earned money) of the Clive Barket/Nightbreed fan base. With the recent and impending high profile releases of 'Midnight Meat Train', 'Book of Blood' and the remake of 'Hellraiser', what better time than now to revisit one of Clive Barker's most wonderful creations?! Todd Seely Boise, Idaho USA

My name is Howard Crocker, and I live in Illinois. And I would be happy to be the first to buy an extended cut of Nightbreed either on dvd or bluray. I've been a fan of Clive Barker since his name was first mentioned in Fangoria back in the 80's. I think you need to contact Lionsgate and get them behind this effort...they owe it to the horror film community after the Midnight Meat Train fiasco. I hope that you succeed. Howard

Jacob Kemp Perth, Western Australia Film making is an art, and the director is the artist. I'm a big fan of Barkers, his books more so than his movies, and i'd much like to see how Barker truely intended Nightbreed to be. As a viewer i wish to see the artists full picture, not an abridged version because some money obsessed self indulgent people think they know everything.

i adore nightbreed, it is one of my favorite films ever, if there is a petition i can sign or something i would love to. When i was a around 10 years old i used to drawn poorly done pictures of the monsters of midian in class, man the teacher though i was crazy. David

Hi from Canada, I would be very happy to buy an extended version of NIghtbreed, finally... Bring it on! Greg Sykes

I would love to see the lost footage for NightBreed,it would make this already great movie even better.I would buy it in a heartbeat and i know 10 more people that would too.Long Live Clive Barker! Good Luck, John Jacob Tartal

From: Justin I'd love to see this film released in a form as close to the intened version as possible. With so much money being lavished on imaginatively sterile talents these day, Nightbreed deserves a second chance...

Hector Tapia (Chicago) I would love to see a director's cut dvd or blu ray version of this film, I always thought cronenberg's mask and outfit was the creepiest thing ever and would make a great halloween outfit. Please bring the cut to life, good luck :O)

Hi! I will definetely buy Nightbreed: Directors Cut. I`m from Poland. I`ve also added info about this "nightbreed fans counting" on my site - so expect some e-mails from Poland :) Best regards, Peter "Japko" Jablonski

Yes, I'd like to see an extended version of NIGHTBREED! Tony Lee editor VideoVista

Mark Hardman Britian, Dundee, Scotland Would love to see a Nightbreed directors cut dvd, I had to import the USA DVD to see this film again.

San Francisco, CA USA Been a fan of "nightbreed" since the book came out...loved the movie...been waiting for a proper DVD release... missing footage included...let's make it happen.. Sam

I would love to see a director's cut of Nightbreed. This is what I've been waiting for! Us fans deserve it. Clive deserves it. I will show my support in any way possible. All the best, Stephanie Smith Scranton, PA USA

I would love to see the extra Nightbreed footage and would definitely buy a remastered version of the film. Tyler

My name is Tim Modlin and I would love to see the Director's Cut of Nightbreed released! Thank you and good luck!

Just add my name to the list gang and good luck. joshua pruett The width and breadth of emotion and imagination, the sheer bold creation, on display in that film really had an impact on me. I saw it for the first time with my father (who passed away some years ago from AIDS); I know he would have loved to see Nightbreed get the treatment it deserves. The film showed us monsters we wanted to make love to, to hug, to share a drink with, to take care of and to fear, and showed us the truth about the human monster and its dark and terrible heart. NIGHTBREED told the truth, and in times like these we need more movies that do that, not less.

I would be thrilled to see an extended cut of this--we fans have been waiting years for a decent treatment of NB. Done so early in Clive's career, any behind the scenes extras would be a special treat. So bring it on! Elena

just a shout out to get nightbreed the directors cut released on dvd. last horror convention i went to the only shirt i bought was a nightbreed shirt. there is a following behind this movie. it is on the top five requested horror toys for the "breed" in the movie. This is clive barker at his best! please release this film on dvd in a director's cut. it would please many fans! Halloweengal81 from Fangoria Message Board, OH

bikerbane, GA and MS. I have a copy of the regular cut on DVD and have been showing it to my friends that are just starting to discover Clive's work and others who have yet to find it...the showing leaves them wanting to purchase a copy but its hard to find these days without scouring the internet for it. So there is a market for those who have seen it and become fans and those who are waiting to discover the tale and creatures of Gidian; even after so many years.

I wold LOVE to see an Nightbreed Extended Edition!! Same as the others, i own the regular dvd, but would be MORE than happy to spend my hard earned cash on the Extended Edition. Already bein' a junkie for special features and behind the scenes type stuff, this would be a DEFINATE MUST HAVE!! Clint Sampson Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Nightbreed, like all of Clive's work is something original and does not go by any list of rules. . It takes your mind to another place and makes you think about why it's there, here or anywhere for that matter. Nothing is ever what it seems and everything and/or everyone has another layer or side to them. Nightbreed, like all of Clive's work doesn't know any boundaries and shouldn't have any of it's own. A director's cut is needed to show everyone that like everything else that he does is way ahead of it's time and has a beauty of it's own. Regards, Stephen Imhoff' Burbank, CA

Please add my name to the Nightbreed restoration list! Best of luck, Pierre Larouche Park Ex Pictures

Daniel Walters - U.S. I would LOVE to see a directors cut of Nightbreed, and I have been waiting years for it!! Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies, and I would love to see it as Clive intended to be shown...

Some demographic info: male, New Orleans, late 20's. I hope that will help. Now was to why I would like to see an extended cut of Nightbreed: I was young when the movie was released, barely 10 years old, but already a horror fan. Nightbreed stood head a shoulders above so much of what I had seen. From the engaging story to the fantastic effects to the Breed themselves. There is an audience out there for this film, a loyal one that grew up with the monsters from Midian. -Dennis Groome

I for one would love to see a Nightbreed Directors Cut, ever since reading the script book 20 years ago wondered where all the footage was! Hell I'm still waiting on a normal bare bones region 2 release! Stick my name down on any petition. Ricky McKay

i grew up watching nightbreed and the comics i love that movie very underrated when i heard a couple years ago about lost footage i was so excited that it could be a reality now it is a reality since the footage has been found now a nightbreed extended edition or director's cut dvd is almost a reality i hope this email helps as it is in my opinion a true crime that warner thinks there is no market to revisited nightbreed on dvd there is a huge following of this movie and it will sell like crazy if released i and i'm sure many others want to experience clive barker's complete vision of night breed i for one will buy it on the release date please make my dreams come true chris eurich loves horror movies

My name is Lori Bowen and I'm from the USA. I already own the sadly bare-bones and gutted DVD release of this awesome flick and would love to see Mr. Barker's original vision for it! I would absolutely plunk down my cash for a new recut version!

Who thinks there's no demand for an extended version of this film? I bet the bean-counters at WB are the ones, looking at the old dvd sale records. Allow me to help. The old dvd is bare-bones and many who would want to own it, like me, have passed it up in hopes of something worthwhile. Most of Clive's other films have nice, feature-full dvd releases, NB doesn't. Plus every year or so an internet rumor of a dircetor's cut makes the rounds, causing more fans to skip the sub-par existing dvd. We're all sick of double-dipping and know this film deserves better. Look at My Bloody Valentine (the original). A nice dvd of that comes out, and everyone eats it up. We've been waiting almost as long for this. Please put this together and allow us fans who have waited so long to finally enjoy it (or in most cases like me, just see it). Thank you, David Mordsky Ann Arbor, MI. USA

I saw the article on about the possibility of an extended director's cut of Nightbreed. I'd like to vote for it. I enjoy the film (especially Cronenberg's performance and the menagerie of creatures), but it does seem to be missing that elusive "something" that would take it from a film curiosity to a true cult classic. I understand the studio may not be eager to re-release it immediately, but eventually the film will come out on Blu-ray. That would be the time to do it justice with a definitive special edition release including both cuts of the movie and as many extras as possible. - Philip D. Garnecki (USA)

My name is Tobias Lauber and I'm writing from Germany. I would definitely buy a DVD or BR with the original cut of Nightbreed on it. In fact the only reason I don't own Nightbreed on DVD yet ist the fact that the available DVD is only the studio cut with no extras at all. I like the film very much, the actors are great (especially Cronenberg in one of his few on-screen parts), the Make-Up is outstanding and the direction and style of the movie is just beautiful. I wouldn't bother to pay a bit more for a decent release and hope you get the kind of support to realize this project. Best regards Tobias Lauber, Germany

Nightbreed, to me is, is an unappreciated modern horror classic. Despite the lack of acclaim the level of its influence can still be felt today, from Japanese anime to videogames to fantasy art. A profoundly important film, and to be restored at last would be a great achievement! Mark Hopper USA

Yes, most definitely get this in motion. Evan Katz USA

I would, of course, buy a directors cut of Nightbreed. To see a restored directors cut of this film as Clive originally intended would be a dream come true. Jim

I for one, would be willing to pay for an extended cut of "Nightbreed". I saw it in the theater when it came out, and loved it. I've been a fan of Clive Barker's work for about 24 years now. "Damnation Game" being the first book that I read. Next I scoured the book shops for The "Books of Blood", managed to collect them all, the editions with Clive's original art on the cover, only to have them sold off at a future date by my ex-girlfriend! Oh well.... Count me in for "Nightbreed". I was looking for a copy over the past few years, but I want to see it the way Clive meant it to be seen...."Cabal" was such an excellent book! Mark from Canada

I have always been a fan of Nightbreed and I would love to see the Director's cut of the film. I even tracked down the Jihad comic books and had to work real hard to get them on Ebay. if there is something else you might need to get this new DVD done, let us all know. Juan

Jason Snellgrove from Montgomery, AL USA - me and my friends would die to buy a full uncut version! DO IT!

hi guys, whatever list you are putting together, put me on it, never enough love for Nightbreed, hell, i'm even working on a Narcisse costume for Halloween, god knows how many people will actually know who i am, any way, i'm on the list and would def. buy any special edition of nightbreed the studio would put out. cjvanderputten

Sean Ogden from Elizabeth, NJ would love to see an uncut Nightbreed, with the release of the the Hellraiser box this would be the perfect thing to top off my Clive Barker collection.

I would spend whatever money it would take to buy a DVD or Blu-Ray of Nightbreed as a directors cut. Please pass this onto to whoever needs to know. Best Russell

I was just on Fangoria a mere few seconds ago and was shocked, and summarily enlightened, to here what really became of those 25 missing minutes. That someone knew all along where it was and why there has never been any director's cut. I hope you hear from enough people to get a fully loaded version of the movie out. Love to hear a commentary with Clive and the cast and who ever else they can wrangle together. This was always one of my favorite Barker adaptations and I even have memories of seeing this in a theater when it came out way back in 1990. I'm a writer and when I was growing up there were three major authors that had a distinct influence on me and the kinds of horrors I write about: Lovecraft, Koontz and BARKER. So, in closing, consider me a supporter. In fact, I'd be surprised as hell if you never garnered enough supporters for this project. I shouldn't worry, this will all work out. Sincerely, Shawn Francis

I would love to see the full length version of this film. Barker is more than just a director for hire, he's bordering on being a Name Brand. What with the Books of Blood movies coming out and all the outcry the shafting of Midnight Meat Train got, I think there's a proven market. I picked up the Lord of Illusions DVD just for the extras and his commentary, and I didn't even like that film. I know there's a market for monsters right now, so if the powers that be pushed the lost love angle (Twilight audience) and the mutants (again, Twilight crowd), maybe this could be a money maker. Jason Lees with Tom Lees Alex Lees Mary Lees

Would buy one in a New York minute. Erik Parrent Lexington Kentucky

This is Joris Westerdaal from Holland here. It would be very unwise to not release a restored version of Nightbreed: The movie has not been released on dvd here in Europe at all. Many people have been complaining about that on forums. This would be a great way to solve that problem. Clive Barker's name alone will sell. There are a lot of movies coming up with his name attached. The man has a huge following. Not teenagers who rip movies of the net but people like me who like to own originals. Hope everything works out!!! Good luck!!!

black from the UK=excellent film that deserves to be seen again in it's full directors cut.i think this film has an audience.

Mark Ambrose New Jersey, USA It's time to unleash Clive's true vision of Nightbreed! I would buy FIVE copies if this came out and distribute it to my friends to show them what they're missing out on!

Yes. YES. YES!!! I will definitely buy it, no questions asked! Ron McKenzie

Just a shout out from a die hard Clive Barker Nightbreed fan - major request from me to see the longer cut! Jonathan Goeldner Washington DC

In answer to your question regarding the demand for an extended DVD version of Nightbreed, I would certainly buy one and so would several of my friends. However, it would need to have a Region 2 release as none of us own multi-region DVD players and we're based in the UK. I don't download copyrighted material and so have only been able to watch the original cut through Youtube, which somewhat dampened my enjoyment of an otherwise excellent film. I have enormous affection for Nightbreed as I received the computer game version of it as part of a package with my parent's first home computer, an Amiga 500, before computer games came with any kind of age rating. It was completely inappropriate as I was six and my brother four, but we both loved it. I'd also like to compliment you on a great site, I find your interviews with Clive extremely entertaining. Regards David McWilliam

Hello guys, my name is Pavel, and before I will write anything, I apologize for my bad English. I'm from Czech Republic in Europe like you two (and Clive, of course) and although I understand English quite good, sometimes I'm miserable in producing correct sentences. :) Night Breed movie is very special for me, first time I saw it... I think it was around my 14 years on TV with friends and I still remember how special impact it had on us and we discussed it few days, over and over, all those special creatures, characters, story line and existence of special place where normal people aren't allowed in but sometimes they dream about it. :) I haven't seen it some years because it was not available in my country in any format, but after DVD age started, it was released as DVD in USA by Warner Bros without any interviews, commentary or anything what could please the dedicated fan, but I was happy enough I can see it again after so much long time. Movie experience was even more magical for me, not counting the discovery that David Cronenberg, my favorite director is the guy behind the mask of the killer. :)
Since I own the DVD, it's one of my favorite movies I watch at least minimally 1x every year. I hoped there will be special edition re-release, where Clive and probably actors (and Mr. Cronenberg) will talk about process of making the picture. Instead of this, as regular visitor of your site I found there's hope to see director's cut, more scenes, monsters and probably nice violence from movie! Almost five years I have read news how Mr. Barker speaks with studio guys, searches in archives for footage and I was depressed this new cut will never happen. Yesterday, few days after turning 31st year of life I found the article about found footage and, of course, it's my duty to write this e-mail for your support! I would pay even 4x bigger price to have this movie in extended cut in my library! I don't believe there's not enough big audience or commercial ability of this movie. Count with me and few friends from Czech Republic (we order all our DVDs from USA or UK so it doesn't matter where they will release it! :) I hope there will be more fans who will write probably better and more important e-mails than me. your Pavel Kosik

i am more then interested in buying an extended cut of nighbreed ... it has been one of my favorite movies since it came out !!!! please make it so !!! Sebastien

Just dropping you a line to let the studio execs know that I already own Nightbreed on DVD, and would gladly buy a a Blue-Ray extended edition with lost footage in a heartbeat. DS1313 U.S.A.

Hi, I'm glad to see someone is pushing for this long-desired version of the film to be released on home video. Are you talking with Morgan Creek or Warner Brothers? Maybe what needs to happen is an independent label, like ours, must make an offer to license the film.... An offer they can't refuse! It must be seen! J Thanks! Cliff

I would love to see a directors cut of Nightbreed, featuring the missing footage. Such a thing would be a fan's dream!!!Hope this becomes reality!!! Eric Tucker

Yes, please show us more and add my name to the list of waiting fans. Ozzie d'Happart

been wanting the extended cut to come out for a long time read the novel own the dvd and the soundtrack magical film maybe one of the best creature features ever Cristy

Hello, my name is Ryan Clark, I live in Franklin NH and here's my thoughts on an extended Nightbreed DVD: Cabal is easily one of my favorite books, and Nightbreed is one of me favorite movies, even though I've only seen the butchered theatrical cut. I love everything about it! Every line (God was an astronaut, Oz is over the rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live) every actor (If Craig Sheffer's in a movie, I'm watchin' it) every beautifully shot visual effect, the music ( I own the soundtrack CD. I love the movie so much I spent 30 bucks on ebay to get a japanese poster that's so huge I can't even fit it on a wall. I would pay good money for a new DVD with the extra footage, and I have many friends that are big enough fans of the movie to buy it as well. If you want me to sign a petition, I'll sign it, if you want me to sing some song about how much I want this DVD, I'll do, I'll do everything in my power to make sure this DVD comes out! Thank you very much!

Dan R. Southern California "I saw their god master... He burned me! I want to burn him back!"

My jaw dropped when I read on Dread Central today that the lost Nightbreed footage had been found. What a tremendous boon (no pun intended) to Barker fans and horror fans in general! My name's Sean Collins, and I'm a writer who's interviewed Clive for such publications as Wizard Magazine and the Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly and writtten about his work quite extensively at my comics and horror blog ( Nightbreed was actually my very first "real" horror movie back when I was a sophomore in high school (I was a late bloomer) and holds a special place in my heart. Needless to say I would be thrilled if the studio did the right thing and enabled a Director's Cut release, and I'll do anything I can to help. Please keep me informed! Thank you, Sean T. Collins Levittown/New York City, NY

My name is Chris McInroy From Canada and I WANT MY NIGHTBREED!!!!!!!!!!

Just want to show my support in hopes that it will help get a proper Director's Cut of Nightbreed released on Special Edition DVD. NIghtbreed is one of the most fun and inventive horror films of the 90's and it would be great to see a worthy DVD of the film.

i have been a fan of this film since i was 8 years old wow long time since it came out on home video i read the book when i was 10 this was my first venture into the beautiful mind of clive barker i have been waiting many years for this dvd to come out even looking at fan art work for what they would perceive the dvd to look like maybe criterion should be contacted this is a phenomenal piece of art also i think it is one of mr. barker's most personal works i watch it usually 3 times a year anyways enough of my rant im glad the footage was found so crossing my fingers now and hopefully the night will once again see the light of day Rob

Brian Bankston (venoms5 and Brian B. on some message boards) Eden, NC I saw NIGHTBREED in the theater, and although it didn't make a great deal of sense to me, I was nonetheless mesmerized by the visuals, the monsters and the music. I would gladly and quickly buy a special edition release of this movie in its unexpurgated version. I have over 6,000 DVD's so adding this one to the collection would be no problem. That would be great news should this release ever see the light of day.

Myself and at LEAST 15 of my friends here in Calgary, Alberta Canada would LOVE to see this film get a director's cut dvd or Blu Ray release. It holds a special place in many horror fan's hearts here because of the close proximity we are to it's filming location and setting. If I can get 2nd rate, Asian horror films from half way around the world on DVD WHY can I not get a quality film like this in it's unedited glory? Its a shame and an insult to not only Clive Barker fans, but horror fans in general that this is not available. Jeremy Plante,

My name is Ian Higbee. The main reason that I feel this should be released is that I have refused to buy the bare-bones release until an extended cut comes out. I have been sitting on the same VHS copy for 15 years now. If the DVD is released, I will be on the first to pre-order it.

I've actually held out on buying this DVD because I want the extended/director's cut much more than a vanilla DVD of the current cut. Hopefully this happens! Yours, Matthew Cleary

I want to see an extended cut of Nightbreed. Why? Check out the name of my bookselling business, founded in 1991!! Jonathan Davies Midian Books Derbyshire England

Saw you article on I would be very interested in purchasing a Dir - Cut of Nightbreed. The film looks horrible, like there is so much missing between the cuts. Please, bring it out. regards, Mike Purfield New Jersey, USA

Hell yes! This film has more original monsters in it than the last 10 years of horror movies combined. - Mark Trower.

Please add my name, David Fullam, to any petition regarding an extended cut release of Nightbreed. To not have it be seen on DVD/Blu Ray would be a cinematic crime! -David (Heaven Seeker) Fullam- The Born Again Reboot Boy

Please count me in for an updated/extended Nightbreed DVD. Thanks Paul Meldon UK

I've loved the film Nightbreed for years now; unfortunately in the UK where I live it's not even available; I've had to make do with the bare-bones Region 1 DVD. I hope this extra footage gets restored and an extended edtion released; I for one would seriously buy it! Arron Nimmo, UK

I am a huge Clive Barker fan, and I really loved the film Nightbreed. I already own a copy of the film on DVD, but I would gladly pay again for a glimpse at Barker's true vision for the film. Bryce Holland Norman, OK

Yes, please add my name to the list. The movie is ok as is, but has a lot of potential to be really great. I would love to see it the way Clive intended it. Let me know if you need anything else from me on this. Thanks. My info in case you need it: Mandie Tyree U.S.

i'm from austria, 28 years old, and desperately waiting for years now to get this fantastic movie in all it's glory! thanks for your effort chris

Please add my signature for the Nightbreed petition! David Sharp

Consider me one definate supporter/purchaser in the U.S. All the best, Matt

Tommy Stewart USA - California

Claudia Glazzard Chester UK Nightbreed being one of my favourite films of all time, I would be so happy at getting the full version. Took me long enough to track down the VHS copy of it originally but so many people love this film! I have a Facebook Nightbreed appreciation group, shall get everyone on there to email too!

I hope that you are able to move forward with the NIGHTBREED director's cut. Any of Clive Barker's many fans already know about the missing footage, and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to purchase an extended edition on dvd. FRANK, LOS ANGELES

Add my name to the list of interested consumers. One of my favorite monster movies. Bill

I as a huge fan f Clive Barker would love to see an uncut version of Nightbreed and would gladly put out money for it the very day it is released. I love the story "Cabal" and I am super excited that there could possibly be an extended version of Nightbreed released one day. Thank you, Wesley S. Bradford Baltimore, MD

Hey this is mike. I have been waiting years for a director's cut of this movie. Or a least a commentary track. Putting 25 more minutes would be interesting to see. I've watched it many times and am allways stunned by the monsters, the layers to the plot, the beauty, and the fact the fact that there is no other movie that can be compared to it. So if the the footage is there, put it in the movie and I'll buy it. On another note I would like to see a director's cut of hellraiser. The part at the end where frank gets torn apart is only shown for a second. I've allways wanted to see more. Anyways please let this movie be re-made or put back in it's origional state. later

Tony Smith USA I've been a fan of Clive's for years and I'd love to see the director's cut of Nightbreed.

Hello my name is Jonathan Taptich from Lehighton, Pennsylvania. I just read the article on fangoria about the lost footage of Nigthbreed being found. To say the least I was dismayed to read that as usual the studios don't know anything about horror fans. Nightbreed, even in it current form, is by far one of the best horror movies I've ever seen and it truly needs the special edition blue ray treatment. I'll be spreading the word through my myspace pages as soon as possible. Good luck trying to get the studio heads to remove their brains from the gutter. Thanks for your time. p.s. also thank Mark Miller for having the courage to actually find out that the missing footage still exists.

my name is Thomas Shoffield and i go by tshoffie on fangoria bulletin boards and i am very much intrested in helping to get a directors cut of night breed out on dvd

Hi I am Ray Knapik and I would like to be able to see the directors cut see the light of day. Nightbreed is one of my favorite Clive Barker movies next to Hellraiser. So please release us fans the complete cut of Nightbreed. For there is an audiance for the complate cut.

Hey my names Jesse Fralic, and I live in Halifax NS, Canada and a Directors Cut of Nightbreed would be awesome, I would definitley buy it! One of my fave movies!

Just wanted to express my unwavering support for a Nightbreed special edition. The fact that someone's going after the 'lost' footage is indeed a thrill. Clive's complete vision -- not to mention the time and effort of the film crew -- deserve to be preserved and presented in the best way possible. I'd buy it in an instant, no matter what the format, and I know many people who would do the same. Regards, Samuel Rippey

My name is Brian Dawson from Saskatoon, Sask., Canada and I have been waiting years for this to come out. As a huge fan of everything Clive Barker, I can only hope that a directors cut be released to do the book justice. Here's hoping. Brian Murray Dawson

Chad Byers here from Chicago, Illinois. I would LOVE to see Nightbreed out on dvd or blu-ray with the lost footage put back in. Giving Clive Barker the chance to put together to director's cut of Nightbreed we as horror fans have heard about for so long would be amazing! Chad Byers Chicago, Illinois

I own the bare bones region 1 release, but would gladly upgrade to a DVD featuring the lost footage!!! Eric Schulz

Loved that movie when I was younger. Would love to see a director's cut. Michael, NYC

Yes, my god! My name is Annika Klein and I live in Los Angeles

Yes, Nightbreed. One of those classics of the early nineties that got lost in the shuffle and found it's fan base on video. That's how I discovered it. And even after reading the vastly superior novel I still have a soft spot for this film in my heart. I read the article on your website about the possibility of a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I'm all for it. When that crappy bare bones DVD was released years ago I ran out and purchased it that day. I'd gladly do the same for a Blu Ray Director's Cut as well. There's a market out there for this. I only hope that the "higher ups" realize this and follow through for the fans. So feel free to chalk my name up on your petition list. I'm so in. Christopher Pico

Trevor Calaman York, PA, USA I just recently saw this movie a few weeks ago and WOW. What a Fantastic movie. You have my voice and support for a Director Cut Version.,p. Craig Molden - Langhorne, PA (Philadelphia Area) An artist's work should have the right to be seen in full as it was intended to be seen; not to appease to the mentality of mindless studio executives. This is just yet another blow to Mr. Barker (given the debacle he faced with "The Midnight Meat Train" theatrical release). Give him a break and let him show his film as it was meant to be seen! Thank you!

I'm writing to let you know that I would be interested in purchasing a Nightbreed Director's Cut, if one were available. Calvin

Love the film. It's pretty rare to find these days so a director's cut dvd would be the best way to bring it back. Padraig Cotter (Ireland)

Matthew Norris Stockton, California 95209 United States I for one would love to see a restructured Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I have enjoyed the film for years, and would love to finally see the original version that Clive Barker wants us all to view.

I dream of a restored version of Nightbreed, I would pre-order a blu-ray right now if I could, If I had the equipment I would restore and edit it myself for free. Nightbreed is a classic and a restored version would be like a dream come true for horror fans everywhere. Marc Daneker

My name is Stephen Florentine and I live in the USA, I would love a Nightbreed Director's Cut because I've avoided seeing the movie b/c I know how badly the studio handled the film and refuse to see it until Mr. Barker's original vision is presented and I would pay top dollar for it.

This movie is fantastic! How can it be considered underrated? Anyone I mention it to has seen it and loves it. Give us this Extended DVD now!!!!

more nightbreed! Bloody Mary

Night Breed is a fantastic film made by one of the masters of the horror genre. Clive Barker has only grown in recognition and popularity since this film was initially released, which alone should guarantee interest not only of existing and loyal fans, but from new ones as well. If it was marketed as the intended vision of one of the most influential artists of our time, I am sure that enough interest could be generated to make it a profitable venture. There could even be sales launches at horror conventions, Barker's art showings, and deals made with networks like Fear Net or Sci/Fi network who would perhaps help finance for exclusive first broadcast rights before the DVD or even better... Blu Ray would be released. Sincerely, Tony Ingram

I'm writing from Melbourne Australia. I'd certainly buy an extended cut of Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED. There are a lot of cut or censored horror films that us fans have always hoped to see proper versions of, and that is one of them. (I saw the film at the theater years ago and had heard about the mooted longer version). I can think of a few friends of mine down here (again, all horror fans) who would buy it also. I think that a lot of horror fans are completists and have always wanted to get most of their favourite horror films in uncut versions. We have most of these now, but we don't yet have NIGHTBREED. I'd buy it for sure to add to the collection of 'done right' titles, and I'd be very happy to do so. Please add my comments to whatever list or petition you are putting together. These things are often tough to get going but maybe there is a chance. Just think of the possibilities - a longer cut, Barker commentary, a doco, a Cronenberg interview - it would be damn cool. take care guys, Anthony (Melbourne, Australia)

They would be a lot of people interested in seeing the extended cut. I'm one of them!!!!!!!!!! Michael S.

Just a quick email to let you know that I am one of the many fans who would love to buy the Directors's cut DVD of Nightbreed. I hope the studio decides to release it. Dean

Greetings & salutations, As a huge Clive Barker fan I would love to see Nightbreed with the lost footage added. And I know that there is a huge fan base out there that feels the same way. So PLEASE I implore you to please make this happen. And as a side note: How about a reissue of Rawhead Rex. Thank you, David T. Weidman

I loved that movie! It was the first time the monsters were the good guys and the humans, the bad guys... Brilliant! A director's cut? What a great idea. Might there be any issues with the 80's wardrobe though? Chuck

Greetings, Count me in for a re-release of Nightbreed. Mark Bishop San Jose, CA

Nightbreed. It's a silly movie, but one I'd buy a director's cut of. For years I didn't bother with the original DVD release, as long ago I kept hearing rumors of a "Director's Cut" release. I only recently bought the DVD (November 2008) because I figured after so much time, a Director's Cut won't be happening, and if it did, it would happen on Blu-ray. Considering how long it took for some catalog titles to make it to DVD, and now to Blu-ray, I figured I'd spend the $5.00 or so on the Nightbreed DVD. That way when the mood strikes me to watch it, I have it. I'd purchase a Director's cut on Blu-ray. If it's going to be remastered and such, might as well have a blu-ray out there for purchase also. DVD and Blu-ray. If it is only on DVD, I have a spending limit for DVD purchases, no more than $10. R

Hi, Count me in: I would certainly buy an extended director's cut of Clive Barker's fabulous Nightbreed. Richard Kaufman USA

Please release a 'Nightbreed' extended cut dvd. I would purchase it, and i already own it on dvd, and vhs. i would buy it again. i love that movie. thank you. -Dave Maggot

I would definetly be willing to shell out $25 for an uncut version of this movie. Derrel Johnston

I've been hoping to see the uncut version for years. David

Any petition please send my way I will sign and try to get as many people as possible to sign as well. This has been so long overdue! Hopefully this works, if not then at least thanks for trying. Erich Gamache

HELL YES. I've been waiting for this news for 15 years (or is it 20 now?). For what it's worth, I never purchased Nightbreed on VHS or DVD, simply because I was holding out for the definitive version with this lost footage. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Good luck in your efforts to make this a reality! Scott Cole Philadelphia, PA

we absolutely need a blu ray directors cut of nightbreed. it would mean alot to many fans of not just clive barker, but horror fans in general. the movie would fare very well in sales and the fact it is a directors cut of such a strong classic would rekindle interest for many. clint weidemiller IL, USA

I would definitely buy this again, if it were in it's uncut form. I'd even love to see a sequel !!! -Joe DiGristine

i'd camp in front of the store for that one... Stan

Jay Kincer Michigan, USA Nightbreed is one of the most underrated movies ever made. I had all but lost hope that the 'lost' footage may someday be found and restored, but now my patience may be rewarded. To whom it may concern, please put this disc(s) together. Clive Barker fans are fanatic and will purchase anything that Mr. Barker is associated with. I NEED THIS MOVIE!

Hello, my name is Kevin L. Kennel and I live in America. I would love to see the extended version of "Nightbreed" since we have all the versions of Clive's movies that he is happy with so why not this one? He is the one who made the movie so it should finally be released as he intended it to be. Thank you and good luck.

Definitely would be great to get that footage out there and seen. Love Nightbreed! Would love to see a definitive director's cut. Well worth the money. Rachel S.

Matt Donnelly Palatine, IL. I've been a huge fan of Nightbreed for a long time. I'm willing to pay for either a Blu-ray or a DVD release of a director's cut of Nightbreed if ever released. I only have a copy of the movie on VHS because of the current DVD edition being terribly empty when it comes to features. Clive Barker is and always will be my favorite Author of all-time, and Nightbreed (Cabal) has always held a special place inside for being the only Horror movie to make me cry upon first viewing. I really hope it gets a re-release.

I would personally love to see a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I would love to see Clive's entire full flesh version rather than the skeleton version which the studios had released. Kindest and best wishes from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. Steven Cook

I'd buy the extended "Director's Cut" especially in Blu-Ray. John Riffle Alamogordo, NM

I think Clive Barker is great! I would love to see the Director's Cut release of Nightbreed. Thanks! Sincerely, Robert Shaffer

Kelley Kidd here. Definately interested in an extended version of Nightbreed! Although it was an excellent film, I always felt it was lacking something. I use Lord of Illusion as a perfect example at how much better the extended version was!! Please, I along with many others I am sure, beg you to release!!

Really like this flick, but it has always felt incomplete. Hopefully the director's cut can amend this. Vincent

I would love to see an extended version of Nightbreed it's a great film that deserves more attention. Regards Mark Brown

Nightbreed "not even worth the upgrade to Blu-Ray"? C'mon man! Many fans had believed there would never be a proper Barker-approved version of this movie available. Hopefully the horror community (which is a vocal one) will rally together and get the studio to change their decision. I for one would gladly plunk down my money for it. 25 minutes is a tremendous amout of footage to cut from a film, we arn't talking about a few frames, this would radically change the film (I'm sure for the better)! Add my name to the list of people who whould storm the gates, pitchfork in hand, to get this footage released. Thanks, Adam Blomquist

Kris Snyder US Been holding off on buying the film for just such an occasion - if such a version is made available, I will buy it...

My name is Tyler Goodwin, And for the love of God please make Nightbreed in all it's glory. The new generation of horror fans need schooled in the art of excellent movie making/storytelling and Nightbreed is the way to do it.

I just want to say that when I was a teenager, I discovered a place where the Dark was not to be feared, that there was beauty in ugliness and that there was a place that would accept you for who you are, the dark and the light. That place was Midian. The first time I saw Nightbreed I was shocked that the man who had created such evil in Pinhead, could make a film about such dangerous beauty as Rachel, Babette and the residents of Midian. I was inspired to read Clive's work and I became a lifelong fan, falling into the words that create such tortured souls. This work led me to begin my own journey in film and writing and I owe that to Clive Barker and Nightbreed. Please, Please give this film the release it deserves, with the footage that rounds out the tale. For over 15 years I and my fellow fans have waited. We are out here and we are ready to lay down our gold to buy a masterpiece. Please don't leave us outside the gates of Midian, let us in. Sincerely, Christa

Just read the info about the lost footage for Nightbreed on various horror movie websites. If studios/home divisions can turn out restored movies including "From Beyond" (digitally restored i believe in conjunction with a horror channel at the time) and the original "My Bloody Valentine" then surely Nightbreed would fare well sales wise. Barker has a huge existing fanbase and the curiosity factor for a new audience/new generation given the right publicity and promotion would surely result in sales. Those executives can't surely believe that a cult film like "From Beyond" (while a fav of mine) is more commercial than Nightbreed? If From Beyond sold, Nightbreed should be a no brainer!!! Luke Nutley New South Wales

Just voicing my support for access to Nightbreed's lost footage. I would DEFINATELY pay for the extended [director's cut], and I'm disgusted that the exec so nonchalantly dismissed the idea when the footage was thought to be lost. Add my name to the list: Aaron Markus

I'd buy a director's cut of NIGHTBREED the day it was released. This is exactly the kind of movie that cries out for it - given the widespread appeal of Clive Barker's work across various forms of media, it's absurd that it was ever released any other way. Michael Heisler USA

Yes I one of many Clive Barker fans that would buy the Blu-ray of NightBreed. Tyrone Roberts

Zac McDiarmid I want the uncut blu-ray now, please.

I have been waiting for a long time for an extended Nightbreed, and would definitely buy it. I'm from Australia, but half my DVDs are R1, so location isn't a problem. David C

I am a Clive Barker fan, and I LOVE Nightbreed. I have friends whom I have shown the picture to and they love Nightbreed (I currently own the Region 1 disc). I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A DIRECTORS CUT OF THE FILM! I would JOYOUSLY purchase my copy of the film on the day of it's released. Though I am just a consumer I can assure you that there is a demand for this film to be resored to the origianl vision of it's director. Thank You.

George Hart U.S.A A full restoration of this enduringly popular horror classic is essential.Clive Barker's huge international fan base has been waiting for this for years.

I would totally double dip for a Directors cut and special edition on DVD. What I'd love is a 2 disc special edition with the theatrical cut and directors cut with audio commentary on disc one and special features on disc 2. So add me to the list of consumers. Sincerely, Bret Conneau Pacific Grove, CA USA

Alex Cordier Perth, Western Australia. "No film should be released butchered, the artists vision should be for all and sundry"

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and show my support for Nightbreed: Director's Cut. Awesome movie, Cronenberg is amazing and I would buy a Special Edition day it comes out. Hope this helps! Chuck Patterson

My name is Andrew from the U.S and we need a re-release of Nightbreed. Clive barker is truly a master of horror and fantasy and Nightbreed is an excellent example of both. I knew that there was a stock of unreleased footage, but 25 minutes? That is a butchering! Please this needs to be restored, the fact that horror fans still talk about this movie is proof that people still care about it and it is still relevent. Barkers work continues to be a huge influance on many fans, and quite marketable. From the Legend that is Hellraiser to Midnight Meat train and the Book of Blood, his work continues to be original and interesting. Even in 1990 he was creating original work, I babble with excitment, the point being we need this to happen. Horror fans are more loyal than any genre fan following. They will pay out for work this important.

its dawnie, yes my god we must have this....will send this link to holly (my girly in uk) and her mates who all adored the movie and who were then bullied(initially....) into actually reading the maestro...

Hello guys! My name is Carlos Urquieta, I'm from Chile, South America (by the way, sorry for my english but this is not my native languaje). Since I discovered Nightbreed I've been waiting for the director's cut of the film; this has become one of my favourite movies (just look at my e-mail adress!!!!), and personally I think is the best movie Clive Barker has directed. For me, every movie has a body. I believe most movies (the best ones) has hearts. At this moment, Clive Barker's Nightbreed has the heart, but has a mutilated body; but now is the time in which we all can save that body from dying. I believe that now is the moment to finally make a diference. I really look forward to buy a copy is the definitive movie is released, even if I'm a lot of miles away. I hope this thing works!!! Send my greetings to Clive, I'm a big fan of him. Greetings from Chile.

I would LOVE to see a directors cut edition of the Nightbreed DVD. My partner hasn't even seen the film and we are hard pressed to find it in Australia. Kind regards Emily Johnson

Hi, I was just reading about the hunt for the Nightbreed deleted footage on, and the article led me to your page. Sign me up for a restored, remastered, director's cut version of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray! I think that the studio underestimates how many fans would pay for this in good condition. Don

I would love to have a blue ray copy of Nightbreed and a directors cut would just be icing on the cake. This needs to happen. Thanks for your time. Todd Walhood

Dear NIGHTBREED rights holders, I would gladly purchase a NIGHTBREED director's cut with added footage. Please make it so. Thanks, Sebastian O'Brien Los Angeles, CA

I have a great and deep passion and love for the horror genre and ALL of it's branches. My greatest passion. My greatest love. And for what it's worth, to whomever may be listening, "Nightbreed" was one of those rare stories and unique visions that reminded me (even if I've never forgotten) why it is I fell in love with not only stories and tales told, but why I fell in love with the horror genre in the first place. Honestly? It is movies and stories like "Nightbreed" that made me promise myself never to be afraid to "chase my stars..." Why I've never been afraid to dream. Please, please give it the Director's Cut release it so truly and greatly deserves. We've been waiting. We're STILL waiting... but we'll never stop fighting. Matthew Ewald

Barker has, among horror authors, a uniquely visual imagination that translates incredibly well to the screen. In an age when the summer theatrical offerings seem to consist entirely of creatively bankrupt remakes and reboots, it would be a lost opportunity if Barker's most enchanting film never saw release in its complete form. And no Blu-Ray, even for the theatrical version? For shame!

Put my name down on the list, or whatever it is you're going to send to the studio. Billy Youngblood, USA Not only is a director's cut of Night Breed (in High Def of course) a great idea, but I would gladly recommend such a release to all of my friends.

Please help locate the lost footage and release this on DVD and Blu-ray. thanks Greg

Why does this deserve to be? Because Peloquin deserves to be higher in the pantheon of great film monsters/characters! "I smell innocence." Josh S. Henaman - U.S.A.

My name is William H. Douthart IV and I live in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. I remember seeing Nightbreed the first time when I was seven years old, reading "Cabal", and it has stuck with me ever since. These are extras that need to see the light of day for fans everywhere.

I would love a director's cut of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray. Jason Becker

i loved this movie, despite it's flaws in it's current incarnation, but i would gladly pay for a restored director's cut. please see your way clear to collecting a few more dollars from myself and the many like me who are foolish enough to toss our hard earned dollars your way. also, i imagine that an renewed interest in the movie would mean a renewed interest in the licensing. in this era of collectables (not to mention remakes) i would suspect there is more value here than just dvd sales. my two cents -adam haut

I would love to see this on dvd. My name is jimmyp.

From Chris Ogden to whoever owns the rights to Nightbreed, I would love a release of Nightbreed the Director's Cut on Blu-ray with all the bells and whistles. I would even be willing to pay $30- $40 for a 2-3 disc tricked out edition with commentary, documentaries, and other goodies...please bring this horror "holy grail" to a store near me so I can buy the damn thing already!!! Thank you...

An extended cut of Nightbreed would be awesome. I'd pay for it. I would also love to see a sequel and visit the realm that is my dreams. There is too much money being spent in Hollywood on REBOOTS and REMAKES. It's as if everyone has lost the ability to create a movie that can capture an audience and make them believe the world they are seeing is real. They lack depth and imagination. It would be a shame to let a movie such as Nightbreed, which can carry an audience, be deprived of an extended cut. Nightbreed is a movie that deserves a shot to re-released in an extended cut and be brought forward to Blue Ray. Thanks, Josh Robeson

chaosx27 , new zealand This was one of my favorite books growing up. The movie all was great but could be so much more if given the directors cut treatment.

A directors cut of Nightbreed on Blue Ray, with plenty of bonus material would be utterly fantastic and would be something that I wouldn't hesitate to buy, whatever the price. It's criminal that Nightbreed has been overshadowed by Hellraiser, of which there are several dvd editions and boxed sets etc, as it is every bit as good a film. Sean.

My name is Niklas Lindqvist. I'm 31 years old and I live in Sweden. I've been a fan of Clive for more than 10 years and I would love to see a Director's Cut of Clive Barker's Nightbreed. I would buy it on DVD/Blu-Ray for sure. I hope this will work out. - Niklas

Nightbreed deserves to be shown as it was meant to be shown, intact, with Clive Barker's vision complete. Count on me purchasing a copy of this film should it become reality. Preston Wright Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I'm a big fan of Clive Barker and I own every one of his books. Cabal was one of my favorites and to find that there are so many minutes of footage cut from Night Breed is a bit disappointing. I've seen the movie probably half a dozen times or more and always thought that there should have been more content. Now I know there's more and I want to see it. Please let's do this and restore the film. And then let's do something about Lord of Illusions another great story that was twisted away from the original text into something different. I still liked it but I wanted to see the original story as it was written. I know I'm a bit selfish. My dream however is to see Imajica brought to the screen, probably his best novel in my opinion. With special effects being what they are now it would be dazzling sight to see all the worlds and characters brought to life. Well, that's my opinion anyway. Clive Barker Rocks! Glenn Bordeaux

I'm all for it. Travis Johnson, Perth

Please add me to the list of folks who'd love to see an extended version of this near-classic film. I really want to see where it would have gone. Also, a Blu-ray would be purchased immediately. Andrew Walsh Toronto, Ontario

I'm not the biggest horror fan, but I do remember that I liked this film. I think there should be a Director's Cut released. A simple litmus test would be to do a special screening at one of the major horror conventions to test audience reaction. Can't be that financially painful to them to at least do that. Besides, this way we can all stop asking for Tom Rothman's resignation if he goes ahead and grants your wish. Best of luck to you!

This was one of the most important films of my development and I'd love to see more of it. Kitsune

Guy Davis adding his two cents to this worthiest of causes!

Hi guys - I know I speak for a LOT of people when I say I'd love to see 'Nightbreed' as the director originally intended. The source novel 'Cabal' is perhaps my personal favourite of Barker's literary work, but the movie as it stands is deeply flawed. Someone like Barker who has demonstrated his artistic expertise time and again, in an unusual variety of mediums, strongly deserves to have his complete artistic vision made available to the public. It's been over two decades since Stephen King declared him to be 'the future of horror' - all these years later I dare say it's universally accepted that Barker is one of the true masters of the genre. All the studio need to do is slap words to that effect on the cover and they will undoubtedly shift DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Whether they realise it or not, the demand is most definitely there. I realise I'm preaching to the choir here! Still, I just wanted to say my piece. Keep up the good work guys. Best wishes, Benjamin Bussey

My name is Will. I live in Canada. Nightbreed was one of my favourite horror movies as a teen - I pretty much wore out my VHS copy showing it to everyone I knew. As much as I loved it, I always felt that there must be something more, something missing. I had no idea that there really was. I would buy a director's cut of Nightbreed in a second.

We need a director's cut DVD of NIGHTBREED for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's very underrated. Secondly. no-one creates worlds like Clive Barker. And lastly, David Cronenberg makes a great serial-killer! cheers, Bluelouboyle from the UK.

More nightbreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory

I am a huge fan of the Clive Barker universe and not only me here in germany would be very pleased to see a DC of the great picture "Nightbreed". Thank you for the news, best wishes Dennis from Germany

Yes!! I wanna see this!! I love the version already out there. And I would love too see more. Bring it on!! PLEASE!! Dudeofthedead

Im game on a directors cut been waiting for years still have my original. Eric

Just wanted to put it out there . . . I would dearly love a NIGHTBREED extended cut. Before it was released, the media spinners at the time were calling it the ''star wars of monster movies'' - I'm still waiting for that. Clive is an exceptional talent and his original vision demands to be seen. Anyway, let's see if we can all band together and get this movie re-released with the attention and love it deserves. Sign me up! I'm in! Kindest Regards, Matt Skidmore

I read on about the discovery of the Nightbreed found footage! I say bring on the DVD! Sincerely, Nick Schwab

Hey, this email is in support of a director's cut of Nightbreed. Chud sent me! David Christensen United States

Hello! You have my support and that of Me and the staff look forward to seeing Barker release this film as it was intended. Let us know if you need more help ... Bryant Griffin

My name is Ciro Altabás, I'm writing from Spain, and I would buy a Director's Cut of "Nightbreed" in a beat. Hope this helps. Ciro Altabás

Writing from Spain, concerning those amazing news about the reality of that Nightbreed footage. To whoever it might concern (mr. studio executives?), make this Blu-ray disc true. Do something really special, a region-free collector's edition with the missing bits restored, and make it with care and respect. Actually, most of the fans wouldn't care about it being pricey, or attached to an exclusive on-line retailer. Consider too that for every person that has expressed interest, there must be hundreds of possible buyers hiding in there, most of them interested indeed in the product being exclusive - some kind of limited edition. Consider the risk of releasing movies whose audience is not assured, and think now about the horror fans as the most faithful collectors and easy to please clients, as it's easy to know what we want. We'll be delighted to give you our money. One last thought - most of the people that grew with Nightbreed being a VHS fetiche are now in our mid 30's. That means that we have acquisitive power and the will to complete our home collections. We are the ideal target. Greetings. Jaime Alba. Madrid (Spain)

I am absolutely interested in the better version of Nightbreed, I love the film as it is, despite the feeling that it was castrated to be released - Clive has a way to project his vision he puts on paper also onto the big screen - best examples are Hellraiser and Nightbreed (Lord of Illusions is good too, but somehow feels a bit too much like it suffered from compromises - I have to rewatch it to recall if that is acurate though!). The best Barker film in ages was of course Midnight Meat Train, I was lucky enough to have seen it on a big screen at the Fantasy Filmfest. As I am into Blu-Ray now, I would welcome a release on that format, as intact as possible and if it needs the one or other extra dollar to get, I am willing to pay that, hoping that many others say the same, try to get an anniversary to support the release, or maybe when the Hellraiser remake hits theaters, a good marketing scheme could be helping sales - never give up hope - see how far we got: First the material was said lost, now we know it dioes still exist - a big step in the right direction! Best wishes and greetings from Hamburg, Germany, Rafael Kwasigroch

Nightbreed was possibly my first introduction to Clive Barker and his works at a reasonably young age, and I have been a fan ever since. Having searched for a DVD some time ago (only to learn it was not available on region 2), I was excited to hear this news and would be fully in support of a new release, particularly in the light of this version being closer to the original vision. Best, Adam Barkhuizen Brighton, England

My name is Jerry Guanzon(USA). I would love to see a directors cut of NIGHTBREED. I saw this in theatres and always wonder. Did I miss something???. A directors cut will finally clear this up. So please do a directors cut. Better yet, do a bluray edition. Better still do a critterion edition, with lots of extras. Thank you Jerry Guanzon

Constant from the Netherlands here. I've seen Nightbreed several times. It's a great film but it shows that several major cuts have been made. And that is such a shame. It definitely needs a bigger scope to tell the story. I really hope the director's cut will see the light of day.

Please add my name to the scroll of fans who'd like to see Justice done in this regard... Best, Robert.

Just an email to say I would love to see an extended version of this classic I grew up with Cheers Kieron Allford England London

this is Jay from Germany and i'd absolutely love to see a Nightbreed-Director's Cut release, been waiting on that for years... i'd buy it instantly....if i were able i'd preorder it instantly.

I came across an article regarding 'Nightbreed' and lost footage on My name is Tommy Davidson and i live in London, in the United Kingdom, i have been a fan of 'Hellraiser' and 'Nightbreed' for nearly 20yrs and like many people i am especially fond of 'Nightbreed.' As i live in the UK, you will know that there is no region 2 version of the disc and it is more often than not out-of-stock on many US sites. And so i have had to make do and watch the film when it is occasionally shown on UK television and whenever it is i always recomend it to my friends, who are very appreciative that i did. I recently switched to Blu-ray, and after reading the article i found it quite sad that the studio doesn't think that it is worth the cost of an upgrade to Blu-ray. I would be more than happy and thrilled to pay a little bit extra to own a an extended Blu-ray edition of the film!! If there is anyway i can add my name to a petition or do my part to see that the studio changes their mind, please let me know! Kind Regards Tommy

Hi just wanted to send my suppport from Iceland. I really REALLY want a proper release of nightbreed on bluray. we have been waiting too long. Atli Pétur Óðinsson

I already own the region 1 dvd, and would happily pay again for a directors cut. I think Nightbreed is an underrated film, even in the version as it is today, so a version that really shows the directors vision would be something worth watching indeed. Nightbreed stands as a unique movie in the genre, very different to anything else, even my wife who doesnt like "horror" movies appreciated Nightbreed. regards Dave Mitchell England

heya you can put my name down for that one (and why is there no region 2??!!!? terrible stuff) cheers jamie ellis - uk

Oooh please oh please oh please. I find it utterly bonkers that they can't release Nightbreed on blu-ray, a cult hit, when they can release crap like the latest Steven Seagal movie over and over again. So yeah, put my name down to this, and the names of several members of my family. Cheers and thanks for starting this going Kind regards Matt

I'm Michael from Sydney, Australia. I would definitely purchase a director's cut version of NIGHTBREED as it is one of the most, beautiful strange horror films I've ever seen. I'd buy versions for my friends as well - it's that good!

Ofcourse I'd love to see an extended version of Nightbreed, region 2 (or zero) ofcourse. We've been missing out on that one over here :-( Best, Jeroen

I would absolutely love to see a director's cut of this. I remember walking out to the theater thinking there had to be more!!! Put my name on a list, forward this email, whatever. I support the drive to get this going!!! Thanks, Greg Wargo

Paul Weiss Baltimore, Maryland, USA

i know myself and at the very 10 other people (three of whom have no internet access), who would for nothing more than to see NIGHTBREED back out. this film meant a lot to us as teens and resonates for us today! -j. david butler

Count me in for this. Chris

Deserves the treatment. Regards Andrew Skinner

...I am most hard-pressed to imagine where the powers that be, who claim that there 'isn't a target audience large enough for a extended special edition of "Nightbreed", get their information from. Many, if not all of my genre-devoted friends throughout the years, since the film's release, have told me that it is one of their favorite Cline Barker adaptions...second only to "Hellraiser". I, for one, would absolutely relish and treasure a special edition of "Nightbreed", replete with the assumed 'lost' footage, associated commentary, and whatever other 'breed goodies, which might be crammed into such a release. Let's get the word out, folks!!! a side note, I seem to recall, way back when, in an article with Clive Barker, regarding why "Nightbreed" didn't do so well at the box office, he said something to the effect that 20th Century Fox seemed to have no idea how to classify, distribute and advertise such a film, and as a result, the film fell asunder, at the box office (...though cult audiences have, of course, since picked it up, and ran with it). If memory serves correctly, he also mentioned in the same breath, that if given the opportunity, based upon fanbase interest, he would have no problem whatsoever, in re-visiting the 'breed, and that no one should consider that door to the 'breed, to be fully shut... ...I, for one, am still holding you to your word, Clive.... JOHN H. BEUTLER

James Gontarz Marlborough MA I never picked up the bare bones DVD always assuming there would be a better upgrade at some point. Now I hear that showing my support for one of my favorite movies could help get a directors cut to Blu-Ray. That is truly excellent, I hope it happens.

