TV Projects - Cooler...

Ectokid - For TV

...A further attempt to pick up the unfulfilled storylines of the Razorline 'Barkerverse' looks like it has much going for it so far - with Nickelodeon Pictures and Paramount picking up both the TV rights to Ectokid and rights to a feature. (See our Films Still To Come... section) Perhaps this is the resurrection of the Saturday morning cartoon that Clive was planning with Malcolm Smith and Marc McLaurin way back in 1994, as the Razorline imprint imploded...
Unlike the film project, expect Clive to exec produce, leaving Joe Daley to take on production with Don Murphy...

"But we've got lots going on, as you can hear... Ectokid, the comic, has just been sold to Nickelodeon, the movie - which I will produce."

Nips And Tucks, Tits And Fucks

By Phil & Sarah Stokes, 10 July 2001 (note - full text here)

"In Ecto-kid, the Other Side is here and now. This other world is our world - but not. It's everywhere, but nowhere...
"I hope to create a franchisable world for Nickelodeon, but also one of the great, transcendent beauty; one that reconfigures people's expectations of what ghosts are, of what comes after death."

Par, Nick Take 'Kid' For Ride

By Claude Brodesser and Cathy Dunkley, Daily Variety, 13 August 2001

"I've done a 100-page treatment for Ectokid... Nickelodeon is going to do Ectokid - I think that's a long development process because it's an elaborate movie, but if they really go for it I think it's going to be pretty amazing. I think that's two or three years off."

Open Roads... What Price Wonderland?

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 3 April 2002 (note - full text here)

Don Murphy (producer) : "I am really excited to bring a master of suspense like Clive Barker to a new, family audience. It's an audience that Nickelodeon understands and reaches completely and very capably."

Par, Nick Take 'Kid' For Ride

By Claude Brodesser and Cathy Dunkley, Daily Variety, 13 August 2001

The Evil One

...Following Clive's successful re-incarnation of an unused treatment for Fox into Saint Sinner, the Sci-Fi Channel have confirmed that they are working with Clive again. This series of TV thrillers has been slated for their 2004/05 season alongside a Stargate (Atlantis) spin-off and a Spawn series (Suture Girl) with Todd McFarlane producing...

Sci-Fi Channel : "It's not always easy being the bad guy - and, frankly, it's hard to get truly evil help these days. Told from the perspective of an evil demon, this new series from Barker turns traditional narrative on its ear - where each week, the forces of good and evil do battle. However, in this weekly series, the Anti-Hero often wins..."

PR Newswire

31 March 2003

Sci-Fi Channel : "Barker is the creative force behind this new thriller series, told from the perspective of an evil demon, in which the forces of good and evil do battle each week. Produced by Seraphim, Inc., Barker executive produces. USACE distributes."

Press Release

Sci-Fi Channel, 1 April 2003

"We've just turned in to the Sci-Fi Channel the first two hours of what will hopefully eventually be a series, called The Evil One. I'm telling you this for the first time, because nobody knows about this yet...
"We only just did it literally today. So it's turned in, but you are right, this is Evil and now called The Evil One. I hope they don't think it is too dark. I'm very excited about the idea of taking evil as the subject and saying, Ok this is what it is going to be about. That's now been turned in as of today."


By Craig Fohr, Lost Souls, 1 August 2003 (note - full text online at Lost Souls)

Heretic / American Heretics

...Seraphim Films has long been working on this TV series about the dark secrets of America's fore-fathers for HBO - who may be more receptive to Barker-style material than other channels...

"I was taking a meeting with a writer called Matt Wilder, and my team at Seraphim Films, about an upcoming series -- Dark Fantasy -- for HBO called Heretic. Matt is scripting the first two-hour movie for us from a mythology which I've created."

People Online Appearance

Transcript of on-line appearance, 30 July 1998

"We also have a series tentatively called Heretics for HBO. We'll start with a two hour movie and it will become a series if it works. The cool thing about HBO, because it's cable, you have all kinds of freedom in terms of the amount of graphic material in the story which is useful if you are trying scare people. (Pauses). I'm trying to make the television thing work. It's hard sometimes because there's a lot of compromise in television. There's a lot of compromise in movies too. The rules and regulations seem even stronger in network television and there seems to be so many fingers in the pie, constantly. On the other hand, potentially you reach a huge audience. So that's the trade off."


