Photography by Clive Barker - Yuri Light Colours

Clive has always sought artistic expression across diverse media and has been exploring still camera photography of male nudes for more than thirty five years. He has previously had examples of his photography exhibited in galleries in the US and Europe, included within limited editions of his novels (and those of others) and within the pages of books such as Male Nude Now, edited by David Leddick.

His latest photography project focuses on the human form expressing the human imagination. Employing his painting studio as a creative ground in which his subjects can explore imaginative themes and archetypes, these images can provoke shock, allure and wonder.

Content unsuitable for young audiences

As a consequence of the unrestrained nature of some of the images please be aware that these works have been created for an adult audience - these photographs are erotic male nudes and are not suitable for viewing at work, by those offended by erotic photography or by minors - please do not click this link if that's you!...

I am not of legal age to view adult content - please take me to Clive's gallery of art and photography at deviantART

YES - I am of legal age to view adult content, please take me to Clive's tumblr gallery

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