Hell yeah! I want it NOW!! ...on Blu-ray!!! Best, Roland

I just wanted to add my support to the campaign for a proper release of Nightbreed on DVD and Blu-ray (Hell, any release here in the UK would be a start). The success of titles like The Midnight Meat Train on DVD and BD shows that regardless of how badly any studio buggers up their release, there's still a sizeable audio for films related to the author, and surely it's time for a reappraisal of the Barker directed monster-fest. To be completely honest, despite my many problems with the finished cut of the film, there's still a lot I enjoy about Nightbreed (not least Cronenberg's performance). And if a complete re-edit is out of the question I'd just love to have the deleted footage available separately on the disc - surely not such an expensive process. Best of luck with the campaign. Regards, Anton

I would be very interested in purchasing an extended cut of Barker's Nightbreed! Count my vote in! -shu

I'm Elia Devecchi, 24, hailing from Italy...Catching Nightbreed on late night tv (it happened quite often here in Italy in the first half of 90s) is one of my childhood's fondest memories as a newborn horror fan. If they say that there's no audience for this movie they clearly don't know crap about the horror community. Thanks and good luck for the effort! Cheers, Elia

I haven't even SEEN Nightbreed (sorry guys), but I would buy this based on reputation alone. Let Clive Barker have his vision!! -- Donnie Seattle, WA

Believe me when I tell ya we NEED this director's cut dvd. I know I've been waiting for years,and yet there is so much more crap they're willing to release..., I know, how about a Lake Placid 3,or some more Sci-Fi channel garbage!-c'mon people!!!!!! John Polli

Peter James Dering Please bring directors cut to dvd and blu-ray. thank you

I know that I would certainly pay $24 or $25 dollars to own a high def version of the directors cut of Nightbreed. I am a huge Clive Barker fan, and Nightbreed is one of my favorites. There is an audience out there for this Fox. If you put it out, we will buy it. Thank you. Travis Hartman

I completely throw my suppport behind a Nightbreed Director's cut. I bought the regular DVD and I would definitely buy an extended version. Jonathan Snodgrass Pittsburgh, PA

For years I've been waiting for the sequel that the ending of Nightbreed sets up. A director's cut of the movie would be the next best thing. Consider my money spent. Jacob Paplham, USA

I would be very happy to buy the directors cut of Nightbreed. It was a wonderful movie and captured my imagination as a teenager! Can't wait to see it uncut. Thanks! Jeff Palmer... New Jersey, USA

My name is Michael, and I'm a professional living in the US. Since the first time I saw Nightbreed, I loved it, and always wished for more. It's an original, dynamic story which is all too rare these days, and I think that if it were to get the attention it deserves that not only would the already considerable fanbase (everyone I know that knows about this movie loves it), but it would bring the movie to a whole new generation of fans. I truly hope this movie really does get the treatment it deserves.

My name is Sean Thompson. I live in the USA. Nightbreed is won of my favorite Clive Barker stories. It meant a lot to me when I was coming out in Florida back in the early 90's. Please release the directers cut. Thank You.

I live in the USA and would buy a copy of the director's cut in a heartbeat. Right before I drank a magic potion and turned my head into the shape of the moon. No seriously. I would get the movie. Robert Roberts

They've got my money. I'd buy this in a heartbeat! -Ben, U.S.

I would absolutly buy an updated blu-ray version of this film. I love Clives movies, bring me Candyman as well. Joe

Me and the voices in my head want the extended version of Nightbreed :) Fuller Adam

My name is Rachel Hopkins and I support and demand and extended version of Nightbreed! So does my husband .. We love the movie so much we named our daughter Midian!

Patrick from the U.S. would for sure buy a director's cut of Nightbreed. He would buy two if it helped make this thing happen.

I have been waiting since at least 1996 to see a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I was at a Hellraiser / Q&A and I asked him about a Director's Cut of Nightbreed, I had just got the Lumivision LD boxed set of Hellraiser (signed copy, obviously) and enquired about a similar release for Nightbreed. He replied "Fingers crossed..." I'd love to see it on BD, I would even pre-order it and pay those insane top whack BD prices :) Fingers crossed indeed... Steven.

Please, add my name to the list of folks who would buy the new version. Thanks, DJ

Yes, please! There is indeed an audience for this, more than what they think! Tim Ferlito

I've already sent this to eight different people across the US that I know for a fact would buy this without hesitation! Nightbreed is one of those films that people have continued to talk about since it's initial release! There have been many films released in special edition/blu-ray treatments that are so forgettable, why not release one that actually warrants a second look(or a 3rd,4th,5th, and so on)! Please make this happen and I'll buy two and give it to someone as a gift! Brian

yesssssssssss!!!!!!! pleassssssse make it happen!! Dean Smith

What can we do to make this happen? avcpl

I saw the news at and couldn't believe it! I would certainly pay for a director's cut of Nightbreed on (hopefully) Blu-Ray. I'm looking forward to the responses and the (again, hopefully) eventual release. Thanks. -Chris, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hi, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents and say that Nightbreed is an amazing story/film and I would love to buy it on blu-ray - director's cut as well as a continuation of the franchise. Thank you. -J

My name is R.C. Killian and I come from the U.S. I'm just sending an e-mail to "voice" my support of this. Every time any word of it leaks out I get just a bit excited. There aren't many things that excite me.

I would love to see a director's cut of Nightbreed, especially on Blu-ray. -VamPirate - Massachustts, USA

At the time of its release NIGHTBREED was unique amongst horror (or dark fantasy) films and the complete version deserves to be seen. This HAS to happen! If other less-known films like CASUALTIES OF WAR can receive the extended treatment so should Barker's monster-mash. (Perhaps we need Quentin Tarantino to mention it a few times in interviews...)

Are they kidding there can never be enough Barker in the world, get the extended version done AND on Blu Ray Gary Allenby UK

i've been a huge fan since it came it out. i would certainly buy this the day it came out. thanks!!! -brian

I recently rented the bare bones US Nightbreed DVD to remind myself if the movie, which I had seen on cable as a teenager, was really as fascinating as I remembered. I was sad to find out, after watching the very enjoyable movie, of the Director's Cut. I would've way rather seen that version! And I still do - hell, I'd commit to buying the damned thing if that means Fox will release it. -- matthew.

I can say with great confidence that I would purchase a director's cut of this film, Ben

I work in the business, and am also a huge fan of great movies. Nightbreed is a classic, with a fittingly classic score by Elfman, and I would be beyond thrilled to see it revamped. Todd L.

The "director's cut" of "Nightbreed" is undeniably one of those movies that horror fans have been waiting to see/talking about for as long as I can remember. Barker obviously has fans all over the planet and though I can't speak for them, I know I would definitely buy a director's cut DVD and hell, think if someone struck a print of the restored edition and sent it around the country for a few special screenings, that would only get more people interested to buy said DVD. -Mark Wheaton

This was great news to read today! I would definitely be interested in buying a Director's Cut of the film, even better if it's available in bluray. Please add me to the petitioner's list (if there's one already). Jaime Valle San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I'd love to see extra footage on this. Any support you need please let me know how I can help. Thank You, Vanessa

This movie needs a director's cut. Clive Barker's film legacy has never been what it should be and that I largely attribute to the wattering down of his books for the transition to screen plus the amount of lackluster sequels done with his characters. This film has enough mythology behind it along with iconic characters/character depiction that it warrents a slightly better treatment then it has received. Thank you for your time, Jonathan Monaster Carmel, NY

Bring it on! -Brian A. Costello Astoria, NY

Please release an Extended Cut of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray. It is one of my favorite horror films. M

i'd definitely buy the director's cut. nightbreed was a nice movie, but seemed always a bit incoherent to me (i didn't knew how much was cut out then), would love to finally see the movie as how it was intended. thomas knirr, austria

I want more Nightbreed!!!! Gary O'Neil London,Ontario,Canada

Yes. We need it. We need all of it. David Carlton

I have a webstore (In the Netherlands) and ofcourse I'm interested in selling a Nightbreed directors cut. And I like one myself to :) Succes with it! Best, Martijn Knegt

Add me to the list as well, im in if its released. Thanks James

As a French fan of Nightbreed, Id' love to have the opportunity to get a new release of this great movie from master Barker. Thanks in advance from Christophe

You fine folks release an extended version of NIGHTBREED and I'll BUY 2 COPIES as soon as they hit the shelves. 'Nuff Said! Branden Newman San Antonio, Texas

I want the full version of "Where the Wild Things Are for adults" to see the light of day! And restored... even better. Please??? -Travis H, FL

Count me in! Been waiting for a decent release of this- can't come soon enough. Adam, New Zealand

Olivier Pinsolle United States

Saw the story about the footage; excellent news! This is a film that's been kept under the radar and not given the respect it so richly deserves for a very, very long time. This footage NEEDS to get back into the movie and the fans would eat a Blu-ray of this baby ALIVE! Godspeed! Josh

I would love to see this extended version. This is a great film and I'm sad that it is not getting the treatment it deserves. Bring on the directors cut! Nurse

i would gladly pay for a directors cut, the real version needs to be seen. Joshua Kane, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

This is one of those movies from the 80's which deserves a director's cut to improve the film itself. As a fan of it I would instantly buy it if it was ever made. Castelar García Rivera

I own the Region 1 release of Nightbreed but I'd definitely love to own a director's cut especially with a commentary. Release it as a Blu-Ray ASAP!!! Karl Horning

Oh, man. You have NO idea how excited I am about this -- "Cabal" was a really seminal book for me during my adolescence, and "Nightbreed" remains one of my favorite movies to this day. I would LOVE to see the missing material, and to see Clive's original vision restored. Thanks to everyone who is working on this! -- Ashbet Maryland, USA

I've been a diehard fan of Nightbreed since the first time I saw it on video (alas, it wasn't on the theater long enough for me to catch it there.) When it hit DVD several years ago, I jumped on it, and loved the transfer, but was underwhelmed by the lack of special features. I really think it's my favorite of all of Clive's books that have made it to film (with Midnight Meat Train and Hellraiser II being my 2nd and 3rd place faves) and it's my second favorite of his books, 2nd only to Weaveworld (God what I wouldn't give for Weaveworld to be given the LOTR movie treatment!) To me, Nightbreed was Clive's superhero entry. It's his X-Men. And I loved it. I've been waiting many a year to find out the rest of that story. Clive, buddy, why you leavin me haning like this?! (I'm such a hypocrite. I started a 3 novel book series in 2005, published the first book, and have yet to start on book 2. :) ) I never even knew there was 25 minutes of cut footage from Nightbreed, but now that I do, I simply must have it... on Blu-Ray... TODAY. Must have. 30, 50, 90 dollars, I don't care, I'll pay it. And all the documentary making of footage, cast/director commentary, trivia, ALL OF IT. The definitive release. If Fox won't do it, then you know what? Have it picked up by Criterion. THEY know how to do a special edition. -=7th=-

please give us a directers cut of nightbreed. i assure you that we the fans of the movie and fans of clive barker [and there are quite a few of us] would love a chance to go back to midian. there is huge interest in this and a lot of money to be made in this. lionsgate made a lot of money with there re release of the monster squad. so please again give us barker fans our pound of flesh and you guys can keep the pounds. thanks guys

Please put this together and release it on Blu-Ray!!! DVD would be OK too... I guess. Alexander Kostas U.S.A.

This is such a fantastic film that needs to be rediscovered by modern horror fans. The legendary deleted scenes and promise of a director's cut sounds nearly too good to be true. Fox needs to step up and deliver us a high def transfer as soon as possible! Mike Esparza

Hell, my name is Jonathan Boushell. I am from Glen Burnie, MD and have been a huge fan of Barker's work, both literary and on the screen. Nightbreed has always been a huge favorite of mine, even in it's edited form. I can only imagine what Barker's true vision is like. I was born the same year Hellraiser came out and have shown many of my friends Nightbreed, most of which have liked it, so yeah Warner Bros., you got an audience of young people in Glen Burnie that would love to see this.

My name is Dan Miranda and I would gladly hand over some of my hard earned cash for a fully realized version of the greatest horror-fantasy story ever written!

Hi my name is Karim Ghahwagi, and I'm writing from Denmark. A fully restored and extended director's cut of Nightbreed would be amazing indeed. Denmark has many fans of the film and I can see it easily generating the money to meet any reissuing costs- and then some- What are you waiting for! Hell yes! Head into the vault- like right now, dust the reels off and get'em spinning!' :-)

Please add my e-mail to the pile - I would LOVE to see a director's cut of Nightbreed and I would absolutely pony up the dough to buy it. Sincerely, Gwendolyn C. Cone

Count me in! I'd love to see this released! Benjamin

I would love to see an extended cut of Nightbreed. Thank you Cristian

Yes. YES. 1000 times YES!!! That is all. Giles

John Weissenstein Cheers on what your doing ! From Chicago USA.

i would like to give my support for an extended version of nightbreed. I've been a fan since when I first rented it on VHS in the early nineties and just love the idea of seeing a more complete and upgraded version of it. Good Luck! /Daniel Thuresson, Sweden

Hell yeah, put me down!!! I live in the UK and first saw the movie about 16yrs ago, taped off sky by a friend. Man, l loved it!! It was even copied in double speed and I had to sit in my brothers room watching it on his vcr cos my vcr was ancient. Captured my imagination and got me excited in a way that I just dont get much anymore :( Anywhoo, make the powers that be do the right thing!!! A directors cut R2 please!!! Steve

I would love to see this restored and remastered. It is a wonderful story and has some really imaginative effects and character designs. The restored footage will make the movie stand out even more. Chad

I would love to see and own an extended version of Nightbreed. It's a classic and revolutionary film for its genre. I saw it in the theatre when it was originally released and own a copy of the movie on VHS. My 17 year old daughter loves that film too! She was inspired by this movie to get into special effects makeup. Please release an extended DVD version. Also could we have a sequel as well ; ) -Alice Riske Chicago, IL

Ross Campbell Rochester, New York, USA

I may be one of the very few to have seen this upon its original theatrical exhibition and so I hold this film dear to my heart. Robert Harris, the film restorer of such films as Lawrence Of Arabia, Vertigo, Spartacus, etc., is currently restoring the film elements of The Alamo (which have deteriorated to hell) with donations through Paypal from fans across the globe. A Blu-Ray of the final restored film and a name in the restored film's credit sequence will be given to those who have donated. An undertaking like this could be applicable to the director's cut of Nightbreed and I will definitely be there to support it with money or work to help salvage it. Thank you for addressing the current state of one of my favorite films and I look forward to hearing from you in regards to its progress. Demetri Patsiaris

Just adding my voice to a hopefully increasingly loud and bloodcurdling cry for a director's cut of Nightbreed. Given Mr Barker's importance as a writer, illustrator and film-maker, within the horror/fantasy genre, it's unthinkable that the 'missing' Nightbreed footage continues to lay gathering dust in the dark of a storage unit. There are legions of fans waiting for this material to be disinterred. Fingers, toes, tentacles and other unearthly appendages crossed for a successful campaign! Cheers, Steve Patience / United Kingdom

My name is Jason, I live in the USA and the Nightbreed film was my introduction to Clive Barker and his amazing stories and other films. So yes I want, no I demand, a director's cut of Nightbreed! It was a fantastic movie the short story Cabal was awesome; I even have the comic book series it spawned and got a few issues signed by Mr. Barker at a blockbuster video waaaaaaaaay back in the day when I was 13.

I've been waiting for the "Nightbreed" director's cut for 15 fucking years! I've been waiting for that sequel, too! I can't think of a single movie that set itself up for a sequel as well as "Nightbreed" did, but they never made one yet they keep cranking out "Hellraiser" movies left and right. Tell those studio dipshits that the reason why "Nightbreed" didn't sell too well on DVD is because every fan of the movie knows that there's a bunch of missing footage and we've all been waiting for the director's cut. Justin Reed America

Alboone here. Loved the movie as a kid, but as I got older found it lacking. Something felt missing. Now that I hear about the missing footage I want to see this fully restored like now. Not only can a flawed film be saved, but I think if exposed to a new audience it definitely possesses the capacity to inspire a new wave of fans of getting into the industry because the makeup effects are stunning, the character of Peloquin being a prime example. There's no doubt in my mind that someone from Lucasfilm saw that film and ripped it to create Darth Maul for the Episode I. So I'm all for it.

Yeah! Chris Martin

I want to see the directors cut of nightbreed. I own the dvd version. I am from the US. thank you. Jacob

I'd love to see (and own) a director's cut of Nightbreed. CHUD sent me. Best of Luck and Thank You, Simon Straub

A forgotten gem of a film- deeply flawed, but so wonderfully imaginative and just crackling with a fresh sense of style and eerie whimsy- it is a travesty that we don't have Barker's definitive vision on DVD or Blu-Ray. Would I buy it? Of course I would. I've been waiting for this movie to get a proper DVD release for fifteen years. Thank you, Will

Please let Clive Barker recut Nightbreed and let us fans give you money. Thanx, Todd Tangen

Please release this. I will pay MONEY. thanks Jeff

I love the world Clive created in Nightbreed, and Cabal is one of my favorites of his written works. I always felt that the movie was a bit rushed (though highly entertaining). I would jump (and spend money) at the chance to see an extended cut that fills in the gaps. I already own the barebones edition, and I would not hesitate a moment to repurchase the extended cut, should it become available. Please feel free to include me in any petition, campaign, or other effort to get this cut released on DVD and/or Blu-ray. Long live Midian! John Petersen Gardner, KS, USA

Mark Rinker, Bethlehem, PA. I would buy a director's cut of "Nightbreed" immediately, were one made available. Hell, I'd probably buy a couple extra to give out as presents for friends.

You can add my name to the list of people looking to see a director's cut of NIGHTBREED... And if they make a film print I'd totally screen it at my cinema here in Boston! Best, Ned Hinkle

Just a note to say I read the article on Rabid Doll and think Nightbreed should definitely get a director's cut. It is one of my all-time favourite films of all time and I for one would definitely pay to see the lost footage. Hoping it happens, yours Jane Wilkes

Hello my name is Christoffer Rehnsfeldt from Sweden Göteborg and i would love to see your version of the movie. And sorry for my bad English. Nightbreed is one of my all time favorit movie and book cabal and i been coming to your web site and before the internet reading on div magazines about the extended version waiting and waiting it to be release on vhs and dvd. hell i even got a nightbreed tatto made on my back for a couple years ago. So add me on the list i would buy it in a second and buy some for my friends to see one of the best horror movies ever made in it's Full vision of you Clive Barker

louis- I would love to see an extended version of Night breed! Its one of my Favorite movies ever. I'd love to see what Clive Barkers finished product should have looked like.

Clive's a friend and I would love to see his definitive cut of Nightbreed. Bryan Seattle, WA

This is one of my favorite films.I'd buy a new version in a heartbeat. Frank Rodriguez USA

I would purchase an extended version of NightBreed in a heartbeat. I have always loved the movie and the world created within it. I would love to see more! Rob Florida, US

I've loved NIGHTBREED since I first laid eyes on it many many moons ago, always nagged by hearing there was so much more footage still unseen! This film definately deserves Director's CUT treatment! Rock on! Jerry From Iowa

I would love to have the opportunity to buy nightbreed extended cut and blu ray. I have always loved this movie and had to buy my copy from ebay. Jonas Davenport Bowling Green, KY

I would support a release of the an uncut/dir.cut of Nightbreed, and I would support it with money as well as word of mouth. Jason

Anyone that is a fan of the genre would scoop of a new version of this movie in seconds. Chris M NY, USA

My name is Cédric Delelée, journalist for the french movie magazine MAD MOVIES (Clive knows it). And I definitely want NIGHTBREED in its director's cut ! Read you soon.

I'm totally up for a Blu ray Director's Cut and fully support it. Try and convince the studio to release the DC of Lord of llusions as well the same day hahaha! seriously though, You have my support! Robert

I'm glad someone is finally trying to get this released! I saw the movie when it came out I theaters and loved it, but heard there was footage missing. Would definately pick up the director's cut! Bruce M. Bolgert, Virginia, USA

Hi, i would be interested in an extended version. particulalry if it has more footage of Peliquin (I believe was the character's name?). - Cary Gillenwater USA

Especially on Blu. And get Elfman to rescore the fucker to perfection.

Just adding my name to the petition for a Nightbreed DC DVD... Dickon Edwards London, UK

saw an article about this on and I just wanted to drop a line to show my support for a retail release of this. Being an old-school horror fan and avid DVD collecter I would have no hesitation in purchasing either a standard or Blu-Ray release of this great movie. I'm also an absolute sucker for any director/extended cuts of my favourite or even not so favourite movies. I live in Australia. Good luck on getting some traction on this long overdue DVD release and thanks for taking the time to pursue it. Paul Lavery

I want an extended release in either DVD or Blu-Ray. Horror aficionados have dreamt of this holy grail for ages... This movie is unique, imaginative, and epic. To not release a fitting version is a crime. Eric G Canada

Hi, guys. You can definitely put me down for a copy the DC version of Nightbreed if it ever happens. It took me months to track down my bare bones copy here, so I will expect a little wait. Honestly, though, it's a great movie with a sharp eye, and it features Cronenberg. What more do you need? Tell the execs they can cash in on the Cronenberg name since he's been an Oscar nom recently. It's win-win! Keeping my fingers crossed, -dan in Pennsylvania.

I'd love to see a Nightbreed Director's Cut on Blu-ray. The movie has a lot of wonderful ideas and the theatrical version does feel a little truncated. Please add my name to the list. Thanks! Marc Pilvinsky

Please release the uncut Nightbreed! Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, Danny Elfman! It's a no brainer. --Kirk, Los Angeles

I'll buy this the day it is released. I still have the pack of "theatre cards" that were given out at the video rental stores when it was released. Scott

Sign me up for an extended DVD. Heck, I'll take two! Hope you get enough response to get the suits interested in the project. Best wishes, Branden Roark Austin TX

Count me in also for a directors cut. Clive is genius. Thanks!! Mark Hernandez

John Kratky Reno, NV A Nightbreed Director's Cut is something I and a lot of other have been waiting for. I wouldn't even question shelling out money to buy this. Get this done!

Miles Powell, from the United States. I think Nightbreed's a fun movie (if somewhat flawed) and I would love to see a director's cut of it. Bonus points for piling on extra features!

Count me in as someone who'd fork over some cash for a director's cut of Nightbreed if it ever were released (on DVD OR Blu-Ray) -Ed Duffy, Washington DC

Quite simply this has always been a fascinating/frustrating film ever since I saw it as a child and I'd happily pay to see it the way it was intended. Chris Harris

I've loved this movie for a long time. I don't even like horror but love this movie. I know at least 4 other people that have a place in their hearts for this movie and I would buy 2 of them their own copies as well as my own. Jason Starr

would love to see it good movie always thought there were a few things left out now i know why hope you can do it

**praying for a Nightbreed Director's Cut** I haven't seen this movie since it was in theaters (yeah, I know) and would love to experience it as Clive meant it to be. Bring it on!! Weldon

I am a huge fan of Nightbreed, so I had to respond immediately to your news. For years I have read about the scenes cut from Nightbreed and hoped that they would see the light of day. I would love to see a director's cut, but would be just as happy to see these deleted scenes on DVD. I would gladly upgrade from the current realease. Thank you, Michael Pniewski

I want to see it.....NOW!!!! Thank you, Jonathon Hartigan

I would like to throw in my support for an extended cut of Nightbreed. I have long been curious to see the missing footage, and I feel Barker should get the chance to show us the movie he intended audiences to see in 1990. Matt Martinez Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just throwing my name out there as one of the many many fans that would love to see this happen. Joe

I think it's about time for a Nightbreed Director's Cut. I would cream my pants and slam my money down if this were ever released. Lightytidy

I saw the information regarding the 'Lost footage' to the 1990 classic 'Nightbreed' on your site and I would stand tall and proud to exclaim to the world how much myself and all my friends would instantly go out and buy this lost gem if it was to hit Blu-ray or heck even DVD. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Your doing an amazing job. 'best -Chris

I've been a Clive Barker fan since The Books Of Blood. Please make this. Tom Sobieski New York, USA

Yes, I want to see the extra 25 minutes! I loved this movie! Veronica Smith

I've actually never seen Nightbreed, but in recent years I've become more and more of a fan of Clive Barker's work. If I see this flick get a director's cut release on region 1 DVD I'll buy it within the first week of release. - Benjamin Haines North Carolina, USA

Its about time this ball started rolling.....Mark Rowlands, Wales

Nightbreed was the first Clive Barker movie I ever saw, and still, in a lot of ways, my favorite. If anyone has the opportunity to make the film be closer to what it was supposed to be, not taking that opportunity would be... well, not tantamount to refusing to restore The Magnificent Ambersons to Welles' original vision, but just as unconscionable for horror fans. Were Fox to handle this correctly, I imagine the response from the fan base would overwhelm them. Oh, and I found out about this on CHUD. So, thank Devin for inspiring me to add my voice to the chorus. - Phil Wrede

I would shell out cash for a nightbreed directors cut, long live Mideon! David

Michael Ciramitaro Derry NH I would LOVE to see a Nightbreed directors cut and think its a shame that this visual effects masterpiece its essentially buried..

Been a big Clive fan for years. Even met the man in Greenwich Village when he signed my copy of The Thief Of Always. And I watch Nightbreed at least twice a year - the creature work in that is amazing! If I ever got to see a special features on that - I'd eat it UP. I'd pay 30 bucks for a director's cut anyday... Nick Coviello Hollywood, U.S.A.

I would like to also lend my support to having Clive Barker's Extended Edition of Nightbreed released on DVD. There is certainly a significant number of people who would gladly pay for this edition if it was ever to be released. --J.D., USA

James Curtiss, Los Angeles, CA - Just found out about this on I can't wait to see an extended cut on this. Night Breed has always been one of my favorite films, something I'd hope would be expanded into a far greater universe, i.e. Star Wars. Anything more I can get out of this story would be very welcome.

One of my all time favorite monster movies and worst DVD releases must be given the credit and support it deserves! Doesn't have to be Blu-ray, just make it clean, complete, and full of extras!! Colin Lacativa Atlanta, GA

Lesser films have director's cuts. I would support a Nightbreed one. "Nightbreed-The Cabal Edition." Patrick Clarke

I would love to purchase a director's cut of Nightbreed. I never bought the prior DVD release, because I knew it wasn't Clive's complete vision. It always felt like something was missing from it. Please, bring it on! Thanks, Zachary Paul

Patrick Rogers, USA

I think many of us fans would love to see more Nightbreed. Reopen the gates of Median!!! Keith Lowery Hawaii, USA

Jonny Firth, Hardgore artist New Zealand. Hope you get the 'lost' footage, really love that film, would love to see more

I would pay money for an Extended Version of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray. Hell, I'd pay money if you streamed it or did some kinda video on demand thing or made it downloadable on Xbox Live. What's the hold up?

Need more Nightbreed. Justin Hillis

Sounds like a winner to me. I'd buy it. -MJ

Please add my name to the petition begging for a Director's Cut of Clive Barker's Nightbreed. This is something that deserves to be seen. I've always felt the movie would've done better if marketed differently and if it had opened during a different weekend. Owning it on Blu-ray would be simply amazing. My fingers are crossed that something can happen with this. Tony Guerrero

Count me in for a Director's Cut of "Nightbreed"! Paul

I, for one, am a huge Clive Barker fan. I've been waiting for a proper release of Nightbreed forever. I would pick this up, especially a DIRECTORS CUT!!!, the first day it came out on blu ray! Please add me to your list of people that give a damn. Thanks! Josh McDaniel

I'm from Canda and would attend a re release and buy the Blueray. Steve

I would love to buy a Nightbreed Director's Cut! My name is Clifton Stinson. Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies. It is insane that we have to convince a movie company to release the lost footage.

Mick Sheehy Laguna Niguel, CA I would more be than willing to throw down cash for a DVD. I'd even buy some as Christmas gifts.

I just read that it's possible that an extended cut of Nightbreed exists, but there is not enough interest to have it released?!? Why not?!? Sure the movie's dated, but the story is excellent and the creature effects are still incredible. I love this movie and would love to see more! Please, please, please release the extended cut! Todd Weitzel

I would love to see an extended cut of Nightbreed, so add my name to the list of fans out there. Hopefully, the studio executives will revise their decision and allow the restoration to go ahead. Chris McMillan

I've been a fan of Nightbreed for a few years now, but whenever I watched it, I always felt like it was missing something. When I heard about the missing 25 minutes it made perfect sense. I would easily throw down the money to see Clive's preferred version, and watch an improved version of a film I already love. Please make this Director's Cut dvd happen. Thanks, Mike

The movie was great and I'd love the opportunity to learn more about Clive Barker and the Nightbreed characters. I've got the signed laserdisk on my wall--of course I want more! I support the extended version of Nightbreed and live in Alaska. Jennifer

I have always been a huge fan of Clive Barker's book "Cabal" and the movie version "Nightbreed"! I know an extended version would sell like hotcakes in my area. The movie is a wonderful and I so want to see what else is down in the catacombs of Midian. Danaye Amon

Originality and inspiration should always be rewarded, and money should never be the reason it isn't! But since it so often is the reason, I would like to declare my support and full intention to spend my cold hard cash on a director's cut of Nightbreed! Audrey DeLaney North Hollywood, CA

Yes! I'd love to see this. Nightbreed remains one of the great versions of Barker's vision, even in its cut down form. Seeing it complete would be amazing, and well worth my money to buy. Make it happen. Mark

i would love to see an extended nightbreed, on a region 2 dvd.denise bell

Hello my name is Clint and I work for the horror website I recently saw your post telling fans of Nightbreed to join together in getting the release that it rightfully deserves. I currently own the barebones release of Nightbreed but was never fully satisfied knowing there was more to the story and I would certainly buy the directors cut in a heartbeat. I hope that the big time studio heads will see that this film is marketable and rerelease it in a proper way. Clint "Slayer" Kelly

Nightbreed is a masterpiece in art and it is a shame and insult to the fans to ignore this movie directed with braveour by Clive Barker. I first saw this in (I think) 1990 on VHS along with the much awaited Gremlins 2 here in my country, but Nightbreed outdid Gremlins 2 by a mile (and gremlins 2 was that years most anticipated movie by me) Nightbreed is an original movie and it has an original concept and barkers vision ought to be seen in its whole entirety... Please release this on blueray in its directors cut version as it should be seen from Mr Clive Barker I would gladly pay $100 for a Blue Ray or DVD and i know there are alot of fans out there with me... Nightbreed is the horrorequality to Blade Runner and is today a true cultmovie and a true classic best regards Daniel Westerfors Sweden

Sign me up! Would love to have the complete film on DVD, been holding out for years. Good luck -- - Tony

Would love to see a Director's cut of Nightbreed. I really want to see this happen. Keep up the good fight! Cheers Liam Kennedy Ireland

Please give us more nightbreed... I will buy Bill Kowalczyk NYC, NY William Kowalczyk


Hi, Corey Lange in Brooklyn, NY. Would love to get a blu ray of Nightbreed. On of my favorite movies.

Please? Pretty, pretty please? I will buy a 3rd copy of Nightbreed in order to have a director's cut!!! Cindi S Cabal

Name Braven Ryan Country: Canada Comment: I would be very interested in an upgraded special edition DVD of Nightbreed containing a director's cut. This would be the 3rd purchase of this film for me, and without the inclusion of a director's cut I'd not be interested in purchasing it again. A director's cut of Nightbreed has long been near the top of my wishlist, but my feelings is that there is no interest to do it. Of course I felt the same thing about 'My Bloody Valentine' director's cut and that one is now my favorite dvd release of this year.

Please release a extended Directors cut of this!!!!!!!! It would be so awesome to view it again the way it should be shown! The old Warner release is in the $5 dollar bin at Wally World and it shouldn't be! It's such an awesome film. It would be awesome if it were release in High Def format as well, but I'm not picky I'll take a standard disc! Also can you tell Clive that some of us actually do like Raw Head Rex. It's not all that bad of a film and I think it should be re-release as well. Thanks! Adam Hartley

As there is now an ongoing campaign, i am one of many who would really like to see a buy a blu-ray version of Nightbreed, especially a directors cut version, hell i probably would have bought two if it was released *crosses fingers* best regards Øivind

I would definitely buy a copy of NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT on DVD or Blu-Ray, in fact I've been hoping and waiting for this release for years. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later. Kevin E. U.S.A.

I'd be all for it.I've been a Nightbreed fan since the first time I ever saw the movie years ago. Doug

Many of my friends love Nightbreed...Ill buy them each a copy! Los Angeles, CA

Colin Holmes Pennsylvania, United States As a huge fan of David Cronenberg, I would love to see an extended version of Nightbreed.

As a fan of both Clive Barker as a artist of all art and the movie Nightbreed, I would love to see it in its entirety, and have been waiting for something like this to happen the last 10-15 years. As soon as this film is available, I will purchase, even if it is only in region 1... Hope you get enough voices, and that they will be taken into consideration:) Cato Skivik Norway

Yes, please Kyle

I will absolutely throw my hat in the ring requesting a Nightbreed Director's Cut. One of my favorite horror movies growing up and without a doubt I would gladly plunk my $25 down for the Blu-Ray director's cut! Sincerely David Johnson

Would Love To See This.... Nate Pottker Los Angeles, CA USA

I would buy a blu-ray of the extended edition of the flawed masterpiece NIGHTBREED. Scott Schirmer

Andy in Maryland. I would buy it.

My name is Kyla Ward, I live in Australia. I've wanted to see the extended, Director's cut of 'Nightbreed' ever since I saw the film for the first time. That cut was like releasing the 90 minute version of 'The Fellowship of the Rings.' Do this thing!

do we want a Nightbreed director's cut? now isn't that a silly question. OF COURSE WE DO!!!!! Not only is Nightbreed my favorite Clive Barker movie, Cabal is my favorite CB book, Nightbreed is right at the top of the list as one of the best horror movies of all time! Of course I want to see a director's cut, I want to know how Clive envisioned the movie! Ron

Please, yes! It's a wonderful movie, and it would be a great think to have a more complete version! Bruce Rogers California, USA

Thanks for trying to make this a reality!! I've been hoping we'd see something from the Barker camp on this and I think it would be a great addition to any horror fan's library. Count me in for support!! Best, Kris Deering Home Theater Magazine

It was exciting news to find out that the mythical lost footage from NIGHTBREED does, in fact, exist. It behooves me that those folks have been SITTING ON IT all these years with no intentions of fulfilling fans' (and Clive's) dreams to come true! Blasphemy! I would like to formally demand an extended version of NIGHTBREED! It is one of my favorite films of all time. The story is fascinating, the characters are amazing and it is on every horror artist's top 10 lists of creative inspirations! I spread the word last night on my local horror Yahoo! group, CHICAGO CREEPSTER, and am already seeing more shout outs on Twitter. (twitter/kreepylady). This film deserves not only a restoration, extended cut, dvd release with an abundance of featurettes, but also a theatrical re-release! Sincerely, Kristin Wicks

I'm interested! I've been a fan of the movie since the begining and would love a blue ray directors cut! Anything I can do to show my support will be done! Jeremy in DenverJeremy

I am definitely interested in an extended hi-def version of Nightbreed. I have been waiting a long time for a directors cut. Michael, Charleston, SC

I have only just this second learned of the missing footage of Clive Barker's - NIGHTBREED. I have it on DVD (of course) and would absolutely love a director's cut version. Blue-Ray? Of course. But a DVD copy would more than suffice. I hope that my small contribution helps this become a reality. Kindest regards, Scott Tyson

Hell yes! I would love it if a director's cut of "Nightbreed" saw the light of day. As a clive barker fan and a horror film fanatic, I believe this is long overdue. I have loved this movie ever since I saw it when I was about 10 years old(I'm 26 now) and it truly is in my list of top 20 horror films ever. I would cut off my right arm if it got the director's cut released properly- meaning don't hold back on anything: widescreen, dolby digital 5.1 surround, digitally remastered, a ton of special features, everything but the kitchen sink! To the powers that be: give the fans what they want! unleash the beast that is NIGHTBREED DIRECTOR'S CUT!!!! - Jeremy Arcond, horror film fan for life

This is awesome news! Clive Barker's complete director's cut of Nightbreed needs to be released. I've been fascinated by this film for years (and how could you not dig that Danny Elfman score). I hope we can change the studio's mind about a new Nightbreed DVD/Blu-Ray release. Let's continue spreading the word! Jake Thompson, New York City, USA

This film is such a huge part of our lives and to know that we have never seen the complete vision of such an amazing artists is a travesty. PLEASE release this on Blu-ray in the director's cut. Kevin Kaine Cambridge, MA USA

You can add my name to the list. Will definitely buy it...on dvd or on Blue-ray. Jeff Corley USA

Bring it on! One of my childhood favorites! JOSH BOONE

Hello, I am a huge Nightbreed fan and would love to see it get a proper restoration for a Blu-ray release with the additional footage and hopefully every extra that is available. I would gladly buy two copies (one as a backup in case anything happened to the other one) as I do with all of my favs. Sincerely Asa Elliott, Oregon, United States.

Benjamin Siverns Toronto, Ontario Canada

My name is Frank Lewis and I would absolutely be interested in a director's cut of Nightbreed. I already own the bare-bones DVD release of Nightbreed but would be more than willing to pay to replace it with a superior version of the film. Given that a number of the "Books of Blood" stories are being adapted for film (at Lionsgate?), now would be an ideal time to release a director's cut of Nightbreed in conjunction with a release of one of the new Books of Blood film and "piggyback" the promotion which would possibly gain higher exposure from lower advertising expense. If a director's cut of Nightbreed had been released on DVD at the same time as the Midnight Meat Train DVD hit the street, it would seem likely that the Nightbreed DVD would have received more media attention given the controversy of Lionsgate's treatment of the release of Midnight Meat Train.

My name is David Blair & I'm from Wisconsin & would love to see the directors cut of Nightbreed!

I just wanted to send off an email saying that I'd buy Nighbreed if they put out the director's cut. Jon Forward New Brunswick, Canada

Jake Jackson Topeka, KS Nightbreed is a fantastic horror fantasy that has always deserved a proper Director's Cut. Clive Barker vision needs to been seen. If I Director's Cut was released I know that I would be one of the first to pre-order. Let us visit M

The world needs the NightBreed director's cut. It is a truly unique film and deserves to be seen as originally intended! Do lot let later generations miss out on a very special piece of cinema.

I would definately purchase an extended version of Nightbreed. Juan Aboy USA

If there's a demonstrable audience for an extended Nightbreed then that could well influence a release as a pure commercial decision, but we need to figure out just how large that audience really is. A small but noisy group will not make a difference here - we need to see just how many people would actually put down their hard-earned money for this... I'll take one please. Michael the Crank

My name is Shad Youngblood and I have been waiting 19 years to see the full version of Nightbreed. I was there opening night, and I would buy a DVD now for sure.

I would love to have an extended edition Nightbreed, it would be amazing. Abby! Witherell from Massachusetts

Kris Smith, Jonesboro, AR, USA I would love to see a Director's / Extended Cut of Nightbreed. Long live the Future of Horror

YES! More Nightbreed!!!!! Adam

This is Mike Hein, a Clive Barker fan, who along with my wife, have followed the author/director/artist for more than twenty years and we loved "Nightbreed" and would surely purchase a restored copy of the film. Please restore the footage and there will be many more people, like us, who will make it worth your while financially. Thanks!

First off i love Clive Barker. His stories are truly thinking and thought provoking and NightBreed is no exception. I saw the film a few months ago on and i was literally amazed at how such a great film that went beyond generic horror formulas was so neglected, including the studio that produced it. I couldn't figure it out, i couldn't figure out how this was misunderstood. In the world of horror Clive Barker is definitely not a stranger and is not obscure. Of horror story tellers he is one of the best known and is as household as Stephen King. I saw NightBreed not knowing what to expect and the more i saw it, i was blown away at how good it with. It was a total character piece. The monsters weren't evil, it was everyone else like the police and the priest. I even bought the novel and the comic from watching the movie. I want to see an extended cut of NightBreed and i'm not alone in that. Ther's definitely an audience to this

This has been one of my most desired Director's Cuts since the concept came about. I have identified with the Breed since I first sat in that dark cinema in 1990 in Norfolk, VA. I have, in fact , devoted my right forearm to the Breed with tattoos of Peloquin, Boone, Kinski, Decker, Clive, the sigil of Midian carved into the skin ala the cover of Nightbreed comic #1 and Clive's signature and a devilish drawing (I think it is Lude) that Clive drew on my arm so I could have it tattooed. I have called my tattoo business Tribes of the Moon tattoo since I started, with Clive's permission, of course. Basically, I NEED TO SEE THIS!!! Please make sure the studio understands that there is a huge following for this story adn the fans will buy it. I bought the VHS when it came out. I bought the DVD when it came out and I will buy the new one when it comes out. Thank you for putting the effort forward to get this to the surface. Michael Fisher aka Rev. Fish aka Peloquin

I for one am very interested in a Night Breed director's cut. Mitch

I've sent this campaign along to another lover of the movie. And am I the only one that reads a fantasized version of the Stonewall Riots as an interpretation of the movie? Teresa Jewell

Are these executives nuts? There is definitely a huge fan base for Nightbreed. I hope they reconsider and release any extra footage they have. You have no idea how my heart skipped when I read that there was even the possibility of such a release. Sincerely, Karen Shoup

I am thrilled at the prospect of this film getting a director's cut treatment, and indeed, for any revival of it at all. It means a lot to me personally, and touched a lot of people I know, sometimes very deeply. It's fun, thrilling, and pretty powerful stuff. I would definitely buy a director's cut edition of this film. I'll light a candle towards it's success. Wm. Winsor Reeves

Please get this released. I am in the U.S.A. and would buy any version of this you put out, blu-ray, or dvd.

I'm a US citizen and have wanted to see the mythical lost footage of Nightbreed since I discovered that it was butchered in the editing. There is just so much more to this wonderful world and quite rabid fan base that would more than gladly shell out for the DVD. Bring it on! It's the only monster movie of it's kind and more than deserves the Director's Cut treatment. Far lesser films have been double and triple dipped in the DVD world, and so few of them are worth it. Nightbreed is definitely worth it. Please make this a reality. Eagerly awaiting, David

Hello. I'm writing to express my sincere interest in support of your camaign to bring a directors cut of Nightbreed to the public. I've heard about the 20 plus minutes of footage and am quite disgusted with the studio's lack of support to bring this footage out of their vaults. I would be there to buy this DVD on the day of it's release. It's sad that an artist of Clive Barker's caliber has to struggle so hard to see his creations treated with proper respect. Thank you. bill scott

Count me in! Jake Keeler Ravena, NY Would definitely pay for a copy of that!

Clive Barker's original vision for "Nightbreed" should be restored! I would gladly purchase on Blu-ray. Jason Bradbury USA

The question of releasing a proper version of Nightbreed is almost redundant. Who wouldn't want the Director's Cut!?!?!? I want it NOW!! Marty, Melbourne, Australia.

One of my favouritie movies, and I loved the book. I always wondered where the scenes at the beginning of the movie in the logo were, but now I know. I would buiy a director's cut release of Nightbreed the second it came out. Blu-ray ALL the way!!!!

I would buy this movie the minute it was released I have been waiting for this since I watched the movie 17 years ago. Duncan Parsons

Hi, my name is Rene, and I'm from Texas in the United States. I've been a big fan of Clive Barker's work for years, and I own the bare bones Nightbreed dvd. I've liked this movie ever since I first saw it back in 1998 on cable, and I would most definitely purchase a director's cut if it ever became available.

Count me in for supporting a BD Director's Cut release. - Roger "THE Doctor"

It would be a dream come true to see this finally come to fruition. Please I would Buy a hundred copies in order to just make this happen!! LOVE this movie, want to see the real vision Clive had for it. Thank you! Stephen Benz Los Angeles, California

please more nightbreed! i have been waiting for years!!! godsspeed! nathan walker

Hey, my name's Lance and I'm a 21-year-old movie addict with an overwhelming admiration of the horror genre. Obviously, Clive Barker was, is and always will be a legendary creative titan with a diverse array of amazing talents. I absolutely adore the guy as a human being and an artist and if there's ever someone whose singular visionary work, nay, art deserves to be as untainted, unfiltered, uncensored, faithful and intact as possible, it's Mr. Barker's. I actually have yet to experience the pleasure of seeing "Nightbreed" for myself and, therefore, have wholeheartedly resolved to save myself this first viewing of the film until it is the most complete, uncut, definitive possible iteration I can get my hands on. Preferably, in painstakingly restored and remastered and reedited and remixed high-definition on Blu-ray, of course. Here's hoping. I mean, why not? What has the studio to lose? Nothing. Just more hard-earned cash to pilfer from our yearning pockets. Jeez, I mean, if rediscovering the potential-rife premise on which this neglected diamond-in-the-rough revolves around gets those stupid suits itching for a cash-grabbing remake, so be it. This would only mean a cross-promoting, special edition Blu-ray release of the original film could more likely get dealt into the cards. I'll take it!

I thought this was gonna wind up as some urban legend that would torture my dreams for the rest of my days, but now here you are saying you've got the footage .... well all i can say is DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT !!! Crikey dickens ya cant show us the pot o gold n then take it away !!!! Make the directors cut like you always wanted to :) Best o luck Jason Auckland New Zealand

I'd sleep with a berserker for an extended edition of Nightbreed. I'd also be more than happy to pay for a DVD. Whatevers easier. Ross, England.

I read recently in Fangoria about Mark's attempts at trying to get hold of the "missing footage" for Nightbeed and now read about the support you guys are trying to drum up - F***ing excellent - the Director's Cut is like the Holy Grail of Horror simply must happen, no two ways about it. For some exec to say there is no interest in the project is, well, complete lunacy (but then we shouldn't expect anything else should we? They didn't know what they had in their hands all those years ago and they certainly don't know) have my support and reading the comments already posted, the support of many others too....let's get out there, restore the footage and let's watch the film the way Clive intended and the way it was meant to be seen! Good luck and (as always) Keep Smiling! Dean M. Drinkel London

Hey guys! I live in the U.S. and I would be MORE than delighted to invest in an extended director's cut of Nightbreed!!!! I have been an enormous fan of this movie since it was in theaters and I would pay top dollar to see it as Clive originally envisioned it! -Daniel Simonson PS- Coincidentally, I was just thinking this afternoon that if I were to win 12 million dollars (NC's current lottery jackpot) how much I would need to offer them to go track down the lost (or not-so-lost) footage!

Name: Ehren B. Country: US Nightbreed is a beautifully unique movie, and I've been waiting my whole adult life for the extended edition DVD set that it deserves. Yes, I'll buy it as soon as they let me!

Would definitely drop some hard earned money on an extended cut on blu-ray Robert

I would dearly love to buy a copy of the Director's Cut of Nightbreed? Because God is an Astronaut. Oz is over the rainbow. And Midian is where the monsters go... Melanie Tahata New Zealand.

I would love to see and own an extended version of Nightbreed. I loved the book and the movie. Sharon Rasmussen Napa Ca 94559

Yes, I am interested in seeing and buying an extended version of Nightbreed. I'm actually reading Cabal right now for the second time. If you make it happen I will buy it. Kyle

Extended cut on Blu-ray... NOW!! Robert

Pumkinheadfan United States I feel that the current version of Nightbreed is a poor excuse of a DVD and needs a treatment like Monster Squad or My Bloody Valentine got from Lionsgate. If this studio doesn't want to waste the resources on it. I am sure there are other companies that are more than willing and capable to pick up the distribution rights and give the film the treatment it deserves if the studio dosen't have the balls to do so. I hope something happens soon. Good Luck!

While I wouldn't describe myself as a fan of Clive Barker in the way that I would of, say, David Lynch (I'm definitely a fanatic when it comes to Lynch!), I very, very much enjoy his work and Nightbreed was a film that I watched again and again when I was a teen. To have it released as a director's cut would be fantastic, and I would buy it in a heartbeat! Best of luck getting the word out! Alice Fleet.

Time Out Film in London are behind this all the way. Tom Huddleston Time Out

I really do LOVE this movie! I will most defiantly buy it if it gets done :D

I would very much like to see a Dir. cut of Nightbreed. Nightbreed is a much underrated movie. Own the VHS, butt never bought the DVD because of rumer of Dir. cut. Yoga

I'd be interested in seeing a director's cut of NIGHTBREED. I want to see the version Barker intended us to see. The director's cut of LORD OF ILLUSIONS was a richer, more complex film experience, and it's be great to see an uncompromised version of NIGHTBREED. With intriguing adaptations of MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, DREAD, BOOK OF BLOOD & HELLRAISER REMAKE out, or on the way, what better time for a revival of Barker's most ambitious movie? Matthew Sanderson

Hell yes I'd pay good money for something like that. In fact, I have, for years, resisted buying the watered-down version in hopes the REAL version would one day appear. Please??????????Charlie

Would love to spend my hard earned on a directors cut of Nightbreed! I have not bought the original cut on DVD yet, due to the possibility of the Directors cut! Gavin

Patrick Trakel Idaho, USA I've been waiting for this since I first heard rumors of a director's cut years ago. I would buy both DVD and Blu-ray the first day they were available.

David Antman USA

I would buy a director's cut DVD of Nightbreed as soon as it became available. I have my fingers crossed that this will happen, James Gallagher

Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED, even in its truncated form, shows glimpses of brilliance and bears witness to his natural progression as a filmmaker from his lauded debut, HELLRAISER. I have no doubt this film could be compared to the initial release prints of Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER, Donald Cammell's WILD SIDE or Orson Welles' TOUCH OF EVIL; original intentions and narrative coherence are compromised due to various postproduction decisions, which prevent the film to be considered to the fullest of its own merit. NIGHTBREED is a potential horror film classic ready to be made. Lauri Löytökoski Finland

Concerning the extended version?? FUCK YES! Why?? I love Nightbreed and got the US dvd import and would love to see a more extended version. Which too my knowledge should have happened (there was speak of this anyway) a year after the US dvd release at that time. (I'm sure someone can make a more intelligent reason, which you could try and sell to the men in suits. Allthough the fact it's Nightbreed should be enough ) Regards from the Netherlands, Jacob.

Please,Please,Please, To whom it may concern you must get Nightbreed directors cut onto bluray! For those of us who are fans of Mr.Barker, and the horror genre, this is a must have to our collections. And to whomever in the industry that thinks no one will buy this or there is no money to be made, should seek new employment in a different line of work, because I know that I will be ordering the Blu ray the second that it is announced(if it ever comes to fruition). Hope this email helps, and hope to be adding Nightbreed to my Bluray collection soon!

I'd absolutely buy a director's cut of Nightbreed. Essential extra feature would be a commentary by Clive. I'm in Australia, but happy to buy a R1 version. We're used to that down under. //Mikael

Hi,i noticed how u guys are asking for feedback to a nightbreed directors cut release of the film. I for one and at least 10 of my friends are so excited to hear that the cut footage has been found (finally) and am whole heartilly begging for this directors cut version to be released. I really cant understand how i need to even beg for this, because in a lot of peoples views "NightBreed" next to "HellRaiser" is the greatset Clive Barker film ever made. Sometimes just because an audience figure doesn't show a blockbuster rating,doesn't mean that it won't sell or isn't wanted by the general horror fan public. All you need to realise that if "where is a NightBreed Directors cut clive" is the most asked question then i just think that in its self speaks volumes for the movie. If a studio can have the balls to release "Biker Chicks in Zombie town" (hahahahahaha) then whats stoping this ever hitting the light of day. Again i beg you to see sense in making this happen,fans across the world including here in England need to see Clives Final vision of "NightBreed" how it was supposed to be!! Yours sincerely James Finlay (Age 28/England)

I'll play Rich

Here's one fan who would love to see a Nightbreed Director's cut! Please make this happen. --Shannon Gramas

ruben Amsterdam Holland

My name is Rob Ridenour and I've been a big follower of Nightbreed for over twenty years. It was one of the first horror films I was allowed to watch as a youngling, which wasn't enough for me back then. Anyway, I've lusting for a director's cut for quite some time. I remember Lumivision wanted to do back in the days of laserdisc. I just realized I'm getting old. Point is, I and many others are dying to see this cut of the film. Clive deserves to see finally see his vision realized. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Rob


My name is John Cook, I'm 36 and I live in Houston, Tx. I found a link on a Blu-Ray message board to this site. Let me one of many to extend my pleas for a Blu-Ray release of Nightbreed : The Extended Edition. This is one of my all time favorite films and one of my most memorable movie theater experiences when I was a teen. I've always thought that this film was worth way more than it was ever given credit for. I don't think it was ever given the proper attention or advertising that it deserved; hence the reason for the belief that it isn't popular enough for a Blu-ray release. Let me just say that on behalf of the entire Blu-Ray consumer community...we would love to have this film on Blu-ray and a damn good majority of our population would pick this film up. I believe a release on Blu would give the film new life as well. As popular as the market for Blu-ray has become, this would be one of many titles that people would snatch up. There aren't enough horror films on Blu at this point, so this addition to the Blu catalog would be amazing for everyone. I would purchase this title without hesitation. I've been looking forward to a new release of this film since its first appearance on VHS. I would love to see a better transfer. I would hate to see this cult classic film fade away into obvilion because it was never given the chance it has always more than deserved. Please bring new life to the film and bring it to a larger audience with a Blu-ray release. Thanks!