By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Issue 10, June 1998

Matthew Wilder : "In the last year... I also wrote American Heretics, a pilot for HBO and executive producer Clive Barker that's a sort of alternative history of America [and] History Of The Devil for Clive's Seraphim Films, an adaptation of the play."

Alumni News

UCSD, 1999 (note - online at

History of the Devil

...At one stage, this play - originally written in 1980 - looked bound for the big screen with Matt Wilder having scripted an adaptation (see Films That Got Away...). However, after a lengthy period of silence, the Sci-Fi Channel stepped in in March 2004 with a deal for a six hour TV mini-series scheduled for production later in 2004. Barker will executive produce from Peter Filardi's new adaptation...

"Well, Peter Filardi, who wrote - I guess people who come to Revelations will know him best for Flatliners, actually. And his producing team came to me with a vision of wanting to do History Of The Devil as a six-hour mini-series - which I thought was a really cool idea. They really had a passion for the material and a real take on it and I always thought there was a cool way to expand that narrative and tell all these stories, all those little stories of the Devil's playing, fiddling in the workings of history in some more expanded form, that audiences would enjoy. So that's what they're aiming to do. So we're hoping that will all move forward. I think Peter right now is writing - I think it'll take him a long time to write six hours, so we probably won't see anything for six to nine months...
"I think it's potentially an immensely rich narrative and it's a dream role for somebody. I mean, to play all those manifestations of evil, all those kinds of evil in six hours, because the Devil gets to shape-change, in a way. I always said to Doug, 'Play the Devil as Andy Warhol,' in the way that Andy (well, I only met him once but everybody says this about him) he seemed to be a blank slate in a way - a tabula rasa - upon which anything could be scrawled and you can imagine anything about him could be true. And I said, 'Doug - try that,' and he did his own version which was incredibly successful; he did his own, English take on that - curiously, wilfully bland. And then, of course, during the scenes, during the flashbacks, he could be many things: he could be an angry child at the beginning; he could be a born aristocrat when he creates Jack Easter; there are all these various forms which he could take through the individual stories. And, most chillingly, when he played the man accounting the numbers of dead in the Second World War, in the Holocaust - he became some terrifying accountant, with a book, numbering the dead - I thought it was a brilliant performance. It remains in my head, crystalline after all these years. What is it? 25 years? And I saw it a lot, I saw it a lot in a lot of different stages but it really was a magnificent performance...
"I think the interesting thing about what Peter Filardi and his gang is doing - to bring this full circle - is that they are very much thinking, 'How can we make this mind-blowing television?' And I think that's great."

In Anticipation Of The Deluge: A Moment At The River's Edge

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 1 and 12 July 2004 (note - full text here)

"We have a deal to do The History of the Devil as a six-hour miniseries. That's a play of mine, in which the devil is taken to trial for his sins against humankind, demanding that he be released to go back to heaven. It's really about the history of evil, which is an interesting subject."

Clive Barker's Dark Plans

By Joe Nazzaro,, 2 December 2004

Peter Filardi : "Going from stage to film we're really going to be able to open it up and dramatize it. It's really not so much a horror thing though as it is John Milton meets John Grisham."

Filardi Speaks Of It And The Devil

By Ryan Rotten, Creature Corner at, 18 May 2004

Peter Filardi : "Working with Clive Barker is an inspiration. The man writes all day and paints all night. His home is a floor-to-ceiling explosion of fantastic canvases. When we need an idea at any given juncture of the adaptation process for History Of The Devil, Clive has ten. He's the closest I've come to the condition we recognize as 'genius.'
"History Of The Devil is in the outline stage of the first draft for Sci Fi, the miniseries will be six hours long, and the outline alone is fifty pages. Think John Milton meets John Grisham. Through courtroom testimony, our audience will be transported back in time through a series of vignettes which illustrate and examine the devil's role in man's history. The prosecution argues that the devil has had a disastrous effect on mankind. The defense counters that the devil is, and always has been, man's greatest scapegoat. As you can imagine, the devil will be a difficult being to pin down.
"We want an A-list actor for this role of a lifetime; a handsome, charming, malevolent shapeshifter."

