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Clive Barker's Seduth

Clive Barker - Seduth - Rodriguez cover art Clive Barker - Seduth - Barker cover art Clive Barker - Seduth Clive Barker The Great And Secret Show deluxe

US Comic

Seduth, by Clive Barker, Chris Monfette, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jay Fotos and Ray Zone, IDW, US, 2009. US graphic novel @ $5.99.

US Paperback

Seduth, by Clive Barker, Chris Monfette, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jay Fotos and Ray Zone, IDW, US, 2011. Collected edition (with Thief of Always and Great and Secret Show) @ $29.99.

Deluxe Collected Edition - Oversized Hardback

IDW Publishing, USA, September 2016. Hardback collected edition (with The Great and Secret Show) @ $49.99 (note - not yet published, anticipated 22 September 2016).

"Sometimes it does feel as though good ideas run out of steam, and I would prefer [as a reader] one comic, which was awesome, to [longer series] that were so-so... I'm a little kid in a candy store on a Wednesday, I like my comics dark and I like them stylish, I like them smart, but I can still read Archie comics when I need to."

Clive Barker Goes 3-D For Surreal 'Seduth' Comic Book

By Caleb Goelner, 17 September 2009 (note - full text online at

"I have always felt that comics as a medium are still in a relatively early stage in their development - there are so many roads still to be taken. It is a medium which can afford to take risks, and we're taking them. "This is, in more than one sense, a dream project. It is my first chance to co-produce with my best friend Robb Humphreys on a story that really touches our shared interests in the power of hallucinations and visions. It also brought me together with Chris Monfette, who will certainly be a part of my creative life for many years to come if I have any say in the matter. Add the art of Gabriel, the color of Jay and the amazingly mind-blowing talents of Ray Zone, this fulfills my dream of Seduth completely."

Clive Barker Introduces New Dimension of Horror To Comic Books

By Chris Ryall, IDW Publishing, 18 August 2009

"Most 3D comics are not made for 3D, its a fake-out essentially. With this they have designed the whole thing for 3D. The whole idea of the Fourth is to say, well, if Im trying to create the 4th dimension in a comic, which is 2D, it makes sense to make it a 3D comic because the fourth dimension can be represented by the third, so the whole plot centres around a device which is dimensional-friendly, yeah? The whole fucking thing has been a joy; I mean I think Gabriel did an amazing job on The Great And Secret Show, an amazing job. Monfette, because he had freedoms that Chris Ryall didnt have adapting Great And Secret Show, has written a rich, lovely thing and Gabriels working at the top of his talent. I agree with you about that track-in, but the double-page spread is spectacular and Im just very excited because comics are still something I adore and they are very cheap. Theyre cheap to produce, theyre quick to produce as well - you dont have this thing about waiting around forever - and, most important, theyre cheap to buy. You know, youll be able to buy this for six bucks."

Only Connect

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 19 August 2009 (note - full text here)

Chris Monfette : "Seduth is a single-issue comic, a one-shot, neither of which are terms which seem to sufficiently describe what it is weve done. It isnt the beginning of some sprawling mythology - though certainly what happens there is part of one - nor is it some simple, terrifying tale, awash with blood - though certainly it terrifies, and certainly it bleeds. If a comic book can be, in some sense, a poem - if, as Clive first pitched it to me, we can capture the spirit of Dali or Bunuel in 24 pages of artful madness - then perhaps lets call it that. "Clive came to me, quite literally, with nothing... which is to say that he wanted to create a piece about the essence of nihilism. Sitting at a table across from Clive there is a sensation of tumbling down rabbit holes, of passing through mirrors - fearless and fearful - and for a writer making his first venture into the world of comic books, Clives pitch about a diamond and the terrible things inside it felt a bit like boarding a bus for Weekhawken and getting off at Neverland. Foolishly, I had expected a story - manageable, straightforward, perhaps a bit messy - and what I received was a five-dimensional jigsaw the likes of which could only ever come from the mind of Clive Barker, my friend, whose head and heart, I believe, are one and the same.
"It occurred to me there, in that room, that if one was to address the concept of nihilism, one must first address the very nature of form, both physical and metaphysical. Consequently, there are two architects in Seduth - one human, the other decidedly not - and a third character, the title character, who one could best describe as the anti-architect. There is a madman and a plague; there are murders and a birth... And there is, of course, the diamond. That damn, diseased diamond... In 24 brilliantly illustrated pages, Seduth flows both from and into the essence of all that Clive has ever explored - the weave and tide of a universe that holds infinite wonder and equal despair.
"I walked away from that initial meeting terrified... with only a collection of images (which Clive had crudely sketched), a book of Peter Beards photography (which one might best describe as desperately beautiful) and a set of abstract themes (which were, in retrospect, far grander than my ability to adapt them). But if the virtue of ignorance is that it can, from time to time, allow us, unknowingly, to do the impossible, then over the course of several weeks, we created a script - a surreal assemblage of panels and words that Chris Ryall and IDW bravely agreed to publish - Clives blessing of which stands among the greatest flatteries of my literary life. That Gabriel Rodriguez would give it form, Jay Fotos would give it color and Ray Zone would give it dimension is yet another..."


By Chris Monfette, e-mail to Phil and Sarah Stokes, 2 July 2009

Chris Ryall : "In working with Clive Barker over the past five years and in adapting one of his books myself, the thing that constantly struck me is how wildly inventive he is, and I've always been eager for him to create something new. With Seduth, where 3-D artwork is essential to the story and presents a complete merging of story and art in a unique way, we finally have that."