Clive Barker's Nightbreed has always been one of my favorite films. It was innovative and touched upon themes not usually expressed in the horror or fantasy genres. I believe this movie deserves to have the "director's cut" treatment as well as released in both DVD and Blue-ray formats. This movie deserves to be treated with respect so that a new generation of fans can be born. Paul Bashline Oklahoma City, OK (USA)

I would love to see & own a director's cut for Nightbreed! Especially a blu-ray, so lets get the ball rolling and bring it on already! Rhyl

Just want to lend my support, and also say that I have an idea. Seeing as Hollywood has been remaking every cult horror film imaginable, why not approach Clive with the idea of getting a remake of Nightbreed made. But maybe make it more of a followup, with Boone trying to find a new Midian, and having a lot of bizarre encounters. If it's successful, there would definitely be financial interest in this Director's Cut. Seeing as he does a bunch of producing now, it might actually have a chance of getting made. As for the Director's Cut, and why it should be released; Nightbreed is a film unlike any other I have ever seen, and one that I hold near and dear to my heart. I have been waiting years to purchase this proposed extended edition, and will as soon as it is released. Good Luck, Sean Carrick Portland, OR USA

I'm a belgian (dutch language) fan of the movie! One of the better horrormovies of my childhood and with no shame one of the better horror's even this day! So i'm with you guys. Gregory

Would love to see a Director's Cut. And would definitely review it in our mag. Sean Plummer, Editor Access Magazine Toronto ON Canada

I just wanted to throw in my two bits worth on having Nightbreed out in an extended format. The first time I saw it in the theater, I cried. I honestly did. The "monsters" were the honest heroes and it rocked me. I understood, I suppose, like so many of Mr. Barker's fans, the pain of being considered " the outcast" and "a freak", whether real or self inflicted, is a lonely thing indeed and the powerful love of community is something we all crave. Getting some to admit it, however, may be another fistful of nails all together. Perhaps some viewed it as a film of rebellion, or a gesture of immortality, maybe that ever favorite classic of how love knows no boundaries. And never mind all the animalistic sexuality. That's a whole other tale to tell. But no matter what filters it came through, it's obvious that Nightbreed has touched a lot of people who want more. I just wanted to say that I would definitely throw down my money to back this effort. Thank you! Kaynek Young

I really want to see the director's cut, just the other day a group of friends talk about how cool nightbreed was, and for sure my friends will look forward for this new cut and documentaries, and commentaries, and a nice packaged dvd. Definetly i will buy it. Duarte from Spain.

I just responded to your Twitter account with some of this but wanted to elaborate a bit. I bought the DVD about a year ago. This was after having Netflix send it a few times and also after having seen it when it was released. This film really struck a chord with me and is one I hold dear. I will support this effort and will gladly purchase a copy of a directors cut when it comes about, whatever form it may take (DVD, Blu-Ray). Thank you for your efforts in this. -Ryan Nutick Portland, Oregon

Please feel free to add me to any lists/blogs/petitions etc etc etc that you feel neccessary to enable Nightbreed to be restored to Clive's original vision. It would be nice if the people involved behind the scenes would finally admit that we probably wouldn't need to rally ourselves in this manner if they had marketed the film correctly in the first place. I am aware that they act like idiots for much of the time, but they are not, and they are fully aware that marketing will make or break a film. They broke this one, and it's time they helped fix it! Not that it should make any difference (as Clive's book sales ably demonstrate his works global popularity) but I am from England - as in the UK. I would like to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in collaberating these names and messages in support of the restoration of this unique vision. Your efforts are truly appreciated around the world and back again. Darren

I would LOVE to see an extended director's cut of Nightbreed. It is a fantastic film, one that I own on DVD but would gladly purchase on Blu-Ray, especially in a full bells & whistles version. Thanks! paul

just adding my name to hopefully the thousands of others in support of the nightbreed directors cut idea.... sammy harkham

I would eagerly pre-order any Nightbreed restored Director's Cut - at the very minuimum I'd want the movie itself, and a commentary track from Clive Barker would be most desired. I have previously held off purchasing any dvd of the theatrical release on disc as it has been my hope that Mr. Barker's true version of this film would eventually see the light of day (er - so to speak). Jeff

Just wanted to send this note to support the extended release of Nightbreed. It may not have made everyone involved millionaires, and it has its flaws, but everyone I mention it to acknowledges its magic. We all know how studios can butcher edits that should be left to the visionaries that imagined the original material. I would pay HANDSOMELY to see a director's cut that could flesh out Clive's original intent. I saw Lord of Illusions on opening day and was stunned to see the material the studio cut upon release of the director's cut. The fools want to market these as slasher flicks when there is so much meaning, metaphor, character and plot that should be illuminated instead. I can only imagine how much better Nightbreed would have performed had they kept their hands off. Best of luck to Clive, Phil, Sarah, and Mark Miller at pulling this off. Matt Burns

To whom this may concern, Nightbreed: Director's Cut on Blu-ray needs to happen immediately. It would have my support and money. Respectfully, Sergeant Joshua Pearson United States Marine Corps

I would also love to see a Director's cut of Clive Barkers 'Nightbreed' and a blueray edition would be out of this world. This film is one of my favorite films of all time, yes it has it flaws but overall it is a horror/fantasy classic. It deserves a restoration into blueray, even to show the brillaint costume and make-up and production design. You just rarely get films with so much heart and soul put into them these days. Could I suggest (if you haven't already) contacting all the major horror based websites and publication to see of they will do a feature on the Nightbreed director's cut? How about a facebook page? I think its more than possible to get enough people involved, even those who haven't seen the original cut. Look at the new generation of Clive Barker fans who play his computer games, read his comics and see his new films such as 'The Midnight Meat Train'. They new generation may have read a book or two by Mr. Barker. Please, powers that be, give us the film that the fans have been crying out for. The new blueray quality is the true home for this outstanding piece of movie history, if this got a similar overhaul as Bladerunner but with the extra scenes and not forgetting the best score that Danny Elfman has ever done, this has the potential to be mainstream. Thanks very much Mark Miller for bringing hope to all the fans of the film. Scott from Scotladn

please please please release the uncut version! Even if it remained bare-bones but got the film back the way it should be that would be enough! Seth

I would be the first one in line to purchase the Director's Cut Blu-Ray...DVD...hell, BETA (if that's all I could I could get my anxious little hands on) of my #1 dream release. It is something I have been wishing for since seeing the film in theatres way back in 1990. It is my all-time favourite monster epic and I always believed there was more to the universe that we were yet to experience. I also truly believe I am Nightbreed's biggest fan. I met Clive a couple year's ago here in Toronto and got him to sign everything NB that I was able to lug in front of him. I asked him them that age old question (that I'm sure he really could have done without since it was probably the millionth time he'd been asked) will there be a NIGHTBREED director's cut??? He replied if and when the studio could ever find the lost footage. I almost passed out when I came across this article...FINALLY, HOPE! Come on Powers-That-Be...Give us that Special Edition we, the horror & film collector community, have been begging for for all these years...You must give us the chance to witness the Uncut, Uncensored, Uninhibited NIGHTBREED special "Clive Barker Masterpiece" edition Director's Cut we all crave and deserve...I guarantee there is enough of us out there that will spend the big bucks that you're worried about. Depending on the packaging, I'm good for atleast a crisp $50 Canadian for sure (hey, no wisecracks, our dollar is stong right now)! Don't let us down, we're rabid! ROB, Toronto, ON, CANADA Long Live Midian, The Breed & The Tribes of the Moon

I would love to purchase a Blu-ray edition of Nighbreed. A fantastic horror movie that should be part of my collection.

please release the directors version of nightbreed? i enjoyed the original version but i'd really like to see what mr. barker truly had in mind when he conceived this. i'll purchase the final product either way, but a blu-ray or hd version would be even better; we've got the technology to view this film in the format and quality it so richly deserves, and with many legions of other clive barker fans i think this re-release would be well worth the time and effort. thank you, kim

The Universe created in the Nightbreed and the world of the Art is so rich and interesting. I would love to see more and have answers to all the unanswered questions. I'd even love to see a sequel!

I just saw the article about how we should encourage you to release this classic film. I just wanted to say please do! -Jeff Tennant Guntersville, AL

Regarding the Nightbreed lost footage and possible Directories Cut. Nightbreed is by fare one of the most imaginative horror movies to come out of the 90's. I've always loved the movie and as I became older and became aware of additional footage I was more then excited and waiting for the day or a directories cut to be released. That day has yet to come. Interviews with Clive have stated that the studio clamed to have misplaced or lost the additional footage. The fact that this footage has not been lost makes me ecstatic. There have been so many movies which have been given the directories cut / extended cut which have been less deserving. Please allow this Directories Cut to happen and in proper fashion (interview, commentary, extras, etc), and put the icing on my cake by releasing this in blu-ray format. There is a market for this film, otherwise I would not be writing this e-mail. Sincerely, Paolo Peracchia

I have been waiting for this for a long time. Ever since I read Clive Barker talking about this on DVD in about 1999 or 2000 and tried kicking up interest around the forums and NGs back then, but nothing ever happened. I was glad to get an eventual bare bones DVD. I'm not getting my hopes up again of seeing it uncut, but yeah, I'd buy it day one. Michael

Please give us a good version of Nightbreed. Thank you. Eric

If this is indeed possible there is no reason there should not be a full on restored cut of NIGHTBREED given to the fans. Clive Barker's legions of fans (myself included) wold swarm over this and sales would be quite impressive. And who knows it could re-invigorate the film enough to get a "franchise" going again. And we all know how much Studios love that kind of thing, don't we? - Andy C. Dayton, Ohio

Unkle Lancifer here from I would love to see NIGHTBREED in it's full glory. I can't believe that there could possibly be a question about wether or not to reveal Barker's full vision. The man is a genius.

I am the editor of Synergy Magazine, a well established Australian cinema magazine. We have always believed that Night Breed was one of the most innovative and creative dark fantasy films ever released. Not only would we love to see a director's cut, we would be running a full feature on it if it ever happened. I cannot understand why this hasn't happened already ! Robert Black Editor

I'm super interested for any re-release of Nightbreed with any additional footage. -Jackie Blaine

Yes please - on DVD and Blu-Ray. Tyler Foster Covington, WA

I thought I was the only one who loved Nightbreed. I would love to see a director's cut. Barbara

I found Nightbreed to be a hauntingly beautiful, fascinating film, and I would absolutely love to purchase a copy of Clive Barker's original vision for the film—as well as one to give as a gift to my father, also a huge fan! --Justin

I would buy 2 copies if it would help make it happen! Scott

I would for sure pick up an extended version of Nightbreed on DVD but I would prefer it on Blu-ray, Rawhead Rex would be cool too. dr

My name is Chantal Larochelle, and I would like to add my name to the petition to Bring a Directors cut of Night Breed onto the market. I'm from Ontario, Canada and am a hug horror fan. I remember watching Night Breed as a kid and loving it. I would love to see a directors cut!

I'm Heiko, 36 years old, from Germany. I've buyed a expensive german rental VHS-Tape in the early 90ies to own a copy of NIGHTBREED! I've imported the US-NIGHTBREED-DVD via Internet immediatly after its release some years ago! And if there will be a NIGHTBREED Extended Version on DVD or even Blu-Ray guess what: I will order it on it's first preorder-day! Please, please release this long awaited Classic in it's ultimate form! I'm sure this will be a nice success! Greetings from Duesseldorf/Germany Heiko Esser

To cut a long story short: I would definately buy the direcotor's cut of Nightbreed! I'm, to get this out of the way, from Germany. In a time when there was no thing called "the internet", i was awaiting the arrival of "Nightbreed", pumped through articles in Fangoria, which i had to import. I spent some time in the US around that time and grabbed some vhs promotinoal cards for it. Then, on a typical walk to the local video store in Germany, i finally saw the release of Nightbreed - month after it's US release. I instantly loved it, albeit i thought it only made sense to me cause i read the novel. After getting to know 25 minutes where cut (when the internet had finally seen the light of day) i was hoping for a restored version. So please put me on the list of people who would buy a restored version! Greetings, and keep up the good work! Christian

For the love of all things Barker, let's get the director's cut of Nightbreed out to the masses on Blu-ray! Such a great film. -Michael D.

Sign me up for the directors cut of Night Breed!!! I love this movie and grew up on it and have already purchased the bare bones one and won't mind paying for the double dip. Tommy

I am so excited by the possibility that this might happen. Nightbreed's a longtime favorite, and a flat-out crucial piece of my development as a horror fan. Good luck! -Brady Golden

Clive Barker is one of my favorite horror creators and I would gladly purchase a new Nightbreed DVD with the 'lost' footage included. Let's have a Rawhead Rex Special Edition too! Thanks. TheJaff

Wow! This has be re-released with an extended cut! I'd definitely buy a bluray copy. Carl

I would love to see a DC release of Nightbreed released, on both standard DVD and Blu-Ray (admittedly my preferred format). Matt

Count me in with the growing mob wanting Nightbreed to get a Director's Cut DVD. I really loved the written work, and would love to have a high-quality DVD with all kinds of extra stuff. Haven't watched the movie in quite a few years, but would buy this DVD on the first morning I could. I'd love to have similar treatment given to Rawhead Rex and wouldn't terribly mind a remake with better costumes/FX. Please, make this happen. Pretty please? With sugar on top? ;) Roger Austin Lafayette, LA

Any film cut by a studio against the directors wishes should be released without question in it's intended form after the theatrical run. Period. Blair, Canada.

Yes, I would buy a directors cut dvd of Nightbreed! Actually I am expecting that from the time the "Lord of Illusions" directors cut DVD came out. I hope they listen to us and restore the movie to Clives former vision. Vasilis Zikos from Greece.

are u kidding? i would LOVE a director's cut of that movie!

I'd buy it, for sure. Jonny Kyriazis

How simply to state it, NIGHTBREED is a sorely underrated gem in need of restoration. Please add my support to this film. Justin Miller

I would be all over a restoration and release of Nightbreed in any format, with whatever special features are out there! Thank you, Michael Moore

I would love an extended cut on Blu-ray! Let's make it happen! Thomas White Manhattan, IL USA

Please release this as the directors intended vision. Although i am not a fan of the theatrical cut, i would purchase a directors cut. This should signify that even the casual fan would purchase this title as a Directors Cut, especially film students to see what studios do to films before and after released to the mainstream. Vince - Melb/Australia

I saw NightBreed twice in the theaters, owned it on VHS, and bought the DVD. I would LOVE a director's cut of the movie! Jay Gilkay, Milwaukee

Hi. My name is Michael Welch and I am in total support of a release for Nightbreed with extra footage intact. Put it together in a two-disc special edition with tons of extras as well as the missing scenes and I feel very strongly that horror fans such as myself would come out in droves to support the release. Put full-page ads in Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Horrorhound, etc. and put banners up on as many horror sites as possible and I truly believe it will not only be great for the fans, but would bring in enough money to satisfy the companies involved and turn a profit for them against their remastering, distribution and marketing expenses. Thank you for your time.

Hey my name is Pete Jiles I'm 27 and I totally want a director's cut of the film. Been waiting for a long time and I think the millions and millions of fans want it just as bad as I do if not worse. Thanks to of all you putting for this effort.

Sign me up right now. I am a US resident who checks pretty often for a DVD release of the extended cut of one of my favorite films. My name is Eric Peacock, let's make this happen!

Just dropping you a line to let you know that I live in a household of 5 VERY big Clive Barker/Nightbreed fans, and we would ALL purchase copies of a Director's Cut/Extended Edition for our collections! This novel, and the subsequent movie, were formative experiences in my life, and will ALWAYS be favorites. Thank you for being willing to collect all these letters and peas for Clive's original vision of the film to be released for us all to see! -Kimmi Allbee -Terrance Seddon -Kelly Gallagher -Sam Wellen -Heather Nujen

Please count me in as a supporter of NIGHTBREED being released with previously cut footage reinstated in the film. Thanks! -Mike Metzler

I want more Nightbreed. Thank you.

At respect with the archives, why don't you put a raw editing on the net o f the director's cut, and them we would see how many people would be really willing to have it hi definition. And regarding the producers and lawyers: "Fuck the law he's meat for the beast" ! I would gladly pay for this movie in high definition, blue ray, etc...Hell, I would love to go to the movies to see it. Good luck and godspeed this endeavour.

Definitely interested. Russell Johnson

just tell me where i can buy it and i am there.

On the weekends I would fall asleep watching Nightbreed. I've seen it more times than I can count and I would LOVE to get my hands on some new footage. I'll happily spend my money on ANY Clive Barker material, especially formerly hidden treasures. Good luck!

I would definately buy a copy of an extended version of Nightbreed. Mark Ross Toronto, Canada

I would be more than willing to purchase Nightbreed on DVD if it had the missing scenes. - Jason, Tucson, AZ, USA

My name is Joe Lauria from New York and I am glad to show my support for a restored, remastered and uncut DVD of Nightbreed. I wish it was as simple as just writing an email and sending a Tweet (of which I did reply to philandsarah on Twitter) to get studios to understand how much movie lovers (especially horror fans!) want to get their hands on special editions of their favorite films. Nightbreed is one of those movies that was misunderstood and misguided by the studio. Poor marketing from the start, I don't believe audiences (at least here in America) truly knew what to expect. Well, now is the chance to turn that all around and give the old fans a treat while breathing new life into NIghtbreed for new fans. This movie is just so original and I would LOVE to be able to see 25 minutes of deleted footage restored and inserted back into the film, especially since Clive Barker has been giving his blessing from the start. Maybe the studio thinks it is not worth the money but if even half the fans went out and purchaased the DVD or Blu-Ray than they would be able to surely turn a profit. Who knows, maybe we might get that Cabal sequel that was promised and maybe it would get Clive Barker to get back in the director's chair again for a follow-up. Hey, you never know!!

My name is J.V. Steward and I want the footage. Nightbreed is one of the best and most faithful adaptations I've ever seen. Fuck Hollywood.

I'm emailing after reading the article about Nightbreed on the Vault of Horror website. I'm only 21, and I've loved this film since I saw it 7 years ago on late late night HBO! I would love to see unseen footage and buy a director's cut of the film. Just thought I'd show my support. Thanks, Marianne Beynon

I would buy the dvd or bluray id be all OVER that shite. A lot of nerds would be. COME ONNNNNNN LETS DO IT

Hi, I just read the article about the possibility of a new DC of Nightbreed & want to cast my vote: YES!!!! I have always enjoyed this film, I think it's the best adaptation of any of Barker's stories (so far anyway) and would love the chance to see it in it's fully intended form. If they make it, I will buy it!! Hopefully waiting, Reno Cook

Just writing from Scotland to say that "yes - me and several others here would be well into a re-release of the extra 25 minutes of Nightbreed". Always had an appreciation for this film, always thought the weighting was wrong. Chris Gilman Leith

I'd love to be able to purchase and watch the extended cut of Nightbreed. Ken. Oregon, USA.

Just wanted to add my voice to the wave of support for an extended Nightbreed. How could the powers that be miss out on the opportunity to make some moola from a horror fan's unholy grail like Nightbreed? I own the Region 1 DVD of course, but it is pretty horrible (for all the wrong reasons) and i've dreamed along with so many fans of seeing Clive's version. If it was released with the lost footage I'd buy it, hell i'd buy two. I mean, look how wonderful the Blade Runner 'Final Cut' set turned out. Nightbreed deserves the same treatment, we demand it, the movie deserves it! Cheers, Frazer

YES! Paul

I WILL definitely bye a copy, preferably on Blu Ray. MHJAR

OMG Cabal was the 1st Clive Barker book I ever read and the film was excellent, Please get the directors cut put together. And make it region 2 for us English fans. Daz, Blackpool, England

I'm working on a rather large release due out this December, (no names please, it's under wraps!), and I and the rest of the crew were mourning the lack of any good horror films lately. In the wave of mindless torture movies, it's been a long time since somebody came out with an original story, not from a comic book, and without any Vampires! Nightbreed was one of the good ones. We've been waiting for this footage for long enough. Hey, you paid for it to be put on film, the least you can do is put it on DVD! - Albert Hastings

Thanks for the great news regarding the found reels of NIGHTBREED. I realy hope to be able to buy Clive's cut in the nearest future. So I wish us all good luck :) Best regards, Segiy, Kyiv, Ukraine.

As you may tell by my email address (Also my xbox live gamertag, and most forum names) I am a massive massive fan of Nightbreed (or to be more specific Cabal) and as someone who lives in the UK where we have no DVD version of the movie I would like to throw my full support behind this quest to return the film to its original glory and to get it out there to the people who have not yet seen this marvel of imagination and creativity. Anyways, heres hoping that something comes from all of this, the news of this footage being found has literally made my day. All the best Chris Hodgson (Peloquins Soul) Blackpool UK.

I am interested in purchasing the extended version of Clive Barker's Nightbreed as a gift. Why wouldn't you include additional footage? I'm sure the fans would definitely appreciate it! - Laura

Trevor C. Wilson United States, TN

I would like to express my sincere interest in buying a proverbial Director's Cut of Nightbreed should it be released. A must buy for me. I am norwegian, located in Norway - which brings me to another significant point the studio probably underestimates: They would have worldwide monopoly on the title should they choose to release it; all international profits will befall them without doing a thing - private import is huge and easy thanks to and its likes. For the DVD, this might not amount to much due to inherent regionlocking, but Blu-ray is another matter. Blu-ray is by default regionfree, and as such Barker and Nightbreed fans worldwide must be included in the pool of potential buyers - and this will be a relatively significant number. Fingers crossed, sincerely André Storsveen

Hi I'm Lisa Smith from Darlington County Durham England. I would love to see an extended version of this film. It was one of my first horror films and I've always had a soft spot for it!

Please, please, please! I've been hoping for a restored cut of this film for many years, the version that exists just doesn't do it justice. Ben Marshall

Yes, please! I would like to see an uncut, extended and probably digital remastered version of one of my favorite films! Thomas from Belgium.

John Sparkman USA Dear God, I hope this happens.

I would like to add my name to the list of avid fans of the movie of Nightbreed. As a fan of Clive Barker, I appreciate his novels, his art and definitely his films. I would gladdly shell out the hard earned cash to see the Nightbreed that he intended for us to see. Thank you so much for your efforts in this. Victoria Timpanaro aka Zera New Jersey, USA

Loved the book and movie. Would add a DC to my collection anytime! Alex

As a long time I am writing to show my support for a re-release of Clive Barker's Nightbreed with the long missing footage restored. I know I am not alone as there are legions of Barker fans who would also love to see this happen. Sincerely, Jamie Blanks director Urban Legend, Storm Warning, Long Weekend, Valentine

Seattle, WA - Helly Bex Clive Barker was and remains one of my favorite writers, and that is enough reason to happily buy a bluray copy of a movie that I already own.

I have Nightbreed on VHS. I have been waiting for an updated version for a long time. I would definitely prefer a BluRay version if you give it the proper treatment. At least, an updated DVD with decent audio would put me in a position to purchase. I am a big fan, but I did not see significant quality improvement when the first DVD was released to justify a purchase then. Now, with news there is extended footage, I am psyched. This would be a must purchase for me. I have wanted to watch this film again, but did not want to spoil the experience by viewing it on VHS. Please, let's give Nightbreed the treatment it deserves and get it out on Blu!!! Dana Svendsen

Put my name on any list for an extended cut of Night Breed. Christopher Hicks La Plata, MD USA

I would like to pledge my support of releasing a director's cut of Nightbreed. This truly fantastic film deserves to be shown in it's true form. I personally will buy a director's cut if one is to ever come about. I have my region-free DVD player and will get it imported via, etc. I loved this film as a teen and would have no problem sparing some cash to see the definitive version, Clive intended us to see! Graeme

Please, for the love of baphomet, release an extended Nightbreed. Or at least a cleaned up version on blu-Ray. I have had the honor to meet Clive two or three times over my life and have always enjoyed our conversations. I'd love to know what his thoughts today are with the reaction and critical acclaim that a film like Pan's Labyrinth has received. That if today's audience would be more receptive to the Nightbreed story and the world of it wondrous characters. I remember reading that studio involvement during filming caused edits to the film since they felt the audience wouldn't relate or sympathize with the creatures. With the amount of success that films like Harry Potter, LOTR, etc have had over the past 10 years, I feel audiences are more mature now to handle the material. I have collected many things over the years Nightbreed related. I'm waiting patiently for the follow-up allow us to return to their world. The comics did a nice job of continuing the characters and introducing new ones...but I want Clive's touch. I hope my few words may contribute to the cause of letting Clive re-edit his work...I'm sure if given a new budget today we would see a better vision of this masterpiece. I wish studios would take more of a chance on Clive's other works and bring them to the screen as well. The "Great and Secret Show" series and the "Abarat" books would work so well by today's fantasy standards. Here's to dreaming. -Keith Cassidy Franklinville, NY

I would definetly purchase a directors cut of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray. My name is Troy Sarge

Would love to see this, Put my name down for any list to send to the studio Cheers Sam Lowe

Extended Nightbreed? Yes, please! Kathy Flynn, Burbank, CA

There are several fans including myself who would certainly purchase the movie. I'm excited for it already!! Thanks Christopher Henry

I would hands down immediately purchase a blu ray or dvd of a new cut of nightbreed. Chris F Brooklyn NY

Nightbreed is awesome. So what would be more awesome, more Nightbreed! I own the bare bones R1 release, and have always wanted more. I live in the US, but if a better release was released anywhere in the world, I would buy it in a second. I'd love to see the Clive's true cut of the film, like so many fans. I'd also love for the film to receive the treatment it deserves... new HD transfer, director and cast commentary, behind the scenes footage, interviews, trailers, the whole works. It would be really amazing to see a special edition release on par with what Lionsgate did for Monster Squad. As a fan and film lover, I appreciate the effort to build support for a re-release of Nightbreed. Please let me know if there is some kind of online petition I can sign, or if there is someone at the studio who fans can contact. - Anthony Fabiani

A director's cut of NIGHTBREED? Yes, please - definitely. It's odd to hear they think they won't be an audience for it! It's the movie that introduced me to the worlds of Clive Barker & I for one would more than pay for a directors cut &/or blu-ray. 'God's an astronaut; Oz is over the rainbow & Midian's where the monsters live' That line is still one of my all time favourite pieces of dialogue in a movie (There's a group of my friends who would pay good money for this too) Tell them movie-people types - 'release this already!' Regards Ethan (UK)

Robert Stoner PA, USA

Sign me up. I would love to see it. Bradley

Jonathan Brockman United States of America Cabal, I suppose, is my favorite Mr. Barker's work and the chance of seeing a motion picture version that comes closer to capturing its glory is a good think in my book.

I've always been a huge Barker fan and I would definitely buy a director's cut of Nightbreed, especially when they will release it on BluRay (remastered of course!!!). I am from Germany by the way, maybe that's a little proof that there are fans all over the world that are waiting for this to be released :) Greetz, Normen

My name is Russell McGee, I am a playwright and director based in Indiana, USA and I absolutely love this film. I do not understand the mentality of the studio execs as this film not only has the weight of Clive Barker's name but a wonderful score by Danny Elfman. It seems to be a money-making no brainer as long as the release isn't another bare bones outing that tries to double dip in the market. I own both the DVD and sound track to this film but would quickly snap up a director's cut with bonus features and commentary in a hot minute. Warmest regards- Russell McGee

such a unique flick! 25 more minutes and bonus features would indeed be purchased if made available ^_^ eriknh usa

I'd buy a Blu-Ray version of the Nightbreed Extended Cut without even thinking twice. Brandon Fisher - United States.

I'm writing to you from Cleveland, Ohio. I have been a fan of Nightbreed before the film was even released. I remember reading about it in one of the first Fangorias that I ever bought and recall being fascinated by the bizarre imagery pictured in the photos of the monsters and thus began my fascination with all things Nightbreed. Seeing a director's cut of Nightbreed is one of the few things that I want to see before I die. I've read the original screenplay printes in the "making-of" book published in the UK and I can safely say that it paints a much larger picture than the truncated, released film. There is much more character and humanity in the monsters which has been lost to the cutting room floor and if there is a slight possibility that there might be a day when I can actually go to the store and buy a blu-ray of the Nightbreed director's cut, I am adamantly for it! Please for the life of Midian, allow the missing footage to be unearthed and re-cut into this fascinating modern classic of fantsay horror!!

Ronny Mariano from NY, USA. I would definetely buy an extended cut of Clive Barker's Nigthbreed!

At 10 years old my life was forever changed when my Dad introduced me to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead... It wasn't too long after that, delving into all that is horror I would be graced with the world of Clive Barker. To make a long story short, I love CABAL and its movie counterpart NIGHTBREED. For years Nightbreed has always fueled my imagination as well as been a bonding tool for friends and my girlfriend. I love Nightbreed and I will find any way to further my enjoyment of the movie, its characters and concepts. Whether its watching the movie countless of times, reading the novel, listening to the soundtrack, owning the comic books, wearing clothes and apparel, collecting magazine articles or playing the Amiga and commodore video games, I've always longed for an extended version to Clive Barker's dark fantasy. A few months ago, while I was introducing it to my girlfriend, I was lamenting how I've wanted to see the missing footage in a new version that has obviously been rumoured for sometime. My friend replied, "I believe that someday in our lifetime we will see an extended version of it". He was right, and finally my prayers have been answered. Please, on behalf of all Nightbreed fans and all that his horror, please make an extended version. Thank you. -Travis

I would absolutely love to see as much footage as possible from Clive Barker's Nightbreed. I loved the book and loved the original movie, and would be ecstatic to get the opportunity not only to see lost or deleted scenes, but any chance at a commentary would be amazing. Please help make this happen. Bryan Breau Chicago, IL USA

By not releasing a deluxe directors cut blu ray box set of nightbreed the people owning the rights to the nightbreed footage are showing how incompetent they are and they should have the rights to the footage revoked and recieve a public whipping for being so dumb that it should be illegal and HELL YEAH I WOULD BUY A DELUX DIRECTORS CUT BLU RAY BOX SET OF NIGHTBREED EVEN IF IT WAS STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE best regards from a cold and rainy sweden Pier. Ruaro

When my boyfriend and I first got together (soon to be eight months ago) he would talk endlessly about movies I had never seen before, and never thought I'd care about or want to see, until he told me about Nightbreed. What he described was the most epic movie I had ever heard in my entire life, and I immediately told him I wanted to see it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, "as soon as possible," wasn't soon enough, for I was away at college about and hour and a half from him. One night as him and I were able to share some time, Nightbreed came up on conversation, and I immediately immersed myself in the movie. I remember my reaction at the end - I stated blatantly it was the "greatest fucking movie I had ever seen in my entire life." Which for the most part, still rings true. Nightbreed has become a favorite movie of mine, and my fondest memory of the movie is sitting in my dorm room, munching on some chinese food and enjoying the story of Boone. And the more I wrapped myself into it, the more I wanted to learn about it, the more I wanted to read Cabal and talk about it. Most of all, I had a lot of questions to ask my boyfriend. But the subject had come up time and time before, but I knew what he was talking about after I had seen the movie a couple times how stimulating a director's cut could be. And now that I've heard that the secret has been unburied, I long to see this director's cut, along with many other Nightbreed fans, and those who I have told about the movie and hope they see it. I wear my Nightbreed shirt proud, and I know others do too. -Ashley Phillipps

Please add my name to the petition! Peter Durston London England :)

I would love to buy extended version of Nightbreed. It is one of my favorite movies! Jan Berny, Tabor, Czech Republic

Director's Cut? YES YES a thousand times YES Bruce Barber

Hi..just wanted to say i would buy this dvd. Shayne

I love the film and would love to see a restored version of this great film! Mike Kutsick, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

I'm writing to you in support - ardent support, at that - of your campaign to see Nightbreed finally get the treatment it deserves on disc. Count me in as a definite customer, should the studio do the right thing by this unique and fabulous film! Yours, Geoff Hitchins. AUSTRALIA

This is John Archdeacon and I for one would definitely be interested in a director's cut of Night Breed. Please, do justice to this great film. Sincerely John Carlsbad, CA USA

Amanda Poughkeepsie, NY USA I would give up my first born child to see a restored version of Nightbreed with the extra missing footage! Nightbreed has been one of my favorite movies for a very long time. I think with the horror genre being so popular again it would be a really good idea to bring Nightbreed out of hiding. There's a whole new younger horror audience just waiting to be exposed to the awesome movie that is Nightbreed!

I'd buy it. Cabal's one of my favorite stories and while I own the regular Nightbreed DVD, I'd pay to see it done right. --Nik, NH, USA

I would very much like to see "NIght Breed" done properly. A remastered "director's cut" or "extended cut" would be fantastic. This is a great surreal horror/fantasy film that never really got it's proper due. The studio never seemed to back it right. A new DVD or especially Blu-Ray is what this film deserves. Thank you, Steve Kuzela

I'm writing this e-mail in support of a release of a directors cut of Nightbreed. I am from Vancouverm British COlumbia in Canada. Nightbreed has been one of my all time favorite movies (most of Clive Barkers movies are awesome....Even Rawhead Rex). This is an awesome idea. Extra footage, clean up the old film, comentary, come on, it's a no brainer. I think the extra footage would complete the film. Some differencr between Cabal and Nightbreed. I have been hoping and wishing for something more of this film, even a sequel (where did they all go after the Necropolis burnt and collapse??? They were all walking somewhere at the end of the movie) When I found out there was an extra 25 minutes of footage, I literally almost did a back flip. Seriously though, a "directors cut" DVD would just be awesome. thank you Doug Gardner

waiting for this forever. i would buy it in a heart beat. zachip Israel

I hope this helps the cause. I've met Clive many times over the years and he has always been so gracious with all fans. I've always wished to somehow or someway that I could work for or learn from the man directly. I got to be an extra on Lord of Illusions when I was 18. Co-incidentally I was also fortunate enough to attended the premiere of the film and Clive's art show soon afterwards by my home next to South Coast Plaza. Now I'm finally pursuing my dreams of becoming a cinematographer currently enrolled and attending UCLA's cinematography program. Needless to say, Clive's artwork, films and above all, books, have had a huge impact on me ever since I saw the original Hellraiser in my pursuit to become a filmmaker. Nightbreed is and has been a very underrated film. I got these [posters] signed by Clive ages ago. I think I was 15 or so. I remember I set them down on the table as someone announced that Clive would only be signing two items per person. I dropped these two so I could bring out a Hellraiser poster and Clive quickly signed these and my poster before I could react. He put a finger up to his lips, like ssssHHHH. Very cool. That made my day. I would love to have an uncut of Nightbreed, Blu Ray or not. As I think all fans would appreciate any and all cut materials from his films. At this point I don't believe there is any excuse not to move forward and just put it out on Blu though. Brent

Just saw on your website that a Nightbreed director's cut could be happening... ... Please, do not hesitate! I am pretty sure there is a strong core of fans who would get frenzy over the DVD. I would. Nicolas, from France

Hello; oh my, that would be so great to see that lost footage restored back into 'Nightbreed', one of my favorite cult gems ever!! Definitely count me in!!! I love this movie!!! Cheerz! Aaron Bevins (New Zealand)

Given the shocking (no pun intended) state of the horror movie genre at the moment, a chance to restore a 'So nearly classic HORROR' film needs to be vigerously persued. The restoration of the missing footage may not only give fans of the genre as a whole a film they deserve but it may also restore Clive's faith in the film medium and get back behind the camera where he is so desperately needed. Chris Smithson

Night Breed is in my Top 10 of most favorite horror movies. If there will be chance to buy extended cut in new remastered special/limited edition on DVD or even BluRay disc, I will immediately order it for any price. We waited too long and we deserve it! :) Jiri Hagar, Czech Republic

A long time favorite, I would love to have a director's cut of this film. It's long overdue! Hank USA

My name is Leigh Taylor and I live in Cardiff, Wales in the UK I would most definitely fork out some of my well earned cash to own a director's cut of Nightbreed! Best of luck with everything and hopefully we'll see the film that Clive Barker always wanted us to see on our shelves! Regards Leigh

im absolutely gagging to see the uncut nightbreed, i truely love this film and realising its full potential; re0instate the full story and plot, the florrid characterisation, the excised dialogue scenes, lets get this 2 citizen kane" of monster-movies back where it belongs, full to bursting with weirdness, bizzarity and seering beauty! i would love to see all the deleted scens seemlessly intercut back into this masterpeice, this was clives most ambitious work, de-railed by the pure idiocy and clueless inerference of the know-nothing corporate studio bodz. and to say theres no commercial interest in this movie is borderline moronic, just imagine this back on the silver screen, it would kick-ass, and id love to own it on dvd and blue-ray, we just the right marketing campaign trumpeting its toal overhall and re-birth ( not as the "stalk and slash" picture it was originally marketed as----the idiots!, no wonder clive was angry )so count me in at the forefront of this ' bring back nightbreed' campaign, BRING BACK NIGHTBREED!!!,lots of love, mike,cornwall uk/england. ps. and yes, i own 'nightbreed' on vhs and dvd! :)
ps. i also own the american poster and danny elfman score/soundtrack.................just imagine an uncut film cinema release and dvd release simultanously done, it would prove irresistable! :)

I would definitely would purchase a director's cut of Nightbreed on DVD! I'm sure there are many people like myself who are still replacing copies of VHS movies with the DVD versions. The opportunity to get an extended version of this movie would be icing on top of the cake! Robyn Warne United States

I would definitely purchase the "Nightbreed" Director's Cut (I bought the barebones one just to support the premise of a future uncut version). I also have at least two more friends who I know would be willing to pay for it. - Travis Lowell, U.S.A.

Are you kidding? I've been waiting for years and years for that very thing. I only recently purchased the currently available DVD because my VHS player finally died and I could no longer watch the tape I'd bought some 13 years ago. I kept putting off on the DVD because I kept hearing rumors that a new version, with an extended cut, or at least bonus material was just over the horizon. Of course, I kept hearing that for far too long. It's disappointing to see the attitude by the film companies persisting to this day regarding this film. It's completely worthy of a new, full featured release. I guess there's just more money in making shoddy, utterly depressing remakes. I'd absolutely love to see this happen. -k

I would like to see a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. Doruk Golcu

I've been dying to see this movie, and what better way to see it, then in its full, uncut director's vision. Why watch a watered down version? I say bring on the director's cut and the sooner, the better. Darren Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi, my name is Katarina, I'm from Russia, I'm a "number one fan" of Nightbreed (my art is fully connected with the movie- and for sure? I'd be HAPPY to see more of the movie,and I know lots of people, here in Russia,, who would be happy to see an extended version of Nightbreed. For there is no a better movie, than NIGHTBREED! REALLY GREAT NEWS :))))))))))) AT LAST!!!! I'm anxiously expecting for more info!

Love to see the footage! CrimsonLies

Hi,My name it Elena, I want to support releasing an extended version of Nightbreed on DVD.I like all Clive's works, and everything he does, wanna know and see more of Peloquin, Oliver Parker behind the scenes.

Sign me up for this! Nightbreed is one of my absolute favorite films, I would love to see this!!! C

a long-awaited reality? A VERY long-awaited reality! Wanna have the uncut version now, I hope i would have a chance to buy it. Ruslan, Russia

Hello, I'm Nastiya,Russia I'm a fan of Clive Barker, and especially I like Nightbreed, I'm glad to here that there is a possibility to see a new, extended version of Nightbreed. Very good idea.

An extended version of Nightbreed is a good idea, now i'll be waiting for it. Karina. Russia.

Yeah!!!!! I'd buy the uncut version, I'm in

Me from germany would also very much appreciate an extended version of this fantastic movie. I'd either buy it as import, or even as a future german release which would also have a lot of fans over here. So please don't bury all the fan's hopes and finally bring us what we've been waiting for so damn long :o) Thank you in advance! Greeting from germany, Sebastian

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. A.

Hello, I`m from Spain and i very interested in extended version of Nightbreed. Sorry, my english is bad. :-) I see this movie in cinema when i am a child, and i love all the work or Clive Barker. Carlos.

I LOVE this movie; it even made me track down and read Cabal when it first came out, and I've seen it more times than I can remember. The thought that Clive had a director's cut and that the footage is just sitting out there, doing nothing but wait for a loud enough voice to wake it up...well, hopefully everyone here can together motivate the right people to open the vault and restore Clive's original vision. There's an excuse for a theatrical release to keep the film under a certain duration, but there's really no excuse with the advent of DVD and digital technology. WANT EXTENDED NIGHTBREED! -Ed P.S. Thanks for doing this!

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed

I would love to be able to buy this DVD!! Nicholas K. Kopsian

Chris Holder usa I want the uncut nightbreed.It was a great film sent me

I live in Wales, UK and would be very interested in a Nightbreed Director's Cut DVD or even BluRay. We don't even have a vanilla DVD version over here and I would welcome anything, especially a director's cut with loads of input from Clive himself. PS. Can't wait for The Scarlet Gospels either! Regards, Nigel Harvey

As a fan of horror and Clive Barker for a long time I and many fans have been aware of the extra footage that was lost. We have lusted for years what this would add to this movie and now that this footage has been found it's only right that this version is made available to us Clive Barker fans. We would love to see the directors true vision of this underrated classic which deserves a directors cut if Lord of Illusions got one why not Nightbreed. Jason Williams in the U.K.

My name is Jon S. Garrett and I live in Louisville, KY USA and I would love to see an extended cut of Nightbreed released on DVD. It has been shown lately with movies like Monster Squad and Night Of The Creeps that these hidden treasure films are well loved and wanted by fans, so please release this. Thanks.

yes please, on blu ray, Lloyd

Yeah, I'd buy a director's cut of Nightbreed. I always liked it but thought it was execrably edited. I'd love to see the original version. Ron Leming Amarillo, TX

This movie was one of the best horrors fantasies of the 90s, The only recent movie I can think of that bears any kind of resemblance to the tone and style of this movie is Pans labrynth. I would definitely buy the Directors cut if it comes out. Niall

Lost footage? I saw this movie in the theaters when i was a little kid. Loved it then and still love it now!!! Best horror makeup effects ever! This movie was a milestone for a lot of horror movie fans. BRING ON THE DIRECTOR'S CUT!!! Lawrence Kwong

Hi from South Carolina in America. I moved here about three years ago from Germany. They and everybody else in Europe is very unfortunate, because a barebone US-DVD is the only way to own that classic legally on DVD. But to own this (at least in my opinion) already perfect movie in the extended version would be a dream come true. It worked with FROM BEYOND, why shouldn't it be worth it for NIGHTBREED? NIGHTBREED has more followers than FROM BEYOND, so that shouldn't be an issue to get the money back that you have to invest for remastering the old material and so on. Put it on the shelf and I buy it, no matter how much it would cost, I am dead serious about that. And a lot of fans think the exact same way, believe me. Well, I think I wrote enough, you get my point. Thanks in advance. Chris

I so want to see Nightbreed Director's cut!!! Please, make this happen! It would be so great to actually see the movie Clive wanted to film, as Clive wanted it to be. -- Jazmin Pisaco Buenos Aires, Argentina

I just wanted to write and say that I would *love* a Nightbreed DVD with extra footage! I'm one of those folks who's asked Clive about it at cons, and had pretty much given up on ever seeing it. Now that we know it exists, please share! Lorelei Feldman

Yes!! I would love to see a Director's cut of Nightbreed. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I would love to see a limited theatrical re-release too, but that may be wishful thinking... -- MonsterMidian Crosby

Hi. I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. -- Evgeniy Stepovoy, Russia

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. Nikolas

Wonderfull film, great idea and lovely characters. Extended version will be like cherry on great pie. Mupoxa

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. Brut

I love this movie! Don't miss the chance to restore the work of a great artist like Clive Barker. I'd buy it immediately, I'd even give money to contribute. Thanks. Matteo Allochis from Novara, Italy.

I'd buy it in an instant. Always loved the film. And it always felt just so damn CUT. To not release it (seeing as it is indeed possible) would be unforgivable. Duncan Skinner

Yes, a full, uncut, unrated, un-mutilated NIGHTBREED is loooong overdue! I would go out of my way to buy the DVD! Release it now!... W (USA)

I would firstly like to say how much I admire Clive Barker and his many forms of art. I have been a fan for many, many years. It would be amazing if Nightbreed was brought out as an extended DVD. The thing that would be even better if it were to be brought out on region 2 (UK), as all versions I have seen are for the American market (region 1), which as a UK fan I find it very unfair. Look forward to any future developments. Dark Kisses & Dark Dreams Vampyra xxxxxx

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed Alexander Russia

There are two reasons we need NIGHTBREED on DVD in all its loving archivist's glory. One is that it captures the raw expressionism of Clive Barker's imagination, invoking and revealing the influence of his work in the theater on his efforts in cinema. Barker is something of a Steven Spielberg of horror cinema, and this film proves his range within the fuzzy boundaries of dark fantasy. (It also brings his painterly vision to life on the screen -- no other Barker film looks as much like his framed paintings as this one!). The other reason the film is important to release in an expanded and restored version is the acting presence of David Cronenberg: as one of the bona fide living AUTUERS of Canadian cinema (if not postmodern cinema worldwide), his work in this project in front of -- rather than behind -- the camera for once is something akin to the presence of Truffaut in Spielberg's CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. Getting a director's cut with bonus features on DVD would attract Cronenberg scholars greatly. And the affinities between these two geniuses reveal a shared aesthetic that is an important legacy in genre scholarship. NIGHTBREED isn't just a popular film; it is a serious one, perhaps one of the last of its kind in genre, before the saturation of CGI in fantasy features. As a culture, we need this film. -- Dr. Michael A. Arnzen, Professor of English at Seton Hill University and Four-Time Bram Stoker Award Winning Horror Author

I have loved this movie since the first time I saw it, which was a long time ago. I own every media you can including the laser disc print of the movie. And I have waited either a sequal or prequal or a "directors cut" there was soooo many things that could come of this. And you have to remember there are millions of people out there who are closet "sci-fi / fantasy" lovers. And they need to be fidured in somehow too cause they'll be buying it as well. I hope this can come to fruition. Billy R. C. New York, NY. USA

I would buy. Hell Id get 2 really. Im kinda a nerd like that tho. Nasty

Thank you for your time and trouble. I would be very very interested in seeing a Director's/Extended cut of Nightbreed - A film I still regard as one of the best horror movies of recent times. I keep hope and look forward to seeing this film as originally intended. Regards, Sue

Need you even ask? Of course I want it. Silly question. Maureen

Lyndon Carroll - Wales, UK This is my favorite movie of all time, imported it from the US a few years back and have watched it countless times. The book too is a personal favorite. I myself over the years have met many who love the movie as much and I introduce people to it as often as possible, always with good response. Please release the directors cut!

Yes please! More Nightbreed would be great! Dave Bruce, Cookeville TN

It's worth the effort. Jack

My name is Joe from Rhode Island and I have been waiting for years for a Director's Cut of Nightbreed to be released. It is my favorite horror film of all-time and I know of many many others that would spend money on a new dvd release along with myself. Thank you for your consideration.

I am a relatively new fan and have read about nightbreed and saw it on cable a few months ago. I would love for an extended version to come out especially with a commentary. I have been tempted to buy it in the store but always thought better of it because I was thinking a more definitive version would be out. My country of residence is the United States. Thank you Kimberly

Count me in on the petition. -- Regards, Elizabeth Anne Ensley

Just thought I'd let you know that I would love a director's cut of Nightbreed. Region 1 & 2 please. br, Jan-Erik Finland

Great news on the Nightbreed director's cut-Please make this happen!Blu-ray,a new documentary and a commentary would be nice as well!MFROBB from the UK.

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed! Vit

Yes, we got hellraiser on blu, now release Nightbreed on blu ray. Nightbreed original version and extended cut was made for 1080p. If this came out 20 years ago on laserdisc, I would of easily spent 100 dollars for it, This is a must have. A commentary by barker and cronenberg would be the icing on the cake. Joe, Fairbanks AK.

I'd DEFINITELY be interested in buying this. It's so annoying that an official release isn't available. It's one of my favourite films. Hope this receives the interest it merits from Clive's fanbase. Regards, Gary Mallon (Ireland)

My name is Marcus Cooper, and I currently live in Bermuda. A blu-ray region 1 release would be wonderful. And next time you see Clive tell him he has fans on a little Island ;) have fun Marcus

Hi my name is Peter Diethelm, and I'm writing from Switzerland.I am a big fan of that movie and i waited already years to see the dir.cut.So please make it happen!

Hello! I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. Thank You

Kai writing in from Germany. Just heard about Your project and am excited about an extended/director's cut edition of Nightbreed. Please make it happen!!!

I welcome a new director approved restored edit of this movie. I have fond memories of seeing it in a theater years before acquiring the source novella and own Nightbreed on dvd...but I would gladly purchase a special edition. Other movies such as Witchfinder General, the original My Bloody Valentine and From Beyond earned greatly anticipated (by fans) restored dvd releases, why not Clive Barker's ambitious sophomore effort? Jeff

Hi there - saw a link to your email on imdb, with regards to the lost Nightbreed footage. Please please PLEASE add my name to any petition, fanlist, etc that gets us closer to an extended or special edition of the movie. Kind regards, Many thanks... ...and keep up the amazing work! David A. Klein

I would love a director's cut of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray. Nightbreed is important as Clive's second movie and deserves his final touch on a new release. I didn't buy the DVD because there was nothing to it. But a Blu-Ray...hell yes. Thank you. Jeffrey N. McMahan, author, Somewhere in the Night and Vampires Anonymous Los Angeles, USA

Please do what you can to finally get the Nightbreed footage released. I've owned the bare DVD for several years, and as my wife can attest, it is one of the best horror films to come out in the last 25 years. A new DVD release would be great, but Blu-ray would be insanely awesome. Thank you for all the hard work! Jason Dowell

Please add my name to the "release Nightbreed with extra footage" list. Patty, USA Nightbreed is one of the best, most original monster movies from that era. I saw it in a theater when I was a senior in high school with my best friend, a gay teen who hadn't come out of the closet yet. I was completely unaware of the film's subtext at the time, but I remember my friend (who didn't like horror very much) thanking me for forcing him to see it, and he later cited the film as one of the things that helped give him the courage to come out. True story.

They've done director's cuts on dozens of grade z horror movies, why not do a director's cut of a good one? Sari Michgan, U.S.A.

PLEASE release the uncut/additional footage!!! This movie HAS a fan base that has been DYING to see it!!! - Neil Kloster

Are you kidding me, I refuse to watch the movie again (even though I love it) until the missing footage is put back in. Yes, Yes, Yes, let Clive do his thing and save this classic. What do we have to do to help Thanks Curtis Dalton Ft. Myers FL

I've been a big fan of Nightbreed, and would love a director's cut. Dave

We want a Director's Cut version of Nightbreed! Chris, Amanda, Spencer, and Grahm. East Peoria, IL

I live in Lancaster, California, and would love the chance to spend my money on an official director's cut of Nightbreed! I have been waiting for this even before I found out that there was additional footage available. And when can I expect a sequel??? Very sincerely, Michael David Ervin

Wow I stumbled o'er to Clive's site to find that twitter about Pascal Laugier dropping from Hellraiser remake, and looky what I found! Nightbreed is by far one of the most underrated horror flicks to ever be filmed, and its enormous cult following more than justifies a proper DVD edition with the cut footage and much desired extras (like commentary). SO let's get this version out there so that a new generation can discover this hidden gem, and then, hope of all hopes, maybe even enough people would take interest that those money hungry studio execs might consider funding the LONG overdue Nightbreed sequel. _kelly.King New Orleans, LA, USA

hello my name is Guy Schembra , i have been a clive barker fan for many years and i think it would be a horrible loss for the missing footage to never see the light of day.

Hey! I just wanted to show my support for the Nightbreed Director's cut. We have to make this happen!!!! - Tiffany Blume, US

i live here in nyc and i know dozens of people who would riot for this !! -thanks , amy graham

I for one would LOVE to see a Nightbreed: Director's Cut. Ever since I saw the film on a vhs at Blockbuster Video i've been a fan. Bought the dvd the day it came out and bought the Danny Elfman score. Also, bought a ton of Nightbreed comics off Ebay. You should by now have the gist of this e-mail. I would imagine Entertainment Weekly would also give the director's cut a little publicity as Nightbreed is listed in the "100 Great Films You Never Heard Of." Should the studios say no... We could always pitch in money to hire a ninja to access the vault... I think a director's cut of Nightbreed would be the perfect way to make amends and prove that studios really are listening to what the fans want instead of pumping out remakes. -Zach Tow-

Yes! Greetings, Tom Dreibrodt Germany

I'd be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. Tim

As an avid Barker fan in the UK I have the US version of Nightbreed (which I love) but there has to be a proper extended version of this, plus extras. The movie is great and holds key memories for me, so I'd love to watch an extended cut of this remastered in the UK. PLEASE make it so! Can't wait to hear some good news.... Good luck! Ian.