Scripter Peter Filardi Talks History Of The Devil

By [ ], Fangoria at, 20 May 2004

Coldheart Canyon

...Clive made one quick mention of this back in 2002 but then everything went quiet. We didn't really expect to hear word of this again, but Fangoria are reporting from their June 2006 Weekend of Horrors that Peter Filardi has been speaking about his adaptation of Coldheart Canyon for TNT...

"Whoopi Goldberg and I are discussing a mini-series based on Coldheart Canyon for TV... I think [it would be perfect] and Whoopi is a huge horror fan."

It's Only When He Talks About Hollywood That The Evil Comes Out

By Paula Guran, The Spook, Issue 6, January 2002

Night Gallery

...Pretty vague, but here's an early indication that another short story might be bound for the TV treatment...

"One of the seminal horror anthology series is in the process of being reincarnated at Universal and NBC. Dish hears that producers Tom Thayer (former Universal TV prexy) and Dave Phillips are working with Manny Coto ('The Outer Limits') to put together a two-hour pilot of 'Night Gallery', with hopes of turning it into an hour-long series. They're talking with Stephen King and Clive Barker, among others, to contribute stories for the pilot, though the principals said no deals have been made.
"The King story they're after is 'The Boogeyman', which originated in his short story collection 'Night Shift', and concerned a man who shares his paranoia about boogeymen with a new therapist. 'Night Gallery' is best remembered for launching the directing career of Steven Spielberg, and utilizing the narrating talents of Rod Serling."

Classic Horror, Reborn

By [Dish], Variety, [July 1999]

Witness to Fear

...Seraphim Films look set to develop this TV series uncovering the realities of urban legend for the Action Adventure Network and DirecTV. Michael Hamilton Wright is working on the pilot script. We understand that the overarching concept of Witness To Fear is that some tabloid TV producers who peddle fantastic paranormal tales for the amusement of the masses discover that what they thought was make-believe is in fact reality...

"[There's] a series called Witness to Fear for the Action Adventure Network, which doesn't yet exist. It's a channel which Francis Coppola is making a series for and Oliver Stone is making a series for. I guess there are five [production] companies making series for them, and we're luckily one of them. And that's great."

Lord of New Illusions

By W.C.Stroby, Fangoria, No 175, August 1998

Spirit City USA

...Early attempts to convince TV executives that Clive's material was suitable for the mainstream audience came a cropper on Spirit City USA. Was Roy Winchester, the wandering (dead) magician who has escaped Houdini-like from beyond the grave on the anniversary of his death but has unwittingly brought another hundred spirits through with him, a precurser to Christopher Lloyd's character in Quicksilver Highway almost a decade later...?

"I'm doing a pilot for a TV series... the chances are Mick [Garris] and I'll be working on one, maybe two, TV pilots. I would executive produce and again provide the stories. Neither of them are out and out horror; both of them are dark fantasy. It's part of the attempt on my part to get access to a larger audience without watering the material down, without the material becoming bland. "

Chains of Love

By Mark Salisbury Fear, No 3, December 1988

"It's about an escapologist who dies because one of his tricks goes seriously wrong. Then he performs the greatest escape trick of his life: he escapes from death and comes back. Unfortunately, in escaping, he liberates about 250 spirits, and turns Los Angeles into 'Spirit City, USA'."

'Spirit' Moves Him

By [ ] Newsday, 17 October 1988

"Spirit City turned out to be too weird for the sponsors [ABC-TV]. They wanted something a little bit tamer and Mick [Garris] and I felt we couldn't provide that. It was rather off the wall. [The main character is a dead magician] which was probably a bad start as far as ABC were concerned. It's a notion Mick and I will probably run with elsewhere. It's certainly an idea I'm totally committed to, and I think people will have fun with it.
"Mick wrote the pilot with me overseeing its development as I was in the process of finishing off The Great And Secret Show. It's a series of ideas that deserve life in some form or other. I remain cynical about TV's ability to present the kind of material I favour. There are so many creative constraints, so many presumptions TV executives bring to any project about what will or will not work. When you talk to them you know they have a checklist in their heads. They have their sponsors and a rigid sense of what's gone before. They don't have a great enthusiasm for experimentation, for breaking the rules - and I've always been a rule breaker."

