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Abarat Artwork

Abarat-Inspired Artwork

...The following display is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the fantastic work which is sent to us from all corners of the globe. With huge thanks to everyone who has generously agreed to share their creations with us, especially staff and pupils of Kodiak Middle School in Alaska...

Abarat Trading Cards Abarat Trading Cards

Abarat Trading Cards by Samantha Fowler

Malingo Geshrat  by ~Rosherrim-girl John Mischief  by ~Rosherrim-girl

Abarat-inspired artwork by ~Rosherrim-girl

John Mischief by ronniemick Christopher Carrion by ronniemick Tarrie Cats by Veronica S Tarrie Cats by Veronica S

Abarat-inspired artwork by ronniemick, Veronica S

Abarat Valentines by Elsie-Marie

Abarat Valentines by Elsie-Marie

Christopher Carrion by Devan

Christopher Carrion by Devan Brauer

Regeneration by Kelli Lupas Yebba Dim Day by Kelli Lupas

Regeneration and the Yebba Dim Day by Kelli Lupas

Clive Barker - Abarat Team Art Project Clive Barker - Abarat Project Work

Abarat Project Work at Kodiak Middle School

Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project

Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project

Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project

Abarat Art Project Abarat Art Project

Art Projects at Kodiak Middle School

Abarat Art by Stephanie Holttum

Abarat-Inspired Art by Stephanie Holttum

Untitled by Paul and Ozzy Denman (father & son)

Untitled by Paul and Ozzy Denman (father & son)

Mater Motley by Jamie

Mater Motley by Jamie

Poem Forms by Kodiak Middle School

I Am

I am a Tarrie Cat
I wonder about fish
I hear fish
I see fish
I want fish
I am a Tarrie Cat

I pretend to eat fish
I feel fish
I touch fish
I worry about fish
I cry fish
I am a Tarrie Cat

I understand fish
I say fish
I dream about fish
I try fish
I hope fish
I am a fish – I mean a Tarrie Cat

by Sara and Melissa

Carrion’s Jealousy

She really hates me,
from the bottom of her heart.
Instead she loves him.
He took her away from me.
Finnegan, the hybrid prince.

by Saori

The Jibarish is
The most confusing island
Beware all you men

by Robyn

This just to say
I have broken
the rum bottle
that was in
the cupboard

and which
you were probably saving
for a special occasion

Forgive me
it was unintentional
so accidental
and so unplanned

by Chellene


by Summer

If you've been inspired by Abarat to create work of your own, do please send it in to us and we'll showcase as much as possible here on this page...

Hunter's Story: Hunter, one of Peggy’s seventh grade students, was so excited about reading Abarat that he wanted his own copy. He ordered it from an internet site, choosing the smaller paperback because he liked the grim, shiny cover image of Christopher Carrion. He had no idea that it contained none of Clive’s other pictures that - to many readers - are such an essential part of the book. Hunter was disappointed, but being an artistic young man, he quickly resolved to make the best of it. He brought the book to class and showed it to Peggy, saying that he was surprised that his copy had no illustrations, but he was going to fix that by copying Clive’s pictures in for himself. He had already done a few drawings, and Peggy was quite impressed.
Feeling sure that Clive would want to know about Hunter’s book and drawings, Peggy contacted him. While delighted to hear about Hunter’s artistic initiative in copying the pictures for himself, Clive was also distressed at the idea that Hunter had expected the illustrations and been disappointed. Peggy suggested that if Clive were to autograph Hunter’s book, that would more than extinguish any disappointment he might feel. Clive immediately agreed, but he also went one step further: not only is Clive going to autograph Hunter’s book, but he is also sending Hunter an autographed copy of Abarat with the illustrations!
Clive and Peggy have conspired to keep the second part of the plan a secret until the time comes to surprise Hunter with the books. When Peggy told Hunter that Clive was going to autograph his book, his eyes widened, he broke into a grin, and he truly glowed with excitement. During the Abarat study unit, Hunter has taken great care of his book and worked hard on his drawings, which are remarkable reproductions of Clive’s work. When the drawings were finished, he gave the book to Peggy, and she sent it on to Clive. At this point, Hunter knows only that Clive is going to autograph his book, and Peggy is eagerly waiting to see the delight in his eyes when he sees that Clive has sent not only his own book back, but the illustrated edition as well!

Abarat Illustration by Hunter

We know from all the many, many messages we get, that Hunter's story is not unusual and that many of you have been disappointed by the lack of illustrations in some editions - unfortunately, Clive is not able to replace everyone's copy - making Hunter even luckier still..!

Clive Barker's Abarat Series

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