My favourite adaptation of any of Clive's books! Although I do think it should have retained its title of Cabal! Paul

If the director's cut of Lord of Illusions is any indicator, DVDs of Mr. Barkers films will sell well, and make the movie far stronger if its the original cut. Nightbreed was a fascinating but choppy film...virtually every issue that can be had with it now, with the exception of it not being your type of film, can be traced back to the cuts. Since the footage is easily available, people want to see this, Mr. Barker wants to see it happen, and it will make money (to existing fans, as well as converts now that the narrative will be fully developed)...what are ya waiting for? Tim Prasuhn Los Angeles, CA

I would definately pay to see an extended version of Nightbreed. Thanks for everything you're doing to get this for us. Best wishes, Spencer

A Blu-ray director's cut of the restored version of Nightbreed would be top of my purchase list! Please find this lost piece of art and place it in the museum it belongs - the 'director's cut'. Thanks. Phil

My name is Maurizio and I live in in California (originally from London U.K.) I first saw Nightbreed in 1990 when it was released and loved it, it's always been a favorite. I know so many people that love Clive Barker and thought that Nightbreed was never really understood for the classic it is. We need a Director's Cut!!!!!!!!!

One more vote for a souped up special edition! Robert

Hey there! A D.C. of Nightbreed would be amazing! ItŽs bought the day itŽs out, I promise!!! Greetz, Torsten

Consider this my vote for a much needed director's cut release of Nightbreed!! Rich Rosell Frankfort, IL 60423

Love this movie and would purchase a director's cut in a heartbeat! Paul

I was referred to this address by a friend of mine and fellow fan of films based on Clive Barker's work, and would like to express my support of efforts towards restoring and releasing a director's cut of his film NIGHTBREED. With so many advancements in recovering once thought lost film-footage, I'm sure it is possible to release Mr. Barker's complete vision to droves of his fans, as well as many wanting fans of fantasy-horror in general. --Stanley Book

I've just been reading about the Director's Cut of Nightbreed and thought I'd come and e-mail you. I'm of the people in the UK who would love to see this film. I've got a bad copy of the film I recorded from the TV... so long ago I can't remember when. So, to see the film in a good condition of DVD/Blue-Ray would be great. And the extra footage would be great too. Hope to be one of the many Clive fans who'll be able to watch this great film. Ollie

I would buy it in a New York minute. Finally we - the fans would get a chance to see Clive's true vision. Add me to the list. John Herndon Chicago, IL

Love me some Tribes of the Moon. I would sooooo buy this as a new DVD. -Steve

I loved the movie as a kid, and would like to see if they could salvage it. I always wanted a sequel to that unique, little movie. I'd definitely purchase an extended director's cut with the missing footage added back in, or at least available as an extra feature. Add my name to the list!! Ben Rogers (USA)

It's about time this film was put back the way it was supposed to be. Please add my name to those in support of a restoration, with Best regards, Gregory Avery, Oregon


I also want to ask Clive Barker if the director's cut of "Nightbreed" will ever be released, as it is my favorite fantasy!! C'mon, Clive, throw us a bone! Michael

I would absolutely buy Nightbreed directors cut, in fact if it was on Blu-Ray I'd more than likely pre-order it. Bruce U.S.A

I just stumbled upon the Fangoria article on the lost footage from Nightbreed. I'm not your typical horror 'fanboy' (I'm 49 years old, happily married for 26 years, and have 3 young adult children ... guess that makes me a 'fanman'). I've never even read Fangoria or visited it's website before a random search led me to it tonight.
But I did grow up watching and enjoying horror and sci-fi films from a young age and watched films like the original Friday The 13th and Halloween in the theaters when they first came out (actually I used to watch the original Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, and all the Godzilla/Gamera-type movies on TV when I was like 5 or 6 years old, as well as the original un-edited Monty Python on PBS ... no wonder why my movie tastes are warped!). I also was fortunate to have seen Nightbreed and it is one of my favorite all-time movies ... I bought it on DVD as soon as it was released.
I would buy an extended version (on DVD or Blu-Ray) the day it came out. I guarantee there are lots of older potential customers like me that have good taste in great horror movies and have the cash to buy the movie. I got my first HDTV a year ago, bought my first HDMI Receiver and 5.1 speakers recently, and have an Oppo DV-983 DVD player and got a Panasonic BD-55 Blu-Ray player for Christmas along with my first Blu-Ray movies. In 6 months I've purchased 51 Blu-Ray movies. I also just got the new Oppo Blu-Ray player (guess I need a second HDTV!) Thanks Mike Gilbert

NIghtbreed is a work of genius, and for too long it has been unobtainable in Australia, and the one we finally get is a vanilla R1...typical!! I personally will relish the day that this film receives the DVD release it deserves, a directors cut. Typical suit thinking.....release it in one country with a poor quality release and then assume there is no market for it when sales are not what they want them to be......release the directors cut to the world wide audience that wants it, then you will see the strength of its will have my hard earned money!!!! Aaron Marshall Australia

I would definetely be interested in buying an extended edition, preferebly on Bluray, but standard dvd would be better than nothing. Sincerely Jesper Mikkelsen - Denmark.

Luke Applebee reporting in from Australia. I'm one of those Barker fans who would pay for an uncut DVD of Nightbreed. That movie (I saw Hellraiser 1 not long after) got me into Barker's fiction. If it wasn't for Nightbreed I would have have been - and still would be - deprived of the fantastic prose contained in Cabal. And Weaveworld ...

I would like to add my voice to the choir of the many other comments already posted on the Revelations site and offer my enthusiastic support for an extended version of 'Nightbreed'. This is already a classic movie, however a Director's Cut evolution of it, particularly if re-mastered, is the best way we devotees, and Clive, will get to experience anything approaching the original vision for this movie, which was only ever intended to be epic to say the least. The 'Star Wars' of monster movies, wasn't it? Power to the people, I say. This is what fans really want to see and there will be massive demand for fact, you'd better hold onto your horns. I have promoted this on my Facebook profile page and will continue to do so. All the very best. Jo Redmond, England.

I'm David, from Melbourne, Australia. I'd like to suggest that a new release of 'Nightbreed' could be assisted by stressing the gay subtext in the film, and marketing the release in such a manner as to invite a reappraisal with respect to 'queer cinema' film criticism. Confirming genre audience interest is one thing, but by convincing The Powers That Be that a new release could appeal to wider demographics might help.

My name is Lee Clarke i live in the United Kingdom and im very very intrested in seeing a directors cut of Clive Barker's classic Nightbreed released.

Yes please!!! DaN McKee, UK

I would love a director's cut blu ray of Nightbreed. I think it is Clive's best movie (although they are all great)... Definately worthy of the upgrade!!! Who do I have to kill to make this happen??? Lance

Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I would support a Director's Cut of "Nightbreed". It has endured as one of my favorite films of all time since its release (and I do watch an awful lot of films). It would be pure shame to allow this under-appreciated gem fall through the cracks into completely forgotten obscurity and deprive a whole new generation of horror and fantasy fans of the pleasure. Let's resurrect this gorgeous and haunting tale (with quite a potent lesson to teach about prejudice) the way it was meant to be seen. In addition, with many recent and upcoming Clive Barker projects in the works, what better time to release it and draw attention to it? I would probably buy about a dozen copies, not just for myself but for friends who also love it and for friends who have never had the good fortune to experience it for themselves. - Naomi Kashinsky Washington DC

I would buy an uncut Nightbreed in a heartbeat. This film has been neglected for way too long! -David Andreas, NY

I would definitely buy a copy of NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT on DVD or Blu-Ray, in fact I've been hoping and waiting for this release for years. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later. Kevin E. U.S.A.

A complete, uncut version of Nightbreed is a fantastic idea. Clive Barker should be allowed to give his MANY fans the film he intended in it's entirety. After all, 25 extra minutes... that's 25% more Nightbreed! What a jaw-dropping, drool-inducing, frontal-lobe-exploding thought. Not only will I buy it, but I'll make sure everyone I know gets one too. POP! oh, there goes my frontal-lobe... Merle, Canada

You got my vote for the Nightbreed Dir. Cut. I loved this movie from the first time I saw it - for its colourful darkness in an unparalleled parallel universe, for its celebration of the wonderfully monstrous - and for showing us pitiful humans who are so afraid of otherness that they can only hate what they consider different. However, I always felt that something is missing in this movie, too, particularly when comparing it to the novella "Cabal." Maybe it's just "a song, some violence, some structure?" All the best Chris

OF COURSE there is call for release of Nightbreed with the formerly 'missing footage'. I loved the movie and the mere thought there are bits and pieces I haven't seen is exciting. i would buy it in a heartbeat if released, and another copy for my sister. HUGE Clive Barker fans. Kim USA

I am all for this getting done. I go to many Horror conventions and trust me there are thousands upon thousands of fans of this film. It would be a shame to let this amazing film die in a vault when so many lesser quality films have gotten the special edition treatment. Please do this !

Dave Hessler from Florida............. Yep. I'd buy an extended version of Nightbreed in a heartbeat. One of my fave Clive stories (Cabal) as well as films. I hope it can be made to happen and best of luck!

Want it. Need it. Must have it! Only have the standard DVD, but would most assuredly get this if and when it is available. Leigh

Just registering my interest in an extended edition of Nightbreed! J Thanks, Helen

Just seen this and we wanted to add support to the restoration of Nightbreed. We're both huge fans of the movie, as you might have guessed, and have been waiting years to see the 'lost' footage. It's like the Holy Grail of missing film! So yes, definitely, we'd go straight out and buy it - in fact we'd probably buy several for friends and family, too. Paul and Marie.

I am extremely pleased to see I am not the only one who considers Night Breed to be a ruined, nay LOST masterpiece. I have posted on facebook to get folks to drop you a line and lend their support. Possibly one of the greatest fantasy-horror films was ruined by studio interference (quel surprise!) and lack of faith. Well I say "make the Director's Cut and prove them all wrong!" "Print and be damned" if you will :) I would like to lend my wholehearted support to Clive & his team. If we fans have to pay in advance to get this done - we will do it. WE appreciate true talent when we see it! Kind Regards Elizabeth Molloy (Mrs), England

I loved Nightbreed when I saw it in the theater 20 years ago. But have always known it was never Barker's complete version. I would buy a Blu-ray/dvd extended/directors cut in a heartbeat! Please include all the material even if you must offer a visually "perfect" version along with the VHS/poor quality version of the "lost" footage included as a bonus. Jason

my name is William Elliott, i am an avid Clive Barker fan and i am setting in my petition for NightBreed to be released onto DVD with directors cut footage added. failure to do so will result in legions of angry horror movie fans going " what the hell ?!" , i jest though . i really would love to see this movie make it to DVD with directors cut footage added , but more then that i would cherish and love it if this epic tale of love and unity among monsters metaphorically speaking or literally were to have a sequel , although I am sure that is impossible the Directors cut will suffice. On a latter note towards the sequel , this age of movie goers have no real horror movies to see , nothing original , they regurgitate old films with new actors and directors . making a sequel to this film isn't exactly original but its more so then any horror films made presently .

Not only am I interested, I would upgrade to a Blue Ray player just to get it. I'm in - good luck for all of our sakes! Franc

i am a longtime fan of clive. i have been waiting to add nightbreed to my dvd collection for sometime because of directors cut rumors. i really loved the movie despite what the critics had to say. please try and make this happen. ed ny, usa

I would LOVE to see Nightbreed.... It's worth it!!! It's worth it!!! Querus Abuttu

SatanicaDiaboli Hampton, Virginia USA. I would be the first person in line to buy the Director's Cut of Nightbreed.

I'm an avid horror fan and distribution exec and have to say Nightbreed is one of my favorites as was the novel it was based on Cabal. Please consider releasing the extended directors cut as I'd buy it in a sec. Or sequel? Best, Melvin Butters

I would definitely buy an extended edition DVD of Nightbreed. I already have the standard version, but I'm sure that any added footage would only help to serve in fulfilling Clive Barker's original vision for this film. Recent film franchises such as the Saw and Hostel movies, as well as remakes of such classics as Friday the Thirteenth and Texas Chainsaw Massacre have demonstrated that horror movies will always hold a place in the hearts of many audience members. Many fans of Nightbreed may not have bought the standard DVD because they know that it is not the movie that Clive Barker intended it to be. I , for one, did not buy the standard DVD when it was first released because I was waiting for a director's cut. Mr. Barker's fans know that if he authorizes an extended cut of Nightbreed, it will be a major improvement over the original theatrical release. I have already convinced several fans of horror and fantasy films to check out Nightbreed, and I will be even more enthusiastic about recommending an extended version of this film. Thank you, Owen, United States of America

Saw this at Yes, it would be great if Nightbreed was released with a director's cut. I used to watch Nightbreed over and over, until the VCR tape wore out. I always felt that something was missing. Still it has remained one of my favorite films. Good luck. Russel Mobley

To see the director's cut of Night Breed released. Would def. be worthwhile to put out the unreleased footage, quite alot of fans have been hoping for this. Criztopha

Please add me to the list of people who would buy the Nightbreed Director's Cut on DVD or Blu-ray. Thank You, Dave Strohmenger

Diz Wright USA I would love to see an extended cut of "Nightbreed"! I loved the movie but always suspected there was something missing, also would love to see a sequel.

I'm a huge fan of Clive's. Have read most of his books, all the comics based on his work & all his films. I loved seeing "Nightbreed" when I was younger, and then reading "Cabal" enriched that even further... Everyone involved has my strongest support. A "Director's Cut" would be awesome, even a re-release with excised footage as special features would be great as it would warrant my local DVD retailers to sell it. This would be fantastic, as currently none of them stock "Nightbreed" on DVD or have access to ordering it in for me. To see and own it as Clive would have envisioned rather than how the bean counters and bureaucrats' wanted it, however, would be the ultimate. Fight the good fight. Blair R Kennedy

if this comes to be. I would personally buy a copy in a second. I saw the film in the theatre when it was originally released and I loved it. I have owned a copy of it on vhs for a long time, and was considering replacing it on dvd many times but have held off hoping that the rumors of a directors cut are true. I just read about the 145 min workprint and so!!! hope that it can be cleaned up to releaseable quality with hopefully an interview and comentary from Mr Barker. this would make my waiting so!!!! worth it. I know that for a long time, Mr Barker has been pushing for a restored version of the film and how the studio meddled greatly with it prior to its release. possibly? a more horror-centric video label like anchor bay would be interested in purchasing the rights and making this all happen?

You have to release Nightbreed with the lost footage. Love this movie. Leo

Nightbreed is a fascinating film, one I always particularly enjoyed in it's current state, but one I would certainly enjoy even more if it reflected the wishes of it's director. I never bought the barebones US dvd release because I (as many other fans) always expected the film to receive a better release, as it deserves (and as was rumored at the time to be in the works, something that unfortunately never happened), but I would certainly purchase a Blu-Ray release of it, especially if it's maker was allowed to show us his original vision. Joao Bastos Portugal

U.S. Fan here, I would definitely love to see Nightbreed in it's full form, as I have always been a huge Clive Barker fan. To see this film in it's entirety would be awesome. Hopes this happens, Dale

YES!!! I am one of the many who have wanted to see the original cut of the movie. I have waited on ever rumor, only to have it dashed. I sometimes have to wonder about the management and executives in Hollywood and what they base their decisions on--considering the spend larger amounts of money on lesser important or money generating projects. BRING ON THE EXTENDED CUT!!! Alex Devereaux--A Nightbreed FAN!

I for one would love to see the extended dvd of Nighbreed. It has been one of my favorite films sense the first time I saw it. If there is anything we can do or anyone else we can write to make this happen let me know. Jason

I would Love to buy a copy of this film I always wanted a sequel which never happened, although we got many crappy Hellraiser sequels! and the original I still watch from time to time cause even today is still a masterpiece of the genre, Clive Barker has always been a true Terror master and this movie shows his many talent. To think a almost hour long extended cut exists makes me very excited and I would gladly throw down my cash to see it over and over again BRING IT ON PLEASE!!!!!!! Alan

im interested in seeing nightbreed's uncut footage keep me posted Burt

Les Trauth USA An extended Nightbreed would be a definite buy for me.

Zolly Becker of Minnesota, the greatest hero of the modern age! Nightbreed is awesome. I would love to see the original cut in full 1080p with lossless sound. Every owner of a Blu Ray player is in the exact demo (Sci-fi nerds) for who would certainly buy Nightbreed.

This is Angelique from the US. I fell in love with Nightbreed when I first watched it and have always wished for a director's cut of this amazing film. Clive Barker is a genius and it wasn't fair that this beautiful movie was cut the way it was. I'm crossing my fingers for this director's cut!!! Midian forever, Angelique

I'm overjoyed to find out that the directors cut has been unearthed! I thought it was one of those long lost treasures that would never see the light of day. I would buy the Directors Cut in a second and I know several other people who would too. Best of luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed

I'm Jerome and I'm from the U.S. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about a director's cut for Nightbreed- I was floored. It's about time this was considered and I hope this happens. This would be a dream come true. Clive Barker rules!!

Jon Krantz from Merrillville, In would love to owne a copy of the extended edition on Blu-Ray.

My boyfriend and I would be SO excited if a director's cut came out. We wanted more the very first time we watched it and hopefully there will be soon! Elizabeth C. USA

We need Nightbreed on Bluray & DVD more than some "New" REMAKE of a classic. 1st day Bluray buy for me!!! BikerBeast TN,USA

I'm here to show my support! Shane Tea French ct I've been waiting, hordes of fans have been talking about this in dark rooms, high schools, conventions, & at work since the 80's!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve lemessurier calgary alberta canada.....i would definatly buy a blu-ray directors cut of this

A directors cut release of night breed would be awesome because i would just absolutely love to see the lost footage i would definite pay the money for this one. Kyle

I enjoy the film as is, but I usually always support a Director's Cut DVD. Being a Barker fan, a Directors version of Nightbreed would be impossible to pass up. eric

This has to happen, if there is extra footage we the fans want to see this! You want to make money from us right? Here's your chance! H.Morris Louisville, Ky.

This is Enio Chiola and I would greatly appreciate a kick ass version of the extended version of NightBreed!

I'd love to see the director's cut of Nightbreed! The film fascinates me and I can only imagine what a director's cut would do to me! -Adam

I am a big fan of both CABAL and Nightbreed, and while Nightbreed was an awesome film with (IMHO) the same caliber as the underrated Lord of Illusions, I felt that having read Cabal first that the Nightbreed film was missing such key moments such as Boone biting Lori and making her a Nightbreed (one of his special abilities to make anyone a Nightbreed) and from memory the fact that Decker himself was one of the breed. So hell yes - let's get that Nightbreed Special Edition released for us Barker fans (and to-be Barker fans). The power of the fanbase does have an enduring quality and power, just look at the Werewolf TV series from 1987. After years of screaming for a dvd release, it's finally getting released 22 yrs later on DVD. If that CAN happen then surely Nightbreed Extended Edition should be a go ahead. We need Great and Quality horror out there, it's just not the teens that watch horror movies. I am 34 and grew up on Count Yorga, Hammer Horror and Eurohorror, AND I still LOVE horror. Let us deliver this wonderful movie to horror fans old and new! Horrifically Yours, Gabriel InAstra Brisbane, Australia.

I'm so excited right now I just read the news about the extended workprint. I LOVE Nightbreed and I have been hoping all of these years that the footage is found and that the movie is released in its proper light. I believed sooner or later it would be found, The fans want re-entry into Midian. The tribes of the moon have spoken, I know it will happen!!! You have my word on purchasing the movie on whatever format it is released on. Thank you for your time!! ~Julian Fernandez From New Jersey

I spent 30 bones on the bare bones dry dvd when came out back in 2002,I have always love Cabal the Nightbreed is based on, I would most diffently a directors cut of the film. Fireassredhead69

I still have the pamphlet with all the main characters that was handed out when this movie first hit the video shelves. Not only would I buy this version, but I'd make sure all my friends would also. I'd give anything to see more of old zipperface. sansimian, USA

Another vote to add to your list Gavin Keep Australia

Nightbreed deserves to be seen in its extended version. It's a powerful movie and has a loyal following. Bring it on! Mark Hockley England.

Clive Barker is one of my fav writers and directors and Nightbreed is in my top 10 horror movies of all time. I would love to see a director's cut version and although I would buy any version, I would be especially interested in a blu-ray version of it . And please press the studios to bring Hellraiser II: Hellbound to blu-ray also. The first Hellraiser is the greatest horror film of all time, right along side with the Exorcist and I love the blu-ray transfer.... Ronald Kuka (Hardcore Horror Fanatic)....

Yes, most definitely I'd buy a copy of a new uncut version of Night Breed! Paul McMahon

I would DEFINITELY buy it, preferrably on BluRay of course but if DVD is the only option I'll still buy. Best regards, Robert (from Sweden)

My name is Miha Rinne and I have been fan of clive's since late eighties. I reside in Kauniainen, Finland. The only reason I have been checking frequently in to your website during last 3 years has been my hope of hearing some news about nightbreed extended version. I am ready to buy almost any price for a special edition in blu-ray, even in DVD or VHS! I am willing to buy even a copy of that VHS workprint, even if it were expensive

Yes, I would absolutely buy an uncut Nightbreed the second it was released on DVD. I'm in the UK and the studio has my money the second they decide to sell it to me (along with Night Of The Creeps and The Monster Squad but that's another story...) Nightbreed remains one of the great movies butchered by uncomprehending executives at the time of its release, and both Clive and the movie deserve an uncut version to be seen. Paul

this is awesome news. For years we were hustling with the Warner Home Video Guys over at the HTF-Chats for this gem. The standard reply was that the material could not be located. Hopefully they now come to realize that Clive Barker is still a hot property. With "Midnight Meat Train" on the shelves and a possibly "Hellraiser"-Remake on the horizon there should be a new audience out there to discover this lost but not forgotten gem. Best regards, Kay Pinno. Chief editor

thanks for letting the fans of nightbreed know that the missing footage has been found,ever since i saw this in gorezone many years ago,and the stills shown in that mag,fans of nightbreed always knew there was much more to it,the mpaa cut out so much. Fans of this movie have been dying for a region 2 release vhs, laserdisc,& R1 just doesnt cut it,anymore. This movie often turns up on BBC 1 late at night, i would happily lend my support as well as my money to get Nightbreed the full uncut directors version out there,i cannot think of a more deserving film for a bluray release worldwide. This film is a genre classic,and with growing support from the fans and clive barker i wish you all the best,add my name to that ever growing list. yours sincerely Nicola Clements

Hi. I speak for myself and all of my friends who are horror fanatics and own the Region 1 bare-bones Nightbreed DVD that we would definitely put down money for a copy of the director's cut. It's such a fantastic genre film and I cannot wait to see the footage restored as Clive intended it. Please make this available! You guys rock! Thanks, James Munson

I can not believe we have to "beg" for a Nightbreed Directors Cut/Special Edition......WTF... But, Hey if it works.... To who it may concern...I bought the book, movie ticket, VHS & DVD I'm just waiting to spend more money on Nightbreed.... Thanks - John - Yonkers, NY

This is Enio Chiola and I would greatly appreciate a kick ass version of the extended version of NightBreed!

I just read about the quest to bring the director's cut of Nightbreed finally to the fans and I have to say I am frothing at the mouth. I was and am an enormous fan of Cabal and loved Nightbreed, remembering differences between the novel and the film and furthermore remembering seeing a shot of Decker with Narcisse's head in tow in an old issue of Fango. I have been holding out for a director's cut of the film ever since I saw that pick and am now finally seeing it close to fruition. Ash The Parafactor

gabriel martinez u.s.a.

I don't know of a single horror fan who wouldn't be interested in an extended cut of Nightbreed. This is an important film in the genre and a triumph of Clive's imagination brought to screen; easily the best movie with Clive's name attached. Joe Bizek Austin, TX USA


My wife and I both would buy this in a (hellbound) Heartbeat. i3ullseye

I'm a 33 year old kid who would absolutely love to see a directors/extended cut of Nightbreed on DVD and Blu-Ray. Completely restored and with tons of special features. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help facilitate this in any way.

I would definitely be interested in a DVD/blue-ray uncut Nightbreed and would probably re-mortgage my house for it. - Kelly

I will tweet all my followers this evening (@demonchild6) but if there is anything else I can do to spread the word, let me know. Damien Child

forget the 25 min directors cut man, give us the 45 min extra footage extended cut. I am a loyal follower, I grew up always thinking that there was more to Mr. Barkers epic story. I have been waiting for this moment and it would be great to see this extra footage including the outdated stopmotion effects but with a little revising it would look great. I ve read that the financial backing to release it on blu ray would not happen simply due to not enough fan based backing, that is bull, im sure that there is plenty of fans out there to buy this film and rejoice so go ahead , im with you with this extreme extended cut of this excellent film.

I wanted to ad my voice in support of an extended release of Night Breed, I'd even be happy to put money down on the pre-release if it comes to light. Don't let this one get away. The news of more footage is fantastic. Thanks, Nick the Hat

I wasn't aware that there was more Nightbreed to love! Please give us a rerelease of the DVD with the whole movie included! --Tracy L. Henry-Michaud

YES, would buy in a heartbeat especially on bluray but even on dvd. One of the greatest genre movies of all time, it deserves its moment. Florida here, United States. Kristopher McNulty

I would buy it. -Matt Reed Cincinnati OH

Nightbreed! That's the last of the films I have been waiting on a quality release for. I'm a filmmaker, and would donate my time as an editor to help dust things off so we could get this out to the fans! If I can help, let me know... if not, I'd definately buy the release once available, and know a few others who will too. Robert

hi...YES please release an extended DVD version of nightbreed...i'd definetely buy,brian

Count me in! A Nightbreed Director's Cut??? GIMME!!! Darcsyde

I am totally in for a Nightbreed SpEd. I can't even watch the movie knowing that it isn't the real version of the film. So I am in for getting it out there. Chris Ringler

i support the release justin kalas cleveland ohio

wow, i would so love to see a release of the extended version. i'm a huge horror fan and nightbreed is by far my favorite. nobody makes good monster movies anymore. fingers crossed. Andy Liberatoscioli- USA

Heces England There's already a space waiting in my DVD collection. Please please please release asap!!

Name: Andy Martin Country: UK I would love to see an uncut version of this, it's a very good movie as it is but the additional footage sounds like it will make it a great movie, i would definately buy and uncut edition if it came to dvd.

I look forward to purchasing the Extended Director's Cut of Nightbreed. Can't wait. Everything you guys are doing is great and we appreciate it as fans. Jud Word Brooks, GA

Yes please!! I am in Seattle, WA USA. If there is a mailing list, please add me to it. Thanks!

One more interested here. Actually here in our town I can name about 20 people who would be all over this. Night Breed is a cult classic that just hasnt been given its proper treatment or rewards. Actually we can say that for everything in the books of blood now cant we. Simian

I am interested in seeing a new version of Night Breed. Chris

From UK. Restored version of Nightbreed would be fantastic. Yours, dcs

What I find so surprising is that the establishment (Hollywood and company) is missing the opportunity to profit from our hunger. This is the second opportunity to make serious coin off our arses and to snag an entirely new generation they've passed up. But that aside... I don't want to state it this way but the truth is the truth: I am tired of the brainless movies and Barker is serious mental exercise. You need a mini- sub if you are going to explore and putter around in his worlds. Technical and plot flaws aside—as no art is ever perfect—is it not what you went for in the first? Larger than life and inviting that escape? Strip out of the latest movies the CGI, the action, sex, and there is really nothing of substance and everything is recycled, stale and the acting sucks. It it a quick laugh that leave no lasting impression. The art of movie making is a lost form in my opinion. We are so overdosed on reality we have forgotten how to receive fantasy. Youtube, reality TV, cameras on mobile phones, and all this interconnectivity has taken away the ability to imagine, to step away from the everyday, to believe for a short time there is more to the world you walk in everyday. These forms have their place, do not misunderstand me, but not as replacements. I don't go to see the starlet or a hunk that can only act naked or with a big gun, I go to get lost in a story. Entertain me. Take me through a whole range of emotions in 2 hours that are alien but home-grown. Give me a nightmare now and then, disturb my perceptions, or give me pause as a moment of déjà vu on screen or vice versa. I you make it I will purchase 5 copies for myself. All the use it will get in my players, I have got to have spares... Grundlae

Just wanted to add my support for a Directors Cut release of Nightbreed. I am probably one of the few adding my name to this list that hasn't actually seen the movie, but that is reason I want this released. I am a big fan of Clive Barker's work and also of the genre and this is definately something I would purchase if made available. Thanks, Daniel Collins, Liverpool UK

I hereby join the bandwagon with respect to lobbying for the Director's cut to Nightbreed. It is one of the most exotic and original horror film, in years. Reg Stacey, Belleville, ON Canada

Hey guys I would love to see an extended version of the film! The work you guys are doing is amazing. Please put my name: jeremy Paulie on the petition, thanks

Just want to add my support to get a DC of this cult classic. Remember when I first heard about this movie in the 90's, and a friend of mine had seen some pictures in Fangoria or some other movie-magazine, of Narcisse's decapitated head. But this didn't appear in the movie, and I remember we were discussing what had happened with that scene? And the ending has always been a dissapointment. Did they plan a follow-up? A few years ago a friend of mine told me that there was some rumors about a director`s cut, but the original material was hard to find. I was trilled about these news and hoped that this "lost" footage would see the light of day in the future. And to my big supprise that day has finally come!D If the studio bosses can`t see that the audience deserve a complete version of this masterpiece, then I can`t understand why they are working in the moviebusiness. The decision of cutting the movie not as Barker envisioned it should obviously be corrected with a Director`s Cut. We, the audience demand it! Keep up the good work:) Bjørn Johnsen Oslo, Norway

Hey, Paget Creelman here in Alberta, Canada. I would love to see an extended version of Nightbreed. To tell the truth, I had somehow forgotten about this movie (I really don't know how), but I would pay some pretty significant money (granted, it would be Canadian money, but still) to have a copy of an extended/director's cut. I recently picked up the 20th Anniversary Edition of Hellraiser and the Director's Cut of Midnight Meat Train, and this would be another great addition.

I would love to be able to buy an extended Director's cut of Nightbreed. Bluray would be even better! Keith Benshoof WA, USA

Yes! Count me in for a restored Nightbreed. This is easily one of the most unique horror films to have ever been made. I'd even make the jump to Blu-Ray if a director's cut was available. -Chris Hansen, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Alex Espinoza of Crescent City, CA, USA. I'm a huge fan of Clive Barker and Nightbreed is my favorite movie of his. I've been waiting for years for a director's cut.

I would buy Nightbreed Dir cut without hesitation. Scott Lines Trowbridge Wiltshire England

Nightbreed is a uniquely innovative horror movie, as the traditional roles are overturned when "monsters" become protagonists fighting the ordinary world and the antagonists there. A contemporary classic of the horror genre that definitely deserves a re-cut, re-mastered release to show the intended visions of the fantastic worlds imagined by the greatest creator of horror in modern time, Clive Barker. Jason Meredith Stockholm, SWEDEN

After the long-delayed home video release of Disney's THE BLACK CAULDRON, a restored cut of NIGHTBREED is probably my biggest movie geek holy grail. I'd pay good money to purchase a copy of that. Heck, I'd even pay to have it done like the original two-disc MANHUNTER release from Anchor Bay in which an alternate workprint cut (sub-vhs quality) was unceremoniously slapped onto the second disc. No, we don't really want to have to settle for that, but at this point I think we'll take what we can get. Perhaps someone can talk Robert Rodriguez into remaking NIGHTBREED (with Josh Hartnett as Decker and Danny Trejo as Peloquin and Rose McGowan as Lori ;-) ) to create a market for this release. --t.

Hell yes!! Cabal/Nightbreed got me into Clive Barker in the early 90's, have loved this film for years and would love to see complete version! --S

Please take this e-mail as my support, no wait, my DEMAND for a DC of the superb vision that is NIGHTBREED. I have slight rage at the mere notion that an exec sits under the assumption this movie has no audience! :-o. Research dear boy! Research! Nothing would get me to empty my wallet quicker than a DVD or Blu-Ray package celebrating this movie!! Kind regards, Mark Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

McKenzie Chicago, IL 60640 My friend Dan and I have been quite obsessed with NIGHTBREED for some time. I'm 25 and he's 24, there is definitely a younger and new audience out there for this film. CABAL RULES!!!!!!

please show the extra footage of Nightbreed Thanks!! Stitchedsmile

I would definitely buy a DVD of an extended Night Breed! Add my name to the list of potential customers. Dean/United States

Derek Hill USA It's been almost twenty years since the film was released haphazardly into theaters. It deserves a chance to finally lay claim to the ultimate monster movie crown by restoring the film's missing footage and releasing it on DVD or Blu-Ray. If studios can package cult films such as The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Fight Club, Office Space, Donnie Darko, and Big Trouble in Little China onto DVD in spectacular editions despite their initial box office failures, then surely Nightbreed deserves a chance at resurrection.

Nightbreed is awesome and clive barker is a genius please give us clive barkers nightbreed directors cut on blu-ray please. Michael

I'd love to see the extended version in any way shape or form! This is one of my all-time favorite movies (and books)...I'd love to show some support in any way I can. -Terry De Aro Canyon, Country, CA USA

Hi, this is Richard Molander from Sweden! Oh my god! When i heard these news about extra 44 minutes of Nightbreed i became very happy caus i myself has always wanted there to be a sequel of that movie and i have always felt that there where scenes missing and more to tell.. and now finally there is a chance to get more. I must get my hands on this material I really hope that this material gets a proper release.

I just read the news about the lost footage of Nightbreed and could not be happier. I am definitely interested in watching that. I am going to spread the word so more people contact you. By the way, my country of residence is the US. THANKS!!! Jorge

Germany Big fan of Clive in each aspect of his art . Nightbreed has to see the light of day . When you want to buy an uncut film in germany you often have to go to special Conventions. They are just for sale and just one day each 3 months , and they are packed !!! One name that always pops up (beside the notorious Ilsa Flicks) Nightbreed DC ! So I don't only want an audience, I know one ! In conclusion, Let my vote count for about 100-200, just for my hometown alone ;-) Good Luck , and thank you for the seeking ! Ingo

I am writing in support of having a restored version of Nightbreed with the newly found footage. I would buy this the minute it would become available. Derek

Patrick from Montreal,Quebec,Canada.....I'd buy a director's cut on dvd in a heartbeat!!! Of all Clive's movies..this is the one i love the most...but everytime i watch it,i can't help but that we never got the "Good" cut of the film.Bring it on!!!!

Jarrod Farkas United States. The Directors cut is a must have on Blu-ray! My life will be complete by having this on Blu-ray.

my friends, as extraordinary as Clive is and as fantastic as the movie is, still!, please do add me in support of it and him... he is truly a phenomenon and has shown me consideration and kindness akin to someone I've known for years, yet I've never met him in person, ever. thanks and Aloha from Philadelphia! Kip Kalani Jankowski Phila. PA. 19137 USA

PLEASE!!!! MORE NIGHTBREED!!!! OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Barry Baker USA

Jackie, from the USA. Would buy any restored version of Nightbreed. Even with an extra minute!

Of course I wanna see a 145 minute version of this cult masterpiece! And I had to buy "nightbreed" online even for a very high amount! Let's see it happen! Modernmarvel00

Extended Cut of Nightbreed (on Blu-ray) would be a day one purchase for me,definitely. Jani Laitinen,Heinola,Finland.

Russell Stouffer Wisconsin, USA Please release this uncut the way Clive intended for the fans

This story is my all time favorite. I have read it repeatly. When I thought my daughters were mature enough to understand it, I handed it to them to read. We use to have movie nights, this was our all time favorite.We usually watch it once every month. Would still have the movie if my daughter didn't take it to college with her. My other daughter said it was alright she is going to buy me a new copy for father day. Please bring the director cut to dvd or blu ray format, I promise you 3 copies will be bought. Wayne

My name is Luke McIvor and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I would love to see an extended version of the film Nightbreed. I had always heard rumours about cut footage and it would be amazing to see the film the way Clive intended it to be.

Philip LoPresti New York Really hope to see this! This director's cut of Nightbreed we've been reading/talking about for sooo many years is like the fucking holy grail of horror movies for a lot of us fans, and it would be amazing to finally get to watch and own it. It's sad that people don't treat genre films with the respect they deserve. This film and many more like it are just as artistic and brilliant as a Fellini film.

just letting You know that I would love for the Nightbreed director's cut to be released on DVD :) Best regards, henning svendsen

my son's name is Midian. thats how much I adore this story. i will do whatever it takes to see the extended dvd released, even if i had to sign some sort of petition that promises i will buy 10 copies the day it comes out. please let whoever needs to know know this. thank you! Patty

I am a huge Clive Barker fan, and have been since I was 14 (20 odd years) the chance to see some extra Nightbreed footage, and see i re- done on dvd would be awesome! It is a movie that's stayed with me since it's initial release, and has a real charm. P.S....I will also be first in line for the 3rd Art book too! kind regards & best of luck! Rachel

A Nightbreed DC would be amazing! My sister introduced it to me and told me how the execs messed it up because they didn't "get it." I would buy the Director's Cut in a heartbeat!Jonathan

Add my name to the growing list of those who would happily buy a director's cut of Nightbreed. I'd even pay to go see it in a theatre! Eric from Canada

Yes,would love to see a director's cut. Matt

I just wanted to reply to your request to address the people in control in quest of a release of "Nightbreed" in a "Director's Cut"-DVD. It's been some time since I first watched the film, but I remember it as a picture that had a vision, but also failed to bring its point back home. It would be very exciting to revisit this movie in an alternate version. I hope that there are enough people around that think the same about this movie, so there will be someday a DVD I can pick up here in Germany. I mean, there are even DVDs for Train-Wrecks like "Howard the duck" or "Hudson Hawk", so what is keeping the Right-holders from releasing the damn thing? Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany and keep up the good work Thies Wilkenloh

Richard Kendrick - Ashburn, VA. I'd be good for at least two copies.

Add me to the list of people who would LOVE to have this! I still have a copy, falling apart, of the Nightbreed Portfolio where they gave brief write ups on each character and have read the book multiple times. So please ad me! Dave Richards

Guaranteed that I'd but it on dvd, as well as several of my films. Please release it. Thanks, I'la O

I just read about your petition to release an extended version of Nightbreed and of course I want to add my name to such a list. Nightbreed as a movie as well as a concept was and still is a unique vision and should be presented as it was originally intended. Jan Kjellin, Sweden

I have been a devoted Nightbreed fan since I first read Cabal and saw the movie for the first time. Nightbreed is one of my favorite fantasy/horror movies of all time and is a film I can watch over and over again. I would pay good money, no very good money for a DVD release of the Director's Cut as well as several of my friends who are also fans. There is no question that the Director's Cut is Essential viewing and ownership for all Clive Barker fans and all Nightbreed fans. Period. After reading a review and description of the Director's Cut I am now in a hightened state of excitement and simply must own it. Please, please put forward or raise the money to produce a quality DVD version of the Nightbreed Director's cut. With word of mouth and a good marketing campaign you will not regret it, i promise you!

Dave Hoskin here, and I'd love to buy the extended 'Breed.

A very loyal horror fan that's extremely waiting patiently for the director's cut of NIGHTBREED. Please give the horror audience there due and give us what we want. A blu-ray version of the film will definetly be a good seller especially uncut.

Erin Jackson Worth, IL This is a great movie. One of my favorites. I want to see more!!!!!

I'd buy it. And to the Studio, if you don't think it's worth your time and money to rerelease the film, then please farm it out or sell it to Synapse or a smaller niche company that specializes in obscure dvd releases so that we can buy it. Don't just sit on it. - Levi Olson

I remember talking to one of the effects artists who worked on the film after watching the UK premier at a Horror film festival in London. I mentioned how much I had enjoyed the movie. He replied, to paraphrase 'it was a real shame that many scenes shot had not made it to the theatrical release...' That was about 18 years ago, and still to this day I remember his enthusiasm as he told me about the scenes. I have never forgotten this meeting and to see a restored version released on to DVD would certainly bring a huge smile to my face. I'll gladly add my name to the list... Martin Roberts, Staffordshire, England

I saw this movie in the theater as a kid, and it is great as is. But, the possibility of an extended , longer cut is thrilling. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! Chris, USA

My name is Corby Daniel. Back in high school several of my friends and I had the pleasure of seeing Nightbreed in its original theatrical release. It became an instant favorite of ours. We rented the VHS tape over and over again and would recite dialogue from the movie like singing along to a favorite song. It is definitely one of the early formative films of my youth. I would love to see this film restored and finally given the DVD treatment it deserves. I'll pass this email address on to some friends of mine who I know share this opinion and would love to have their voices join the call for the restoration of this lost classic.

Rob Casteel - Portland, Oregon We need the Nightbreed directors cut, (including the lost footage). This would be a great way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the film!!!!

Please Please please make this DVD! Tom Mertens Green Bay, WI 54302

Kris Brown Canada I love this movie and would certainly buy a copy.

I think an extended version of Nightbreed would be a great thing indeed. I'd be there at my local store on the first day of its release for sure. It seems to me that the extra footage would make a good film into a great one. I really really want to have a copy of this version. Charles T. Cochran Wixom, Michigan USA

Yes, I am ready to double dipp on Nightbreed and buy the film again... and Yes, I love the film and want to see a longer version. A Blu-ray would be best for my part! Sincerly, Kristian Krogstad NORWAY

You have my vote. Was really mad that when it came to the digital age, it has just been binned on DVD. Best Regards Andrew Thompson

Even here in the Netherlands I know quite a few people who would love to see Nightbreed on dvd in a version that's as complete as possible. Thank you so much for considering this, Gerald W. Kaman

I'd be delighted to offer our festival as a place to launch a larger campaign for it's release. Gareth Bailey Abertoir Horror Festival Aberystwyth UK

YES!! Please, put me down as one that is very eager for this!! I've been waiting for this for soooo long! They have to agree to release it. They just HAVE to! Amy O Wellington, KS USA

Hell yes I would be interested in buying a copy of the nightbreed director's cut. I live in Australia so I'd more than likely have to buy it on line but I would deffinatly get it. MJLRT

I would love to see this film restored in a director's cut. I have been waiting for this news for many years now. I would buy this dvd in a heartbeat. Maybe we could also hope for a theatrical re-release as well. David from South Carolina

Please release the extended version of Nightbreed on DVD. I would for sure purchase it! Thanks, Barrett Strole.

I've been a fan of Nightbreed since 1990. (I was 5 at the time). I have the DVD of the movie and I watch it constantly. I think the studios should get wise and release the full director's cut of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray. I think those who hasn't seen it yet (there's alot of u out there), should check it out and realize that Clive Barker's a good underrated director. The fact that he hasn't directed a film in almost 15 years means he didn't get the respect he deserved. Release a Special Edition Director's Cut of Nightbreed and let's give Clive the respect he deserved. Who knows? If it sells well, we might see Clive return behind the camera. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! MovieBuff2003

with this message i would gladly support this amazing, hopefully upcoming project. I am from Germany and Nightbreed is one of my all time favorites - a movie that is always a pleasure to enjoy and explore, stuff like Nightbreed is really special, hard to find and it would be great to see more of it. a lot of success with it Vincent Lentzsch

I would definitely be interested in buying a DVD of the extended edition of Nightbreed. It's a great movie, and more Clive Barker goodness is never a bad thing. Mark Harley Canada

I read the article on Fangoria's website about writing to you to show the interest in an extended/directors cut of the movie Nightbreed. I would definitely be interested in seeing this dvd made. I have been a horror movie fan for a very long time and this movie remains my absolute favorite. So an extended/directors cut of it would be the best dvd release that I could find. Thank you for asking for people to show their interest. Hopefully there will be enough of a response that the dvd can be made. Sincerely Tammy

It would be great to see this great film in the true directors version. It has so much more imagination, heart and character than any ten new recent films combined. A great cult film waiting to be rediscovered! Mike

This would be an boon and something I would definitely shell out hard-earned money for ... Matthew Tait Adelaide, Australia.

This is Peter Lukac from Czech Republic, and I'd very much like to see the director's cut of Nightbreed, preferably on Blu-ray. Best wishes, Peter

Just wanted to show some support for your quest to get the longer version of Nightbreed out. I live in the UK but am happy to import a DVD or Blu-ray of a longer version of the film, should one get a release... I own the bare bones US disc already, but would double dip without any reservation. Thanks and good luck! Paul

Just showing my support from the UK for a Director's cut of Nightbreed. A day 1 purchase from me if they decide to release it. Good luck. Peter Kerrison

You can add my name to the list; I would love to see a directors cut of this film come out,with all the trimmings they can muster. Thank you for all your good work on the site. From Mr Stephen Morris.

I Live in the UK - please get the NIGHTBREED DIRECTOR'S CUT out on DVD. Paul Brown - UK

Please, please, please, please - pretty please with lots of bloody gore on top! Really want this in a BIG way! Deanna A. Crews

Dear Phil & Sarah, I Hope This Message Finds You Well. I Would Like To Put My Name Down For The Extended Version Release Of Nightbreed and as an English gay man i think Mr Barker is a great man. Take Care Yours Sincerely Ben Annis UK

I'd LOVE to see the directors version of Nightbreed. I can see, from what Mr. Barker posted, that it's a long shot but I thought that I'd throw my hat into the ring. I'm in the United States and have a Blu-Ray player. I would buy that version if available but would buy the DVD if they didn't want to go the Blu-Ray route. Thanks for doing this!

Hi ,my name is Jordan Voogt and i'm from Holland. And yes!!! I would buy the extended version of Nightbreed. Every good movie should have an extended version. And Nightbreed is one of the very best!!!! Anything else but an extended version would be an insult.

Hello from Germany, we wait so long for a Director's cut for this great movie. Please make a Director's cut . Regards Andy

Yes, I'd love to see a Nightbreed Director's Cut. I don't think the original release achieved it's potential - aside from the problems with the theatrical cut I remember a lot of issues with the way the film was marketed. I'm sure there's an audience out there. Hardware's out on DVD / Blu-ray Special Edition in a week or two so there must be! Thanks, Geoff (UK)

YES, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am definitely very interested! Love, Mel

I've been checking for years now for any updates on the Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I'd personally buy three copies if that'll help. Best regards from germany, Oliver Tietgen

This is one movie that deserves of a hell of a lot better treatment than it's received over the years. Even the theatrical release was postponed more than a few times if I remember correctly. Though Media did a decent job with the VHS (check out the cool intro from Clive), Warner just dumped it out in a lame snapper case with the sole extra being the trailer (par for the course, but it still sucks). The transfer was quite good, however. I really want a Special Edition of this movie. Clive's true vision for this film should and must be allowed to see the light. It's been too long a wait already. Thank you, Ronald Rose Jr. Blue Springs, MO

for the insight, i love the Movie Nightbreed from Clive, that was the Movie i saw in the 90ties, and thought!!! "Wow the first Movie where the Monsters a not really the badguys!" And than is the movie so good in mood, with the pictures and the Soundtrack by the great Danny Elfman. Nightbreed or "Cabal Die Brut der Nacht" they called in Germany, was the Movie that bring mit the works of Clive Barker near in my reading. After the Movie i red every Book from him. And it was an Amazing experince is was so such diffrent from other Horror Writers in know. The Book i like a lot is Imajica ... i hope that someone very good in the Movie or Television Biz sees the greatness of the Book - and made a Movie Triology or i would find better that this can be a great Show on Television like in an AMC or HBO Style - with great Actors an the Mood from the Book. Alex Fechner

Extended nightbreed is a must !!!!! Cabal is an amazing story but the original theatrical release in my opinion did not do justice to the complex relationships between the characters, that you get when you read the book Thanks Simon Weston (Randolph) Guildford, England

I want to inform you, that I`m willing to buy Nightbreed: Director`s Cut if it`s ever going to be released. I`m from Poland, Europe and I`ve found information about Mark Miller and his actions on our polish site - I hope Nightbreed: Director`s Cut will finally see the light of day. Best regards, Roman Grygoruk

I want to inform you, that I`m willing to buy Nightbreed: Director`s Cut if it`s ever going to be released. I`m from Poland, Europe and I`ve found information about Mark Miller and his actions on our polish site - I hope Nightbreed: Director`s Cut will finally see the light of day. Best regards, krl88

I always have a copy of Nightbreed, not a year goes by that I don't dust it off and give it a watch, I always wondered during the opening credits where when the title of night breed is shown, with in the letters there are scenes superimposed, and some of the footage seen there didn't make it in the movie....but damn I didn't realize it could be at least 45 min or so. Directors Cut?.....FUCK YEAH!!! Just make sure to PIMP it out on BLU RAY if it's not too much trouble. On a side note....when in the hell is the movie adaptation for The Great And Secret Show coming out! Get HOT Clive!!! Please! With Respect Sheldon Spradling (Life Long Fan)

Scott Campbell Australia "when I was 13 I was a huge Stephen king fan and 2 things turned me onto Clive barker one was the quote we all know ".......i have seen the future of horror(etc)...." And the other was the film night breed I already spent big dollars importing a region 1 DVD too Australia but if the directors cut came out I would glady buy it again. I'm 32 now and never thought this would come out.Please put this out!!!!!!

Count me in for purchasing a copy of "Nightbreed" in its extended version. Shirley Batson-Portegys, Woodinville, WA 98072

From Texas. A director's cut of Nightbreed would be epic beyond words. I'd buy a copy for sure. Pastor Nicholaus

Yes, I would buy any version of an extended Nightbreed. Drew Adian 3185 S. Akron St Denver CO 80231

Interested? Yes! Willing to spend money on a DVD? Yes! Feel that it's silly to have Friday the 13th Remake Extended Cut available on DVD and not the extended version of Nightbreed? YES!!! newt calkins

I would pay the second it came out. I love Nightbreed and I've always wanted to see the full vision realised. Please? On Blu-ray would be even better too.. seeing as you're cleaning it up to start with :) Panos Dionysopoulos Adelaide, South Australia

one of my favorite movie but always seems incomplete ... we absolutely need an extended version of this masterpiece on DVD !!!! thanks french fan Steff

I want to inform you, that I`m willing to buy Nightbreed: Director`s Cut if it`s ever going to be released. I`m from Poland, Europe and I`ve found information about Mark Miller and his actions on our polish site - I hope Nightbreed: Director`s Cut will finally see the light of day. Best regards, Jakub "Cabal" Zielinski

Just wanted to let everyone know that there most certainly is an audience for a director's cut of Clive Barkers' Nightbreed. A DVD release would be very welcome and a Blu Ray version would definitely be phenomenal. Hope you guys can pull it off, because I'll be first in line to get a copy!!!! Kindest regards, A Barker fan from the Netherlands

I thought I would send you an E-mail to let you know that I would be HUGELY interested in a director's cut of Nightbreed. Clive Barker is among my favourite authors and Nightbreed is one of my favourite books (although I doubt anything will ever take the mantle from Imajica!) I loved the film when I was younger and loved the book even more... To see an extended cut of the movie would be amazing. Please, anything that can be done to get this release to see the light of day would be phenomenal Region 2 would be great. Simon

I am VERY interested! I would buy it in a heartbeat. Richard Langston

I just came across a messge board dedicated to Nightbreed and found out that you guys found an extended Nightbreed cut! When I was younger around 8 or 9, I would escape to my local video store to get away from my parents constant fighting. The owner at the time, would always hook me up with free rentals and posters. I spent most of the time in the horror section just staring and being fascinated with the boxes. The owner wouldn't let me rent it but sometimes I would be able to sneak some out. My first horror film at the time was Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Warriors and after that I was hooked. But one movie always looked a little creepy to me at the time and I honestly was a little frightened to watch it and that movie was Nightbreed. Mind you this was just based on the cover. I managed to convince the owner to let me watch it and from the opening credits I was just blown away. That opening title sequence with the clips of all the monsters in the letters..sick. I've seen the movie 100 times, read the book, and even owned the DOS computer game. Along with Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps, Nightbreed has always been a movie that I recommend to others and will always be one of those films that sticks with you forever. Joe Bouganim

Yes, for the love of gods, yes. I always liked "Cabal," so more footage to bring the movie just a wee bit closer to the story would be welcome indeed. Terry L. Estep

I am anxiously awaiting and hoping this director's cut will see the light of day. I've been waiting almost 2 decades to see Clive's full vision for the movie and would definitely buy a copy. And I would buy it in blu-ray. Here's hoping the studio will do the right thing and let this great movie get the full release it deserves. Thanks & keep up the great work! Mike Lee

Kris Nugent Resident of the Chicagoland area of Illinois. Nightbreed was my favorite movie when it came out. I was either 8 or 9 years old. I still revisit it usually once a year and like all of the other fans of this movie i would LOVE if they restored the footage. thanks for your efforts regardless!

