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Each of the islands in the Abarat archipelago is a world in itself - imbued with the feelings of a particular time of day. Clive's painting of the whole archipelago in 'The Beautiful Moment' is actually made of three huge canvases which stand side by side in his gallery house, over 8 feet high and 19 feet long!
Here is a quick key to each of the islands and some of their inhabitants...

12:00 AM – GORGOSSIUM is home to the Carrion family. An island wreathed in red mists, its forbidding landscape includes bottomless lakes, a forest of gallows, and a morbid garden filled with harmful plants.

1:00 AM – The PYRAMIDS OF XUXUX are places of great mystery and tragedy; four of the six of them have been broken into by thieves. It is rumored that the pyramids are inhabited, but no one knows by whom. The key that unlocks these pyramids was once in Candy Quackenbush’s possession.

2:00 AM – IDJIT is an island of immense charm, and it encourages excessive behavior and a kind of happy foolishness. It has a spiky barren topography and many storms in which one is very likely to get struck by lightning.

3:00 AM – The gaudy island of PYON is home to the Commexo Kid and Commexo City, where night is permanently banished by a constant blaze of artificial light.

4:00 AM – On the ISLE OF THE BLACK EGG are the Pius Mountains, which are the tallest natural phenomenon in the Abarat. Descendants of guerrilla forces live a life of purity on this island.

5:00 AM – The sandy earth and grasslands on SPECKLE FREW are home to a wide variety of species. Most of these creatures are dangerous.

6:00 AM – EFREET is a wild spot. Upon this island are the remnants of the city of Koy, which was once the most cultured city in the Abarat. Now only lost souls haunt and mourn this island.

7:00 AM – AUTLAND is joined to Efreet by the Gilholly bridge. This island is home to Nimbus, Lord of the tarrie-cats, who lives in a palace once built for his wife, Queen Muzzel McCray.

8:00 AM – OBADIAH is an island of extraordinary flora. Here visitors will find strange and sometimes aggressive plants.

9:00 AM – QUALM HAH is a puzzling place because it has two distinct faces: one being the busy seaport of Tazmagor where there are red-roofed homes and many festivals, and one being mysteriously empty.

10:00 AM – SPAKE is a splendid, green place with many cypress trees. On this island performances of every kind are held.

11:00 AM – On the island of NULLY is the Repository of Rembrance, which is the Abarat’s most extraordinary building and has over 100 rooms filled with memorabilia once loved by the mighty.

12:00 PM – YZIL is a place of exceptional beauty, bathed in warm and magical light. It is temperate and lush, with a constant gentle breeze.

1:00 PM – The rocky island of HOBAROOKUS has traditionally been a haunt of sea bandits and buccaneers. It is also home to a species of birds, which reportedly hatch human babies from their eggs every ninth year.

2:00 PM – ORLANDO’S CAP is named after its cap-like shape, and houses an asylum for the insane; its patients paint and sculpt, often using hallucinatory colors.

3:00 PM – THE NONCE is a beautiful, lush, dreamy island. Its landscape is dotted with many churches, and the sound of singing snakes fills the air. Those who doze here, and their number is quite high, have the most extraordinary dreams.

4:00 PM – Many oracles live on the island of GNOMON. It is a rather unsettling place, filled with whispering voices, ruins of temples, and a number of roads with no destination.

5:00 PM – It is thought that SOMA PLUME was once a part of Gnomon, but that the two were separated by some cataclysmic event. Upon this island is the Great Noahic Ziggurat -- a place of burial that has long been rumored to be a lethally dangerous place to visit.

6:00 PM – On the island of BABILONIUM is a convergence of happy souls, stages and arenas, musicians, magicians, huge circus tents, and colored lights.

7:00 PM – SCORIAE – the Island of Lengthening Shadow – is a place that depresses the soul. It is a mass of lava rock and black dust, with the still active volcano Mount Galigali at its center.

8:00 PM – The great head-shaped YEBBA DIM DAY is the informal capital of the Inner Islands where an Abaratic can obtain birth papers, death papers, maps and the like.

9:00 PM – HUFFAKER has beautiful, temple-like rock formations, and is home to Hap’s Vault, in which a flickering light is said to join all things together within the Abarat.

10:00 PM – A tribe of tarrie-cats, which are larger than domestic cats but of the feline family, live on NINNYHAMMER, this island of rolling hills. There is a house here that resembles an eye, where, it is believed, wizards have lived over the years.

11:00 PM – JIBARISH is a place of paradoxes - rock is fluid, fire is cold, water is like iron - and it is easy to become lost here. Here resides a tribe of women who have worked to keep the island unpalatable for visitors, especially male visitors.

25th Hour – ODOM’S SPIRE is a place of mystery and dreams and a time out of time. It lies in the center of the Abarat. It is also called Whence, Lud, and the House of the Fantomaya. It is said about this island: “Every mystery of the Abarat has its solution here; every enchantment its source; every prayer its destination.”

All things in their time...

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