Clive on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

It was the same deal as it had been on the other occasions. Not for the first time I cursed Eugene for introducing me to the Cult of the Shaved Palm. If I survived this - the third assassination job on their behalf - I'd tell him so to his face. After all, I wasn't the only hermaphrodite for hire in Londinium. Next time let him find some other love-child to do his dirty work.

Written in 1988 for the Christmas issue of London's listings magazine, Time Out, fifteen authors were set the challenge of following Terry Pratchett's opening paragraphs to create 'The greatest story ever told'... Each author was only allowed sight of the immediately preceding segment, making for some interesting plot shifts!
Clive's piece was fourth in the story, following Jane Ellison's segment and coming in ahead of others such as Roger McGough, Neil Gaiman and Victor Lewis Smith. Across its four paragraphs it covers the Cult of the Shaved Palm, an assassination job on Pope Helena, surgeons known as the Blue Caucasians and the infamous Crouch End Festival Orgy...

Oops. We've drawn a complete blank on meaningful comment from Clive - or even passing reference ! All help gratefully received.

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