I'd love to see an extended cut of this movie. I think it was very underrated when it was first released and now there's a whole new audience out there just waiting to see Clive's visionary horror film again. Adrian Marley, Ireland.

This would be excellent if it became reality! Bring forth the NIGHTBREED DIR CUT !! There are a bunch of us here that would buy copies for sure! M

I came across the website by chance and I'm glad I did, I have been a fan of Nightbreed for many years, I've seen it in various forms over the years and the one thing that sticks out in my mind is just how good it is even chopped all to hell, I would personally love to see it in a fully restored extend / directors cut and released, I have a copy of the current dvd release which was rather disappointing when compared to the VHS copy I have as well (i.e. the intro by Clive is nowhere to be found on the dvd). on a side note as an author myself & managing-member of Wild Wolf Entertainment LLC, I have made many trips to media tradeshows across the U.S.A. and one constant is no matter where I go at one of these tradeshows is when someone mentions Clive Barker two things come up Hellraiser & Nightbreed, it boggles the mind that an entertainment company would think there is not a big enough market for this film. J. Sean Collins

I will certianly buy NIGHTBREED the Director's Cut the moment it's released. Byron C. Miller

It would be great to see this movie restored, easily one of the best monster movies ever! James UK

Maurizio Rivioli, Italy: Should a DVD with an extended cut of Nightbreed be published, I'd definitely go and buy it!

I would be extremely interested in an extended version (as well as perhaps a Clive & Cronenberg commentary?); it would be wonderful for this often overlooked film to get some supplemental treatment. -Shoaib

I am all for a new and extended version of Nightbreed, maybe a remastered one as well? Please pass on my fervent interest :) -Sakina

cjohns48233305 Maryland,Usa

This was written on the first of the month when I first heard the news of the NIGHTBREED cut on The prospect of a Nightbreed Director's Cut DVD is very enticing, but it's a shame to see there isn't a lot of support from the higher ups. We're talking about the works of Clive Barker, whose Hellraiser has seen countless DVD issues in the US and abroad and has managed to infiltrate pop culture to the point that there is a remake in development. NIGHTBREED is a film which deserves to be rectified for the years of neglect and mistreatment if only just to see what Barker's original vision was with his second directorial effort. If he can provide a commentary or interview, it should be further reason to seek out this title should they release it. I would love, personally, to see a NIGHTBREED special edition around the time of the release of the Hellraiser remake, just to show there is a time and a place for such a release and that there IS a fanbase that would love to see the film uncut and restored to its proper, Barker-approved format. I don't even care if they deviate from the original cover art by putting a photo of David Cronenberg on the front sleeve. I just want to actively mention that I support all efforts and submit my name in petition to get Barker's original cut of NIGHTBREED on DVD once and for all. Thank you, and good luck. John Bishop Mesa, AZ

sohail from the UK I for one was dissapointed that the original nightbreed never got released in the UK, but if their is a chance of an uncut version coming out on blu ray, im all for it. I've heard so much about this uncut version, and always wanted to see a release, as i'm also very big clive barker fan. It's amazing that you guys are pushing for this material to be released with such great heart, a personal thank you from me .

Just saw your links about the Nightbreed extended cut dvd and had to write to tell you that it would be a fantastic idea to release it. I just saw the original version this weekend for the first time in about a decade and it still holds up as a brilliant movie, and the best on-screen definition of Clive's style so far (and that includes my favourite, Hellraiser). I know very little of what was cut out, but as there is the definite feel of an unfinished movie with the already released version, I'm sure there would definitely be an audience for it. I know I'd buy it! Chris Ward UK resident

I'm a fan of Nightbreed, but also of Clive, and have been for years. I would definitely buy a director's cut, and I have a blu-ray player, so I'd buy it on blu-ray if there were extras that were not on a regular release. Kathy Recckia

my names is adam wade and I'm from Australia, i would like you to add me to your list of support for the extended version of night breed.

I live in the uk and own the bare bones region 1 release and would purchase the extended cut if it was ever released. Cheers Bry

I would LOVE to see the full release of Nightbreed! Like many others...Justin Pardy/DogShaftRecords

I for one would definatly buy an extended cut of nightbreed. I live in the UK and had to import a region1 copy of the release but would jump at the chance of purchasing a longer version. A lot of my friends are also interested in the film but only having a region2 player have been unable to buy it in it's present form. A commentary from clive would be great too. Heres hoping for the extended release.

My name is Aaron Dries and I proudly put my name to testement. The horror community, new and old- need the definitve Nightbreed. What we have is a truncated distilation of an artists notorious work- and we have patiently waited for this lost footage to be found. Given the success of similar meta-genre, metaphorical horror/action fares such as True Blood, it seems foolish not to pursue a DVD with such potential for sales. It was a stupid decision to undermine the intelligence of audiences at the time of initial release and it is borderline offensive to think we are STILL too dumb to appreciate a horror film that works on 'levels'. This film has the full support of NOT ONLY the horror/sci-fi/action community, but the whole-hearted support of the gay community; who have always treated this film's cult roots with a kind of reverancy and who have always longed for Clive Barkers initial images and messages to be seen and heard.

Yes definately release a Directors cut!!! This movie was very good when it came out, I saw it twice in the same week. It seemed to lack just a little something from making it one of the all time greats! Quench my thirst that I have had for 20 years!!!!!!!!!! Thanks K.Kieler

Hi. I just wanted to throw my hat into the extended Nightbreed ring. Well, ever since I saw Nightbreed on it's theatrical run, I thought that the pacing was just too fast. So, when I first heard that there was a possibility of an extended cut, I was very excited. Nightbreed in it's current form is still a great movie, so if it could be fleshed out and made even better...well... Cheers Cullen Murphy

Hi I live in the UK and would buy an extended version of Nightbreed in whatever region the DVD came out in. Horror films with a smaller fan base than this movie get a clean up and DVD release (My Bloody Valentine etc). Surely worldwide sales would ensure a good profit even if only released region free in USA. Keep up the good work and pressure for a release. Regards Chris

Great, great movie! I would love to see an extended version and gaurantee I would buy a copy.

For the love of all that is holy please release Nightbreed in its extended edition. Thanks, Steve Lammerts

When I heared the news that there is a possibilty of a Director's Cut of Clive Barker's Night Breed, I decided this is the point where I can die a happy man!! I've been a fan since the film came out and will allways be a fan of not only the fim, but the book as well! Please push for this to release!! I'm in the US, but it would be great for an R2 DVD or Blue Ray to come out over seas too so everyone can see this fil in all of it's glory, both past and future. Thank you so much for considering this! A Dedicated Fan

It is an incredibly potent and beautiful movie, more imaginative, better written and more slickly realised than millions of movies being rereleased to DVD. Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" is a classic movie that people will want to add to their collection for generations to come. Black Paul (on behalf of the Surgical Sideshow) - Sydney, Australia.

Another "Yes, please" from the UK here. Own a copy on VHS that I would love to update to a DVD version with all the trimmings.

As a long time Clive Barker fan, I would be more than just a little interested in seeing a directors cut released. This movie definitely deserves it! There have been a lot of movies (too many to really name) that have had directors cuts done that really didn't deserve it. This was just a case of the movie industry trying to cash in twice on the same movie. These bombs have really made it hard for movies like Nightbreed that truly deserve a directors cut. Please don't let this injustice continue! Sincerely, Don Darling Jr.

I would love to see (and would definitely purchase) a DVD copy of Clive Barker's cut of Nightbreed. I love the original film, but, like many a classic, it appeared to have suffered from studio tampering. The suits just can't seem to keep their "creative" hands off the work of true artists. Keep up the good fight, Mr. Miller--we're counting on you! Duncan Ralston

Heck yes! I'm interested in a Director's Cut of Nightbreed!!! Mike Czech

I haven't seen Nightbreed since I was a kid. I've been wanting to watch it again but have been waiting in the hope that I could buy a complete version of the film! Eric - Seattle, WA

After reading your website I most say I have been looking forwards to a director's cut of Nightbreed since I first saw it. Hell, I'd even be happy with a Region 2 DVD of the theatrical version! It's almost impossible to get anything Nightbreed related in England. Keep up the good work guys! Sam

Please release the extended cut of Nightbreed. The film adaptation of Clive Barker's Cabal has long stood as one of his best works. It deserves to have more life pumped into it. Please find it in your hearts to bring it out again so that future generations can enjoy it as much as my generation did. Yours, Shannon

Wanted to throw my hat in on the list of people that think this is an amazing idea. I fully support your quest. Derrick Farley

Hi my name is Lizzy Page from Melbourne Australia and I would desperately love to see the director's cut of Nightbreed. Bring it on!! I will pay anything...seriously

I would love to have a Blu-ray of the 'director's cut' of Nightbreed! Keith Matz

very interested in extended footage of nightbreed, James

Clive Barker has only directed three movies, so having an extended version of "Nightbreed" would be fantastic, and I would certainly buy a copy. Elby Rogers

I would love to see a new release of Nightbreed on DVD and Blu-ray, especially if there is a chance to see the movie as it was originally intended to be seen. In regards to the marketability of a Director's Cut of Night Breed, there seems to me to be at least four justifications for a new release: Those who already own a DVD would undoubtedly replace their old copy. The current DVD release is almost impossible to track down, it was completely unavailable in Canada, and I was left to order my copy from A new version would solve the problem of availability. Nightbreed has also obtained a cult status since its original theatrical release, thus, its audience is most likely larger than might otherwise be anticipated. Finally, a superior and unadulterated version might also entice an audience that passed on, or was unsatisfied, with the original cut of the film. Personally, I certainly would be purchasing a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. Arthur Klages London Ontario, Canada

I've just read your post on the need for numbers to get NightBreed pulled out of the archive and released. Had to search far and wide for the release I found here in Oz. Would more then love to BUY the version that sound more in keeping with Cabal...... PLEASE NOTE ME AS AT LEAST ONE MORE DEFINITE PURCHASE IF NOT TWO OR THREE, would make a cool present for people too! Cheers dAve

twylyte united states i've always been a fan of the film since it came out and i would definitely purchase an extended director's cut. much hard work that was put into creating the footage that was cut and it is currently just being put to waste which is very sad.

do it i want it so bad it would be awesome to see clive,s vision, Steve

Hi, I would buy the directors cut as soon as it's available. I have been waiting for this and nightbreed 2 and 3 (both the movies and the books) for so long and hearing this news makes me so happy. -TIM

Director's Cut? Yes, please. Nicholas Dragon Los Angeles, CA. USA

hope it's not too late to put my name onto the list of those excited by the rediscovery of "the lost footages" of nightbreed. Ever since it's release in france, this film became an old favorite of mine. Amazing stories with superb character design. When I read that the version I had seen in the cinema and later on tv had been butchered, I tried to fine all the informations i could on what was missing. This film deserve a re release and a lot of people I know actually agree with this. bring the vison of clive back on the screen for everyone to see the amazing world he had created. David Le luron, london UK.

Just emailing to say I'd love to see this! Will be purchasing if it is released. Thanks a lot and good luck with it, Eric

Yep would be great to re-discover this long lost movie, Cronenberg was great and showed he was a competent actor as well as a great director! Would definitely buy a new print in any format. Martin Burns, UK

Yes yes yes!!! I want the director's cut of Nightbreed on Blu-ray!! I am a huge fan of the movie and have been since it came out. I purchased the VHS, DVD, and am ready for the next release. I'm from Pittsburgh PA...not too many horror fans here but I know a handful of others who love the movie and I'm sure they will be psyched to hear about this. Tommy Whyle

The footage that many people, myself included, were missing from the original cut NIGHTBREED has surfaced. That one man says there isn't a big enough audience for this DVD seems unbelievable. Over one thousand people have approved of this so far, and when word continues to spread, there should me more. There might even be new converts when the inevitable HELLRAISER remake is released. NIGHTBREED deserves the chance to be seen with the blessing of its creator, and us fans have been awaiting this moment for some time. We've seen the film in theatres or on TV, purchased the VHS tapes and DVD release and have expressed a desire to see what Barker had intended to release without the intrusion of the studio. I openly demand the chance to see the director-approved edition of NIGHTBREED. It would be a testament to the legacy of Clive Barker as well as a caveat to the 1,200 people thus far who have made their voices heard. Thank you. "Fuck the laws. I want meat!" John Lewis Phoenix, AZ

I would buy an extended Nightbreed DVD on day of release. Even if U.S or U.K. only release I would get imported to myself in my country of residence - Australia. I know of at least 10 other interested people who I can get to E-mail as well. Edward Vaiciurgis

We are dedicated fans of Mr. Barker and would love to support him as much as we can. And, of course, we all at would love to buy the dvd. You can count on that! Steve Ericsson

I am a die hard fan of both clive barker and the movie nightbreed. I'm practically salivating at the prospect ^_^ You can count me on board!! Heather Southall Deland, Florida

I would like to show support for the hopefull release of the Nightbreed extended cut Thanks, GrogGut from UK

I wanted to add my name to the petition or whatever form this demand is taking. My name is Tom O'Reilly and I live in Baltimore, MD and would gladly pay cash-money for a 144 minute version of Nightbreed. Thanks for all your efforts so far, -Tom

YES! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I've been waiting for more than a decade for this. The story is great, but the original movie had it's heart cut out. The director's cut is Clive's chance to do the story, and his fans, justice. I'm in the US, in Portland, OR. I would DEFINITELY buy this. Thanks, -Alex-

Yes, i would buy an new version in a second, one of the best movies ever made.. Tarkus Sherrod...

I would willing purchase an extended Director's cut of Nightbreed on blu-ray as soon as it becomes available. Art Erdmann USA

My name's Arnaud Vanhaelter. I'm from Belgium. I'm fan of Clive and his works. Nightbreed is one of my favourite movies. Even if the Region 2 DVD release doesn't exists in my country, I'd be glad to watch finally the Director's Cut release. If my name can help thousands of fans and Clive getting the lost minutes released, then you have my name.

As a psychiatrist, I must admit David Cronenberg's character did not do much to show the best our profession has to offer, but this is a great movie and I would love to see an extended cut. ---Dr. Nick, USA

Hey there - one more fan in Seattle who would buy the DVD/Blu-ray-whatever-form-it-comes-in director's cut of Nightbreed! I just watched the old one a few months ago after many years and re-read the book. Love it. Now I'm working my way through other Clive books I missed. Good luck, I hope it happens! Eric M in Seattle

One of the best horror movies ever! I would love an extended DVD copy of this movie and I know my son will also! Marilee Dalen

if any sort of cut was brought to disc especially with a commentary i would definitely buy it Anthony liverpool england

I NEED an extended cut of Nigtbreed! Great movie, would love to see more of it! Bjorn

Gregory St. John Gainesville, FL Showing support for the Nightbreed extended edition!!!

Yes, bring it on and we'll stand in line! Mike and Jackie

yeah I'd definitely buy it I'd have to have region 2 though but Clive Barker is God. Jamie

Christian Ward - London UK Quite simply i want to see Barker's Cleopatra of monster movies. I would buy two times over if just to see it once.

First, I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of everything that Clive Barker has ever produced. I own all of his films (except the more recent and downright embaressing additions to the Hellraiser series), all his books and novellas, action figures... The works! Clive has an incredible imagination and I always look forward to new material from him. Which brings me to the heart of the matter, Nightbreed. This was my first experience with Clive's work and has held a special place in my heart since I saw it at age 8. This film is an amazing piece of cinema and stands as a pivotal piece in the horror film genre. I have been eagerly anticipating a "director's cut" dvd for a long time and would happily buy a copy for myself and give many more away as gifts (as I have done with the first 2 Hellraiser films, Candyman, Lord of Illusions and The Midnight Meat Train). This film deserves to be released again to open it up to a new audience of people who may not know of Mr. Barker's work. So many bad movies are getting double dip DVD releases for no reason these days, but like so good many movies that truly deserve the chance to be seen as a complete work, this is pushed back and never seen, which is a crime and disservice to the film and the director who can never have their visions realized. Does Nightbreed deserve a director's cut? The answer is simple: yes! Please give me more of this film!!! ---Matt Evansville, IN

i would definitely love to see a directors cut of Nightbreed....and a sequel too! comic books aside i would love to know what happens to all those amazing characters after the destruction of their home? aliens versus predator? I'd much rather hear the clash of tooth,claw and chain...cenobites versus the breed! how about it Mr Barker? D Mc Donald

oh hell yes i would puy a blue ray extended cut of nightbreed if i could. shit. i would buy two. one for me and one for a lucky friend of my choosing. please give us what we long for so deeply. thank you for your trime. sator alucard

Hi, I would most definitely buy a copy of a directors special edition of night breed. As it is my most fav film, and i believe with a release in the current climate of films like hell boy and watchmen would enjoy a audience looking for a darker flavour to their films, then that currently available. So it is just tell me when it's time to show my true face, Im ready! Travis - Australia

Hi, I just wanted to add my voice to the hundreds who want the extended cut of Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED. My name is Ahmed Khalifa.

I would buy a copy of the Directors cut and so would everyone I know. Nightbreed was a great film and my introduction to Clive Barker. The film deserves better than it has received. Let Nightbreed live again. Tyrrell

We would love this to happen and be made available in R1. We would preorder in a heartbeat. Allan & Sheri Brinkmeyer, Jenks, OK

You've certainly got my vote.I'll buy it the day it comes out! John Doyle.

My name is Kyle and I live in Fort Worth, TX. I personally would love to see an extended version of this film. I could tell when I watched what was apparently its R-rated theatrical cut that it had been heavily censored in some scenes, but I had no idea just how much stuff was cut! This movie has acquired quite a large following (and it's had about 19 years or so for that following to grow... hard for me to believe it's been that long since I snuck a peak at it in the theater it was playing in when I was about 6 years old). Anyway, I can vouch for several other people I know when I say that the fact this never got a proper director's cut is a real shame, especially with so much never-before-seen footage. Someone in the studio should really get behind this and find a way to make it happen. With as much money as they put into every new movie these days, you would think that releasing an extended cut of "Nightbreed" would be such a small gamble on their part.

Just a quick mail to add my support to the possible release of an extended cut. Preferably it would come out on blu-ray but if not, I would still buy the DVD. Every so often i google nightbreed to see if anything happens and I came across this. Regards, Jez Johnson England

My name is Phil and i'm a 24 year old man from New York. I wasn't even born when Clive Barker was first getting published, but i've read and watched anything he's done that i could get my hands. I'd LOVE an extended version of Nightbreed. I would buy 5 copies just to see it released, cause i know money is the bottom line for the people who control it's release. I hope for the best... thanks for your time Phil Warran

Greets, here is Miguel A. García from the Basque Country, I would love to see the full version of nightbreed! The original was an instant classic, but it seemed to light, I want the movie as the director wanted it to be! Thnx, Miguel

Hi folk, I'd like to add my voice to the cry to hear the release of a Director's Cut version of Nightbreed. I enjoyed the film as it was released and would love to see how it was intended to be. It seems a crime if it is not released! Regards, Blair McDougall - New Zealand / United Kingdom

There should be redo of Nightbreed b/c I think it had wonderful potential. It just needs another shot. I loved the monster mythology! Sylvia

Add my vote for a directors cut of Nightbreed. Stuart McKenna

I totally vote for a directors cut of Nightbreed!!!! I love Cabal (own a 1st edition signed hardback I have been told is scarce) and always loved the film. I am Michael Teige from Monroe WA USA and I vote for the DVD of Nightbreed!!!

I saw your appeal on my friends myspace page. I'd love to see a proper directors cut of Nightbreed, i've always suspected that a load of stuff had been cut out and I had to order my existing copy from the US. Please add my name to the list. Best regards, Matt Pullara

I still feel that Nightbreed is one of the most thought provoking movies of our time! To see a Director's Cut would be AMAZING! Thanks, Kevin

My name is Aaron and I'm gratefully throwing my support to getting the extended cut released. If only we could also get the comics collected in TPB's to go along with it as Epic's Nightbreed run was the very first comic series I collected in it's entirety (due to how much I loved the movie and wanted more!). Sadly I've found not many fans are aware of how great the run was, especially the crossovers with Rawhead Rex and Hellraiser.

Please release the uncut version of Nightbreed! I will definitely buy it when it comes out on bluray! Cabal was one of my favorite Clive Barker stories and Nightbreed was one of my favorite films! Thanks! Paul Delaware USA

I just introduced my boyfriend to Night Breed on VHS last night and it reminded me why i loved it so much. What can we do to help to get this extended version released. Let me know. I'm from the US. Marcelino Soliz

My name is John Schleper and I am from Kokomo, Indiana. I am sending this e-mail reguarding a Nightbreed Director's Cut DVD. I, as well as many, many others, would love nothing more than to see not only it's release, but most importantly, to see Clive Barker's real vision of the film to be presented after all the years of lying dormant. Thank you.

I wish to express my interest in a restored Nightbreed DVD release. I would definitely buy a DVD of the definitive Nightbreed. Nightbreed is a great movie that feels compromised in its current form. I think Nightbreed is the only one of my favourite movies that doesn't have a proper DVD release deserving of Clive Barker's vision. I'm from Australia (but I'd buy a region 2 or even region 1 release if that was the only option). Thanks! Damien Allan

Yes please! Mr Barker's best movie. Thank you Chris Burkert

my Name is Alexander Klemisch from Regensburg Germany. I love Clive Barker's Stories since Hellraiser started in Theaters in 1987. I collect his Movies and Books and would like to have them in uncut fulldrawn edition to enjoy the Story in it's originally intended Version. So please release "Nightbreed-Director's cut" for completing the collection and bring the Movie closer to Clive's Book. Thank you.

I would def buy it. What about a blu-ray?? SY

Yes, the true cut of Nightbreed would be great. I have many found memories seeing that movie as a kid. I actually saw it twice in the theater and bought it on video once it came out. I read the book many times as a teenager and I would love to see what else pops up from the book. Jesse Wilson

I so would see and buy a copy of the FULL nightbreed on DVD. I love this movie. I saw it twice in the theaters. i own the bare bones DVD. I would later find out my future wife had the same "behind the scenes" book that came out back in the 90s. i thought i was the only person to won that book.

I'm Juha from Finland, Europe. I'm a huge fan of Clive Barker and Cabal (Yön kansa) is my favorite novel. So of course Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies from him and one of my favorite movies of all time! I have REGION 1 copy of the DVD (there wasn't REGION 2 but now I've noticed that they have released a REGION 2 version of the movie even with finnish subtitles but it's cut even more than REGION 1 I own) HELL I EVEN HAVE FINNISH COPY OF NIGHTBREED VHS THAT I BOUGHT USED! If there's a chance that I could see Nightbreed as it was meant to be seen, I want it. I want that! So do whatever you people out there can and make many people happy. That movie was part of my childhood, that movie is still part of my life and I want to enjoy the complete movie! So nice release of Nightbreed, with the missing 20 so minutes and nice bonuses would be a dream come true! Thank you!

My names Raina Madsion, I'm 27, I live in Rhode Island and I've been a fan of this film since I was about ten. We need this footage to be restored and released because the film honestly will never be complete without it. I showed it to a friend of mine recently and he liked it but said he felt there was a lot missing and I hadn't even told him of all the cuts that had been made. I and at least five other people I know would be happy to buy a restored special edition

I'd buy a Directors Cut. best wishes Mal

woah, why oh why no region 2 release? I think Nightbreed deserves a directors cut or hey, even a remake! Ian

I DEMAND THAT NIGHTBREED BE RELEASED IN IT'S FULL GLORY !! I would buy it immediately since it was to me the discovery of the fantastic horrific worlds Clive invents for us all ! And come on, more than 45 minutes of footage...GIMME THE TAPES NOW ! Jan Haegeman, Belgium

Aaron Pifer-Foote Bellefonte PA Let's get some effing Nightbreed DVD

I would love to see this story told the way it was intended. [The studio] really needs to get people in charge who understand this audience...what a missed opportunity. Chris Serafini

Just writing to chime in that i would buy a director's cut of nightbreed without a second's thought. I remember hearing that this might happen if the barebones dvd sold well enough, and I thought "well i'm poor, so i'll wait for the director's cut. neener." and here we are years later, and i'm not so poor, and i'm stunned that this hasn't gone anywhere. Sooo, i'll go buy the damned bare-bones, and inform my horror-fantasy loving friends that they it's the only way they'll ever see the film given a proper treatment. this is literally my second favorite horror films of all time (second only to JohnCarpenter's The Thing, which i'm sucker for and has been re-released somewhere around a billion different times so far). god damn the man for holding this back out of their misunderstanding of their customers. Warren

My name is Lars and I'm from Germany. I don't know for how long I've been waiting for the Night Breed Dir. Cut. Of course I'll buy it (even twice: one copy for me and one for a friend who anticipates the release as much as I) Even if it's only released in the USA, it doesn't matter.

You can add me in for a great big enthusiastic YES!! vote! I had a much cherished and often watched VHS copy of Nightbreed. It's always been one of my favorite movies. Unfortunately a friend borrowed it, never returned it, then broke all contact with me. I've been searching for it since. I would jump to pay for an authentic Director's Cut DVD of it! Russell C. Tampa, FL

I'm writing to show my support for a Nightbreed release. This was actually the first horror movie i saw as a kid (with the possible exception of Piranha 2), and I want to see it in a fully formed version. I am from the USA. I really want to see a blu ray release of a directors cut with new bonus materials. That being said, I'm in the film industry myself, and doing my first full length here shortly. To sell the Nightbreed idea to the studio, they will need a business plan/idea of some sort. I would relate the release possibly to the Firefly TV series (a cult auteur, in this case Joss Whedon, releases a show cancelled after one year to resounding DVD sales) or possibly the Descent (horror film which found a much bigger audience on DVD than it did in theaters). If they can see money potential, they will do so. Cheers, Matthew Frendo

Nightbreed was butchered by the studio suits. Then they made us wait 20 years to find out about the stored footage only to be rejected. Then they forced us to start a petition in order to have some glimmer of hope for a proper version "someday"---maybe. The same crime happened to Superman II. But miracles can happen--The Superman Richard Donner Cut only took 30 years. Manuel

I live in the UK and am a 35 year old solicitor now but still remember loving Nightbreed when it came out. It always seemed as though there was/ought to be more story on the screen, so I was very pleased to see on your site that that it's true and that it might happen! Please add my name to the list of people pushing for a decent DVD (region 2!!) release. Best wishes to you, and keep plugging away! Matthew Macefield.

Yes I would pay far Directors cut of Nightbreed. Michael

Just want to add my voice to get this done! Since I first saw Nightbreed on it's first release, the film has stayed with me. There is a lot of vintage Barker in this film and I would love to see a more coherent vision! It is very annoying to see far lesser films getting the deluxe treatment at the cost of better films like Nightbreed. Bring on the Blu Ray!! (Region Free please - I live in Ireland!) Derek Maher

I would buy 2 copies. R. Cook USA

I'd be up for the extended version or Blu-Ray. I have all Clive Barkers books (including the Collected Plays) and his movies Can't wait for the remake of Hellraiser (up to part 8, so the bad non-Clive Barker versions as well) and Nightbreed was probably my favourite movie anyway. I'd pay couple of hundred buck for it easy, so sign me up Chris New Zealand.

hi just wanted to say that yes i would love to see an extended or otherwise version of nightbreed on dvd i live in wales and as your article says nightbreed is not available on dvd at all . the only version i have was recorded from a showing on tv but would willingly pay 20-30 pounds to get on dvd .. really hope that this might happen.. thanks steve martin

Way back in the day I got hooked on Clive Barker when i first saw Hellraiser. I started to read the books of blood and was instantly hooked on this unbelievable writer. So it's safe to say that I was jumping up and down of pure joy when i first read about cabal being made into a movie by Mr. Barker himself. I did not see the movie before vinter of 1995 because it got banned in Norway back then. When i saw it I was sure that i saw a cut copy because it was not as expected and the editing seems very "snip snip". Later on i started to understand that the movie had been "axed" by the studio and had been molested by idiots with no understanding of adventure/horror. So to make a long story short: I WOULD LOVE TO BUY THE ULTRA SUPERDUPER EXTENDED CUT (with five discs and a replika decker mask (hehe))ON BLU-RAY/DVD. Maybe you even should rename it to cabal in order to differentiate it from nightbreed. If you pull this off it's better news than the blade runner final cut. And thank you for many many years of great entertainment and reality escape :-) And thank you for making this great site so I can stay updated with evrything Barker :-) best regards Jon Songvoll Sandefjord Norway. Fan for 22 years and counting.

I am a fan of clive's movies Hellraiser,Candyman,Lord of Illusions, and of course Nightbreed. I and my family have many movies over 1100 all together with vhs and dvds. I have Nightbreed on dvd and Vhs. I love long movies and I read about this on the website before you guys went done and found out the footage wasn't lost. I signed the petiton for a director's cut and would be willing to spend 30 dollars on it, even though I own the film on vhs and dvd. I am a loyal fan and will stand by you guys all the way. also I think if clive made nightbreed 2 then an even bigger audience might emerge. I think there is a nightbreed fan site called midian. I am very excited for this and would be honored if the director's cut was released because of fans like me. Good Luck, Tony F.

Any director cut editions of Clive Barker films should absolutely be released - ESPECIALLY this one. Nightbreed is classic and should not only be released, but done so in a super fancy edition that would look very pretty on my DVD shelf. Melb, AUSTRALIA

i would love to see the extended cut of nightbreed! ladydragonflower

Love NIghtbreed. Coolest horror by far from my childhood, and possibly my first ever exposure to the brilliant work of Elfman. GET IT OUT THERE!!! Brad Ollis

Please add my name to the support for the restoration and extra footage, and for a blu-ray transfer, of Nightbreed. It is a wonderful film and unfortunately it's true value has yet to be realised in the form it was intended. Garry McLaughlin Glasgow, UK

we want the extended version of nightbreed! we will kill mame and destroy for the full version (obviously not haha), but we want it that bad. dont hold back on the general public! theres no cause or reason! -Josh Flesh

Angela Newell - Australia

Dvd or Blu Ray, I'd purchase Neal OFlaherty USA

Please release it! I don't know how many Barker freaks you'd make the Christmas of by putting it out there. MeDrumGood -Australia & USA

I'm a fan of moovies of Clive Baker, especially Nightbreed and Hellraiser. I'm waiting for a long time for an extended version of Nightbreed. And also for a Nightbreed 2 because the story with the priester and Decker is not finished. What will happened to the moontribes and Boon ? There could be a very interesting suite, now with the performance of computer, but not too much. The computer's muppets are very artificial. We want to see MORE MONSTERS, but REALISTIC like in the original. For Hellraiser, it could be the same. Why not a story about the devils and their world, what they are doing in it, an so on. Pearhaps less blood and more fantastic figures. With best regards from France Laure BROWN

Please put the extended cut of Nightbreed on DVD. This is one of my favorite horror movies and I'd love to see it in its entirety. Thank you! -Kate Grossett

I was delighted to learn that there was additional footage available for Nightbreed. I would like to add my name to the list of fans who would be very excited to see a release of an extended edition of the film. David Brown United Kingdom (Scotland)

More nightbreed please....the fans are waiting!!! Thank you JMeyers of Oconomowoc, WI

Hi guys, I'd love to see the directors cut of Nightbreed. Blu Ray, at a movie theatre, and on TV. It's shameful that it hasn't happened before. Good luck with making it happen. Best wishes, Alexander Finbow Canada

Nightbreed is in my top ten all-time favorite movies, alongside 2001: A Space Odyssey. I first purchased a laserdisc player when Nightbreed was released in that format, then bought a DVD player when it came out in the DVD format. Please, please being out the extended director's cut on DVD. I'd buy it no matter the cost. Steve B

Hi just writing to say that a directors cut of your film would be much appreciated. As a manager of a rare dvd store in melbourne australia we get lots of enquirys about films that people want to see and im proud to say that yours is one of them. So in closing i hope that we can get one sometime in the future. Thanks again Mark

I absolutely loved Cabal On the weekend of its release in the UK ... Queued up at Forbidden Planet in London to get Clive's autograph on my copy of the film books then went straight round to see it in the West End of London. I was always slightly sad that they changed the ending - it seemed like the book was so perfectly structured to spawn a sequel and then the movie just ... well ... floundered. Didn't stop me enjoying it - just not as much as I'd hoped I would. And I even bought (and finished) the Amiga version of the Nightbreed computer game (published by Ocean) Anyway, A director's cut is well worth the cost of a Blu-ray to me ... (and I'm in New Zealand now ...)

Cormac Donnelly Belfast Ireland It's a great film as it is, and an even better book, I know lots of ppl that would buy it

put me on that extended cut list...hell put me on it twice. james jones

I am David and I live in the UK. I first saw Nightbreed at the cinema in 1990 and loved everything about the film. When it was finally released on VHS in the UK, it was the only thing I asked for and wanted for christmas. It has been a bit of a disappointment that a Region 2 DVD was never released in the UK, but an extended release would be the dogs bollocks. I cant believe that the studio suits are so short-sighted in thinking that there is no audience for this, especially when you see some of the crap they are churning out these days. I mean c'mon, they released Rawhead Rex on DVD and I still bought it :) I say release this extended version NOW and WE will show you the money.

I just wanted to lend my complete support and interest in the possibility of an extended Nightbreed. I'm a huge fan of Clive's work, and saw The Breed 5 times in the cinema when it was released. A longer cut on DVD would be absolutely amazing, and I would bu it without hesitation, and I have many friends who would too. I'm so excited about the VHS discovery of a 159 minute version, this is like the holy grail for me! I look forward to hearing more encouraging news soon. Good luck!! - Chris Owen, UK

I would buy 2 Nightbred extended cut dvds especially if there are extra features and good packaging. I would NOT however buy a Blu-Ray tho, don't believe the hype (unless it was affordable, say $20 - $24). PLEASE make it happen! Thanks, Dave Corsile Burbank, CA

Please count me among the confirmed pre-orders for a DVD release of Nightbreed (extended version). Scott Clevenger

My name is Jen I watched 'Nightbreed' a few years ago, well actually it was a lot more than a few. I wasn't even 18 at the time and I'm 20 now. I loved the movie and watched it over and over on a video recording. Anyway I just found this website saying that there mgiht be another dvd released if the audience is big enough I know if was put online in June but I only just found the site so I'm emailing you. I was disapointed when I first searched for a 'nightbreed' on dvd as its only available on region 1, a brilliant movie and I can't get it here in the U.K at all. Not happy about that. If Nightbeed was released over here in the U.K on reigon 2 I'd be one of the first to buy it, I woulnt wait for the price to go down I'd get it straight away. It's a movie I loved when I was younger, my video has gone fuzzy as the recorded ones do and I'm desperate for the dvd. Its a brilliant horror movie better than loads that are on dvd Anyway sorry for rambling on if there is going to be a dvd release could you let me know? I hope there is gonig to be one, I've seen a lot of horror films 'nightbreed' is one of the best its original.

Please add my name to the list of people supporting a director's cut of Nightbreed. I have not seen the film but I do believe it is incredibly wrong when a studio takes control of a director's work and refuses to allow any semblance of the original vision out into the public arena. Even though I wanted to slap Richard Kelly with a haddock when I saw the director's cut of Donnie Darko...I still believe he had the right to release it. Regards, Sharon Shaw Kent UK

I just want to say that I've been a fan of Nightbreed since the first time I saw it. As much as I love Hellraiser, I think Nightbreed is a much more complex and rich film, beautifully made. I knew about all the missing scenes, and was hoping for a nice dvd release with that content and maybe some commentaries and stuff, but even though that stuff was not included I still bought the bare-bones dvd the day it was released, because I love this film so much! If Hellraiser can see 20 different dvd releases and a blu-ray release, then there has to be an audience somewhere for a decently feature-packed edition of Nightbreed. I mean, consider the idea that many Nightbreed/Barker fans did not purchase the Nightbreed dvd upon release because they were expecting a better edition later on, because they knew the material was kicking around somewhere, and they knew there was fan support. But when the feature-packed edition never came, they said screw it, and by that time the dvd had made its way to the 5 dollar bargain bin, so they bought it there and of course that release made no money! Anyway, that's my two cents (or paragraphs). I hope it helps, I really do. -Jeffrey Dyal (L.A., CA)

To Whom it may concern, I want to see the uncut Nightbreed. My voice has now been heard. Thank You, James Blue

Please give us what we want. I've recently re-discovered the Nightbreed comics, and it only makes me need the workprint more. You know comic con's around the world would love the chance to have release parties... Anthony B. Springfield, MO

My "name" is Mastiff, I'm 43 years old, from Norway. I saw the original when it came, first on VHS and then I bought it on DVD when it came. It's one of my favourite movies and it really deserves any possible extension. I have always dreamed about a full trilogy, but if that's not possible, I'll gladly add my name to the list of those who would like an extende version of the movie. Keep fighting! :-D Tor

I'm a huge fan of Clive Barker's Nightbreed and I would definately buy an extended release. Matter of fact, I would buy a couple of copies for friends as well, this is considered a classic in my circle of friends. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I've been wanting to see this copy since I first heard about it!!! Thanks, Matt

My name is David and I live in Australia. I would love to see 'Nightbreed' on DVD in a directors cut version. I have been a fan of Mr Barker's work since I first saw 'Hellraiser' and read 'The Books of Blood'. Keep up the good work. Yours in Horror David. :)

I would love to see a restored director's cut of Clive Barkers 'Night breed! I would happily buy it on DVD or blu-ray. Thanks Gary Scotland

Would love to see a directors cut of Nightbreed ,... its one of my favorite movies.. Regards Kenneth Berantzino Denmark

If they can release lesser fare like My Bloody Valentine uncut after all the years of searching for the trimmed gore, Waterworld "the extended cut" (who knew there was a demand for Costner with gills?), and the list goes would be about damn time that Nightbreed had its "day in the sun", so to speak. I saw the film, back in the day, in a small theater that was still showing horror films like Hellraiser 2 and Leatherface: TCM III and have the Fangorias with the stills that weren't in the released version; all the endless searching for that "lost version" could finally be over. Barker's imagination hasn't been matched or exceeded by anyone yet and to see his version untampered, like Midnight Meat Train, would be a small wish come true. Paul

Please add my name to the list of fans who are demanding that this be released. I cannot believe that the studio doesn't think there is a market for this film John

Massive fan, would love to see Nightbreed. Its weird that its missing from my shelves actually. I'd go buy a special edition in a flash Best Corin

I would LOVE to see a true directors cut of the movie, and I would be more than happy to give the studio that releases it some money as well for their troubles. All of the studios complain that sales and profits are that I say, give me what I want and I will pay. Continue to put all dull s*** that is not worth paying for and expect piracy to increase unabated. I have waited many long years for the missing footage to be restored, to give this movie the structure it's original release so obviously was missing. To recap, make it and I will pay... -- Regards, Jonathan Krell, RN

My name is Patrick Ryan and I am a resident of The Republic Of Ireland. Id just like to say yes, I, for one would love to see a directors cut of Nightbreed, and have really, really, wanted to see it, ever since the theatrical version came out. It makes me laugh when I hear that the producer said theres no audience for the film. Its obvious hes got his head up his arse. Unfortunately, I know there are a lot of other people out there who just dont know, or just havent heard, any of this news, regarding the lost and found material and wont get to say they want to see the movie too, even though they would like to see the full extended cut. I have met numerous people down through the years who have seen Nightbreed and loved it and also mentioned they would love to see a directors cut but I am not in touch with these people and cant direct them to this website, but it just goes to show that there are many others out there who would buy a directors dvd if they came across it in the shops. Maybe if we do get Nightbreed, someone will succeed in badgering the producers into getting out a directors cut of Michael Manns "The Keep" next. I would definitely buy a copy of a directors cut of Nightbreed, should it ever be released.

Put me down for wanting all available cuts of Nightbreed to be released on Blu-ray disc. - Chad Birkholz, Wisconsin

I would definitely buy an extended version blue-ray. This has been one of my favourite movies for a long long time! Cheers, Sheldon. (From Canada)

"Yes!" to a Director's Cut of Nightbreed from Youri, The Netherlands

My name is John Dunne, and nothing would make me happier to See a Directors cut with the extra footage of nightbreed on Blu ray or DVD, I would pay the price of ten DVDs to see it. Please Release the Footage!

Yes, I would love to be able to buy the extended version of Nightbreed and will look for updates on the status.

I want the uncut version on blu ray please!!! my name is mike and i luv Nightbreed!!! Clive ur the best damn author period! Tell the studio to quit being dicks already!!! "I want meat!" You gotta luv Peloquin! Sheila

Yup - let's have it. I'm a professional journalist living in Scotland BTW and would love to see it - and write about it. It's a severely underrated movie as it is - and it has one of the most gorgeous scores ever. I'm still hanging back on buying the existing Region One release - it's not available in the UK on DVD - hoping for the full cut. Cheers and good luck rory

ill buy 2 copies just so they friggin release it! hell ill take a sequal at that, people buy so much garbage these days they dont know a good movie when it slaps em in the face. KK


What? There is no audience for this? Fantasy/horror is HUGE right now- what the hell are they talking about. I've been a Barker fan for many years and this is one of my favorite movies. It always felt very abrupt in parts and even before I knew about the missing footage it felt like something was left out. I would not hesitate at all to buy a directors cut on blu-ray. I wonder if Anchor Bay would put up the money to get this out on blu-ray. Raffin111

Excited about the possibility of an extended cut and bonus features. I'd buy a copy for sure. Viva la Breed! Joe from Cleveland, OH

Oh, how special would that be. I hunted for a VHS copy of this film for ages then finally taped it from terrestrial TV. It's a true horror classic, way better than the shaky cam nonsense that's out these days. Please, please get the directors cut released. George Thomson United Kingdom

My name is Bill Collins and I would absolutely purchase an extended version of Nightbreed with the original footage replaced. In fact, it is long overdue for this release.

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Loved the book and would love to see the same ending in the extended version- Rosanne Bevacqua-Randolph, NJ

for the love of god release this. Adam

Add me as a very interested party in seeing a "Nightbreed" director's cut come to life. I fondly remember being in highschool at the time the film was released, buying the soundtrack, the book on the making of the film, and knowing the entire time that there was more to this incredible enterprise that was not seeing the light of day. At the time it stirred my imagination to such an extent that it informed every piece of art I was generating-- be it drawing or painting, which I think had some part in the work I later evolved toward as an adult. I think it was the following year when I attended a Fangoria convention and met Doug Bradley, that he described to the audience what had been done to the film. Almost 20 years later, and I am still holding out on the possibility of experiencing the full 'breed. I am waiting, my friends are waiting-- it is a film we loved, but wanted to see the way it was meant to be seen. Cheers, Ryan Standfest

This is one of my favorite movies of all time!! I was just researching the director's cut of this film a few months ago with no hope! Now I decided to search again to find out what's going on and I read the footage is found! I would love to buy this money on blu ray also. The Directors cut and theatrical version@! Kyle Quatman Ohio, USA

I am Chad Gardner from the US. I would love to own the director's cut on Nightbreed on Blu-ray. We need more classic, cheesy horror films like this!

I would love to get a director's cut of Nightbreed on Blu-Ray. Please make it happen! - Paul Acevedo, EastX

Hi!I am from Russia. Sorry for bad English... I very like Nightbreed as film and as book. I'd be glad to see an extended version of this film. I say that my vote - for it. Alex Ivanov, 30, Russian Federation

I'll buy two! Erin

i'd like to join the petition for an extended cut re-release of Nightbreed. thanks, Shaun

Nightbreed was a powerfull influence on me in my childhood, and I would dearly love to purchase a longer, remastered version. honestly though, i think the blu-ray upgrade may not be a good idea. the sci-fi fantasy films dont seem to do to well in hi-def. perhaps a more cost effective "directors cut' version in standard DVD resolution is more attainable? -Owen Matson

A definite buyer here. Thanks, Brian Logan

I would buy the Nightbreed blu-ray in a heartbeat, so I wish you all the very best luck on making it happen! Shawn Donahoo

Please add my name to the list of supporters for a full-on Nightbreed Director's Cut release. I would absolutely love a Director's Cut in any format, but Blu-Ray would be outstanding. The time in NOW to revisit this wonderful story the Clive Barker has crafted and bring it back into the light for a new generation to enjoy. Tracy Bartak/USA

Adam from Toronto, Canada here. I've been a fan of Clive Barker since I was a kid, long before I was old enough to even appreciate his genius. I would love to see Barker's original vision of this film restored, in addition to seeing more of Toronto's own Cronenberg in front of the camera. I would definitely buy a new DVD or Blu-Ray of the Nightbreed director's cut. Thanks

This is a short email to show my support for a rereleased and extended DVD version of the the movie Nightbreed. I am currently in Canada and have waited for years to see a Directors Cut of this movie... I hope it happens soon. Cheers WT

I would DEFINITELY purchase this movie uncut (preferably on Blu-ray)! Eric Thomas Craven Horseheads, NY United States

I would like to register my support in getting the missing footage for Nightbreed restored and re-released. Nightbreed is one of the most imaginative and enthralling movies of all time and deserves to be shown in its entirety, I have read the novel and all of the comics and now would like to see the film. I cannot believe the suits don't recognize that Clive Barker has a huge international fan base that will easily justify the release of this. Incidentally I would also like to see the comics reprinted in volumes similar to the hellraiser comics, if there is ever a campaign for that you can put my name down. Thanks and good luck Mark

So, the lost footage is not lost, just locked up. From MIA to POW. Hmm. I love Nightbreed. What can I do to help? Warm Regards, Robin Morningstar

Please help the lost footage get released Slug was here-peace

Hi guys, yes I want to support an extended edition of favourite film of all time. Zak

Last week, I found a VHS copy of NIGHTBREED at my local thrift store. I am a huge horror fan, but had never seen it before. I fell in love with it instantly and researched it more online after seeing it. Ironically, a few days later I received my newest issue of HorrorHound in the mail and I see the beautiful mask of Dr. Decker on the cover!! Clive Barker is one of the most talented, unique, and underrated individuals out there. Let's please get this extra 44 minutes of footage put to good use and respect Mr. Barker's original ideas of how this imaginative fantasy should go. Sincerely, Neil Freedline

In 2010, it will mark Nightbreed's 20th Anniversary. Now, to celebrate the occassion, the time has come for Clive Barker's original version of Nightbreed to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray for 2010. By doing this, you'd be doing us fans a favor. As long as we can remember, Nightbreed was chopped to bits ignoring what Clive originally wanted and we hope someone, somewhere would find a copy of the original version and release it to the public on home video. As the 20th Anniversary draws near, now is a good time for the original version of the film to finally be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray. This release must include both the original 1990 theatrical version, the original version, and hours of bonus material all supervised by Clive Barker himself! ...the time to release Clive's original version of Nightbreed is now (in time for it's 20th Anniversary)! You can make a difference and let Clive's dream be realised. You be doing not only us fans a favor, but for Clive as well. Thanks for listening. Signed, Anthony DiPaola

Oh God Yes!!! My name is Shaun Southam. I live in the UK. I would buy it on DVD, Blue Ray even gold plated etchings on cave walls but please, please release it. Spread the word.

Add me to the list of those who wish to see a director's cut of Nightbreed. I would love to see a version that fits Clive Barker's vision. There is an undeniable beauty in the message of this story. Fans, old and new deserve to see Clive's true version of the story come to life on DVD. There has been enough disappointment for Clive and his fans. Jeffrey Rodriguez Brownsville, TX

I Stand along side the legion of Barker fans salivating for a proper Nightbreed DVD!! Bring it on! Filthmaggot

My name is Nathan Haight, i'm from Pennsylvania USA. And I know for fact that a real Honorable Directors cut of Nightbreed would sell amazingly. Personally I would by it, but I know everybody that goes to the clubs, conventions, and gatherings that I go to would also buy it, I see T-shirts for the movie everywhere! Good luck!!

I am all for this release. There are about 3 movies that I have eagerly awaited a rerelease or directors cut ...blu ray!! And the top is Nightbreed. Bring on the full length edition. and lets get rawhead rex back in production too while were at it. William J Seth Utica Ny

I will buy it the very day it is released! Mikael Öberg, Sweden

Hello I just read the recent horrorhound article on "Night Breed". I wanted to extend my support to release this movie as a directors cut dvd. Hey this worked to release "The Monster Squad" didn't it? This was another monster movie I wasn't scared to see as a child in fact when my mom bought a VHS copy I watched it over and over again and when I got older and found out it was based on a story he wrote I went out and read a copy of it. So, I hope a release happens in the near future! ~T. Bane

This is stuff of Legend. I have waited a very long time to finally here that this footage has been found. Please make an extended DVD. My name is Tom Davison, Southgate Mi

I am living in switzerland, and I would be very interested in an extended Nightbreed version!!! It is a favourite movie of mine but compared to the book it feels butchered. Now I have read a lot about the missing scenes, and I think only an extended version would do this book justice! I would even order two or three copies, if that would make Fox re-think their attitude towards this release. Best of luck and I hope we get a director's cut aldona

Count me in as one of the interested people. I would buy this in a heartbeat. Mike Foster USA

Please, for the love of Pete, I implore you to help make this happen. This movie is far too magnificent to not have an uncut version available for purchase. As a long time fan of Clive Barker's works, this a definite favorite and I think fans would leap at getting a chance at the director's cut. It's a win win. You and Clive get money and renewed interest, we get the honor of seeing such a great film in its original glory - Gavin- Richland, WA (Horrorhound magazine sent me)

I read the issue of HORROR HOUND and am expressing my intense interest in a director's cut of NIGHTBREED on dvd. cashin79

Just popped in to give my support from Luxembourg to any and every attempt to get a Nightbreed director's cut into the open. I'll be spreading the word among the friends I know want to see this. Even though Lord of Illusions is still one of my favourite genre films, Nightbreed is the one Clive Barker film, in my opinion, that has the potential to be one of the best. I hope you can do this right. Best, Tom

LOVE nightbreed!! one of my favorite north american films of all time. I have seen nothing like it before or since it was released and a longer version seems like the only way I'll ever see more of such a great thing! so I say, "Bring on the longest version you can muster. Bring it all, and I will happily cough up whatever it may cost." I'd rather buy 5 copies of Nightbreed than buy just one copy of any of the "Saw" movies, or any movie Rob Zombie ever had....eeww!! When will people stop wasting money on empty-headed, cater to the lowest common denominator sequel/re-make pocket-picking disasters? Real fans save their money and spend it more prudently on the films that really matter. Clive Barker puts the "fan" in the "fantasy/horror" genre. And as far as I can tell Nightbreed is his crowning achievement, and if you're telling me that there is a way to improve on a masterpiece, then I say improve. Because a masterpiece wouldn't be a master piece without its master. And Clive Barker is a Master of Horror. So let the Master work his magic. I want Nightbreed, and I want all of it!! - Josh Pagano, USA

I hope there are plans for a Nightbreed - directors cut special edition...this is long overdue thanks, Tom

I am emailing in regards to the article in the most recent issue of Horrorhound. As a Clive Barker fan and fan of horror in general, I truly hope and want to see the release of Nightbreed's Director's Cut! I hope that through emailing alongside fans like myself, someday it will occur! Something so great deserves to see the light of day! Sincerely, Daniel Cravens

As wonderful a film it is, it seems a bit incomplete. More details are needed in its tapestry. Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some breeders to put down. Cheers. Sincerely Yours, Dr. Philip K. Decker

I was just reading the article on Clive's site about Nightbreed and was excited to hear that they know that the extended cut still exists. I am a huge fan of this film and have been impatiently waiting to hear some positive news about a DVD release for years! Please make sure the execs know we all want and need this released! I can't believe we still can't even get a standard DVD release here in the UK. Emma Roberts, Wales

I am a huge horror movie and Clive Barker fan, and Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies. I would love for a Director's Cut of Nightbreed to be released. I really want to see the complete vision of this movie as it was intended to be seen by the director. I have heard that the lost footage from this movie has been found, and I really hope a new DVD will be released sometime soon. I know countless horror fans have been waiting for this for a very long time. Please give us horror fans this movie in its uncut version! Thank you so much, Lillian M. Stewart

Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies as is cabal one of my favorite books, please release a 58 minute extended edition you would make me a very very happy soul Thanks Joseph wille

I wish to add my name to the list of people who would like to see the director's cut of Nightbreed. Dorian

I would love to buy the night breed movie with all the lost footage! I Love this movie and all the creatures in it.I would really be happy if they put it on bluray...Please put this version out!!!!!! thanks...Diana Haddaway

I would buy a Director's Cut of Nightbreed both on normal DVD and Blu Ray. Ever since I saw it in 2008 and reading Cabal I even thought they should remake it. I'm all for anything Nightbreed! -Sebastian Martinez from Chicago

Nightbreed is great! I hope the long awaited extended version gets released soon! Keith Richardson USA

my name is liza, i saw Nightbreed when it first came out in the UK and fell in love with the film, i grabbed a copy when it was released on video(which now looks old and faded after many viewings) so i would pay for a copy of the extended film, to see it how Clive intended would be amazing. GOOD LUCK

Hello, add me to the petition for the unrated Nightbreed release. - Brent Harris

Please release all footage of NightBreed to Clive Barker to enable him to make a directors cut of this movie. I would definitly buy this on blue ray if he were allowed to make it. Thank you. A. Shana Scheibe

I am a 39. I saw "Nightbreed" in the theaters. I would like to see the directors cut. Please, let us see Clive Barker's appropriate vision. Thank you. Sincerely, Steven Chope

I would love to be able to purchase an extended version of Nightbreed! My name is Tim Palace, and I live in Chicago, Illinois. Tim

give us nightbreeed- extended director's cut!!! with all the junk horror movies out on dvd it is about time they released a classic the way the author intended. How can I help? thank you, Albert Martin

I would like to add my voice to those who are interested in seeing an extended version of Nightbreed. I would love to see such a release and would wholeheartedly support the project. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Peter Kouzmine

please please please release the extended cut of night breed, preferably on blu-ray. i would definitely purchase a copy if it was to be released. rob vaughan dallas, texas

My name is Brian Pitt. I am one of the many people that have heard about the missing footage from Clive Braker's film Nightbreed that would gladly spend hard earned cash to buy it on a dvd! We are not asking for a spectacular 4 disc special edition or anything like that, we just simply would love to see this brilliant film as it was meant to be seen. In it's full uncut version.

im a massive Clive Barker fan and have bought all versions of Nightbreed on VHS and DVD, however i want the directors cut!!saw the stuff on Fangoras site about getting names together to show we want the footage... im one of them Stephen Marley west sussex , england, UK thanks and i hope we can get the new version ,...

