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Clive Barker

By Rantz Hoseley, Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017

Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017
Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017 cover C
Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017
Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017 cover B
Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017
Heavy Metal, No 286, May 2017 cover A
"What's fascinating about magic is that it can take on limitless forms. It's in the Vatican, it's in our folklore, it's in our children's stories, it's in our lullabies, it's in the legion of rhymes and schemes and plots laid against the enemy, whatever the enemy may be, and it's all placed in the form of something that can be recited. Example:
'Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
Look upon a little child;
Pity my simplicity,
Suffer me to come to Thee.'
"That's a piece of magic. It's an incantation! So, I think I'm influenced, because I see magic and its proliferation everywhere."

Artist And Imaginer

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 7 September 2017 (note - full text here)

"I'm better than I was... it's taken three years for me to get better but I am getting better.
"I can't get to people right now but I don't want them to think I've gone anywhere... I want to be able to talk at conventions and things like that and not have people worry about me, because these are nice folks and they do worry about me.
"The thing I would love to let everyone know is that I'm working hard and that, even though I'm not as public as I was, it means zero in terms of my commitment to the work which remains as strong - as you both know - as it ever was. Physically I'm not at present able to paint the big paintings but I'll get there, and in the meantime, yeah, there's literary stuff going on.
"Abarat 4 is almost finished and Abarat 5 has been plotted. But..., because there are so many illustrations in the books and they're all painted, it takes a hell of a long time to produce those books. They won't be out 'soon.' There's a lot of publishing work to do - you know, which picture goes where and we've got design issues and so on..."

Resolving Clive Barker's Puzzle Box

By Andrea Subissati, Rue Morgue, Issue 179, November / December 2017

Rue Morgue, Issue 179, Nov/Dec 2017
Rue Morgue, Issue 179, Nov/Dec 2017
"The fact that there's so much horror on television is a little troubling to me because, personally, I like cinematic horror. I like to go in with a lot of people to watch something that scares me, but also that television is something you watch in your front room while eating a cheese sandwich. It's not by its very nature going to be as intimidating as going to see a movie with people who are also scared... I think the kind of eeriness and edge that cinema can give you - the sense of being in the drama - is not likely to be as strong when you're looking at that drama on a relatively small space on a television screen as opposed to a cinema, which is an overwhelming image.
"Seeing a horror movie on a screen with a good sound system becomes intimidating right there. I don't think you can intimidate people quite so much with the light bulb in the living room, the cheese sandwich in hand, the kids playing on your feet."

Empire, No 343, December 2017
Empire, No 343, December 2017 regular cover
Empire, No 343, December 2017
Empire, No 343, December 2017 subscriber cover

Nailing It

By Mark Salisbury, Empire, No 343, December 2017

[Re: Hellraiser] "I'd done sketches for quite a while of heads with barbs coming out of them. I used to go to gay bars, and if you look at Robert Mapplethorpe photographs from that period, [he] was photographing a lot of men in black leather. There was certainly an S&M nuancing in there and it's part of the subtext of the movie."

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