Clive Barker Introduces New Dimension of Horror To Comic Books

By Chris Ryall, IDW Publishing, 18 August 2009

Chris Ryall : "In October, we're launching Clive Barker's Seduth, a 32-page one-shot that is Barker's first all-new comic book story in a couple decades. He and writer Chris Monfette developed the story, while the Locke & Key team of Gabriel Rodriguez and Jay Fotos handled all the art. And to make it even better, 3-D expert Ray Zone is applying 3-D techniques to the entire story.
"So this book should feature both story and art that is rarely ever seen in comics, and the 3-D component is actually something germaine to the story, not an effect just for the sake of it."


By Chris Ryall, RyallTime, 4 August 2009 (note - full text at

The Waiting Room - in Deady: The Malevolent Teddy

Deady - graphic novel Deady - collected volume 1

US Trade Edition

Deady: The Malevolent Teddy, by Voltaire, Sirius Entertainment, US, 2004. US graphic novel @ $5.95.

Collected Paperback Edition

The Book of Deady, by Voltaire, Sirius Entertainment, US, 2006. US graphic novel @ $19.95.

Voltaire : "I have been a fan of Clive's for years... then recently I met the gentleman who runs Clive's website and he told me that Clive spoke highly of MY work in his latest interview on the website. Naturally, I had a heart attack! To have someone like what you do is one thing... but to have someone who you are a HUGE fan of speak kindly of your work.... that's out of this world. Anyway, the two of us collaborating was mentioned... and eventually I spoke to Clive about it... and now it's official!
"I have a graphic novel coming out at the end of the month called 'Deady: The Malevolent Teddy'. In short, the galaxy's greatest evil escapes confinement on it's homeworld and possesses the body of a discarded teddy bear here on Earth. so you have this cute little teddy bear who is REALLY REALLY naughty.
"In the book I did a 5 page story in which DEADY unwittingly unleashes the Cenobites only to discover that they are actually the Stenobites: Demons from the 7th circle of middle management hell! (paperclip head, keyboard mouth, post-it get the picture). And naturally he gives them a pretty hard time.
"Well the next story in the book is written by Clive! "It's kind of an 'oh, yeah, want to make fun of my characters??? well take THIS!' kind of thing where Deady goes to sleep and experiences a nightmare written just for him by Clive.
"The story is called The Waiting Room. I just got it and it's hilarious and wonderfully disgusting!!!!! I'll be spending the next couple of days illustrating it."

The Barker And Voltaire show!

By Voltaire, Yahoo Clive Barker message board, 9 April 2004

Voltaire : "DEADY IS DONE!!!!! The book is finished and it has shipped to the printer! Barring catastrophy... Deady The Malevolent Teddy should be in comic book stores on Wednesday April 28th!
"All of the guest art is GORGEOUS! There is a BEAUTIFUL pin up by Junko Mizuno! (Viz), a great two page Deady Meets Writhe And Shine (Uber Comics) story by Robert Tritthardt! An AWESOME three page Deady Meets Frankenstein Mobster (Image) story by Mark Wheatley! A lovely two page Deady Meets Avigon (Image) story by Che Gilson and Jimmie Robinson, PLUS a wonderful short story by CLIVE BARKER!!!! That I illustrated!! It's called The Waiting Room and it's hilarious!!! Yes, you heard me right! Who knew Clive could be funny?! ; )"

Deady The Malevolent Teddy - Graphic Novel COMPLETE!!

By Voltaire,, 20 April 2004

Field - in Demonic Sex, v3.0, 2006

US Trade Edition

Demonic Sex, v3.0, Triple 6 Comics, US, 2006. US adult magazine @ $16.99.


Primal: From the Cradle to the Grave Primal Book 1 Primal Book 2

US Trade Edition

Dark Horse, USA, January 1992. Graphic novel @ $9.95.

US Comic

Dark Horse Comics, USA, October 1992. Comic @ $2.50.

US Comic

Dark Horse Comics, USA, December 1992. Comic @ $2.50.

Night of the Living Dead : London

Night Of The Living Dead, Book One - trade Night Of The Living Dead, Book One - limited Night Of The Living Dead, Book One

US Trade Edition

Book One: Bloodline. Fantaco Books, USA, 1993 @ $5.95.

US Limited Edition

Book One: Bloodline. Fantaco Books, USA, 1993. Hardback US Limited edition. 250 numbered copies @ $45.00.

US Unknown Edition

Book One: Bloodline. Fantaco Books, USA, [1993] @ [$5.95].

US Trade Edition

Book Two: End Of The Line. Fantaco Books, USA, 1993 @ $5.95.

US Limited Edition

Book Two: End Of The Line. Fantaco Books, USA, 1993. Hardback US Limited edition. [250 numbered] copies @ $45.00.

US Trade Compilation Edition

Books One and Two. Fantaco Books, USA, 1994 @ $14.95.

US Limited Compilation Edition

Books One and Two. Fantaco Books, USA, [1994].

Other Graphic Novels and Comics

We've not attempted here any kind of (in)justice to the life that Clive's novels, screenplays and short stories have enjoyed in transferring to comics and graphic novels. This subject is already comprehensively covered at the Lost Souls site and at The Hellbound Web site.
See, though, these original art pages from the graphic novels...
The only reason for singling out Seduth, Primal, Night of the Living Dead, Field and The Waiting Room on this page is that they are original storylines written by Clive specifically for this medium.
We intend however, in the fullness of time, to add a specific section on the Decamundi - ten worlds conjured from the Barker imagination to fuel the Razorline series of comics for Marvel.

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