I really want to see the true version of Nightbreed! I own the old vhs version with Clive's introduction but I really want to see the real version! I'll definately buy it when (hoping!) it comes out! God I hope there's enough interest here!

Nightbreed is a very large part of my horror movie experiences. I have grown up with this imaginative and beautifully crafted film. Nightbreed deserves to be treated with proper respect and given new life closer to the Director's original vision. There are so many less deserving movies being released and re-released that this shouldn't even be an issue for a horror masterpiece such as Nightbreed. I would love to see the release of a Director's Cut along with any possible extras in packaging and content. At least this would be a movie worth paying some extra cash for to get a proper release. With all my support, CJ

I would very much be interested in purchasing a director's cut of Nightbreed. I personally loved the whole premise around it and would have loved sequels but that unfortunetly never happened. Anyways please let me know if you are going to make this available since I heard that there is almost an hour of un-released footage. WOW! Jason Cole

I am all for an extended version of Nightbreed... When I read there were 44 minutes missing I was disappointed. When I read Clive's original vision was to have a trilogy, I was totally beside myself. How cool would that have been? I don't want to spend a lot of time on this. I just wanted to let you know I am behind you. Good luck with everything. Hope your goes well. Jay Ramsdell

My name is Michael Timothy Folger, and I would absolutely LOVE to have a directors cut of nightbreed. Nightbreed has always been my favorite movie and when it was released on dvd, I was absolutely thrilled, as I had played my VHS copy out. I must say that I was somewhat disappointed when I found that the dvd did not have any type of "making of" featurette or any deleted scenes. I am a commitee member for the seattle crypticon horror convention and have passed the info on to my fellow commitee members. I will gather as much support for this as I can.

Jason Cook , 22 louisville ky I haven't even heard about Nightbreed until it was in a horror magazine this month! It looks like an amazing movie, and when I want to see an amazing movie, I want to see all of it! Not the crappy cut and edited version the studio puts out, but the director's version with all scenes. The "Lori sings Johnny get angry" has to be included. I would buy the super extended mega everything included on dvd cut. I mean come on they have millions of dvds out now that don't sell millions of copies, but they are cult classics. This is one. If the word gets out, people will want to see this whole cut! I mean people at conventions are wanting this so bad, it would sell out at conventions so fast. This movie is the essence of Clive Barker, the original Tortured Souls.

Plz release the directors cut of Nightbreed,fans are dying to see it after nearly 20 years of waiting. Craig Mcallister

I been a huge fan for years and has got me into the whole horror scene.Far one of the best sleeper films of all time.It deserves the best treatment.Im even tattooing my whole left thigh to the movie,characters that were not used in it.I know millions of people hope this will see the light of day. thank you adam

I am writing to express my interest in having a definitive directors cut of the film NightBreed on BluRay. I recently read an article in Rue-Morgue magazine that one can write to this address to show support. Regards, Emmanuel Hernandez

My answer to the question of will I buy an extended version of Nightbreed? A resounding "YES!!!!!!!" This movie astounded me as a kid and to see it done the way Mr. Barker wanted it done? Even better! Please please please with a pound of sugar on top, release a directors cut!! Lori USof A!!

I'm writing to show my support & desire for a Director's Cut of Clive Barker's Nightbreed. I enjoyed the movie when it was released, but my enjoyment was tempered by knowing from reading in Fangoria, etc., how much had been cut out of the film, per the studio, and by the ratings board. The fact that the excised footage exists & could be included in a director's cut is very frustrating. They've put out special edition DVDs of The Monster Squad, My Bloody Valentine, and now, Night of the Creeps. Surely, Nightbreed, w/ the marquee name of Clive Barker attached, warrants as much consideration. ...I hope the [studio] will see the light & reward us fans w/ a film that deserves to be seen in it's original, intended form, and which would undoubtedly be considered a horror classic if seen the way it was meant to be seen. Thank you, Brian de Castro

I just read a great article in "Horror Hound" about the lost footage being found for Nightbreed. I would really like to see a director's cut of the film made available to the public. Clive Barker is such a great director that it would be a shame not to release the new cut of Nightbreed. Thank you. Mark Stephens

Just a quick note to let you know I would really love to see this DVD released. Thank You for your time. Jonathan Sarasin

This is one of my favourite films from one of my favourite authors/filmmakers (I wish Clive would direct more!), so I just thought I'd add my voice to those clamouring for a director's cut to be released on DVD and Blu-ray. (Did Danny Elfman score music for the extra footage, I wonder? If not, will he return to compose some extra themes?) Good luck with your efforts, Best wishes, Matthew Long (Reading, Berkshire, UK)

I want it! OHM

I am writing in hopes this will help [them] release a special edition of Nightbreed or sell the film to another company so they can release it. There IS a market for this film. I've been waiting for it and so have many people I know. I hope [the studio] wise up and realize what kind of a gem they have in their hands. Never give up hope! Raymond McDonald

I am a fan of Clive Barker's work and would love to see a Special version of his movie Night Breed on DVD. It is one of my favorite horror movies and to have the version that Mr. Barker truly intended to make would be a great honor. Please pass on my comments to the necessary sources to make this happen. Thanks! Drew

I have been waiting for the true version of this film since the botched original was released!! Lets get this released!! Kip Fromm

I want to own this. VERY much. I know at least three others that are also interested in buying the Director's Cut of NightBreed. I'll let them know about this... Philip

I'm writing in regards to the Nightbreed article that I read in the Sept/Oct issue of HorrorHound. I would truly like to see the full, director's cut of Nightbreed. It is a shame that such a beautiful piece of work is just sitting around in vaults when it should be shared with the fans and supporters of Mr. Barker's work. This message is my vote to get [the studio] to release the complete Nightbreed into the retail market. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Rick Snyder

Jus wanna say "HOLLA" yo yo we needs to git that Nightbreed directas shit to light son Barker n Cronenberg r my dogs Ryan

My name is Tony Field and i live in England. For the past few years i've been a massive Clive Barker Fan and upon reading the news that you are trying to get names for the re-release of Nightbreed, i felt the need to email you. (i tried twitter but the site is blocked from work). Please could you add me to the list of names of people that are willing to buy the dvd on realease as i really want to see the film as it was originally invisioned. I dont believe the original does justice to the Cabal novel and to re release the film, with several (what i believe) key scenes included, can only be a good thing. Thank You Tony Field

I would buy a director's cut of Nightbreed in any format. Thank you, Kevin J. Laidlaw

Since the night I watched the butchered cut of this film in the theater at the age of 16, I have been waiting for the release of a directors cut. Wouldn't it be a fantastic 20th anniversary present to get the extended cut to the fans so that we can see what this film was truly mean to be?

i would love to be able to buy nightbreed on r2 dvd or blu ray instead of getting it on the black market Neil

Lucas Tubbs I actually haven't seen the movie yet. But I've read the book and articles about the movie, and if its anything like they say it is and the book, then I'm all for it. P.S. CLIVE BARKER RULES!!!

I just saw Nightbreed yesterday. I love Cabal, it's one of my favorite books, not least because I live in Calgary! There has to be a Director's Cut of the movie, it doesn't make any sense the way it is now. I know it's not Clive's fault, but how did anybody think it would be understandable with almost an hour's worth of footage cut out?! It boggles the mind. I wanna add my vote for a Director's Cut of the film, that's the only way it'll make sense. Martin

I've been a fan of Clive Barker for several years. He was the first author that I read for the pure enjoyment of reading. I've devoured every film that he has had a hand in, including the short version of Nightbreed that was previously released on DVD. Nightbreed is a great film, but the book left me wanting so much more. I was sad to here that the film was butchered so from Clive's original version. I only hope that I'm given the opportunity to purchase the movie how the director intended it to be filmed. I would jump at the chance to purchase a new DVD, especially if it came out on Blu-ray. There are so many releases of inferior movies that come out on a weekly basis, it's time for one of the truly lost gems to get it's chance to shine. Thank You, Jason Dowell

Nightbreed is hands down one my favorite Clive Barker film, and one of my favorite horror films, period. There's not another movie quite like it, and everyone deserves the chance to see David Cronenberg's chilling turn at acting. I've been looking for an excuse to upgrade from my VHS copy, and a re-release with restored footage would be just such an excuse. Rob Marvin, Montana

My name is Jeff Bly. I live in Winston-Salem, NC, USA. I have been a Clive Barker fan since I was a little kid, and first saw Nightbreed. I remember walking through the aisles of our local video store and seeing the VHS box sitting there with all the various monsters on the cover. I begged and pleaded with my grandmother to rent it, and she did. I must have watched it a million times. At the time, I was simply fascinated by a movie with such a plethora of amazing monsters, but years later, the movie would once again crop up, and with a much deeper meaning. I began writing horror and delving deeper into the sub-culture of it in high school, where for my major book report project of 10th grade I chose Cabal by Clive himself. I devoured the book, and spent nearly a year crafting a loving report to share my find with the class. I was told by my teacher that she had originally thought Clive to be a trash author, and would never have read a single word he had written, but after my report, she went out and bought the book herself, and fell in love with it and its author. I found something deeper in the words then a simple blood and guts horror tale. It was a tale of being an outsider, of alienation, and the pain of being different. More then that, it also illustrated that there were actual monsters hiding in places like police officials who perpetuated brutality and psychiatrists who told us how we should feel and think. After reading the book seemingly a hundred times, I purchased an old VHS copy, which I have surely viewed more than any other movie in my life. I love the film, and personally feel it to be Clive's best. I recently picked up a copy of HorrorHound magazine, and read the excellent article on the lost footage and the seemingly doomed release of a director's Cut. It kills me to know the footage has been found, and that a labor of love may never be seen in its entirety because some money hungry businessmen could care less what fans want. We want a director's cut. We want to see the film as it was meant to be seen. If there is anything you can do to help this process along, I beseech you, as well as all my friends and fellow fans alike. Please do everything in your power to ensure we see this cut make it to DVD. I will be first in line. Thanks for you time. Jeff Bly

I would like to add my name to the list of fans who want to see more of Nightbreed on DVD. I would really like to see what Midian looks like in High Def on Blu-Ray. Mark Lenahan CA

I just read a very interesting article in HorrorHound magazine concerning the "lost footage" of Nightbreed being located(HELL YES!!!)... As a fan of Clive's and a fan of this movie the release of a director's cut can't come soon enough.For [the studio] to suggest there's no demand for this is pure stupidity I hope they wise up. Dan Hiryak Pennsylvania United States

I would love to see a longer version of Nightbreed, especially if Clive does commentary. He is the only guy I can listen to when discussing a film. Go for it!! Tom Porfilio

Dear Mr. Barker, i have been a fan of your writing and art for years. It's horrible what some people have done to supress your creative integrity. As an artist myself I know what you must've felt like when you tried to get your vision of NIGHTBREED on the movie screen. All of the shit with producers, editors, and the fascistic MPAA--artists like yourself should not have to go through things like that. NIGHTBREED was special to you, and I'm glad to hear that it still is. Please with all of the forces you possess persuade the studio to bring NIGHTBREED to us the fans in it's most ultimate form--the form you intended it to be. Kyle Rada

I own the DVD of night breed and would love for there to be more of it.

Have just read Jessica Dwyer's article about 'Nightbreed', in this months 'HorrorHound', its trials and tribulations, and want to add my screaming voice to the call for a director's/special edition cut on DVD! I've posted a note on the 'Meeting Clive Barker' facebook group I'm proud to be a member of so hopefully we'll get more email support too! Keep up the good work! Janet x

Loved the book (just read it again after fifteen years)...loved the movie please!!!!do it.....dooo itttt!!!!GjonessydAust

...requesting that a directors's cut of Nightbreed be released on dvd. Hopefully blueray. cris

I would definitely be interested in purchasing an extended/director's cut of Nightbreed in whatever form I could get it (DVD or Blu-Ray). Always thought the theatrical cut was a butcher job and it's nice to know that it would be possible for a more coherent version (that would show off the artistry, passion and skill of the filmmakers) to be put together. It's a different market 20 years down the line and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thank you. James Stuckey, San Francisco

Christopher K. Philippo Glenmont, NY, USA

Not only does there need to be a Nightbreed Directors Cut DVD but there also should be a DELUXE Collectors Edition Nightbreed dvd with all the different versions to date (Theatrical and Directors Workprint) But also In both DVD and Blu Ray Formats. This is been a long time coming, so please release this in all its glory with loads of extras and collectible box set! ~ Garrett from Rhode Island!

I wanted to express my interest in a Special Edition re-release of "Nightbreed," as it is an important film within the horror genre and a unique work from a famous writer/director. I own both the DVD and VHS versions of this film(It is really strange to have a VHS copy of something that has more features than the DVD.) There is most certainly an interest within horror film fans and film fans in general for an extended addition of this movie. It is well known from message boards on countless horror sites and film sites, such as IMDB, that a longer version of this exists and I, for one, would like to buy this and have it in my collection. I do not understand [the studio]'s lack of interest in this film, nor their lack of understanding of the work itself. Nightbreed is a fantasy film within the horror genre that turns the monsters into the survivors and humans as the villains. It is a real shame that the film was not allowed to be released as intended in theaters and that many things were removed before being shot. I love what is already there and want to see more of it. People love Special Editions and this one is long overdue. To have this film restored in picture quality and audio along with the stolen scenes(Stolen from us the audience) would be awesome. It would also be great to hear Clive Barker's commentary with the film and even story boards showing scenes that were never shot. I will be there to buy a copy of this new edition if [teh studio] will quit being lame, let it be restored completely with some features and release it. The buzz is already going around about this and as soon as I read about it, I came here to voice my longing to see this come to fruition. Jerry Mountcastle

I'm from Spain and I think, here, in my country, there are a lot of people, fans of fantasy and horror films , waiting for years for a decent edition of NightBreed in DVD. This edition is , of course, a Director's cut with the lost footage, because any other version, it would be a joke for the fans of the Nightbreed's "universe" . Yes, only a movie (and the book, Cabal), but I dont' have another word better than universe, to describe the magical and powerful atmosphere represented in this movie. Even with the abrupt end of the actual cutted version of the movie, with these scenes deleted, and a final resolution of the plot fitted in the last five minutes (that reminds me a sort of premature ejaculation) the movie leaved a scar in each one of our minds, in the first viewing of the movie. Try to imagine the same atmosphere, the same history, with a better and comprehensible end. With this thoughts, I only have in mind... Why doesn't exist yet an Extended Edition of Nightbreed on DVD that repairs the bad taste leaved by the ejaculated end of the first version?, Don't you think the same? And finally, a words for those sceptical guys at the cinema and DVD bussiness , thinking that the target auddience for this film is ridiculous or insufficient, and specially for those sceptical guys that don't show interest to distribute certain films in DVD for Europe and specially for Spain only for a petition of a few "freaks": A typical example of potential buyers of a future Director's cut DVD edition of NightBreed are the audience of one of the most important festivals of cinema around the world, the Sitges Film Festival. Hey!, guys at the head of the business of the DVD market!, do you know the amount of people who likes and visit this festival, oriented in horror and fantasy films, on my country? (and not only from other places of my country, also from other countries) Imagine for a moment, at least, 2/4 of the audience of this festival, buying Nightbreed on DVD.... Sure, it's a lot of money for you, guys...!!!! Thanks for read the extended version of this mail xD. Marco Antonio P.S: Don't forget to put a Spanish subtitles (at least) in the DVD !!!

I am a fan of Nightbreed and recently saw an extended version may be available. I would love to see that and also believe with all the remakes about these days that would be perfect. Especially now. Either way I'd love to see the extended version and would definitely purchase it. Good luck. Sudhama Ranganathan

I just want to let you know that I'd buy the Nightbreed Director's Cut in a second! Good luck and all the best, Wolfgang Vienna, Austria


I am writing in support of the release of Mr. Barker's vision of Nightbreed. As a filmmaker myself, a director's vision for a film deserves to be seen by his admirers without the shakles of studio interference. Thank you for your time. Auteurboy :)

Bring on the director's cut. Roger

Considering they found the footage there is no reason not to have a restoration. A good release of Nightbreed on dvd and blu ray would make money. I have a special edition of Howard the Duck. _Nick

Just wanted to throw my $.02 in here. I have been hoping for years that more footage of this movie would come out. I would certainly buy a copy to add to my collection. Mike

I would be really interested in a copy on blu ray or dvd. Babette Allen, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I understand that additional footage that had been edited out has been found. Is there any possibility of a Director's Cut of Nightbreed being released? Being that Clive Barker having a large and built in fan base, sales of the disc would be brisk. If the excuse is made that the initial home release of the film brought in low sales it is due to the fact that it's a severely edited version of the original vision. Fans want the complete film and extras that the VHS nor DVD release did not or could not provide. Please consider a re-release of the film. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Fabian Villalobos

Hi guys, my name is Chris Haggarty, I live in the South of England. It's very exciting news let's show the suits that the film deserves the care and love of a transfer and I would put down my money for this.

All I can say is... HELL YES! Why hasn't it happened yet?!?!? Nick

Make it. Gregrey Harden US Ohio

Hi! I am a Spanish fan of Clive Barker that is quite excited with the possiblity of a director's cut of Nightbreed. This movie and novella of Clive Barker and The Hellbound Heart (film and novella) are my favourites. I even have the comic book collection of Nightbreed that came out when the movie was released. I think that over the years Nightbreed has earn enough cult following to have a deluxe edition, like the one Warner did with Blade Runner. A deluxe edition for me would include a director's cut, the workprint, making of, commentaries, and also could include the only extra in the region 1 dvd that I have: an audiotrack with the great soundtrack by Danny Elfman. So anything we can do to make it possible just ask.

Please release a director's cut of version of Nightbreed Guy Montgomery USA

After seeing Nightbreed for the first time a few years ago I enjoyed it but thought it was patchy. This reassures me that the once the footage removed was reinserted, it can help out the flow of the movie. I would love to see a directors cut. Patrick

I just read Horror Hound's piece on Nightbreed, and I would love to see a director's cut. That movie was one of the best stories I've seen on film. Thanks, Rich

My name is Reed Whipple I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I would love to buy an extended version of the film Night Breed.

I am looking for a special Director's Cut of Nightbreed. When can we have one made available? Ryan

Matt Ciallella - USA Clive Barker is a master of the genre. I've read his books and watched his films and through each of those he has the uncanny ability to take me to a fantastical place whether it's the hollowed depths of Midian or the cunning threads of Weaveworld. Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies ever. It has stayed with me since I was a kid and every time I watch my bare bones DVD. This director's cut needs to see the light of day. Clive's vision must be realized to the fullest or else there is no respect for movie-making or storytelling. Yes production costs are high, but studios are willing to shell out millions of dollars on stuff like the Prom Night remake which is a stinking pile, but won't do what it takes to release a highly coveted and highly deserved cult classic such as Nightbreed. Make a director's cut and I will buy it on day one, whether it's Blu-Ray or DVD, I"m there!

I have always been a fan of the film and the book "Cabal" since release, Nightbreed was a high concept picture, with a studio that did not understand it, did not market it properly and were just completly unsupportive. A full directors cut of Nightbreed is essential, to leave such creative work unfinished is a crime against cinema. I am sure the fan base will lap up a deluxe dvd edition and i pray for a hi def bluray release.

Please add my name to your list of potential purchasers of this special edition of Clive Barkers masterpiece. I bought all the making of books and loved the source material so I know how much went into making this film. Thanks for your work, keep it up. Clint Stone

While I'm not a huge horror fan (the email address is a whole other story), Nightbreed was a film I truly enjoyed. I'd love to see a Director's Cut and it would join my collection, alongside others such as Bladerunner, Leon The Professional, etc. I'm in the United States. Thanks! Scott Sundberg aka Blue Monster

Please, please, pleeease let this happen! This film deserves far better treatment than it's received! - Mut (USA)

Please try your best it would be great to see the full on cut of this awsome flim. Kindest Regards Norman Elkordi Sydney Australia

Yeah! Do it, i'd buy it! I always loved that movie, almost as good as Hellraiser. -- jason

I will eat this up! The bare bones edition is one of my all time favorite movies. I can't wait to see the extra footage added back in! Nick Crawford Washington, DC

I would love to buy the director's cut of "Nightbreed". I have been a Clive Barker Fan for many years. It is such a great movie and so unusual. I would think that Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans would love it! This audience is huge as evidenced by Star Wars, Star Trek, Spiderman, etc. over the years. Maybe this is a selling point to the studio to release this cut; Market it to Sci-Fi fans!!! Also, I hope the Clive makes a movie of "Weave World" and/or "Imajica". These are my two favorite Barker books and they would appeal to Sci-Fi fans I believe. I am really not a horror movie fan; even Clive's horror movies! But, "NightBreed" is different. To me, it is really a fantasy... Thx. Dave Paper Utah

With Nightbreed being one of my favorite films from Clive Barker, it would be a dream come true to see an extended cut of such a film. I believe I would be able to get the word out if this happened. Not only am I an amateur promoter, I am also a regular on the IMDb horror message boards, as well as a contributor in a book called Horror 101. Crystal Porphir Tulsa, OK

Of Nightbreed. Please. It was the 1st movie I saw that got me interested in special effects and was first read, by me, as a book. The movie is spot on. Release it. Don't leave this gem locked away forever. Toni

Hell ya! My name is Kenneth Burton and I would love for the director's cut of Nightbreed to become reality. Hope this e-mail helps.

I want a Nightbreed Director's Cut!!! Here is my vote!! Kenneth R. Shumaker

Nightbreed is a great movie and deserves to exist in an edition that Clive had intended. I would buy this first day of sale and even pre-order if i had to and yes it should be released on Blu-Ray as well. This needs to happen. I will post a link to the site article on my facebook page in hopes to get the word spread. Has it been considered to do a special run of the movie in theatres. I bring this up because here in Austin, Tx we have the Alamo Drafthouse which along with showing new movies they have different events. One such event was a special screening of Night of the Creeps with the cast and director in attendance. They did a Q&A afterwards with the audience afterwards and stayed for autographs and chatting. I was in attendance and it was great. If something like that could happen for Nightbreed it would be amazing. Just wanted to throw that out there to in hopes that it could help. Best of luck, Lawrence Baca Austin, Tx

Hi, this is Serge from the Netherlands, I really hope [the studio] will be persuaded to put in the lost Nightbreed footage, and release some sort of special edition DVD !! I think it's a true original horror / fantasy classic from a true original author / director..........everytime I see it I'm struck by the many iconic and unforgettable images it holds, and I think [the studio] owes it to the director and the fan's...........even though there aren't that many according to them. O.K. Thanks for your time, and good luck with your efforts !!! Best Wishes from Serge

Delighted that somebody has given the time to find the missing footage. Just re-watched the theatrical version and, though it is an incredible film, it makes you wonder what could have been had it been released in its intended could have been one of the greatest horror fantasy films of all time. Best thing about all this is that it still could be and I would urge the studio execs to get out of the boardroom and make this happen because there is not only a big audience already wanting to see it, but a whole new generation of cinemagoers who are open to a movie that protrays its monsters as ambiguous (X-Men, Watchmen, Hellboy...even Monsters Inc!). I think you can put my name down in support for a director's cut! Thank you, Simon

Hi my name is Isaac Sanchez . I just want to show my support for one of the greatest movies ever made. I would love to see the day when I own the extended cut DVD or BLU-ray of NIGHTBREED. Please let this dream come true. Thank you.

Brian - United States (Alabama) I would definitely buy an extended version of Nightbreed on DVD or BlueRay. Long live Clive Barker!

Ive loved the movie snice I was a kid now im an adult and snice the i have got one nightbreed tattoo on my left arm of peloquin to show my dedication id love 2 see the full movie Julie

I want to see a directors cut of Nightbreed. T.

Releasing this in its near proper form will serve to strengthen the growing interest in the film. To finally have a glimpse of what Clives original intentions were would be an incredible thing. This footage has become mythical in some circles and there is no reason why a good deluxe release of this shouldn't see the light of day. Paul "Miser" Werkmeister

I would definately spend the money to buy a DVD or Blue Ray version of a directors cut of this profoundly importent and entertaining movie. Andrew Davidson Morgantown W.V U.S.A.

I'm a huge fan of Clive Barker and anything he has done. I've read his books, seen his movies and I want to see a director's cut of Nightbreed, please release. Mathew Bonta

I wanna sign a petition so that this classic movie finally gets some justice done and the Director's cut version is thus released. I saw this movie when I was a kid and then in my teenage years, I love this movie and I personally gurantee to pay any price for it. Just release the director's cut, there is a demand for it. Trust me! Just do it for the fans! - AJ

Please release a director cut to the movie Nightbreed. I liked the movie so much, I named my band after it 15 years ago. I would definately buy the DVD with missing scenes added back in!!! Thanks in advance. Terry

Yeah I Be a John I guess Iam writing you is because I really enjoyed the story line of Nightbreed. Sorry about the punctions mistakes But of all I were not in school anymore. Hear and understand most of the problem going on in Nightbreed. I got from the movie which I really enjoyed was that freeing of the spirit in which case we can be more than we can be. So being said would this change the outlook of the whole movie without cuts or because of cuts. Should we all be ourselves again in this world. There is a worse cause snario which a highly decorated spokesman of God is feared of being set free or should we I do make cuts in this fantastic scary movie.

Its still a great film. Id buy the full version if it was available. Maria

If it can be done I want to see an extended version of Nightbreed. I always remember the first time I saw the film. I think it was at a Film fest at Scala cinema in London. Could have been Shock around the clock. Anyway I remember it been a great film but I'd already read Cabal & felt there was parts missing in the film. I bet if there is at least 20 minutes extra footage restored it would be a far superior offering. Its so worth doing. Even during these hard times I'd shell out for a DVD of this. Cheers Rick B

Just extending my support for a full Director's cut of Nightbreed, thanks. Here is to hope. Ed

I'd like to express my desire to see a directors cut dvd release of Clive Barker's "Nightbreed". I believe the film had a bad rap when it came out and a lot of obstacles in its way in terms of getting made and deserves a better release than the bare-bones, out-of-print previous dvd release. I believe if it was released the way it was ment to be seen, it would translate into more revenue for the company releasing it. This urging was prompted by the wonderful article reguarding the movie in the recent issue of "HorrorHound" magazine. Sincerely, Jermey Pair

Hello there. This is Penny from Indiana. "Nightbreed" has been always been one of my favorite movies. It would be wonderful if Clive Barker's vision could be seen in it's entirety. Add my name to the growing list of supporters!!!

Just wanted to say I'd dearly love to see the full cut of Nightbreed, it's a truly amazing film. Ringo Stalin, Australia

nightbreed, as i have come across rumours and interviews with Clive Barker on you tube , portrays the monsters as the good guys. Such a unique vision should not be censored instead should be released as a service to art in general. I'm from India and i was wondering whether the original dvd is available for purchase here. Thanks

Here's a note from a big Dutch Clive Barker fan who would really like the extended cut of Nightbreed see the light of day (and in Blu Ray as well if possible). I will inform the Dutch Clive Barker Hyve as well (It's a community like MySpace). Thanks a lot for your efforts! John Heerkens

Growing up Nightbreed has alway been on the top of my list of favorite horror films and when I heard about actually seeing a version that wasn't fucked up by the MPAA It was a dream. I would love to see the film the way it was originally ment to be, from Clive's eyes... YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP THE NIGHTBREED DIRECTOR'S CUT FROM THE LOYAL HORROR FANS!!!!!!!!! Nightbreed is one of the best if not THE BEST horror film ever made. It would be like throwing away Gone with the Wind, Citizen Cain, or The Godfather. I declair Film Blasphamy on your part and hope you change your mind and bring the horror fans from around the world a peace of amazing cinimatic history that I call... Nightbreed The Director's Cut. Here's to CLIVE BARKER AND NIGHTBREED, may there never be another cencered film. DAVID

My name is Fiona and I stay in Scotland and you can count me in for The Nightbreed Director's Cut. It is one of my favourite films and can't wait to see it in all its glory

Hi my name is Starlon Hithe and I would love for you to have a extended edition. I seen the film just last year and after seeing how short it was I instantly said that sucked. Though I totally loved the concept I was actually thinking of watching it today on Halloween. -Sttarlon Hithe

Hi, I was talking to Doug Bradley, Simon Banford and Nicko Vince yesterday and they are certain there is alot more footage hidden away somewhere. There MUST be an extended release of this film. I don't care if it's download only. Just get it done. Chris

Please I will buy at least 2 copies of the Nightbreed 159 min. extended cut on dvd if it releases. I will get more people to e-mail as well. I love your stuff Clive. Jarrett Hodge, Asheville, NC.

I was 12 years old and and a huge horror fan when nightbreed first came out. my friend had a fangoria magazine with a nightbreed article (first time id ever heard of fango and have loved it since) and he also had the little fold out pamphlet that had pictures of all the main breed with thier names and the immense fascination ive had with barker began then. after seeing the movie i fell in love with the breed and would have joined them in a second, as i had enough expierience with people to know i prefered solitude to the company of others. i also knew the message you cant ignore in nightbreed, of being careful of assuming you know what the real monsters look and act like, held far more truth than anything i had previously been exposed to at that age. the 1980's, at least here in the US, wasnt an era that encouraged deeper thought on any level and the fact that i was lucky enough to come across works like barkers that rewarded deeper thought, is something that im thankful for. i havent found anything that fits my sensiblities more than barkers explorations of the worlds within the shadows, and the light that was always there for us, had we only opened our eyes and minds a little more fearlessly to see it. To me the currently available nightbreed has served its purpose, it brought me and many others to the words behind the movies where the real dreams live freely and without constraint. its time for a complete and final version of the movie to be made available, and until that happens, i for one will not spend another dime on anything the studio releases. perhaps if enough people felt this way, at least while the economy is bad, it could be enough to make a dent in thier dwindling profits and get thier attention, but thats an unrealistic dream these days. anyway, in my long winded way im for an extended release. i hope clive is happy and healthy and with the gift his words have given me, he will always have my undying respect. VB

I live in the UK and have been waiting for years for the Directors Cut of Nightbreed. I check every year to see if there is a release date yet. I have always loved this film and was very excited to hear that there could be an extended version. I would love to buy this film on Blu-Ray in its extended form Thank you. Ron Graham.

Lets do it, is all I can say. If the "Higher Up" thinks there is no money to be made from this he is an idiot. For one the C. Barker fanbase is pretty large in itself, without the need to petition it, anyone can see that. In alot of ways I am unsure how nightbreed didnt reach the acclaim of Hellraiser. I mean Nightbreed, in my humble oppinion, is the superior film, and definately one of if not THE best of Barkers work (that has been produced in film). The potential of the lore to do with the Nightbreed is massive. These things have lived (or been undead, whatever) for hundreds of years. There are literally ages of stories to be told from protagonists, antagonists and interesting characters inside the universe of the film, which could further the profit and success of the film, even turn it into a major cult franchise in the right hands. The film was fairly epic for its time when you think about it. It had alot of information to be transfered from teller to viewer in an hour and a half time frame, which was no where near enough. If i had one gripe with the origonal it was that I didnt get to see enough of the story about these creatures from Median. Anyways, I could write for ages (should actually approach Barker himself, as I am an ammateur writer) about the potential for expandature from the world that Nightbreed created but this is just about getting us some unseen footage and improved effects from the origonal so you got my vote. Cheers. Jason.

Good luck:) Cheers Bryan Pike

Delfin R. Diaz United states of America when the pictured display in the video store would hang, and I would see these monsters floating around, and all it said was Nightbreed. I knew I had to see this movie, and then I did see it and i was blown away. Now, to know that there's a director's cut. I'm like HOLY SHIT, I have to see this, and it's not just me, it's my family, and anyone that i show this movie to that hasn't seen it. They all love Nightbreed. I love the Nightbreed, it has the soundtrack, the look, the feel, and plus it's taking out the assholes of society. You want to root for the monsters, because the monsters are the good guys. How many movies are like that? A very slim few. They want their heroes to look good and clean and perfect. But it isn't always like that. They don't want the girl next door types, they want people that you'll never get in a million years, as far as looks wise goes. And Nightbreed, is a different movie, it is rooting for the underdog. So hell yes, I want more nightbreed.

Hello, I'm Pablo, writing to you from Argentina. I've just seen Nightbreed for the first time an hour ago. My mind and my eyeballs have just been destroyed by the sheer awesomeness that was on my TV screen. To know that there's practically unseen footage (no less than 25 minutes) of a project like this stored somewhere is both exciting and frustrating. I'd like to add my name to the list, that's all.

I would LOVE an extended version of Nightbreed! To be able to see it as Clive originally intended, and with the potential for commentary, etc, would make me first in line to buy! Regards, Stephanie One of Clive's NYC-based fans.

Add my name to the list of those wanting an extended cut! No market? I wore out two vhs of my own and was well on the way to wearing out another when Nightbreed finally came out on DVD. And I know I'm not the only one to do that. I have been oh so very patiently waiting for the scenes to be found and now they are and in abundance! And there isn't a market? The studio owes the fans for our patience and Clive for ridiculousness they put him through when the movie was being made. If it is released on Blu-Ray I'll buy a blue-ray player just so I can watch it! Thanks, Lindsay Inskeep

It's one of my favorite movies! Yes the effects are shitty, but ILM had not develoved cgi yet! It's original! Not a fucking remake of lesser crap screenplays! Halloween 12 or Friday the 13th revisited! How many fucking garden tools can you use to slaughter Tweens! I want it and I would pay through the nose to acquire it! Clive barker makes me feel less like the Antichrist and more like the rest of the sheep that wander aimlessly in gods green pasture! Happily waiting my turn to let the sheppard have their way with me! Many warm reguards! Thank you, Jeff J

with recent dvd releases of such classics as The Gate and Night Of The Creeps it seems perfectly in tow to release the long awaited and long sought after directors cut of Nightbreed!!! so in summation.... NIGHTBREED: DIRECTORS CUT NOW!!! GrimAsFrag

Name: James Miles I am a huge Barker fan and I feel that a vision should never be compromised. An uncut edition of Nightbreed is the only way it should be viewed, that was Barker's vision and editing or censoring can seriously damage a film, so please make the directors cut available for movie goes who want to see it as it should be.

Put me on the list for a couple of copies, should it ever see the light of day.Paul and Jeanette

As a fan of Clive Barker and the book Cabal which is one of his exceptional works. I am also the proud owner of the u.s. region of Nightbreed on dvd. I would wlecome a longer uncut version of said movie. When you look at what some film studio's release today as movies, it's sad that films such as Nightbreed would even struggle in a dvd re-release market, let alone taking on the prospect of a extended version of what was a decent film to start with. I hope that one day those who sit in their Ivory towers see such deeds of letting films like this just pass by because financially it would not be viable to go through such processes of reasembling such quality movies as Nightbreed is. Have these people forgot that people of my age and a fan of the genre still crave for more movies of this nature. Spending less on some of the terrible blockbusters they choose to call movies is one way to solve such inbalance thus allowing cult classics like Nightbreed to be rediscovered and once again given life. Put me down for a copy, i'll be there. ERIC D LEACH. U.K.

Hi! I know I'm late for this one. But 5 people from Canada here including myself would buy a director's cut edition of nightbreed. One of my favorite story of all time. Elyane

Hello, since the year 1991 (when I first saw Nightbreed at the age of 8) I'm a big fan of the movie "Nightbreed". But the fact that the original cut never was released really saddens me. I would pay a lot of money to get the ORIGINAL cut on DVD. By the way: I live in Germany were not even the cut version is aviable on DVD. Why is it that some of the BEST movies have such a hard time to make it onto DVD? Take "Blade Runner" for example. A really great cyberpunk movie with a huge fanbase - but still it took until December 2007 to get released on DVD in a proper version. But the fanbase made sure that those DVDs got bought - a win win situation. I'm sure that Nightbreed would also be worth being released on DVD - in the Director's Cut of course! Please don't let us fans down. With best regards, René Schneider

My Name is Alexander Klemisch, i am from City called Regensburg in Germany (about 100km from Munich) I am a Clive Barker Fan since the Release of Hellraiser in 1987 - when i first saw this movie, i was very excited and curious to the Visions of this man!!! I then read all his Stories (the Books of Blood, Nightbreed, The Great and Secret Show and and and) so when Nightbreed the movie came out, i was a little disappointed compared to the Book and the Style of Hellraiser, it was slightly different (not to say commercial production style) - so i think it is necessary to release the movie, as it was meant to be by Clive Barker himself! It shouldnt be a matter of money or commercial motives, because these were responsible for the desaster of the release so far. Why don't you go an innovative way in marketing a movie and use the Internet to release the Director's Cut Edition? I think this could be done by publishing the DVD ISO Image on a Website for downloading and burning on DVD by personal Hardware. Everyone who wants to download, has to register an account on that Website and donate a little Fee. This would have two effects: First - You can see how much people are really interested in buying the new release Second - the needed money for releasing the DVD could be collected by donation In my opinion there would be no risk of Pirating the copy on the Internet, because if one could get it for "f(r)ee" by the Copyright Owner he will get it there, instead of downloading illegally. And if donation was made by e.g. Paypal, it could be bonused when buying the Final Release. The Final Release should then be extra packed with Comments, Trailer and Making of for example and perhaps a limited special edition with an autogram of Clive himself for the first 100? 1000? all? Donators. This is just an example for Publishing on the internet. I am no expert in this, but i think Publishers of books,movies and music have to think about new ways of marketing and using the internet instead of selling media-carriers like CD/DVD and books printed on paper. Some Artists have already proven the Concept of selling online (e.g. Trent Reznor with Nine Inch Nails or even Stephen King with his Story "the plant") and were succesfull as far as i know. I for my part, would do the payment( if it is not by creditcard only) - I think Paypal Donation would be perfect. I would give it a try thanks in advance yours sincerely Alexander Klemisch

Loved the whole story, the movie, the premise, and the promise of more. rexeroo (united states)

I'm Jamie Woodhouse, and I'm on twitter my username is jamie_woodhouse I live in Haverhill - small town in England. I think that an extended version of Nightbreed would be good becuase it would introduce Clive and his genous to a new generation and the film originally from what I've was pretty good and with all the original material in it it would be so much better and seeing more creatures that were designed carefully. Jamie

I would buy Nightbreed directors cut and so would all my horror fan mates which is about half the U.K. population. The stories are more popular than the movie people realize and it is criminal that this marvelous piece of horror is somewhere gathering dust when it should be in every dvd store in the land. I also think it is a disgrace the way that the studio refused to let Clive make the movie he wanted to make because there dumb-asses don't understand it. They wanted some shitty by-the-numbers bollocks with a hero and a love interest and a goody and a baddy dumbed down for the masses. The masses are more intelligent than producers give them credit for and apparently more intelligent than them. Movies are so predictable now I watched jeepers creepers tonight the same night I watched Nightbreed. My word how shit is Jeepers creepers what a steaming pile of yaks shit. About as scary as a knitting pattern. To quote Stephen King "I have seen the future of horror his name is Clive Barker". Nightbreed must be re-released remastered and on sale. It would inject some creativity back into movie making. God knows it needs it. Thank you for your indulgence and reading my rant. Stephen

I just saw the movie recently and it was really sad to see how crude and unfinished the theatrical version of Nightbreed is. It's just an "okay"-movie, but you feel that it could be a lot more. Therefore I also see it as a necessity to release a longer version on DVD, there are soooo many fans out there who are waiting for it. I can't believe the studio has no interest in still making a few bucks with this movie. Re-releases of 80s horror-movies on DVD work all the time ("My Bloody Valentine"-Unrated Version, "Night of the Creeps"-DC, etc.). I would even buy an extendend version of Nightbreed if it just had good VHS-quality. Here in Germany you can get the (theatrical version of the) movie only as a bootleg...and believe me, there are a few out there. But i don't wanna buy that crap, so i orderd the US-DVD. Of course the picture- and sound-quality is great, but the DVD itself was a big dissapointment. A movie like this NEEDS a longer, more complex and more violent version and lots of bonus-material, since this is such an effects driven movie. PLEASE release it, PLEASEeeeeee...just for the sake of seeing David Cronenberg as a bad ass Slasher-Character with a super cool mask^^ Sry, for possible mistakes...greetings from Germany !!!

Austin: I think a director's cut would enrich the film and make it closer to the director's vision.

Just wanting to add another vote for a release of a longer/better cut of Nightbreed, one of the most imaginative, ambitious, and just plain GOOD films of the nineties. Considering the supposed failure of the film on it's initial release was down to the ridiculous treatment it recieved at the hands of the studio, then surely a re-release of a better version can only be in everyone's best interests?!? (it's certainly in mine!) Ah well, propbably explains why i'm not a Hollywood movie exec.... ;) Best Regards Richard Woollatt Sheffield United Kingdom

I would definitely buy an extended version of Nightbreed, even with the extra footage in VHS quality. Darren Gallihar USA

I'm a life long clive barker fan and his books have stayed with me well over a decade (im 26). Please get the lost footage from nightbreed!!!!! And let clive himself recut it Thank you George

hello my name is james i live in the uk, i would like to see a full version of night breed

As a huge horror fan and also a fan of nightbreed i would take great delight in seeing the release of a director's cut of this gem of a movie. Thanks Dennis.

Please add myself and my husband to your list of interested parties. We would definately purchase a DVD release. I personally know at least 25 people who would purchase as well. Emily (and Tony) Enscore Virginia, US

I came across your "Nighbreed Extended Cut" article. Just showing my support - this is a great novel that probably had a great movie made about it, but ran into typical studio BS. Good luck. -- Efrain Rodriguez, NY

I just want to say that myself and afew mates of mine would love to own a copy of Nightbreed Extended Cut if it was actually available. We all own the bare bones edition and without fail everytime we have sit down and watch it together we talk about how much we would love to see the full cut. Someone please stop the torture and release it already. Ryan Bendigo, Australia.

Just writing a quick note to express my support for a NIGHTBREED DVD to be released at some point and preferably a director's cut of some kind. Clive Barker certainly deserves the chance to show his true vision to the fans and it would be in Morgan Creek's best interest to get the DVD out there even if it's a limited edition pressing. Thanks Marc Cawiezel St. Peters, MO

It has recently come to my attention through HorrorHound magazine that a director's cut version of Nightbreed exists. This film has a huge cult following (as does most of Clive Barker's work), and I implore you to do whatever you can to get it released. An uncut version of this film would make many horror fans incredibly happy, and would make a lot of money for Morgan Creek and anyone else involved with merchandising/licensing/etc. The fan base for the film is rabid, and would eagerly purchase this film in its uncut form. Thank you Michael Neel

I would like to show my support for the remastering, re-editing and release of a more complete edition of Nightbreed. If Warner Bros has no interest in reviving and restoring the film themselves, I don't see how they could object to the possibility of selling the rights to another company or distributor. Anchor Bay, perhaps? I recently purchased the Blu Ray edition (as well as the DVD) of Richard Stanley's cult sci-fi horror film Hardware, which after a long absence on video, Severin Films picked up and released. For a small company they really did a beautiful job with remastering it. Has Mark Miller or Clive Barker considered taking this route? Go to a more 'boutique'-style distributer, who, while they may work on a smaller budget, undoubtedly would show the film the love and care fans would expect. Regards, Kevin

Never have i been so excited about a release, I'm definitely buying it if it is gonna come out. One of my favourite movies EVER!!! Tony Day USA

Just saw your piece on an extended version of Nightbreed. YES!!!!!!! Stella Hawkins

Oh please!!!!!! It will be Fucking Brilliant!!!!!!! Best wishes from Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain) Carles Hortola

I think a NIGHTBREED special edition with the now found 'lost' footage would be an absolutely terrific idea and I would certainly buy it. I am a fan of the current dvd version but I would love to see Clive's original vision of the film very much. I am also all for putting in as much special features as possible - anything at all would be an bonus. If the studio doesn't want to produce it, we may just have to release the Berserkers! Love to Clive. Love from Gordon Wilson Edinburgh, Scotland

I am very interested!!! I hope it happens soon! It's a remarkable story and deserves the increased screen time! -Michael, Wisconsin, USA

Nightbreed is one of my all time favorite movies. I'd love to see an extended cut especially on blu-ray. Add my name to your list if interested consumers. James Russell

Put me on the petition you're compiling for the NIghtbreed director's cut. I'm a longtime fan of Barker's work (I actually met him at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta in the mid-90s and was a member of the Lost Souls/Clive Barker fan club around that time). Thanks Robert Moore Belmont, N.C.

Hiya. From the first time I saw Nightbreed, I thought it was soooo close to being a masterpiece. I just felt the ending was off and the pacing wasn't quite right. After reading Cabal and about the edits made to the film, I found out it wasn't my imagination and those problems were not part of the original design of the film. Since then I've been desperate to see this missing footage and how it would fit into the film. I really hope this movie gets the full treatment is deserves and is elevated from being a great horror movie to the classic it should have been the first time out. Timothy Luz - U.S.A.

To who it may concern, As a horror movie, a genre fan, and as a fan of the cinema in general I need to see Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" put out on DVD as a full director's cut. Even better would be a full on collector's edition on Blu Ray. "Nightbreed" is seriously one of the greatest movies ever made. It's idea of having the monsters as misunderstood outsiders was so original and before it's time. When I first saw this movie when I was eight years old I got it, I understood what it was about. how that even if you are different you make sense and you have someplace to belong. I do believe that generations that have come after me and will continue to come after me deserve to have a chance to witness and enjoy a fully restored version of this masterpiece. Besides just an internal feeling of belonging that "Nightbreed" gave me, every aspect of this film is amazing. The acting is great, the directing is superb, the makeup and special effects were amazing and haunting. Oh and the musical score set the tone exactly for each scene. Casting Cronenberg as Dr. Dekker was so brilliant. Dr. Dekker being a psychologist, a figure in society that is supposed to help people, going on a bloody rampage, really great! So, dear Morgan Creek if you still truly believe that there is no interest out there to see "Nightbreed" restored, then you are wrong! I know hundreds of people that feel the same way as I do and would love for nothing more than to see this spectacular fantasy/horror/genre work of art restored to the original director's cut and released as a special edition DVD and Blu Ray! Thank you, -Jeremy S. Lowe

Would love to do whatever I can to help this great movie get a proper treatment of the original material, especially in HD. One of my all time favorite movies! Mike Hach Cleveland Ohio

Why do we need a director's cut? Well becuase as much as we love Nightbreed we all know that Clive intended us to see more! I know of many people who adore the original and will gladly fork out to see Clive's complete vision. Thanks for your time Ryan Pascall in Wales, UK.

I am definitely interested in an director's cut of Nightbreed. Back then I went through a lot of trouble getting the movie at all (only rental copies available) and I still think this is a masterpiece that I want to see more of. Yes please, write me down for a copy! John von Pey

I really want to see this movie, please and thank you Frances

Lets see it! I've always LOVED the movie - but have always wondered more about the story and why some scenes were cut from the original pic. A Clive Barker commentary would be great as well! - Neil Kloster, Aurora, IL

I saw Clive Barker's Nightbreed way back when it was originally released in theatres in America. I've been wanting the extended cut of the film ever since I first heard about the missing footage (and that was a long time ago now). Please, let's get this fantastic film restored and released the way it was meant to be seen! M.J. Stolzer Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

I'm a long time fan of the movie and would absolutely purchase an extended/directors cut version of Nightbreed. Please add me to the tally of others interested! Thanks much, Stan Ringley

I can name at least 3 or 4 people that would rush to get an extended release of Nightbreed. In fact, I'd even buy it on video. Keep trying to get it in print for the fans... ~Deb

I've been purposely holding off on buying Nightbreed because I've been waiting for the Director' Cut. So....yes! Please release this this movie now! Douglas

I have read Cabal several times this was such a great book & I always thought it should be a movie. When I saw Nightbreed (even with a name change) I fell in love with the movie too. I always wished that when it came onto DVD that it would have been released with any extra footage that servived time. However, I was disappointed when the DVD did not have this. Still I bought a copy cause I was worried I would never be able to find it again. I would love for a proper rerelease of the DVD so that fans everywhere can enjoy the extra footage. I know I will & when my kids are old enough I will be showing them this movie to keep it going.--Emily

Just wanted to add my name as someone who would happily buy a fancy version of Nightbreed...hell, chuck in a copy of the workprint on dvd too. Quality issues didn't stop Blade Runner! I'm in the UK and I'll let my good friend know about this campaign, as he's a big fan of the film too! Luther Jones

i would gladly hand over my hard earned money to fox if they would release a directors cut of the film Christopher Langley

A friend brought the possibly of this release to my attention, most likely because he knows of my almost 2 decade long love for this movie. Needless to say, I'd be first in line. Long live Midian! Mark Walker, UK

a restored version of nightbreed is needed. if crap like jersey girl can be on blue-ray, then nightbreed needs to be on it as well. Mark

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I would definitely want a copy of this film, in it's restored condition, as part of my Clive Barker DVD collection. Please add my name to all the others who are asking for this! Geoffrey A. R. Boulder, CO

I read quite a sad article in this month's issue of "Horror Hound". I'm writing you today to ask you to reconsider retrieving the 40+ minutes of excised footage from Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" and allowing him to cut together a definitive version of this cult classic for release on DVD and Blu-Ray. The fans' excitement for this has been through the roof ever since rumors started swelling about a 2-disc special DVD edition nearly a decade ago. I know I speak for all my friends when I say we've been waiting long enough for a director's cut of "Nightbreed" and we're willing to wait indefinitely, but... we can't see why we've been made to wait as long as we have -- especially now that Clive Barker is riding a new high in popularity. The director's cut of "Midnight Meat Train" was well received critically and has been selling well. American horror fans are clamoring for an Region 1 release of "Book of Blood". Every new release of the original "Hellraiser" sells well. Barker's "Dread" is in post-production, starring "Twilight" and "The Last Airbender"s Jackson Rathbone. The time to move and act is now, sirs and madams. Please, we implore you: give fans "Nightbreed" -- and not some cheap transfer from video cassette. Don't shortchange this film anymore; give it its opportunity to shine with a new digital transfer, to welcome old fans back to Midian and invite new fans into the arms of the 'Breed. Thank you, - Scott Baisden

Definitely would like to add my name to the list of people desiring this release. Buy it in a heartbeat. Daniel Nelson Massachusetts, United States

please make another nightbreed or even i heard talk of a extened director's cut of nightbreeed if theres a petition sign me up my name is matt tobias keep up the excelent work please let me know some how and if you are a clive barker fan sign the friggen petition we the fans have the power now so sign up or there is going to be no nightbreed directors cut or any other cut

I just wanted to lend my support for a possible Directors Cut of Nightbreed. It would a brilliant idea. I would buy a copy straight away and would pay anything up to 20 pounds for the privilege of owning such a great DVD. I have been a fan of Nightbreed ever since it came out and the story has always fascinated me. You could say that the power of Midian has been calling me ever since. PLEASE RELEASE THE DIRECTORS CUT!!! Midian's favorite website, directed me to your site. Regards, Andrew Lunn, Kent, England

Seeing the extended version of this fantastic film would blow my mind! Please make it happen!!! - Owen Drummond. Dublin, Ireland

please add me to the nightbreed petitioin. i am in great need of a nightbleed directors cut blue ray or even dvd as many of us are in need of. my name is nihasa wolf. thank you so much. take care.

