Hellraiser Monopoly

Hellraiser Monopoly Hellraiser board - detail

An unauthorised hand-made board game, limited to 4 numbered sets. It looks truly magnificent and had a starting price for the lucky would-be owner of a cool $500. Fortunately for our wallet (and possibly our souls), the unwillingness of the maker to ship outside the US made us hold back...

Hellraiser Monopoly Series 2

The success of the first design led the talented and dedicated creator, Brian Sharp, to build a second, upgraded series of games. Limited and numbered to nine copies, the second series boasts new colour graphics, bronze playing pieces and higher quality, re-designed currency. Roll the Lament Configuration dice and gamble your soul...

Brian Sharp : "Instead of real estate you play for dominions in hell, instead of money, souls are your currency! This game set comes complete with a stunning acrylic board that measures 21" x 21" and is lacquered to a high shine. 6 highly detailed, resin playing pieces, which include Pinhead, chatterer, 2 types of soul pillars, a bondage tree and a small table with a mini box and skull. 32 copper colored, resin "degrees of suffering icons" (houses) and 12 Gold colored resin "ultimate suffering icons", (hotels). A complete set of "chance", "solve the box" and Hell dominion cards (property cards). A full set of "soul currency", 2 black dice and instruction booklet. Not to mention a totally rad, aged wood box complete with patina, box art emblem, to keep all the game pieces in! And last but not least a burgundy, velveteen bag to store and protect the board..."

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By Brian Sharp (bacraft), January 2002

Brian Sharp : "This [second series] game set is truly amazing with a stunning oak base and board that measures 24" x 24" x 4 3/4". Both are lacquered to a high shine and adorned with solid resin and bronze cast patina pieces like the pillar of souls. (The faces and center pieces on base are patinaed resin, The board has cast bronze, box art feet not shown) The board now has full color graphics and all of the highly detailed playing pieces are now made of cold cast bronze. All of the paper work has been upgraded as well, with bigger 'Soul Currency' Dominion and Game cards, each with new Hellraising artwork and heavier stock... Not to mention the board lifts off where you'll find the interior lined with red velvet and complete with black dividers. This set is truly the ultimate in Hellraiser memorabilia!"

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By Brian Sharp, January 2003

Monopoly Series 2 dice

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