My name is Andreas, I live in Austria and I have been a huge Clive Barker fan since the late 1980s. I love Nightbreed and have been waiting for a proper release ever since I saw the movie at the theater. I want a fully restored extended cut with Clive Barker commentary and I want it on Blu Ray! It's finally time this movie gets the attention it deserves. Why is it so difficult to do? I mean Clive Barker isn't exactly a lightweight, his name must still attract horror fans! Give us the Blu Ray! Bring it on!!!

Oh man, If Nightbreed were to come out on DVD that would be amazing, especially in an extended format. I watched Nightbreed on VHS last month and the first words that came out of my awe-slackened jaw after the final scare with Deckard were "oh my God... Best monster movie EVER!" Seriously, as a filmmaker and a horror that film truly blew my mind. Truly Nightbreed is the holy grail of what every fan of practical effects, and horror films with ORIGINALITY and HEART needs to have sitting in their collection. Your rabid fan, eagerly awaiting the crimson gospel, Emmet Kiernan

My father took me to see this movie when I was 12. Yes, it horrified me into a coma. It was the first movie I purchased on DVD and always found it odd that this movie didn't have a mega-colossal-hyper deluxe director's cut. If Weird Al's UHF has one, why can't Nightbreed? Yer buddy from Chicago, Tomas Medina

I would definitely by it. One of my all time favorite movies. Though I must say it left me scratching my head because it was incomplete. After reading the websites I now understand why. I will say that I did go out and read CABAL and many other Clive Barker books because of this movie. They really need to release it, in its entirety. It's been shot, its all there, it isn't as though it takes much to make the DVD from a VHS and if that is too expensive or time consuming, hosting it as a purchase to download movie just like they do music. That would be another possible venue. It would cost hardly nothing and you would see quickly if it would be worth releasing to DVD. Guess what? I'd pay to see it as well as buy the DVD and if there was ever a remake, I'd be at the theaters with cash in hand. It would beat the heck out of the weak, unoriginal story lines that they are making movies out of now a days! Brett Reynolds Chicago, IL

Jay Meerdink

Official request for an extended North American Version of NightBreed. Regards, Scott Shaffner

God please grant Clive Barker fans and horrors fans a director's cut of his misunderstood (by the studio) masterpiece with all the creatures from the trailer; Please. I would pay twenty to thirty dollars for a "Special Edition DVD" of this major motion picture. Regards, J.Vereen.

I for one would LOVE to see a remastered, extended edition of "Nightbreed" - I would purchase it without hesitation. This is one of the most imaginative, atmospheric films I've ever seen. I first saw this movie on cable years ago, and I kept my VHS recording of it until the original DVD release. Again, I would gladly add a new edition of this wonderful film to my collection. D. Allenza, Richardson, TX

Nightbreed was one of those films that always felt like it could have been awesome- I remember getting a Clive- signed poster from this film (wonder where that is now?)... I definitely would throw down some cash to buy a directors cut (especially on bluray). It was said that the future of horror was to be Clive Barker- I think he came about 20 years before he was supposed to, this would give an opportunity to somewhat set the time line straight! -Doug Quigley Denver, Colorado

i am a huge fan of clive barker and of nightbreed. i will actually be attending Horrorhound Weekend in Indiana in March where they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film. I would love to see this version of the film released. I know people who would definitely buy it! Amanda Davis, Mansfield, OH

This is to let you know i am a NightBreed lover from the Canary Islands and that i've just mailed Morgan Creek asking them in utmost polite way to release that 165 (!!!) minutes cut of that marvel. Keeping hopes up. Best regards from the land time forgot, Sergio Olivari

Granted, this might come a bit late, but please feel free to list my name as one of the fans hoping for an extended Nightbreed release. Depending on what is needed, my name and e-mail address are as follows: Matt LeGrand - Purgatorus, or as an alternative (and potential list booster) MMLeGrand Best of luck and best of wishes. Matt

It is late and my brain is tired, but if there is even the vaguest possibility that a restored version of Nightbreed might be released, I am compelled to type. It has been my very most favorite film since the first time I watched it the year that it was originally released and it remains so to this day. Through the wonder of the internet over the past several years I've collected the entire comics series, the making-of book, and the Chronicles. Many long years ago I picked up a Nightbreed windbreaker at a video rental's going-out-of-business sale, and it remains one of my most prized possessions. Of course I have the hardback novel. I couldn't tell you how many times I've watched the film. Nightbreed is, as far as I'm aware, a one-of-a-kind cinematic story. Not only do the monsters "win", they're the protagonists from the very start. The audience is shown what they've been conditioned by countless movies to believe are horrors; malicious creatures that want nothing but to harm humanity; and then we're shown that there are worse horrors. The monsters are indeed frightening, but they're also deeply sympathetic, even sexy; and far from seeking to harm us they're only trying to survive. Humanity's stupidity is the true antagonist here, and it shows itself in all of it's colors: Bibles, guns, beer and senseless violence. But there are great gaping holes in the story that anyone whose read the screenplay will miss. Most markedly in my opinion is the fact that Lori becomes 'Breed by the end of the story. It's a much needed consumation to the romantic part of the tale. I tell people that have seen it that that scene is missing, and their jaws just drop. Some haven't believed it until I showed them the picture of her bitten neck, from the Making-Of book. If the "lost" footage were restored, I would personally buy a dozen copies. Seriously. Everyone I care about would get one as a gift. The audience for it will never be as big as the audience for movies like Spider Man or Harry Potter, but because of what it is, those of us who love this movie REALLY love it. We are a dedicated fan following, to be sure. If the Director's Cut were released, it would be the center of attention in the horror community. I have no doubt that Rue Morgue and Fangoria and would make it their focus for at least one issue. Good horror is genuinely tough to find these days, and the restoration of what might be Mr.Barker's most abitious film would undoubtedly take center stage. Nightbreed is a truly unique masterpiece; a statement that needs to be heard, in it's completeness. I'll post a link to the Facebook discussion thread everywhere that I can think of. The fans did it for Farscape. Let's do it for Nightbreed! ~ Cindy Lewis Evansville, IN. PS: I just re-read the Facebook post. It says "a sentence or two". Sorry, I guess I overreacted. :D

Congratulations on finding the lost footage to "Nightbreed". I can only hope that the studio distributes it so I can buy a copy. Best, Christopher Beaubien

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!Clive is an absolute genius and I would love to see the film that he originally wanted us to see back in 1990.I will very happily put down my money to buy a copy of the film the moment it is available!However,I do understand that business is business and a large quantity of consumers are needed for this project to go ahead.I will do my best to spread the word as I believe that such a release would be a love letter to all fans of Barkers work! Thank You for your time! Richard

This would be an awesome idea. It's a fairy tale taking the side of the monsters. If Pan's Labyrinth can become such a huge hit- then with a recut of Nightbreed the following will be there. It's my opinion that if Clive would have been given more control over cut of the film in the first place it wouldn't be languishing in video purgatory. -- Dominic Frandrup

If a director's cut of Nightbreed came out, I would definitely buy it. I hope this helps. -Jeff

Hey, just thought id email to say that night breed extended version would make me n I imagine a lot of other people super happy!! Lucy Heywood. England.

I have seen this movie at least ten times and there's something wounderous about it but also terrifying. I believe its a horror classic that people should see and I would definetly put out any amount to see a directors cut which is why I haven't bought the dvd yet good luck. bronx1guy

Being a huge fan and remembering Nightbreed in the cinema (yes, i am old now!) it would be fantastic to get the full Barker vision (with extras) on Dvd/Blu-ray!!! Keep up the pressure!!! Marc (uk)

Nightbreed Region 2 please. Richard Edwards

My name is Kevin Marek from cleveland ohio and I am sending this email because I want Nightbreed Directors cut released to DVD. I would love to own this movie in its original way (How it was supposed to be viewed). I first heard of this movie because of the Cradle of Filth album titled Midian. This album meant alot to me and was genious in so many ways. Once I realized it was based off of the movie Nightbreed I immediatly went to see it. Not knowing that the movie was released as a completely cut up version I fell in love with everything about it. Now that I know the extra (cut) footage has been found and could be put together for fans to see I jumped at the chance to write this email. Please release this DVD to make a slice of horror cult become the landmark that it was to be!

My reasons? I've always contended that Barker was a dark fantasist - I really liked Nightbreed, but had read about the heavy editing in a book on Clive. Given the crap that comes out of DVD (isn't EVERYTHING released to DVD now?) I think Nightbreed would be worth a studio's time to deliver. I'll buy two. Mike Perschon Edmonton AB CANADA

Sorry I'm late getting to this, but having just watched 'Midnight Meat train' on DVD and realising that every Clive Barker movie becomes classed as a 'Cult Movie' in time, I can't believe that Nightbreed isn't out there in it's glory, especially over here in the UK. The thought of a Director's Cut of the movie has me in raptures. I am such a big fan of the movie I even have all the comics that came out shortly after the movie. I was fortunate to meet Clive early in his career and chatted in a bar in the Central Hotel in Glasgow about movies. He said he would like to create a movie to rival The Exorcist as a horror movie. Within a couple of years Hellraiser came out and I was overjoyed he had achieved, and in my opinion, surpassed his ambition. Then came NIghtbreed and it blew me away. So YES YES YES, we need to see it released with lots of publicity surrounding it to put it up there with the greatest of Cult Movies. Then maybe we would be lucky enough to get the 'Deluxe Clive Barker Movie Collection DVD & Blueray Boxset Extravaganza' on the shelves that his Cliveness so deserves. Thankyou for listening. Shep Kirkbride Carlisle Cumbria England United Kingdom

Please I would like a directors cut or even rerelease on blu ray of nightbreed. Growing up in Alberta and even living in fort mcmurray now I loved that movie. It had a unique feel that also needed more movies done. It would be cool if they did a remake from the same places and monsters . Thank you for listening Jeff

I'd lay down money In a millisecond! Have a Great Day! Scott Hill

I'm a filmmaker from Argentina. Although I'm not a horror director I love the genre. During my teen years I bought any Fangoria issue I could lay my hands on. I truly respect the genre and I love Clive's work (novels and art). I remembered seeing Nightbreed on the big screen and was appalled of the visuals and level of make up detail. I think the movie deserves a proper DVD and Blu-Ray edition so we can appreciate the artists work. Best s+

Anthony Valterra Seattle Washington I would love to see a directors cut of Nightbreed. It may not have a large following but I would be willing to bet that many are like me and would buy a copy at full price to add to their collection.

I'm definitely interested in a director's cut. I'm a big fan of Clive's work and would love to see his vision restored Elvis Deane in Burlington, Canada

Hi guys You have my support. Cheers George Liontos Sydney, Australia.

I have just finished reading the #19 issue of Horrorhound. as you guessed there was good old Dr. Decker on the cover in all his Buttons n' Zipper potatoe sack mask from Nightbreed. The article was put together extremely well. Being that Nightbreed was and still is one of my all time favorites till this day. funny I find it as i ask the younger crowds about horror and all they can say these days are Twilight and other not so good "scary" flicks. I was an 80's baby myself, and oh, how I did and still do love the B-style and rated movies. Nothing compares. Even with all this fancy new technology they still can not capture the ill effects made during those times. What key element is missing you say? the ability to tap into the pyche of the viewer, to actually dig up those morbid and put away feelings that we all have inside. Hey, I'm 34 years old myself and am still scared of the first Evil Dead, the forest scene when the girl gets violated; nightmares and daymares for days to come. Rawhead Rex, how even a good man with the backing of a church can change sides when your are given the truth of whats out there physically. Even the best and original cut of Texas Chainsaw Massacre has me still shaken. Why even till this day i refuse to go anywhere remotely on the outskirts of Texas. Not unless I have an extensive choice of firearms at my desposal, no I'm not kidding. I am dead serious about that one. Now i come to my main question as to why there is not a director's cut special edition of Nightbreed? this here is a cult classic. Forget the newer generation of horror fans, they just don't know. Time has made the world see in a different yet forgotten light. Clive Barker is one of the best in the business. He has brought us a many good things, so why push him aside for this weaker and newer somewhat predictable horror? Beats the shit out of me, but i still have love for him. So why not give this to us. I mean i could never forget Shuna-Sassy(hopefully i spelt that right), Kinski, the all so so gory Narcissus, and my Favorite Peloquin and the Beserkers. Even with the effects limited then, the costumes were magnificent. as I see it, it was more of giving the viewer an idea of an image in our heads and then letting the thoughts of our imagination run wild. So give us true & tried horror fans a special edition director's cut, and trust me it won't be a failure. Sincerely & Painstakingly Bloody Yours DG Deth Gunz

This is coincidentally my ultimate favorite movie in the whole universe. This movie keeps me going since I first saw it as a child. I used to watch this movie 2-3x a day with my little brother back in 1988-1990. So 2 yrs. straight everyday. I just tonight came across Clive Barkers blog and learned about all this. I hope I'm not too late to make 1 difference. Every person I've almost married knows that Nightbreed is my secret happy fantasy world. Even down to my now separated husband. A music artist named Aesop Rock even rhymes and flows about Nightbreed. I happened to coincidentally put that my hometown is Midian. What a God given trip that all this is happening in precise order. Please count me and 5 others in. Hieroglyphics

Please count me as yet another fan who will enthusiastically purchase an extended print of "Nightbreed". I've been a Barker fan since I first glommed a copy of "The Inhuman Condition" way back in the eighties....and this film is, in my opinion, one of the best of Barker's works committed to the visual media. Thanks for counting me! David W. Strauss

Hi, I'm very interested in seeing Nightbreed. My brother has always talked highly of it. I am 17 years old, and as such, I never got to see it in theaters. However, it is on DVD, but as a very persnickety movie watcher, I don't really want to buy a chopped up film that's not the best it can be. I would like to add myself to the forces, I'd love see this movie get the release it deserves. I can assure you my brother and I would both buy a copy of this if it was ever released, and I'd recommend it to friends and the like. Beast Witches! James "Captain Awesome" Manning

I'm a fan of all things Clive Barker. Nightbreed is my favorite Clive Barker film. I would absolutely buy the Director's Cut / Special Edition DVD the first chance I get! Please give this film the royal treatment.. CB commentary, documentary, etc. - Clinton Whitehead (CANADA)

Clive, you show this to the Powers-That-Be that there is livid proof that many would very much like the full and extended version of Nightbreed! I will pay cashy money for an extended cut of NIGHTBREED; one of my favorite books and movies! Aaron Hurd

PLEASE release the Uncut version of Nightbreed!! I love this movie and an extended version of the film would be a valued treat!! Thanks so much for your time. Chris Bollinger Lansdowne, Pa.

Just adding my voice to the list of people who would be willing to pay top dollar for a re-release of the uncut Nightbreed. Erich

My name is John Cox and I would love to see an extended DVD of Nightbreed. JC

Stumbled across news of the extended Nightbreed film on uk movie website and followed links from there. I was a huge fan of this movie when it first came out and had a VHS copy. Would snap up on Blu-ray if this extended copy became available. Thanks, Paul Oke London, England

Desperately want to see the Nightbreed Extended cut get a DVD release! This is my all-time favourite horror movie and it has been so underrated. I would gladly part with my hard earned cash to purchase this DVD. Like so many, I have been waiting 20 years for this! Please let it happen! Wayne Moir, Scotland U.K.

Please release the extended cut of Nightbreed Patrick

Please Please Please get Nightbreed released UNCUT. It's LONG overdue. This is ridiculous, some awful movies get the re-vamp treatment, Nightbreed is a work of art! Martin

Yes yes yes I have been desperate to see this for many many years now ever since I learned of its existence what seems like aeons ago and I would certainly be willing to pay for it and would love to see a restored Blu Ray version with as much footage as they can chuck on there..... You can certainly count me in... Chris Green Palmerston North New Zealand

Yes! Really? You think no one will buy it? Put it on amazon see how many pre-orders you get. Die hard clive fans have waited far too long for this we need our midian complete Why would you not put this out on dvd? Lisa cenobite U.S.

Hi Guys you have my support for the directors cut of Nightbreed. Its the only vhs i still own. even though i dont own a vhs player any more, refused to buy the DVD untill it was the directors cut :) I live in hope Julie woodward

yeah i would love to see this movie on dvd in it's complete form. one of my childhood favorites and i watch the current dvd countless times i can't believe morgan creek is going to wait and see for this title do they not know how much demand there is for the full version i understand it takes time and money to remaster the movie for dvd but i think this movie is guaranteed to be a big seller for morgancreek/warner bros even a blu-ray only release would prompt so many people who don't own blu-ray players to go out and buy one i would love to see this on dvd or blu-ray even in its rough cut form if it can't be remastered as long as it is watchable there is too much of a fan base for this version not to be released on dvd also if it helps would emailing warner bros or morgan creek help out also thanks huge Nightbreed fan chris eurich

i would LOVE to have the opportunity to buy a director's cut of Nightbreed! i'm so pleased there is continued movement in the attempt to get one made. thank you to everyone who is working to make this happen. Michael Tempe, AZ

I would definitely purchase a DVD Director's Cut copy of Nightbreed. Heck I'd even pay for a digital download copy (whatever the quality) of either the 145 minute or 159 minute work prints, though I'm not sure if that's something even under consideration. - Jim Sheridan

Thank you for your work on this!! I was just watching "Nightbreed" last night. It has always been one of my favorites, and I have been a fan of Clive Barker for a long time. I would LOVE an extended DVD and would absolutely buy it! I know other people who would do so as well. I'm in the Los Angeles area. I will definitely spread the word. Diana Lopez

As a fan living in the UK I had to import the Region 1 release of the movie just to get it on DVD which is a travesty in itself. I've read the original story (Cabal) and even the comics that were once released, hell I even played the game that was once released on the good old Amiga, So I consider myself quite an avid fan of not just the movie but everything to do with Nightbreed. Nightbreed is an underrated movie which deserves to be respected by both movie fans and the movie studios who hold the rights. It's about time we got to see the full directors cut on DVD or even better on blu ray so we can all enjoy what the movie was meant to be. Let's just hope we can show how the fans feel about the movie and finally allow the director's cut to be released. Paul Metcalf.

I also want to support the petition - My name and email is chris pak, chrispak650

Mark Bailey Santa Clara, Ca, 95050, USA

Please please you must keep hounding Morgan Creek for the release of this on dvd/blu-ray. I grew up watching Nightbreed, it was one of the great films of my teenage years, me and my friends watched it so much in the mid 90's that our VHS copy broke. So please don't stop fighting, get this released. Andy Clarke, England

Just read the article with your update on Morgan Creek's position regarding the Nightbreed DVD, and their "pause for thought". Far from being apathetic, the horror DVD market is enjoying something of a boom right now - and and with a number of adaptations of Clive's stories being released, the time is perfect to release the most sought-after of all of his works - the uncut Nightbreed! Count me in for a copy as soon as it hits the shelves! M.

Sign. Regards AIJ

Please add myself (Louise O'Toole) to your petition. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work trying to bring this to fruition. It would seriously make my year if the director's cut got a release, especially having just had my first baby 2 weeks ago, whom I named Aaron in honour of this fantastic story. I vowed I'd use the name when I first read the book and saw the movie back in 1990 even though I was about 12 years old at the time. I'm thrilled that I was able to finally do it (and that my husband agreed!) so to have news about what fans have waited for for so long would be incredible. Would love there to be a screening here in the UK too... All the best and thanks again, ~Louise

My name is Rene, and I would most definitely buy a Nightbreed Director's Cut. I own the original dvd, and would love to own the Director's Cut.

I just wanted to add my name to the hopefully growing list to support the release of the nightbreed directors cut. Its: SImon Altman - Melbourne, Australia.

i would definitely buy a director's cut of this fantastic fantastic movie!!! i would even be ready to make a pre-paiment for the release and this is also meant as a suggestion. how about raising some money for the restauration? the ones willing to pay in advance to show the interest and motivation to buy the product could be registered and order a final product for a lesser price. or something like that. think about it.. oderus

I want to extend my support to the "restoration operation" of Nightbreed. Anything I can do to help, I will. Thanks, Matteo

I would love to see the uncut/workprint version of Nightbreed and I would indeed buy a blu-ray day 1, Nicholas Barone. Boynton Beach, FL.

This is a no-brainer! We NEED this released on DVD/Blu-Ray ASAP. I will waste no time explaining WHY we need it; for those money-greedy bosses in the industry: all you need to know is that I will $$$PAY$$$ for it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Rommel Luna H.

Add mine to the calls for a Director's Cut of the film. George Stephenson

I wholeheartedly support the campaign to get a dvd/bluray release for Nightbreed. This film finally deserves to get the treatment and respect it deserves after the shoddy way it was handled on its initial release. It has more guts and imagination than a thousand 'Saw' movies and I think Morgan Creek owes it to the many fans and to Clive himself to do the right thing. We don't even have a DVD release of the original cut in the UK but I can assure you that, if it was given the proper treatment, I would rush out and buy it straight away! Nigel Harvey - Wales, UK.

We need the full version of nightbreed , so please kick some butt to enforce this..... Thank you Gunnar Schneider

I have been following the developments regarding Nightbreed with eager anticipation. I hope that the good news continues. I am planning to attend the HorrorHound convention in order to have the opportunity to attend the screening of the workprint. I am hoping that the excitement generated by the screening (see the HorrorHound convention forums on their website) will contribute to convincing Morgan Creek that there is indeed a substantial audience for the extended director's cut of this film. I would be first in line to purchase this release on DVD or Blu-ray (several copies, for myself and to distribute to friends). Good luck with your endeavors and I am looking forward to more positive news regarding this release! Warm regards, Stephanie Kushner, PhD

I've been reading with great anticipation all of the exciting news about the rediscovery of the NIGHTBREED footage. I promoted this back when it was first released in South Florida and I've always had the suspicion that Clive Barker and I had the same reaction to the mismanaged ad campaign and cuts made... My passion for a restored NIGHTBREED runs VERY deep, and I want to do everything to get Barker's intended version released. Actually, I'd also like to see a continuation of his plans, steps. Domenick E Fraumeni

Bring on a Nightbreed Director's Cut Bly Ray and I will buy it on the day of its release, as will at least 20 people I know. Erik

I loved that movie as a kid, and want to see more! Keep up the good work. Thanks, Peter Beck

No question, I would buy this movie (again) with the extended footage. Lloyd Fuller

I just wanted to re-iterate how HUGE of a Nightbreed fan I am and of Clive Barker as a whole. Nightbreed is one of my favorite horror movies of all time and I would pay Very good money to own the Directors Cut on DVD! Please let Morgan Creek know that we, the fans mean business and will put our money where our mouth's are. As far as their assertion that "now" is not the right time to release it into the market, they are just making excuses and know nothing about the market. Considering how long fans have been waiting for this release I would say the proper time for the release was 10 years ago! Trust me on this one, NOW is a very good time to unleash this cinematic gem on the market... Sincerely, Jason Presti

I am an American Horror movie buff, and I must say that I am pretty G*ddam amazed that Morgan Creek would be stupid enough to NOT release an extended version of Nightbreed. After the sheer number of movies that have achieved cult status and gone on to make the companies who produced the films a sh*t-ton of money, I find it ridiculous that something this highly anticipated by fans would be something that MC would be apprehensive about. Look at Boondock Saints, Grandma's Boy, Last House on the Left... Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'll buy two copies of Nightbreed's extended addition, if the execs at Morgan Creek decide to pull their heads outta their asses long enough to make what we all know is the right decision. Thank you, Paul Wittek

Please release Clive Barker's Director's Cut edition of Nightbreed. I will preorder it as soon as it is available. Thank you, Robert Diaz Orlando, FL

Once again I pledge my undying support for a DVD/Blu-ray release of a Nightbreed director's cut. It ia an essential item for any fan of horror and/or Clive Barker! Let the beasts roam free! Morgan Creek, please give us the cut! Alex Schor

I am very much in support for a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I recently read Cabal and loved it. I've never seen Nightbreed, however, despite being a huge horrorphile. I'm not interested in seeing a compromised vision (until perhaps after I've seen the unbridled intent). Fingers crossed! cheers, Bryn

Hello, on a lark I was doing a search for Nightbreed to see if it had been re-released in Blu-Ray format and happened upon your website. Please add my name/e-mail to the petition to get a directors cut released. Nightbreed was one of my favorite horror films when I was younger and I would love to see it again or even see a follow up sequel of some sort. Stay on them to get this done.... Thanks, Dr Marc Williams

Petition signed. Hopefully also for a Code 2 DVD (with a new German dub... dreaming is always allowed)... :-) Peter Hoch, from Aachen, Germany

I'd like to add my name to the list of supporters for this film. Not only would my wife and I buy a copy, but we have multiple friends who have yet to be introduced for whom we would buy copies as gifts because the movie is that poignant. Travis and Savannah Horrocks, USA

I love Nightbreed and have been waiting ages to get my hands on a DVD or Blu-ray copy. At present I have a grainy copy of the film that I recorded off the telly around fifteen years ago. I would sell what is left of my soul to have a copy on a nice shiny disc. I am also salivating slightly at the prospect of any juicy extras that may have been unearthed. Maybe as well as the directors cut the work print could be included as well - witness the "Clerks X" box set. There is a hungry and loyal fan base out there who greedily gorge themselves on anything Mr Barker puts his name to, but a "vanilla" DVD release would not cut the mustard imo. Here's hoping Nightbreed sees the light of day soon. Yours, Graham Pratt, (Manchester, UK)

My name is Roberto Audiffred and I'm writing from Mexico City. Thank you very much.

Robert Stoner

We're writing to show our support for the release of the Nightbreed Director's Cut. Nightbreed is one of our favourite movies ever and the DC of this gem definitely needs to be published! Even if it would just have VHS-quality and be included as a bonus on the regular DVD. I'm sure countless fans around the whole world would appreciate this! However, a restoration and integration of the cut footage into the actual movie would surely create the ultimate masterpiece in the horror genre. So, we really hope that Morgan Creek will realize this soon and decide to publish the DC, we're sure they won't regret this! Please add our message to the petition on your website. Thank you! Isabel & Simone from Germany

As I type this from my cozy bed wrapped in a feather down quilt pondering the films I watched when I was younger, thinking over the horror movies I watched and fondly remembering the times I scared the crap out of myself at the age of 12 (the first time I watched Hellraiser) and younger. I realised at this point being scared was fun, but not because of seeing blood and gore all over, but the fantastical creation of characters and places that were intrinsically frightening and deep routed in my brain and were good to explore and to help unleash my own creative process. Since then horror movies of dare I say 'old', have given up the ghost and we are left with tripe that the studios call entertainment, there are some people still trying to cater to the fans of some taste but alas it's just a veriation on a theme. What we truly want is the originals to be reinvigerated and by this I don't mean a re-make to cash in, but a true revival of the original source material, true fans of cinema from all genres get their wish, classic cinema gets it's refresh, even Sci-Fi has had it's fare share of blu-ray updates but horror especially the really great and creative stuff with true potential to inspire people; to be creative and think outside the box of what is really possible in story telling and character creation all fall by the wayside because the studio bosses can't make huge bucks from it. Why can't the studios find backing from other sources or even sell the material they have to another studio who would put out the DVD/BD version? Also why do the British get stiffed too? we didn't even get a DVD version as far as I can see, of Nightbreed. I will gladly put my name to the petition for a new cut of Nightbreed and hope we get a release in the UK. I would gladly part with my money for a DVD/BD release if it came to the UK. Good things come to those who wait I suppose, we eventually get some good stuff. In the meantime I will have to keep getting out the aging and dusty VHS and playing the old tape version that is wearing very thing. Please put my name to the petition for a new Nightbreed release. Martin Pearman Yorkshire UK

I would definately LOVE to see an extended Director's Cut of Clive Barker's Nightbreed, as would my brother, who has possibly already emailed to you as well. I am also proud to report that I have made it my personal goal and mission to spread the word on all of my personal sites, including, Youtube, and Myspace, and any other site for forums and discussions I happen across. My brother and I also tell friends about the movie to get them interested as well, so here's hoping they will also join and give their support! Nightbreed has alsways been a favorite of ours since childhood, and it remains solidly in the top two of my top 5 of favorite movies. We would love nothing more than to see it not only in a Director's Cut, but in it's wonderful entirity, and just as Clive Barker intended us to see it. Good luck with negotiations with Morgan Creek! We can win this! Sincerely, Tara, devoted to the Breed.

I have been dreaming of owning a really great copy of Night Breed with all the bonus material that comes with a Director's Cut dvd since i started buying dvd's. Now of course i buy blue ray dvd's and have been replacing my old dvd's with blue ray copies. I own a Night Breed dvd but i would gladly shell out 40, 50, 60 bucks for a really cool blue ray of Night Breed especially if i finally get to see all that cut footage. I always thought this movie was great and would have loved to see a part 2, but i'll settle for the Blue Ray version of part 1. Hopefully i'll see that day arrive....soon. Cristina Fuentes Pharr, Texas

I would love to purchase the extended release of Nightbreed. It was my favorite movie growing up. I hope this happens. Thanks and have a great day! Angelica Vasquez

Id love to see a extended cut of night breed! In fact I think Id buy at least 4 copy's! Michael

I don't want this on DVD....I want it on Blu-Ray! I promise to purchase 3 copies of this....seriously, I need to see the film in its entirety instead of the bastardized version we have been given for all these years. I have a couple friends that may not buy it for themselves, so I will buy it for them. Don Allen

An extended cut of Nightbreed? Yes, yes, for the love of God yes. I've loved this movie since my teens. Hunted down and paid $20 for a VHS copy back in the day, paid $20 again for the DVD when it came out, and would happily pay that again and more for an extended cut on DVD. - Cat, USA

I've just read the piece on 'Morgan Creeks' decision to 'delay' the release of Nightbreed. As a Clive Barker and the Horror genre devotee I have to say that I'm disappointed at their decision, what a load of rubbish that "the current market will not support the required investment in reassembling the master reels to produce a director's cut of the movie" total and utter BS! It's more the fact that it's not some girl meets boy, boy turns out to be a vampire, and they live happily ever after- and they won't make huge amounts of money on something every other movie company is cashing in on. Dedicated Nightbreed fans have been waiting for years, longer that I can remember. Why can't Morgan Creek give the fans what they want? They need to listen to the fans rather than to their bank managers and consider that fans of Clive Barker would be happy to pay for the Directors cut of Nightbreed. With regards Darren Rogerson

My name is Alexander Karenovics, I'm from Germany, and I'll be definetely interested in a longer, undoubtely more satisfying cut of "Nightbreed". Whether on DVD or Blu-Ray, I don't care, I'd buy it anyway. I'm a big fan of Clive Barkers imaginative writing, and I'm sure, an extended Director's Cut will deliver nothing less than an outstanding experience in visionary horror. Thank you!

As a long time fan of everything Clive Barker I would be very happy to see (and of course purchase) an extended version of Nightbreed. Thank you for all your hard work trying to make it happen! Best regards, Paul Saarnak, Sweden

An extended version of Nightbreed was a dream for me all these years..160 minutes on a blue ray disk quality? That must be a gift from heaven..(sorry..from hell)! Keep the good work guys and add my voice to yours! Petros Koliavasilis

You can most certainly add my name to your petition, I think it's downright lunacy that Nightbreed is not available on Blu-Ray, and that virtually an hour of further footage exists and yet the film company is unwilling to spend what is peanuts in costs in terms of the profit they'd make in revenue. I live in the UK and we don't have a version of it on DVD here at ALL, let alone the bare bones U.S version - and let me tell you, Nightbreed was HUGE here when it was released, massive, and still had a cult status now. The film distributor is missing out on a BIG opportunity here as horror is making a distinct come back right now with new versions of A nightmare on elm street and the Wolfman currently playing in cinemas worldwide, and classics such as Child's Play being remade - Horror is BACK and Nightbreed stands up there proudly with classics such as Hellraiser, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Please come to your senses and release this movie, I think you'd be suprised at the market that most definatley exists for it out there worldwide. Stuart

You're damn right I would part with my hard earned cash to purchase the directors cut of Night Breed. Phil Melillo Dartmouth, NS Canada.

Hello friends! My name is Carlos Medina, and i'm from Madrid, Spain... and i'm wishing impatiently the edition of a Director's Cut of the movie NightBreed. Also i would like to congratulate and to encourage for this labor, and I want that know that many people support you from Spain. Greetings!!

An uncut Nightbreed is a must for all die hard horror fans - on blu ray or dvd - ULTIMATE EDITION in a steel tin would be nice inluding the book CABAL. ReesL3

I too would love to be able to see Nightbreed as the director intended it to be seen in it's uncut form. Please add my name to the list of people who would pick this up. It's too bad that it can't be sold directly from the Clive Barker website. - Nick Boros

Hi - the Clive Barker fanbase is huge and we would all LOVE a Directors Cut of Nightbreed! I can't even get a Region 2 version here in the UK ! As more of the Books of Blood are being successfully adapted, wouldn't now be a good time to release more of Barker's work? Let's get that Special Edition of Nightbreed out there! Kate Mears, UK

Mike from the US - It's great news that the studio has heard about this petetion and has talked with you about it. Unfortunatly it's a business decesion if this will or won't get done. I think there is money to be made off of the restoration of the film. More importantly though it should be done based on the fact the movie deserves it. Let's face it, there will never be another movie like Nightbreed. Clive's movies easily blow away other movies. I don't know much about the business side of things but I'm thinking it might be hard to do because the movie is somewhat obscure and didn't do very well at the box office. From reading the Revelations web site it sounds like when Clive deals with the hollywood system stuff goes wrong and the projects don't get made. So I know this could very well be listed in the "movies that got away section". Nightbreed is so good it just needs this. Hopefully the screening at horrorhound will be helpful. Come on Morgan Creek this is the best movie you have just finish it. I wish the studios would base there decisions on artistic potential/vision or something. Like when Tortured Souls was getting developed and Universal passed on it because they wanted to make Doom instead. That is a dumb decision. Doom probally made more immediate bank than Tortured Souls would have but in the long run I think Tortured Sould would have made the studio more money. A movie done by Clive or a movie based on a videogame with The Rock in it. The choice seems obviouse. It might have been Vin Diesel I'm not sure. The way Morgan Creek should look at it is the movies is in the can. It's made. Millions of dollars were already spent on making it so just spend a little more and finish it. They'll get there money back plus profit. Think of how many Clive Barker fans there are and think of how many of them will buy the new version as soon as it hits the shelves. I doubt this would happen but f they are cheap, transfer the workprint to DVD. I'd buy that. Release it as Nightbreed - The Work Print.

I've got a suggestion, how about Clive's directors cut on disc 1, & the workprint on disc 2, with the map from the Amiga game on the inlay. Nekka

Nightbreed must be released on DVD AND Blu-ray!!!! I have money in my pocket and will pre-order as soon as it is announced. This is the most widely awaited product in the genre. Yours Greg UK

I would like to express my support for a longer, "Director's Cut" version of Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" as well. I love the movie since I know it (I also read the novel) and I'd buy a longer version of the film instantly if it should become available on DVD or Blu-Ray (the latter would be even better of course). I hope Morgan Creek studios won't let the "outtake" scenes rot away without ever using them for us to see - this goes especially for the special effects footage! Best regards, and good luck, Andreas, in Switzerland

I'd like to add my voice to the growing chorus calling for an extended DVD of Nightbreed. Romany Adams San Francisco, CA

Put me down as a definite on this petition to bring the Nightbreed Director's Cut out on DVD. I've loved this film for a long time, truly one of the most imaginative horror films I've seen, it is both depressing and disgraceful that the studio is blinkered enough to treat this solely from a commercial standpoint, when this is a great work of art and deserved a lot better treatment when it was initially released in the first, Sincerely, Jon

Call me in for the audience for an extended Nightbreed ! This is one of my all time favourite movies. Watching it you wish it'd never stop cause you wanna know and see more and more of the mysteries and residents of Midian! I really hope this is going to work. I am desperate to see this movie in a complete version and better quality than I am used to. Best wishes to Peloquin! -Marc, Winterthur, Switzerland

I love Clive's books and movies. He is a true visionary artist (rarely seen these days). I only (lol) have about 100 pages left of Imajica to get through at the moment... Anyway, back to Nightbreed. The full version really demands to be seen as its fanbase is growing bigger. If only it was more marketable. It will be sometime in the future. Not too long, I hope! Daniel

please make it sign me up on on board but only for a new cut with extendended movie median was encredible let,s show it how it should be. Mike

Hope you don't mind me emailing you, but I'd love to pledge my support for a nightbreed directors cut. A truly forgotten masterpiece of the horror genre. I remember seeing the bestiary book that had all the monsters in it that had such a small amount of screen time during the final cut of the film. Add my name to a list :) I wish I could see the screening at the horror convention this weekend. Simon

I just wanted to lend my support for this dvd release. It seems there are so many of these extended cuts out there which are much less deserving and don't have nearly the fan base that the Nightbreed Director's Cutdoes. I have doing internet searches for "nightbreed director's cut" for the last ten years waiting for this. I hope it this works. So please add me to the list.Thanks and kind regards for doing this. Justin

When I heard that there was an extended cut of nightbreed I couldn't believe it. This is one of my favourite movies. I lost my rental VHS copy of it years ago, and if I saw another one I would buy it straight away even though I don't have a video player anymore. The extended cut of this movie needs to be released onto DVD and I would buy it . I need to see this movie! I love this movie! Robert Weir Northern Ireland United Kingdom

I would pay to see the extended version in the movie theaters. I know we would buy the dvd. The movie always seemed rushed or unfinished. Cheryl

If another email goes towards any progress of releasing the full Nightbreed movie I'm all for it. Well over a decade after reading Cabal, it still has scenes that resonate with me... and any chance of seeing them on the big-screen is something I'm all for. :-) Steve

I've loved Nightbreed since even before I first saw it - I bought the Epic Comics adaptation first, thought it was utterly brilliant, and it appealed to my outsider feelings. I bought the Nightbreed Chronicles book, detailing the backstories of the characters alongside beautiful photographs of the creatures featured. Therefore, when I finally saw the film a couple of years later, I was extremely excited. It would be a masterpiece, my favourite movie of all time. Alas, that was not quite to be. Certain crucial sections of the story were missing from the finished film, certain characters had only fleeting appearances, there were unneccessary added scenes, and - most damagingly - the ending was radically altered. No longer did Lori die, to be revived by Boone. No longer did Decker stay dead. Instead, we were given a far more 'Hollywoodised' ending - Lori survives, and Decker comes back in that old, cliched, shock ending. I was disappointed. I still loved the film, despite it's flaws, and have watched it many times over the years, but it wasn't what it could have been. What it should have been. What it still could be, if the film is finally given the respect it's due. Please give us the Director's Cut, then it'll finally be the epic, fantastical, horrific masterpiece I've always known it could be. Joel

Im a 24yr old from the uk i saw nightbreed as a 15yr old on tv late one night. That was the only time i have seen the film and i can say it blew my mind. Sadly Its never been released on dvd here. I cant find the vhs copy and ive never seen it on tv since. ive never forgot this film and would 100% buy a uk released dvd or blu-ray of nightbreed the Full version directors cut. So keep up the good work and fingers crossed this will happen. Thanks lee kirkham (Stoke-on-trent) england

Just put my name down as one waiting to purchase a copy of this movie on Bluray. Looking forward to it. Derrick McKaughan

The early morning line for Nightbreed tickets wasn't too bad. An hour and a half is nothing to see that film. So at 2:30 p.m. I get my amazing seat, gladly sit through some of the most boring mask lectures imagined, as well as the preview for the wretched remake of nightmare on elm street. Cut to 5:30, I get to experience the single most inspiring Q&A I'll probably ever have the good fortune see. The questions were awful, so on behalf of the entire Midwest I apologize to Clive. What followed however was probably the coolest thing any of us not in the industry could witness: the nightbreed workprint. I give it up to the studio for allowing this warts and all version of the film to be seen. Lengthy, and beautiful, it makes you feel like you're inside of Clive's head. Or as close as possible to what that may entail. Seeing the workprint was almost like being in a film class. A twisted, murderous film class. They encouaged us to write in and voice our opinions. So here I am. I'm willing to make calls, write letters, I'd even be willing to donate towards the $350,000 cost of making the director's cut happen. If there is anything myself or my fellow Clive fans can do, you can contact me through this address or my Twitter account: mrBgone1155. Thank you for your time. We are all looking forward to the definitive version of this masterpiece.

I saw the work print of the extended Nightbreed and I would be the first in line here in Indianapolis to buy a DVD of the finished product. Yes, please. Sara J Larson

As a longtime fan of Nightbreed, I'd really love to have the Extended Cut of this extraordinary movie in high definition. Dmitry.

Add my name to the list : Mitchell Luna cheers -M

I am a huge fan of Nightbreed - and the book Cabal. I tell people that it IS my favorite movie - because the theme is so perfect - the joy of being an outsider, and the harsh look at 'normal' humanity - with its mob mentality and close-minded fear. I've been drawing monsters since I was in kindergarten, and I've always found 'beauty' in the beast. The movie made me feel like I had my own tribe out there, full of strange quirky imperfect beings - I am not alone! (This was accentuated more when I started going to conventions!) Not only would I LOVE to see and BUY a directors cut, but I would also love to see an expansion. Anything that explores the world of Night breed. (hm, wouldn't a prequel to the fall of Baphomet's hiding place be interesting as well as a sequel?) I know about the comics (and collect them) - but Im always hungry for more. Or even more works that touch on the same theme. I love Clive's work and I was overjoyed to meet him at the Indianapolis Horrorhound Convention - 2010. As he said in the Q+A, this genre and the industry is being attacked by businessmen who base everything on money - the big names in the industry don't even care about the stories anymore. What I didn't get to say in the Q + A (someone else took my chance) is that us writers and artists and creators need to be brave in the face of this onslaught - and not be complacent, not to water their works down to make them 'safe' and boring - to charge forth and follow their visions. I suppose as fans, the best thing we can do is make a lot of noise!!! So much more to say, but I'll leave it there! -Lydia Burris

Just wanted to voice my strong interest in purchasing a copy of an extended version of Clive Barker's Nightbreed (Blu-ray version in particular). My brother first introduced me to Nightbreed many years ago. When it was finally released on DVD I purchased it straight away and have watched it many times since. Morgan Creek please re-release Nightbreed on Blu-ray/ DVD and give the film the fantastic transfer that it deserves! Day one purchase for me! Regards, Gregg

for the love of god, please release this dvd i will buy so much shit in regards to this you have no idea Tyler

Anyone who tries to reign in Mr. Barker's imagination and vision is a fool. Unfortunately, there are a few very out of touch people who get to make these decisions. If there is ever a Director's Cut of Nightbreed I would seek it out and buy it immediately. I always liked the movie but thought that there was definitely something missing as evident by the many harsh edits. It would be awesome to see Mr. Barker's vision and how he wanted the film to be viewed. I also want to take the time to say thank you Mr. Barker for all the wonderful little moments throughout my life that your work has ignited and inspired in my own imagination. Mark-Delaware,USA

i just stumbled upon this today after realizing that i hadn't seen this movie in a few years. consider me one of the interested, willing-to-purchase people!! -brian hunt

Of course we need an extended version of Nightbreed! I would love to see it! Patrick

I would love to see Nightbreed get the restored cut that has been the topic of horror gossip for decades! The name is Richard Longmore and I am from the United States of America. I'll gladly buy it on DVD and Blu-Ray if it were available! Pick a price and I'll save up!

My name is Brad Senatore, I'm from Fairfield, California. I am definitely interested in any form of media that Clive produces, and have always loved Nightbreed. I am all in favor of a more complete version!

I hope it all comes full circle in a good way. NIGHTBREED, is an excellent movie with fascinating characters, I saw this with my parents and fell in love with it and still love it. If NIGHT OF THE CREEPS can so can NIGHTBREED. remember that little movie, john carpenter remake THE THING? well people didn't know how to handle that kind of raw gore and new take on it. now it's getting a prequel, and like NIGHTBREED ,has a loyal fan base. why not give us a chance that this to can be brought back and giving today's style where we have opportunities to explore beyond the film and truly get to se what was originally intended by CB . seems to me and fan's from allover the world it's the right time. it's classic cinema, and truly inspiring for future film makers and story tellers. NIGHTBREED deserves a resurrection, an encore , what's the point of letting it decompose and waist away. we the fan's and future fan's how can we be wrong? it's 2010 WE ARE MORE THAN READY. my name is victor alcaraz from California. I wish to be in your list of support for bringing back this great film in it original content that it deserves. please. NIGHTBREED LIVES. thanx.

I would like to add my support to the campaign for the extended cut of Nightbreed. I always felt that some vital element was missing from the original version and it's a story that deserves to be told again properly as Clive intended. For me it wouldn't even have to be blu-ray (which would still be nice), even standard DVD would be awesome. Good luck!!!!! David Street.

Jacob Jackson

Please add my name to the petition. Thanks very much, Garth Danicich

I would definitely purchase a restored director's-cut of the movie. I've always liked it, but it's been in a sort of guilty pleasure for it's potential kind of thing. I was always sure there had to be more to it all somewhere. A new cut w/44 min added footage might see it realize its potential! Mark A. Wieneke

Hear Here! Yes, on an Uncut Directors Cut of Nightbreed! Signed, John Heller

I've been a Clive Barker fan forever and would love to see an extended director's cut of Nightbreed on DVD or, better yet, blu-ray. Definitely something I would buy to add to my collection. I loved the movie when it first came out, but always thought it was missing something. Now I know why! I really hope the Morgan Creek people get behind this - although I do understand they have to think of money, it's also about restoring a work of art. L. Ross Fenstermaker Winnetka, CA

Add me to the list! I've been waiting so long to see this version of the movie - please release it and let us see it! Lorelei

Why doesn't the studio fund this with pre-orders for a special edition version?... Mark

I just found out about this campaign and wanted to show my support. I would love to see the extended version of this! Just saw this on satellite the other night and it was just as fun to watch. Thanks Ryan Patrick

AMAZING FILM! GIVE US NIGHTBREED! Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. devlin

count me in! Put my vote in for a release of an extended edition. If Nightbreed DC would be released (put it in Blu Ray!) I would buy it! Greetz! Jens

Gutmensch says Its a great movie which deserves a high quality release on DVD. Greetings from Germany

First off I love this film and have been waiting for an uncut version for years... i do hope this uncut version sees the light of day.... Thanks. Rich

If NIGHTBREED Dir.Cut was released on DVD here in Germany, I'd buy it!!! (And we are also waiting for a uncut Hellraiser 1 and 2 release...) Dennis Behrens

Put my vote in for a release of the Nightbreed-Director's Cut, please. db

if Nightbreed Dir.Cut was released on DVD/ Blu Ray here in Germany, I'd buy it! Clive Barker is a great writer. I'd be very happy, if i could see the movie uncut. Best regards, Jeannette

Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. If Nightbreed Dir.Cut was released on DVD/ Blu Ray here in Germany, I'd buy it! Stephan

Hello from Hamburg, Germany. Cant wait to get my hands on a digital version of NIGHTBREED. i only have a US-VHS version from the 90s... :( count me in for BLURAY... :) sincerely Sven-N. B.

If the 159 minutes Nightbreed Director's Cut would be released on DVD or Blu Ray I would definitely buy it! Best Dirk

I'd like to see a DVD release of the "director's cut" of Nightbreed, and there are others at my place of business who would as well. Jason Marcewicz

Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. I'd really love to see the extended Version of this awesome Movie!!! Greetings Florian Kopp,Germany

Interested? Hell yes! ;D If there's finally a chance to see (or better: buy) a complete version of Nightbreed (on one of those fancy new blue disks, preferably with tons of special edition stuff)... count me in! Best wishes from Germany :) René Perthen

Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. If Nightbreed D-Cut would be released on DVD here in Germany, I'd buy it! Greetings JJ

as a fan from germany, I love to read to Clive Barkers books. Nightbreed was one of my first novels from this marvelous author, and It would be extremly great, groovy, to get a DVD Release of the Directors Cut of "Nightbreed"... Thank you for the possibility to watch this masterpice :D Greetings from Berlin Emanuel

I would LOVE to see a director's cut of Nightbreed...PLEASE GOD LET THIS HAPPEN!!!-Jeremy Smith, Athens GA

I'am a real big Fan from the Movie "Nightbreed" and i hope so strong that he comes in his long Originalversion on DVD as that Director's Cut!!!!!!!! Hey Morgan Creek, please make this possible and your forever have a Star in the "Walk of Fame" of the Horror Fans!!! Best Greet's from Germany Marcel König

Support for Nightbreed DVD release. Chris

As topic says, i would love and buy one. Please add me to your list of supporters. Greetings Michael Tosberg, Berlin Germany

ich habe auf der eurer Seite gelesen, das endlich ein Directors Cut wahrscheinlich wird. Nightbreed (in Germany CABAL) habe ich vor Jahren gesehen und er hat mich geprägt. Ich finde ihn für einen der besten Horrorfilme die ich je gesehen habe. Solche Filme gibt es heute nicht mehr oder nur noch selten. Es kursierten in de Horrorfilmszene immer wieder Gerüchte um einen DC. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, das ich dies noch erlebe. Die gesamt Horrorfilmszene in Deutschland erwartet sehnsüchtigst eine DC. Bitte veröffentlich den Film und bringt eine würdige Veröffentlichung dieses Klassikers. Die Horrorfuilmszene in Germany und auf der Welt danken es euch. Grüsse von Jens M. (der gerade erlebt, das auch noch Wunder wahr werden können)

I would like to register my support for a directors cut of the film Nightbreed. This movie must be available in the manner that it was originally intended by Clive Barker. Thank you. D. Abel

Brandon Dorrin - Let's get this done!

Hello my name is Robert and I'm from Germany. I think Nightbreed is a great movie and David Cronenberg is a great director. I would definitely buy a DVD/BluRay including the Extended Version. Thank you!!!

Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. Geetings from Germany. Marco Schoop

i am very happy about the news, that the nightbreed dc might see the light of the day and i would buy the dvd, when released in germany see you paul wünsch

This movie was the first movie that I had seen from Clive Barker. After my trek through Midion, I devoured every book, graphic novel and film that I could find from Clive Barker. It would be an outstanding addition to my collection to have this film released in its originally intended format. Keep up the good fight! Best Regards, David Gagné

I would love to see clive barker version of the movie I will buy great movie ahead of its time Les

I've just finished reading the book and it has fueled my desire to watch the film again. I'd love to see more of the scenes from the book that were cut from the film. To anyone reading this I would pay good money to own this. I am going to buy the original, but would buy it again if extended. Pretty please?! Neil Bartlett

Dejen de pensar un segundo en sus bolsillos y liberen la versiÓn original de nightbreed. Roberto Parada

On my 13th birthday, October 18th 1988, I met the illustrious Clive Barker at a bookstore in Aurora, Colorado and he signed my copy of Cabal. A couple of years later I went and saw the film Nightbreed and loved it, but was a little disappointed with the ending. Years later I find that there is another cut, but nobody is willing to release it. I speak for at least 8 of my friends that are so wanting to see this cut, and would even pay to see it in the theater! Nightbreed Uncut DVD & Blu-Ray would be awesome!!!

Please add me to the petition for the extended version of Nightbreed to be released on DVD - I would pre order it the first day it is announced! Adam

I just want to give my support for a possible Nightbreed Director's Cut release. I was so happy when I heard the missing material is still existing and accessible and it's pretty much up to fan support if it ever sees the light of the day. After the recent restoration of METROPOLIS it's the one director's cut left I'm still waiting for and I believe I can die a happy man if it ever comes to be! On the other hand it's a shame that the restauration of METROPOLIS got so much official financial support and international recognition but one of the best (in the director's cut probably THE best) horror movie of all time is left to obscurity... Anyway, here's my name, let's hope for the best! And yes, I'll be it when it's out! I'd buy it ten times if that helps! Michel Decomain Berlin, Germany

i want on the list my name is Steven Bradley and i loved this movie when i was growing up. i can't wait for a Blue-ray extended cut.

Please bring us Nightbreed Extended to Germany too.... THx....

Blake Pablo - Jerome Just wanted to add my name for support! I am 24 and have loved Nightbreed since I was in elementary school.

if Nightbreed would be released in an extended edition on DVD or Blu Ray here in Germany, I would buy it. Please hurry ;) Thanx and many greetings Bianca Wengrzik

I just wanted to add my name to the list of those who want to see the Director's Cut of Nightbreed come to DVD/Bluray. I recently got Nightbreed on Netflix to show to my wife who had never seen it. It was great seeing it again and I started poking around the net about the rumors I'd heard about the Director's Cut. This led to the promising news I am responding to now. I saw Nightbreed in the theater and was blown away by it's base message regarding social tolerance. I think Nightbreed is an important film in that regard and particularly poignant now considering "Don't ask don't tell" and the struggle to extend marriage rights to same sex couples. Not to mention this country's continuing racial issues highlighted recently by Arizona's "Papers Please" law. I am intrigued by what I have read on the site about the missing footage and would love to see Clive Barker's original vision restored. Thanks, Freddy Gompf

Add my name to the list of people demanding a NIGHTBREED director's cut. Til it comes out, Joseph Savitski

Please add me to the list of Nightbreed/Clive Barker fans who would pay for a DVD/Blu-Ray re-release of movie Nightbreed. I have long followed the artistic battle Clive has had regarding this film and always hoped the day would come when we could see Clive's true vision. I currently own Hellraiser anniversary disc and have paid for and watched many of Clive's movies (Candyman, Midnight Meat Train, Lord of Illusions, etc). I personally feel that Nightbreed (and the story Cabal) was so far ahead of its time and blew away many of the conventions or the horror and fantasy genres. However, because an inferior, highly edited film version was allowed to be released instead of the true vision, the video sales suffered in the long term. I personally pledge to support with my wallet any and all efforts to have this great story/film re-released or re-made. Sincerely, Dan Mullen Nashua, NH

I want to inform you, that I`m willing to buy Nightbreed: Director`s Cut if it`s ever going to be released. I`m from Poland, Europe and I`ve found information about Mark Miller and his actions on our polish site - I hope Nightbreed: Director`s Cut will finally see the light of day. Best regards, Peter.

Please add me to the list of wanting the Nightbreed Director's Cut and would love to have it on blu-ray as well... Ronald

Id be all over a DVD release. Its a no brainer, i cant see why there stalling it makes perfect financial sense, a film thats screaming out for a decent rerelease that has a big cult following = cash. Just because were horror fans doesnt meen were mugs if these dvd companys treat the films with a bit of respect by getting extra content and adding some bells and whistles us horror nerds would snap them up. Jeez, if i can scrap enough money together ill release it.

I'd like to add my name to the list as well. Chris Evald, Denmark

Me and my girlfriend would both purchase Nightbreed on the basis that it embodies Barkers original vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ollie

Consider me, a valued fan of Clive, 200% INTERESTED in this uncut version of Nightbreed coming to DVD. John M. Apostolos

Add my name, Nathan Buck, onto the petition or whatnot. I would love nothing more than to see Nightbreed restored to its original vision.

I own Clive's book 'Cabal'. I still have my VHS tape of 'Nightbreed'. I already bought 'Nightbreed' once on DVD when it was initially released. And God willing, someday I will add 'Nightbreed Director's Cut' DVD to my collection!!! In my opinion, 'Nightbreed' is Clive's masterwork. I only wish I had seen it on the big screen back in 1990 (sorry Morgan Creek). C.J. - Leduc, AB CANADA

Hi, I just wanted to write and lend my support to your campaign for a Nightbreed Director's Cut. I have been a big fan of Nightbreed since it was first released and I would love to see the film as was originally intended. Many thanks for all your effort in trying to make this happen and please keep up the good work! Rebecca

I have loved this movie from the moment I first saw it; I can't tell you how many times I've re-watched it. It is one of my favorite movies to introduce people to—not only for the story but also for its statements. I think this movie eloquently puts into perspective some of the more daunting elements of humanity's psyche—and any movie that makes you truly think is worth watching again and again—just to be sure you didn't miss anything. Not only would I buy the director's cut to cherish as further insight to an inspirational writer/artist/director, I would buy additional copies to gift. Please do not give up on getting this released and thank you for the effort so far! Leann McCormick

Add me to the list. Love Nightbreed. Would buy a director's cut in a heartbeat. Chris Ferry

On a whim, while looking at what David Cronenberg is up to these days, I was reminded of his acting in Nightbreed. So I googled for "nightbreed uncut" and imagine my surprise (and slight dismay, since my time machine is broken) to learn of the workprint VHS shown at a convention a few months ago. I have been a longtime fan of Clive Barker, and CABAL was one of my favorite stories as a kid. Please add my name to the growing list of Those Who Would View Nightbreed Uncut. Thanks! ~Brandon M. from Austin, Tejas

Not only the real Nightbreed but the sequel I have been waiting to watch since I was 12. Dammit get it done already, from Ryan in South Dakota.

I've been watching the web for years, hoping that the director's cut of Nightbreed would be found. I would gladly pay for a DVD or downloadable version of the Director's cut. Thanks, Sean Murphy

Hi! My name is Kim Ralston and I'm a HUGE Clive Barker fan. Cabal/Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies/books by Mr. Barker. The very idea that there is more footage to Nightbreed makes me want to jump and down for joy. Thought I will not do that at this time, being that I am at work and I work in a library, but I digress. A DIRECTOR'S CUT! Oh happy day! Please let the powers that be that there is many people in the great state of Tennessee that would be more than willing to pay for a blu-ray director's cut of Nightbreed. Bring on the Nightbreed! Thanks! Kim Ralston

Hi, I'd like to support the Nightbreed uncut version! Add my name: Rafael Campos

Sign me up! Ian M

I would like to add my voice to the many legions of fans out their of this cult movie (Nightbreed). This movie deeply affected me as a youngster and it has ingrained itself upon my psyche as I'm sure it has done for many others of that era. I feel a new generation deserves to experience the rich rewards of this deeply imaginative and creative work of fiction, and I feel that the allegories and the themes of the story are as relevant today as they've ever been. Please, I implore you, release an extended DVD version of Nightbreed that does this unique film justice! Ryan Anthony Bull (BA Hons)

yeah i'd definitely love to see a director's cut version of this. i love this movie and was always surprised it never had a sequel there's so much potential for a series out of this one movie. i also really liked rawhead rex and i know alot of people don't but i always liked something about it i can't place. anyways bring on more nightbreed! regards, russ

Please release the director's cut of this classic. Bob

As a longtime fan of Clive Barker's work, a director's cut of Nightbreed would be most welcome! Ryan

A "Nightbreed" directors cut would be a dream come true!! DudeoftheDead

... this director`s cut is so long awaited by so many people. it must come out (hope to the big screen too) greetings from germany thorsten

Mathias Overstreet

I want to see a directors cut of Nightbreed. I will buy it if it exists. I'm sorry I could not see it in theatres. Dallas

Sign me up for the release of the Nightbreed Director's Cut DVD ! I want to see that footage and it's about time! Long time fan Dario , from Italy.

I would spend any amount of money to have an Uncut Director's version of Nightbreed on Bluray and know many, many others who would buy two copies of the film. One to keep and one to watch as it is a must for any true horror or Clive Barker fan. It is by far the most visual and stunning piece of work to be put to celluloid. It is amazing to me that so many companies are willing to spend millions of pounds on films that are shit and are disasters on the DVD market. Nightbreed has Cult following with thousands of people prepared to spend hard earned cash to have it in all it's uncut glory. The value of the film is enough to want to restore it to it's full runtime. I guarantee that if this was to be released it would shoot straight to the top of the DVD/Bluray charts and remain there for weeks on end. The money that is put into the restoration of the film would easily be revenued back and would become a bankable hit for the company. STOP waisting time, give the fans what they want and give MR Barker the chance to show the world his true vision! If the Bluray had the full uncut extended version with hours of special features, commentaries, behind the scenes, featurettes and more I would easily pay £50 to have it. Hell! I'd buy two! Nightbreed Uncut in High Definition. Bring it on!!! Darren McNiven. Scotland.

Huge U.K. Clive Barker/Nightbreed fan there are many more; one of my favourite adaptations of novel to film in all of horror movie history. Just ordered a U.S. copy of original DVD release for good measure. Fantastic news so far! Your doing a great job - "it's not over till it's over" - keep at it till they give us what we all want! Good Luck! Dean

my name is Scott Hensley, and i'm from Roanoke, VA and i wanted to add my name to the long and ever growing list of fans clamoring to see a released director's cut of Nightbreed. it's a film i've loved since college, and would be there on the day it released to pay money to own Clive Barker's true vision of his film. can't wait to see this, guys. don't take too long, haha.

Please add my name to the list of those who would cheerfully dig deep into my pocket to buy an extended edition / Directors cut DVD of the movie Nightbreed. I hope in time that Morgan Creek come to realise that a re-release of this movie in an extended version would be profitable. Best wishes, Charles Braham

Haven't checked in on the website in awhile- so excited to hear the extra footage has been recovered; less so that Morgan Creek is taking a wait-and-see approach. Just wanted to add my voice to the throng. Tim

I've been a Clive Barker fan forever and would love to see an extended director's cut of Nightbreed on DVD or, better yet, blu-ray. Definitely something I would buy to add to my collection. I loved the movie when it first came out, but always thought it was missing something. Now I know why! I really hope the Morgan Creek people get behind this - although I do understand they have to think of money, it's also about restoring a work of art. L. Ross Fenstermaker Winnetka, CA

I would be greatly interested in the release of an extended version of Nightbreed on DVD. People need to see that not all horror movies are cheap slasher movies and that there are some more original. Releasing this DVD would give the great Mr. Barker more appreciation for the artist he is. It would also give some more appreciation for the best genre in the world: horror. Thank you and I hope this extended version gets released soon, Joe Saulino. Martinsville, New Jersey

Brent Wilson, add my name to the list, we need this cut.

add me to the list of people who want to see the director's cut of nightbreed released! i checked a couple of years ago and didn't think they'd ever find the footage. i watched nightbreed last night and figured i'd check up on the progress. this is exciting! that film doesn't get enough credit. beth

I would just like to add my support to your campaign to get nightbreed released as a directors cut. It is a film I have fond memories of from the early 90's that I have been unable to buy here in England, and I would certainly buy a region 2 copy if it ever came to these shores. Thanks, and good luck W.Bishop

I hereby gladly add my name to the list of fans petitioning for the Nightbreed Reconstruction. If there is anywhere else I can sign, let me know. Morgan Creek can be assured the have my thirty bucks for a complete, restored edition of this great film. Signed, Stephen Fletcher

Hi there, something tells me I may have already emailed you folks, but I just watched the regular DVD release and it's simply a marvellous film. I think it'd be a damn shame if this film never got a proper release. Best of wishes to all of you, and our cause. Wolfe

let me know if theres an email at morgan creek or wherever that i should bug someone to help make this happen!!!! Dev

I would absolutely buy an extended version/directors cut of Nightbreed!!! Jennifer S., New York

I saw Nightbreed on a personal recommendation from Anne Bobby... I thought what was onscreen was great, but undermined by its brevity. I thought we needed more time with the characters for the film to work as well as what was there promised. Scott Andrew Hutchins

Nightbreed is a wonderful, fantastic film. The previous Region 1 release is not only barebones, but rather outdated considering the new wave of Blue-Ray and anamorphic widescreen presentations available today. I would certainly upgrade my old dvd with a new one that offered some bonus features such as cast and crew commentaries and interviews, and some of the "lost" footage that Clive himself originally intended to use. Hire the right people, and these 'extras' can be produced cheaply and efficiently. Hell, I would shoot some interviews for you with fervor, and for a fraction of the cost. I would like to point out that the old Region 1 dvd may have been released a bit soon, prior to the full maturity of its cult status, thus reflecting a smaller market than that which exists today. Combine that with some decent packaging, and a new DVD/Blue-Ray transfer, and Nightbreed would sell itself in this age of hyper-communication and e-commerce. Hundreds of amateur and professionally maintained film review websites would bite onto this juicy morsel with carnal savagery. It would be the talk of the horror community. What is your worry Morgan Creek? - Lyhue Wynegar PA.

Love the movie, would love to see an extend cut too. But what I want to see the story come to a conclusion. It left me hanging. This story was extremely thought out and I would love it to see it finalized. Clive your awesome! Al

I Recently watched a movie, Guillermo del Toro's "Pans Labyrinth" (Spanish, english subtitles) and it was pretty good, but in watching it, the faun and some of the other creatures in the movie reminded me of 'Nightbreed'. Good lord, has it really been 20 years? Anyway, a bit of searching after the reminder, and I discovered the dilemna your crew has been dealing with these last couple years. I Had only seen Nightbreed once, in the theaters on original release, but I've often remembered it as one of the more original 'monster movies' produced. I've always been a fan of Clive Barkers work, particularly his novels & short stories (can't say for sure whether I've read Cabal though). I would very much like to add my name to the list of supporters for a release of a fuller version of this story as Clive envisioned it! Even at least a dvd of what was shown at the HorrorHound event (no idea where or when that was, this is first i've heard of it).
Reading through the site, I see it was originally intended as a 3 movie deal, So I was thinking "Instead of the directors cut, if it isn't possible at this point, why not make a sequel similar to Kill Bill vol.2, where the fist movie was more action, & the 2nd included more of the back-story?" Different genre obviously, but it could work. the sequel could include some of the original cut footage, and if more movies were intended anyway, there must be more material that can be woven into it.
Kick someone at Morgan Creek in the pants for me.
p.s. as per the comments about viewers of this genre not reading critics reviews... you're damn skippy I dont read them! Reviews are for the talking parrots who don't know how to think for themselves, I have always preferred to make up my own mnd whether I like something or not.
Best of luck to all of you in this movie, and thank you so far for your efforts in bringing us in viewer land the story as it was meant to be told.
Sincerely, Dave Anderson

The Nightbreed fans all over the world need to see Nightbreed come back to life again. I think that they should make the movie again and extend it, to make the movie longer. I've loved Nightbreed aver since I was a little girl and here I'm 17 and I love the movie. Especially the character Nightbreed Peloquin! Long live Nightbreed! - Tina Quinn

I am a Information Systems Security Engineer, not a movie critic, but I know what I like. I see Nightbreed/Cabal as that age old conflict between good and evil or the majority taking advantage of the minority. That came through clearly even with the cuts to the movie. Anyone that ignores that must do so because s/he is distracted and just doesn't see the obvious. It may not have Academy Award potential, but 99 movies out of 100 probably don't either. Again, notwithstanding my lack of movie critiquing skills, sometimes you can actually see the forest in spite of the trees. You just have to open your eyes I would absolutely love to see the full length directors cut. Good Luck, Jeremiah

I would like to add my voice in support of the effort to get a director's cut release of Nightbreed. -David Berck, Los Angeles, CA

yes yes yes yes yes and more yes' to an extended release of Nightbreed. Nothing could mean more to me at this point :) Brian Craddock Queensland Australia

Totally want to see this happen !!! Sal

Yes please!!! Russ Wilson & Diana Portwood, Lincoln City, OR USA

This is one of the best movies I have seen back in the day. I've been hoping for a sequel ever since I watched it for the first time. Hopefully enough fans show there love for the film and thanks to you for setting up this message board!! Stan

What can I do to be of help, I am sorry to say that I can`t donate any money. But is there a possiblity to say something, somewhere, to someone. I`m not affraid to open my mouth, and speak up, on behalf of great Art. This movie deserves a new introduction to a new audiuence, in a new time. That time is NOW. I can`t even get a standard version of Nightbreed in stores anymore. You can count me in, whatever You need me to do. Sincerely Francoleon Dollarhyde

Please, please release a director's cut!!!! -B. Geiman

Hiya I just saw your Nightbreed webpage while trying to find a DVD replacement for my worn out VHS copy of Nightbreed and just had to email you to say i support you all the way i am in England, United kingdon and have been a horror film fan for many years of all the movies ive seen Nightbreed is my favourite, i am sure there are many in England and around the world who would love to see an extended version so i would like to help you put the word out and drum up some support. Luke Smithboard

Please. Jay Horne

Just spent a fruitless half hour on Amazon and other sites trying to locate a copy of the above which I would love to buy and see again but I understand that this is not possible until it is re-released. Good luck with your campaign. Lesley K

I saw Nightbreed in the feature when it came out. One of my favorite movies for a long time. My friend even named our favorite drinking spot in the woods Midian I will most likley die before I get to finish the triogy of the Art and don't really care for childrens books so have not invested in anymore trilogies. So after this news of a workprint getting everyone worked up turned out to be a big nothing. I would really like it if the chosen few people (as this seems to be) who have/ own or have pirated the VHS version of nightbreed would kindley put it up on bit torrets for the fans of the film to see since they can't really sell dubs of a VHS it would be nice if Older Clive Barker fans got something back for a change. There is no chance of a special edition of a film that made no money to be released on DVD let alone Bluray and I rather not see a remake. I would just like to see a bit of the extras that fans of things like to see once in a while. thank you for your time, Duane (Longtime fan and customer of Clive Barker Writings and films)

I wasn't sure if you guys were still working on the Nightbreed director's cut, but I'm all for it. I'm a huge fan of all of Clive Barker's work and would be grateful to add this film to my collection. Here's hoping you get enough people's support to get the message through to the studio and their backers. Matthew

hello , wow please bring the intended version through, it is a amazing movie.I loved it for 20 years always thought it was thin. I will buy the dvd and have told others - like a darker Pandora - for adults it is mandatory part of human existence many thanx Ben from England

I am 20 years old and have been watching this movie since I was born, no joke. I would love to see an extended re-release of this film. I was beside myself when I found your website and will do all I can to spred the word. Hope it gets done! GO NIGHTBREED -Amber Washington state USA

Please add my name to the list of slobbering maniacs who would LOVE to see an extended cut of Nightbreed. Judging by the latest news, it's not likely, but we'll take what we can get. Thanks! -- Lee


Release it James Tamis

Hello I would definitely buy an extended DVD cut of this movie my name is Javier Rodriguez I live in NYC in the USA and am a manager at a comic book slash pop culture store and know many if our customers would love to buy one too. If it helps I am straight man 32 years of age and of Latin descent. Javier Rodriguez

My name is Allan, I live in Australia and I would definitely purchase an extended version of Nightbreed. Clive Barker is an artistic visionary, with an eye for the smaller details which make all the difference. None of his creations are 'run of the mill', from the people of the tribes of the moon to the Cenobites, every character is an individual. A story becomes so much more when a connection is felt - Long live Cabal.

Full version , Been wating years. Marc Hinton in England .

Nightbreed is a thinking persons movie - one that makes one hell of a statement about being outside of the norm without it being overtly thrown in your face. As we progress in our 'Katie and Peter' world of following what the rest of society wants us to follow, Nightbreed stands out as a stark warning about 'not fitting in', and where the problem with this really lies. As in Weaveworld (oh, someone PLEASE make that into a movie!), the monsters are US, the normals, that don't want to know about anyone or anything different because it upsets our personal sense of status quo (a.k.a. it scares us). It echoes some of the real horrors of society - the 'goth' girl killed last year by 2 'chavs' because she was different is one glaring Morgan Creek - 'I promise to buy a copy the day you put out the Nightbreed extended box set.' Dave F

Definitely would like to see the Directors Cut of Nightbreed. (want a Region 2 version)) Richard (UK)

I would like to offer my support for any petition for the release of Nightbreed on DVD. Even if the additional footage was offered as DVD extras, or a rough-cut version, I would still purchase a copy. Thanks, Tony Contento, Ph.D.

Hi there, Just a quick email to say I am definitely interested in an extended edition of Nightbreed on dvd Gordon Wilson

Please add my name to the petition list to get Nightbreed on DVD, with added extended footage if possible and on region 2. This has always been a favourite film of mine and i've been constantly checking online for years to find out if and when this would be released so I could buy a copy to watch over and over. Keep up the good work. Dan Foulston, Chelmsford, Essex, England.

I would love to see this movie released with an extended edition. I would be the first one to get it. It would be even better to see it on blu ray! John Paul Gradin Troy, MI

Dear powers that be, I loved even the bare bones cut down version of Nightbreed when it came out but always felt there was more to be seen - I didn't know that there actually was more! I would without hessitation buy a directors cut if it were released and know friends of mine would like to obtain it also. Nightbreed was pretty popular amongst us 11 year olds on its video release in the early 90's. Kind regards, Russell Che Parke North London, England

Please add me to the list! Michael Vinberg From Sweden

just found your site while looking for a DVD copy of Night breed. We were so disappointed that it is only on region 1 as we live in England. We have an old copy on beta max (don't know what it is like) but have been trying for ever to get the DVD and we hope that one day (soon) we will be able to watch it again. Lynda & Tony Martell Milton keynes England

I'm obsessed with this movie. I watch it all the time, and I want nothing more than too see the lost footage back in the film. I would buy both a DVD and Blu Ray copy if it's released. Please release it! Please!!!! -Jozef

Nick Simmonds

Please do convey my support for this project to move forward. I began working at a movie theatre January 4,1990. I worked there 15 years. Needless to say I saw a Lot of movies! This one was one I never forgot. Fingers crossed!!! Adam Bird Kokomo, Indiana

please make an extended cut of nightbreed. This is one of the greatest stories in cinema and needs to be on dvd in its entirety. I know at least 20 people who would instantly buy this movie, and i would probably get several copies for gifts, everyone should see this film. Colby

i WANT A BLURAY release of nightbreed!!!! DEADlee

Add my name to the list of folk who desperately want to see and own the longer cut of the 'Nightbreed' on DVD/bluray! Thanks, Jonathan Goeldner

Just watched Nightbreed for the first time and almost immediately noticed that the film was missing something it seemed very incomplete. I know movies do get butchered and not by the hand of the director I've seen this with many other films David Lynch's Dune, Fincher's Alien 3 and Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time In America are some of the many. So when I noticed that there was something missing from Nightbreed I began to search online for a director's cut or some extended cut of the film. It took only a few seconds to find that what I saw on film was true something was missing and Nightbreed was another to join the list of films that had been horribly cut. I read online that there was some talk of creating a director's cut. I would really like to see any extended version of this movie and the vhs workprint would also be great to view. This movie is really is an unfinished masterpiece and it sounds like all the pieces are out there to make the complete cut or near complete cut the one that Clive Barker had originally wanted to create. Is there any hope that this cut will ever see the light of day? Ryan Handeland

To Morgan Creek, Clive Barker, and the staff at, Cabal was one of the 1st stories I read by Clive Barker and it was the one that truly lit the fire of my future relationship with his work. Mr. Barker is truly an icon because his doesn't fall into any the known genres of novels and movies. He has created his own genre by showing us everything that is imagined and more importantly, what COULD be imagined with the diversity of his works. When you hear Stephen King or Dean Koontz (who I like very much), your mind goes to a single image of their works. They have a style of their own, but unlike Mr. Barker, they tend to stay inside "the box" when it comes to their works. Dean Koontz tending towards conspiracies and horrors usually of a believable story where Mr. King tends toward horror involving the supernatural. I have read both extensively and am not putting them down. Instead, I am elevating Mr. Barker to a place no other has ever reached. if a random person was given "Weaveworld", the short story "How Spoilers Bleed", "The Great And Secret Show" and "Sacrament" I find it almost impossible to believe that they would know that all four were written by the same man. From mythologies to writing styles to content, Mr. Barker always seems to knock you out of the reverie of the normal into vastly different, but always engaging, visions. But I digress. Whoever has the power to give ANY footage of Nightbreed that was left out, especially a complete version of the uncut film should release it as soon as possible. The decision shouldn't be about whether demand is there (it would DEFINITELY be profitable). It should be about ensuring that nothing that Mr. Barker has created is held back by any individual or group. Mr. Barker will be a part of the pantheon of humanity's greatest authors and as sure as no Shakespeare should be kept secret, nothing of Mr. Barker's should either. I am NOT comparing the two, so don't rant and rave about the comparison. It was only made to point out that Mr. Barkers works should be accessible to the world due to his amazing talent, not whether or not it would be profitable. Sincerely, Eric Levin

I am writing to confirm I am backing Outside The Cinema's campaign to get a director's cut of Nightbreed released in any format. This is favourite horror film of mine but as a massive fan of Mr Barker's work I have always felt it didn't quite do justice to his book and as such would like to see the restored footage and the film as it was meant to be seen. I hope enough fans unite to make this a possibility as I am sure its something every fan of 90s horror would be happy to own. Carl Birmingham, UK

I'd kill to see the directors cut of this. Its long been one of my favorite Clive barker films and it needs to be brought to light, I don't understand how these companies think they'd lose money on such a film. I know many fans and I'm going to email each one i know to get em to sign this petition. I hope that this comes out soon Sincerely , Jaymz R. Trenton, NJ

Why can't I buy Nightbreed on blu-ray??? It would be so nice if Nightbreed directors cut got released yesterday. Kind Regards Martin Hughes Big Clive Barker movies fan :-)

I loved the movie and have been waiting for the sequel for 20 years . Its a great movie to me because it gives the "other side of the story" ,a life or truth to the monsters we fear but non have seen. Charles

Put my name down for the petition to bring out a Directors Cut of Nightbreed Chris Scull Thomastown, Australia

I'd like to add my voice to the calls for an update to Nightbreed. i have just watched the original on Foxtel cable in Australia and some scenes seemed unfamiliar, altho this could be because it is some time since I last saw this great film. I hope tat the studio realises that Clive Barker has a HUGE following who will eagerly purchase a new updated and longer version...I kmow I will!. Please make it happen. Cheers, Graeme Barley Brisbane Australia

I realise I am late to the party here but I would like to add my name to the petition to get the full version of Nightbreed released on dvd. Vivienne, Australia

i'm hoping that you're still taking names for this petition. here is mine to include if you are. Jason Elizondo Thanks and good luck! .jason craftieROBOT

I had no idea there was this kind of push to get Nightbreed the kind of release it deserves, but I noticed the film's been on cable recently and decided to kick back tonight and give it the first watch in many years. I didn't remember how unique and strange and beautiful Nightbreed is, and wanted to find my old hardcover of Cabal the whole time I was watching and start reading again. When I went to Amazon to see if there was a Blu-Ray release, I was really disappointed to see there hasn't been one. For crap's sake, The Jackal is out on Blu-Ray. My search for news led me to Revelations, so I thought I'd put my two cents in. While I'm still patiently awaiting the Third Book of the Art, can't we at least have an uncut print of Nightbreed? Brad B.

I'd like to add my name to the hope fora extended release of Nightbreed. Josh Kitterman

Please add me to the list of people wanting a NIGHTBREED director's cut. I'd pre-order it before it was even created! I became a huge fan via Cabal, and the 'making of the movie' books that I picked up at a cast signing in London before watching the movie. So I've been wanting Clive to bring out his true vision of Nightbreed for years. Good luck to the tribes of the moon - Matt G.

The first time I saw Nightbreed I was 16 years old, in my new apartment, it was also the first time i drink some beer, so I could not remember it that well the next day. some time later I had to rent it again, This story is brilliant, small town xenophobia I like this story on so many levels, This move is important to the genre.. Anthony Knox

My names Aaron, I live on Oahu, and I want my EXTENDED CUT OF NIGHT BREED!

Please add my name and email address to the eager fans who MUST SEE Clive's vision for the film NIGHTBREED. What made it to the theatre screens was good, but there has been talk about so much more that was shot and then deleted. I would have no problem shelling out the money for a 155 minute version of the movie. It was worth what I paid in 1990. It was worth what I paid for the VHS. It was worth what I paid for the DVD. AND IT WILL BE WORTH WHATEVER I MUST PAY TO SEE a new blu-ray version with the restored footage excised out of the original production. Robert Vorisek

Hello, As a lifelong chameleon and underground geek, I can say that the monsters in "Nightbreed" spoke to me. I ALWAYS got it. We all wear a face for others, but inside it's our monsters that make us beautiful. If only the critics got it. I actually saw Nightbreed in the theatre. I still, to this day, love the film. I have introduced it to a few (most of which didn't get it). I would love to see a Directors cut released! Years later I read the "Books of Blood" and the novellas later entitled "The Cabal". Clive Barker is one of my favorite writers. I've never read the children's books, but that's because I can't imagine the author of such intense "horror" novels writing children's books and, well, I don't have kids, LOL! Know that the film and novella are still alive to some ;-) Valerie

If Nightbreed Dir.Cut was released on DVD/ Blu Ray here in Germany, I'd buy it! Put my vote in for a release of a extended edition, please. Greetings, Holger Wohlleben

I am based in the UK and fondly remember watching Nightbreed, I missed the recent showing at the Film festival in Whitby this weekend thanks to traffic delaying us. My VHS player has gone to technology heaven so I am unable to watch this wonderful film, neither can I share it with my beloved man. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a Region 2 DVD. An extended, anniversary or Directors cut (from material discovered) would be great but we need a Region 2 or do a non-region version so every one see it. Here's hoping. TTFN Debs

I"d be glad to see an extended version of Nightbreed. OrgazmAs

I have been reading about the workprints and lost footage of Nightbreed from the archives of Morgan Creek / Fox on the Revelations Site.... And to be honest with you, I live in the UK so I cannot even buy Nightbreed in this country in any format apart from an old 2nd hand VHS Tape... Which leads me onto the school of thought that Nightbreed was never released as a HD Experience anyway so start making a really rough looking directors cut, like a grindhouse version of Nightbreed transfer the theatrical cut from an Old VHS cassette and transfer it along with the Workprint and then paste together with the film from Fox Put onto VHS and then transferred also in the same process and there you have it loads of poor video footage to make a gritty, dirty Nightbreed!!! You actually have directors like Tarantino or Rodriguez making Lots of Money in this revamp of Grindhouse, making the video look dirty on purpose so why don't you do it and also add some more dirt in for the sake of it also. Fuck Bluray and Fuck DVD. Transfer everything Via VHS even if you have to transfer material to VHS before editing it together.... What are you waiting for? This would be truly a revolutionary move, be bold and be the first to do it... Oh yeah by the way you would probably also make loads of money too and imagine the news stories, this would open the flood gates for many more projects also which I would hope to see one day such as the Keep Directors Cut, Dune by David Lynch or any number of films that were butchered by the studios. And Directors did not get their final cut. Do the right thing and just do it. cheap and dirty? why not? Thanks Paul

Nightbreed is my favourite film of all time. Please release an extended version or at the very least a region 2 version for the UK. Would love to see a sequel as well. Kind Regards, Jay Johnson Scotland

Hi there, & thanx for all the creative maelstrom!! the books are great & the movies not like the rest! I would gladly purchase an extended cut of nightbreed! as I live in the films setting of Calgary in Canada, I love showing the movie to my fellow Calgarians & hearing the appreciative murmurs!! the skyline is so different back when the movie was shot in comparison to now! once again, many thanx in trying to get the complete vision out to the cult savvy masses!! best regards, Chrys G

M Pablo great news about finding an extended version of nightbreed. Come on Morgan creek and do it justice and remaster and release it!

I just watched my new Warner Archive edition of Nightbreed (my second time seeing it) and my girlfriend and I agree that it is a near-perfect horror work as it. However, with the refinement that could come with a new, Clive Barker-supervised extended cut of the film, it seems like a tragedy that this is the only version of the film that I can recommend to my friends. The release of the longer cut could very well give this film a pop culture renaissance (especially considering its similarities with Barker's Hellraiser), and would increase the attention (and money) given to the film, its source material, its comic adaptations, and even its licensed video games. The ambition and beauty on display in Nightbreed should not be allowed to be forgotten in the annals of time. -Vincent A. Zahedi=

I would love to see the nightbreed directors cut on dvd or blu ray,i would buy both!,hopefully it will be released soon,fingers crossed. joker23

Nightbreed one of my favorite movies of all time is more than worthy to be released as a cult classic. I'm old enough to have seen it in theaters 2x. Though I like the book cabal much more. Why not release it with another or similar name to market to a new audience? Please make it happen Derek Perumal

I'm a US fan... I have Cabal, the barebones dvd, and the Nightbreed Chronicles book I would definitely pay to get the extended edition. I see all these crappy movies and sequels that come out on dvd and in the theatres and I'm like you can afford to put all this other crap out but you can't afford to put an extended edition dvd out or a sequel (I think we could definitely do with the sequel that was never made) even if it is made with a low budget like the original (that's part of the reason it was so good-you don't need to use all these special FX and green screen CG-it wouldn't need a big budget to make it good; you can just make it straight to DVD; I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks so). Just because a movie isn't some giant blockbuster like Avatar doesn't mean it doesn't have a giant cult following-what about the fans like me that are waiting, waiting, waiting; does our money not matter to the "corporate fat cats". (Katie Stonger)

My name is Nick, iam living in Germany and i would like to have the extended Nightbreed cut on blueray, loved this movie even if it fellt like it was not complet, hope that with this extended cut the film will be complete.

I just happen across this movie one day... and since I'm a Hellraiser/Clive Barker fan though I'd watch it. I LOVE it .... It's like the horror version of the X-men. Combining two of my favorite things !!!! I have since spread the word to my friends and family ; and will be making a FB page in support of an uncut edition and a sequel. The music is PHENOMINAL ...... this movie is SOOOO underrated. It's one of my favs now ;) So.... A bunch of us her in IL want to see the uncut edition and a sequel to the movie franchise we adore. May the tribes of the Moon embrace you !!!! ;) - Scott N.

And via Twitter...

razrX@philandsarah #CliveBarker's #Nightbreed is 1 of my fav films! buying it on Blu is a no-brainer. it's a must-own! Sincerely, Marco, Holland

lankysanchez@philandsarah Just been reading Clive's website. Add me to petition for R2 Extended cut bluray of Nightbreed! Wanted it for years. (In UK).

lydianguy@philandsarah A message to Morgan Creek:Please release an extended DVD version of Nightbreed that does this deeply imaginative film justice!

Sarah_Paige_ @philandsarah I demand Nightbreed Director's Cut!!

IM_Ramble @philandsarah not sure if this still going, but I'd like to join in on the Demand for the Extended Cut of Nightbreed

ThE_KiRbY@philandsarah Please please please keep the quest up for the extended Nightbreed I can't wait to see this !!!!!!!!!!

lannyanger @philandsarah Hey not sure if this is the place or not but sign me up to support the release of the directors cut of Nightbreed.Lanny Newell

salemslot79 @philandsarah PLEASE! more NIGHTBREED! Interested? YES!

xenossonex @philandsarah i'm in on an uncut release of nightbreed it's a MUST! :)

Hedyz @philandsarah Extended Version Of 'Nightbreed' Still Possible - Your help is needed!

rabiddoll @philandsarah Extended Version Of #Nightbreed Still Possible

Rafael_Axe @philandsarah Am I doing it right? Am I supporting the extended cut of Nightbreed by this? I fucking hope so. Please do it Morgan Creek!

mikewattHCP Nightbreed fans, tweet @philandsarah - they're trying to convince Morgan Creek to release a director's cut. It's up to you!

Darcsyde01 @philandsarah MORE MIDIAN! Log me down for my support of the Nightbreed Extended Cut! MUST HAVE! Darcsyde-Tucson (AKA Hell), AZ.

basilisc @philandsarah My name is Vasilii (Russia, Ivanovo) - I dream about new version of Nightbreed and of cause I ready to buy it

sleepyorb @philandsarah hi, i heard u need tweets 2 get missing Nightbreed footage released... PLEASE DO!!! Been waiting for years! Renee, Australia

bobbyshaddoe @philandsarah just wanted to say that I would love to see an uncut version of Nightbreed on DVD! by all means... BRING IT ON!!

GreyMauser@philandsarah more NightBreed

Adam21sa@philandsarah i want nightbreed directors cut. Im from Australia and would buy it for sure

hedcold@philandsarah Id love for a nightbreed extended release please!!

6dreamer@philandsarah Leigh Wright from England would love a full, restored cut of NIGHTBREED. Mr Barker's star is rising again- now is the time!

nylesath@philandsarah Yes. Absolutely bring back Nightbreed. Ahem. Thank you

kevclarke75@philandsarah i'd love to see a complete version of Nightbreed. Cabal was the 1st Barker that I read in '90 and i've been addicted since!

Janus5@philandsarah please, lets see a nightbreed directors/extended cut. this is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!

ThatHorrorThing@philandsarah Please add my name to the list of people dying for the directors cut of Nightbreed.I'd sell a studio executives soul to see it

lurotiman@philandsarah hi! i linked here from your site...and yes i would love a extended nightbreed release.

eventhewaves@philandsarah, an American here who supports the release of a "Nightbreed" director's cut in whatever format may come to pass.

TheGodless@philandsarah Nightbreed is probably my favorite horror/adventure film of all time. I'm a bit of an outcast, so Nightbreed was like comf ...

languid@amandapalmer @philandsarah @RealCliveBarker @markalanmiller i would love to buy a totally huge & extended version of nightbreed

ojgoldstein@philandsarah Count me in for a directors cut of Nightbreed. I hate to see a filmmakers vision gutted by studio BS.

Satanophonic @philandsarah add me to the roster of fans who would like to see clive's cut of nightbreed.

GoreGore_Dancer@philandsarah Yeah,an extended version would be more than awesome!

EmmaJaneR@philandsarah I'd be v.keen to see an extended Nightbreed. Clive's a visionary & his movie should be seen the way he intended. Emma-Jane, UK

raphael_slanyeh@philandsarah "Watching Nightbreed, here, in France... And i WANT to see a real Director's Cut. Raphaël, France"

Kreepylady@philandsarah Shuna Sassi was one of the most beautiful creatures I'd ever seen. Would LOVE to see extra scenes with her

whateley@philandsarah I know this is slightly late but if you're still collecting names for the Nightbreed DVD petition, sign me up!

KZucc@philandsarah K Zucc, NY - Anything from Clive is amazing, especially and extended Nightbreed

Shadowkahn@philandsarah I would definately pay a hefty price to get an extended version of Nightbreed! I've been a fan of Clive Barker since 18.

lachendwolf@philandsarah please add another name to the nightbreed list :)

MKelly89@philandsarah would like to see th 144 Minute NIGHTBREED... Where do i sign...

BinaryJam@philandsarah I'd buy Nightbreed Bluray, I havent seen it in ages and If Im to buy it again it has to be in latest format. UK.

Cam_Lewis@philandsarah I'd love to see a restored director's cut of Nightbreed. Now I have to go pore over my copy of The Nightbreed Chronicles. :)

wolvenian@philandsarah Matthew Black from Australia; Nightbreed is a film with obvious artistic and financial reward if released in it's true form

thenightscape@philandsarah 145-minute workprint of Nightbreed, one of the most epic and ambitious monster movies of all time? A DVD release must happen!

deathkingcinema@philandsarah release a directors cut if lost footage was found, especially on blu-ray or stream it online and I will gladly pay for it.

knighttat1@philandsarah MORE NIGHTBREED PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonhosonno@philandsarah A director's cut of Nightbreed would be amazing. Could also be the sort of thing to turn me over to Blu Ray...

Jablack1111@philandsarah I would love to see and own an extended version of Nightbreed. Sign me up!!!

80sfearUncut version of Nightbreed discovered! Help it get released

Dudley228@philandsarah Definetly want to own an extended version of Nightbreed.

moroii@philandsarah would love to participate in the Nightbreed revival

Jimmy_Kent@philandsarah Jimmy Kent here - HUGE fan and supporter of NIGHTBREED. Add me to the list of fans who would kill for the extended version.

ZombieHead_Etsy@philandsarah ZombieHead would love to see an extended version of Nightbreed!

Tally78@philandsarah I am from bakersfield, ca. I would definitely buy a directors cut of night breed. I grew up loving this movie and still do.

Querus_Abuttu@philandsarah Add me too. Nightbreed, It's a yes! Too many worlds decaying in molded mediocrity. Nightbreed needs to live!

zombiewes@philandsarah a uk release for a nightbreed: directors cut would be amazing, but i'd still buy the region 1 dvd. absolutely classic movie.

emmett_the_crab@philandsarah This is unbelievably great news! Clive had always said 25 minutes.

CountScrewloose@philandsarah This is news I didn't expect to hear in my lifetime...slow and steady, now, as the grail comes into view...;-)

Charlie_Athanas@philandsarah More Nightbreed please. The VERY large horror community in Chicago would like to see it.

NicholasLaSalla@philandsarah That's amazing....a lot of extra footage! Here's hoping we'll all get to see it soon!!!

laurainnis@philandsarah That's so exciting!! When's our turn? =)

kristenmchugh22@philandsarah I'm happy that there's more footage than expected.

Futurama4life@philandsarah Wow, I want that Nightbreed workprint real bad.

Kingmob6@philandsarah Lucky you! I hope to have the same experience one of the days, should it ever be released on DVD or (dare I hope) Blu-ray?

JYKSTA@philandsarah jacob in Colorado wants MORE Nightbreed!!

mark_jobson@philandsarah A restored Nightbreed? Yes please!!!

16bitsystems@philandsarah you can add me to the list. i'd Definitely buy the Nightbreed Director's Cut!! =D

DarkSideofFilm@philandsarah Cool. Thanks. Trying to spread the word.

brianjshoopman@philandsarah I respect a java break. :D I RT'd the message the other day but realized I never specifically msg'd my support., so j.i.c. :)

Ardiril@philandsarah I would definitely buy a director's cut of Nightbreed. Boston

kristenmchugh22@philandsarah i'm in US & a restored ed. of Nightbreed would be awesome. The vision is even more relevant today. Who are the real monsters?

motbones@philandsarah add my name to the list of people who want to see that Nightbreed directors cut.

SeanETC@philandsarah Nightbreed EDC yes, please. I'LL BUY ONE1

dannydavies23@philandsarah - A proper release for Nightbreed is way, way overdue! I would buy that in an instant!

thenightscape@philandsarah "God's an astronaut, Oz is over the rainbow, and Midian's where the monsters live..." (Release the Director's Cut!)

fortunesfool73@philandsarah Extended NightBreed love from me, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Even a bloody DVD release would be good.

Alyrenee@philandsarah I am very eager to see more Nightbreed! #nightbreed

SarannaDeWylde@philandsarah Definitely more Nightbreed!!

Terrormaster@philandsarah lets get a directors cut of Nightbreed, it's been LONG LONG overdue!

Peloquinssoul@philandsarah Just signed up for this purely to follow the nightbreed tale. This film deserves a real release, i'd pat for it for sure!!

GhoulFriday@philandsarah I would face a stampede to get a copy of an extended version of Night Breed on DVD, as would many of my fellow Canadians.

sxsxsx@philandsarah You guys are british?!?!?!

KosmicZombie@philandsarah I've used Nightbreed in my classes to educate students on horror as well as prejudice. I'd love to see an extended version!

Dudley228@philandsarah I definetly want a Nightbreed director's cut.

DerekBotelho@philandsarah Would love to see a restored NIGHTBREED. Clive talked about this years ago...have been waiting ever since.

louisebohmer@philandsarah NIGHTBREED and Cabal are part of the reason I'm a Barker fan. A director's cut would be a treasured item for my collection.

futuredeadRT @indecisean: Found out that @philandsarah are organizing a campaign to get Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" restored..YES!

Cheeky_Monkey_@philandsarah Nightbreed is an awesome movie. I really hope they will put out the movie on dvd with the found footage.

TheFerrymanFound out that @philandsarah R organizing a campaign 2 get C Barker's "Nightbreed" restored... (via @indecisean) Awsm!

CheddarGorgeous@philandsarah please add me to those who want a Directors cut NightBreed DVD; a friend worked on it and the right version needs to be seen

CharityVRT@indecisean: found out that @philandsarah are organizing a campaign to get Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" restored...YES!

indeciseanJust found out that @philandsarah are organizing a campaign to get Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" restored...YES!

cwmonfette@philandsarah Most welcome, of course!

wickedgoddess@philandsarah Nightbreed is one of my favorite movies. I would LOVE an extended cut dvd!

robotbatmanRT @philandsarah "Clive Barker wants to ask your views on a Nightbreed extended director's cut! " Yay! Finally!

Bunnyfufu13@philandsarah An extended version of Nightbreed would be the most amazing must have! Please do it!

FEARnet@philandsarah We're on board, just let us know what you need. Please RT, and help restore Clive Barker's Nightbreed

Damocles66@PhilandSarah One more match here for the Nightbreed bonfire (under the executive in question of course) I'll buy two copies.

geminisolstice@philandsarah I would without hesitation buy a directors cut of Nightbreed. keep up the love. Scott from SPAIN xxx.

tanuki_green@philandsarah I bought the Nightbreed DVD about a year ago. I fully support a directors cut in whatever form it may take.

granitemouse@philandsarah Would LOVE the extended Nightbreed. Count me in, I was always very fond of that film and hoped for a beefier DVD

moerukun@philandsarah I'm from the US. I apologize for not adding that in the previous tweet

moerukun@philandsarah Count me in as a huge fan of Nightbreed. I'd definitely buy a copy of a director's cut with extra footage.

Pinkybear@philandsarah Want Nightbreed Director's Cut!!

jeffddavis#nightbreeddirectorscut @philandsarah MUST HAVE DIRECTORS CUT OF NIGHTBREED! I LOVES IT. GIMMIE! everyone repost!

rxsheepxr@philandsarah Canadian Clive fan here, I would most definitely buy a new Nightbreed cut, and any other Nightbreed merch. Classic to me.I bought the original DVD because I just love it, and I would definitely buy another version. Twice! Make it so.

JeffreyJMeyer@philandsarah I bought the O.G. Nightbreed DVD to support Clive, the story Cabal, and my fandom for Cronenberg. Hope there's a S.E. soon!

brianjshoopmanRT @philandsarah: @RealCliveBarker wants your views on a Nightbreed ext. director's cut! your thoughts very welcome! #fb

demorgan_kram@philandsarah Exactly, why buy a bare bones dvd without Mr. Barker's Blessing.

Tallaght24RT @philandsarah: I had to resort to a Region 1 version on DVD as it was never released in the UK.

stevenmillan@philandsarah I'm definitely all for that Director Cut DVD of NIGHTBREED,for keep spreading the word in helping that version get released.

wdprescott@philandsarah one more fan here, ready to make the pilgrimage to Midian when called

HellenCellar@philandsarah I'd buy a Nightbreed Director's Cut on the day of its release.

Corellian_Sugar@philandsarah Just found you via FearNet. I adore Nightbreed and I would run to the nearest store for a director's cut, OMG.

elmervsevildead@philandsarah I will add my name to any list that will force a Director's Cut of Nightbreed.

Seanyk1@philandsarah I come from Dublin, Ireland, but yeah I support the idea od an uncut Nightbreed DVD thingy! Yeah I'd pay the 900euro on ebay!

laurainnis@philandsarah Yes, please! More Meat For the Beast! I'd love to see an extended cut of #Nightbreed - where do I sign up?

sprackraptor@philandsarah Yes, there is interest in a Nightbreed extended version here! :)

RepoGenetic@philandsarah We desperately need and upgrade on the home video release of Nightbreed!! I would buy multiple copies of an uncut Blu release

dger_@philandsarah : what can I do to help? I want more Nightbreed! #nightbreed ?

gbollard@philandsarah Joining the Petition to get a director's cut of Nightbreed out (gbollard) in Australia.

gothdiva1@philandsarah nightbreed was my fave book & movie. Would love to own it for my library WITH all the extras! Please fight hard for this!

benjaminbussey@philandsarah I've blog/bullettined it on Myspace. What do we want? NIGHTBREED DIRECTOR'S CUT! When do we want it? NOW! Please. Thank you.

Matpierce@philandsarah that would be really cool to see!

tstauffer@philandsarah Here's hoping for a director's cut. I would dearly love that, as would my 16 yo.

the_beef@philandsarah the sooner I can see Peloquin in hi-def the sooner I will be a complete person.

ChadSavage@philandsarah Add my voice to the throngs clamoring for a Director's Cut of Nightbreed!

cinebeats@philandsarah LOVE to see a director's cut of Nightbreed! I think it's one of Barker's best.

ObscureHorror@philandsarah how can my site help?

afx079@philandsarah Just saw Nightbreed not too long ago for the first time since I was a kid! Would love to see the uncut version!!!!!

sirpsychoswayze@philandsarah I definitely, definitely would support a new Nightbreed release. Let's make it happen!

oslowe@philandsarah Let's get that sucker a Director's Cut STAT!

kimbog881@philandsarah i'd definetly buy Nightbreed directors cut---love to see it on a blu-ray release here in England! Hope all goes well with it!

Carlo_ThChThr@philandsarah don't have a blu-ray player. still holding on to the hope VHS makes a comeback. I'm sure Nightbreed Dir. Cut is boss, tho.

Live_for_Films@philandsarah Sign me up as I want to see a director's cut as well

Tallaght24@philandsarah I do hope one day that the Nightbreed that Clive intended for us to see is released.

demorgan_kram@philandsarah How many responses would it take to send a strong msg.

bryanaberdeen@philandsarah Yes, I would buy the director's cut

Otaking721@philandsarah Huge NightBreed fan, Anything that can be done to get a director's cut out I'm going to support

TurtleneckNinja@philandsarah Nightbreed!!!! Deep in the heart of Texas!

Chainsaw4Real@philandsarah Count me amongst one of those who wants the footage and a new Nightbreed release. One of my favorites of all time.

visibleman@philandsarah There are definitely fans of Nightbreed out here! And i'm one of them!

bionicmanenator@philandsarah - lost Nightbreed footage FTW!! (New Zealand.)

zombivish@philandsarah yes please more Nightbreed

teh_j@philandsarah I'm in the US and I would definitely plunk down some hard earned money for a Nightbreed director's cut.

placesparallel@philandsarah Nightbreed is an incredibly underrated and nifty film, one that deserves to be seen the way it was intended to be


Futurama4life@philandsarah The Director's Cut of Nightbreed needs to happen on DVD and even Blu-Ray.

chucklarntz@philandsarah I loved that movie! It was the first time the monsters were the good guys and the humans, the bad guys... Brilliant!

zombiefreak@philandsarah Damon in Dallas, TX says there MUST be a director's cut of Nightbreed, especially on Blu-Ray!

deadcellsociety@philandsarah I would love to have a copy of this on dvd!!! I live in the UK,so I'm pretty sure you could muster up some fans here!!!

carlcunningham@philandsarah A full-on NIGHTBREED Special Edition is a must! Been waiting 19 years for that!

ShelleyRunyon@philandsarah St Louis MO USA Because Nightbreed needs to be introduced all over again, and restored to those who don't know it

mindrew2@philandsarah WE NEED MORE BREED!!!!

BrianWCollins@philandsarah Brian in LAwants Nightbreed special edition... if we can have 5 Hellraiser re-releases why can't we have one for Nightbreed?

ElmorePriddy@philandsarah I'd like to throw my name into the fray for the directors cut of Nightbreed!

Hakaryu@philandsarah I would love to see the missing footage and a re-release of the entire movie

NeonBunnies@philandsarah I'd love to see the lost footage of Nightbreed!!

JettBOY@philandsarah considering Nightbreed is already what pulp film should be, I'm curious to see what Mr. Barker thinks Nightbreed should be.

midnight_faerie@philandsarah I would absolutely buy a Director's Cut of Nightbreed. I live in the US. It's one of my all time faves.

jessterswan@philandsarah please let this happen

glassmusic@philandsarah Ernest Devaney Los Angeles CA!!!

UnknownKadath@philandsarah Would definitely love to see an extended cut of Nightbreed. Maybe the film's rapid-fire edit pace can be smoothed out a bit?

ZOMBIE2900@philandsarah please get the nightbreed director's cut i want to see the complete version of clive barker's film make my wishes come true

DtaTrev316@philandsarah I would love to see an extended version of Nightbreed!

setvenharis@philandsarah Nightbreed Director's Cut? Oh yes..bring it on!

_Salter@philandsarah Hi, I'm based in the UK and would love to see (and definitely buy) a cleaned up directors cut of NIGHTBREED on R2 shelves!

antipax0@philandsarah Clive won Critics' Award & was nominated for the International Fantasy Film Award for Best Film for Nightbreed at Fantasporto.

lghtanddrk@philandsarah I would love to see a restored version of Nightbreed with the missing footage on Blu-ray!

DarkSideofFilm@philandsarah I want to see this! must see this!!

chriskl99@philandsarah would love to see an extended version of Nightbreed... Athens, GA, USA

emmett_the_crab@philandsarah I will buy the director's cut of Nightbreed!

demorgan_kram@philandsarah YEssS. I would like to send my support for a NIGHTBREED-lost footage restored release.

BernardoVillela@philandsarah I would love to see a director's cut of Nightbreed because Clive Barker is a visionary and I would prefer his cut. Bernardo US

ApricotCyanide@philandsarah if Nightbreed Dir.Cut was released on Blu Ray here in England, I'd buy it!

triefy@philandsarah Andy Triefenbach - St. Louis, MO - I would love an extended Nightbreed DVD. I would buy 10 if it helped.

numb3r_5ev3n@philandsarah I would be very, very interested in an extended director's cut. #nightbreeddirectorscut

ffahlman@philandsarah I would love a Directors Cut of Nightbreed!

mindrew2@philandsarah - OF COURSE we ALL want an extended version of Nightbreed! I'd love to see what Clive really wanted to do with it!!

antipax0@philandsarah A Nightbreed director's cut is not only a possibility, it is a necessity! I would immediately buy it. José Leitão, Portugal.

We need to say thank you - to all of you who have shown your support so far and also to all our kind friends at Fangoria, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, STYD, CHUD, IGN and FEARnet, Time Out and many, many other folks - the list has truly become near-endless! Please accept our apologies for not responding immediately to all your notes and kind offers of help but do know that it is all very much appreciated - by Clive and Mark and ourselves - and we may well take up some of those offers as we continue this endeavour..!

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