Clive Barker - Lord of the Breed

By Philip Nutman, Fangoria, No 91, April 1990 {Note : interview took place in June 1989}

Mick Garris : "All of [the spirits] have to go back to their rightful place or all Hell will literally break loose on Earth. You have a hundred potential episodes with a great deal of diversity. It's such a strong idea I'm surprised no-one has picked up the option."

The Sleeper Awakes

By Philip Nutman, Fear, No 17, May 1990

Mick Garris : "Spirit City USA was a pilot that Clive Barker and I did. It was an idea that Clive had and he was still living in London at the time so I was staying in a grody little room in a fancy hotel called Brown's Hotel, lonely as hell... And so every day I would go over and sit with Clive for a couple of hours while we would talk about it and then I would go off to my room and write the script pages and then the next day go through the same process. So that was an hour-long pilot that was written for ABC, which was not really in the Clive Barker business in those days - not that anybody was."

The Mummy

By Stephen Scarlata and Josh Miller, Best Movies Never Made, 27 August 2019 (note - available online at

The Books Of Blood

...No idea how many of the Books of Blood were planned for adaptation at HBO back in the 1980's but negotiations clearly went nowhere.
Two decades later, the title - and maybe only the title - looked to be resurrected by Frank Darabont as a framing device for a TV horror anthology. Early plans were for Darabont and Barker to collaborate in picking suitably striking short stories from a variety of authors across the genre...

"I'm now doing some stuff, doing some TV for ABC and probably we're going to do the Books of Blood for HBO as well. The problem with network television, the thing you're faced with all the time - [with] horror on network TV - is that it has to be so mild and my horror fiction is not mild, so we're always dealing with the problem of, again, censorship, I'm afraid."

The Larry King Show

By Larry King, 11 October 1988

"There's still the Home Box Office Books of Blood series too..."

In The Heat Of Nightbreed

Set visit by Alan Jones, Starburst, No 133, September 1989

Frank Darabont : "We really want to make the Books of Blood to be a story-driven, writer-driven piece of work. There's so many great stories to tell in the genre and I thought, hell, if anybody knows these stories, it's gotta be Clive Barker. The idea is we would choose the stories, whether it was Fritz Leiber, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, or something very cutting edge like David Schow - whatever story it is, as long as it's got a real quality of writing of writing going for it. 'Cause I miss that, especially in anthologies. The one's we've had lately are kind of lacklustre. They seem to oddly be avoiding the fact that there are thousands of great stories that have been written through the years.
"Whatever the tonality is, what I don't want to do is proscribe what kind of stories Books of Blood has to be. That's why anthologies continue to be stale. Go for the throat! Go wherever the great stories are! Hopefully, this'll be a series that'll scare the crap out of you and we'll earn that."

2002 Screenwriting Expo

Moderated by Den Shewman, 17 November 2002 (note - reported online at

Demonologist 2003, Variety reported that NBC Studios had plans to work with Clive on a TV drama which hoped to combine scares and comedy in the same breath. Written by Clive and Teddy Tannenbaum (credited on a recent episode of The Dead Zone), Demonologist follows the lives of a couple who fight demons with ease but are thwarted by the trickier problems posed by raising their 15 year-old daughter...

Chris Conti (NBC) : "We're all trying to find ways to do family shows with characters that just jump off the screen. The brass ring of all brass rings is to do that comedic drama... It's a funny, spooky thriller in hopefully the good Hitchcockian tradition. If you can pull this off, you can scare the hell out of people and make them laugh at the same time."

Peacock Picks Quirky Drama Pair

By Michael Schneider, Variety, 6 October 2003


...At a time when the movie franchise was in search of new distribution, Panacea Entertainment, Park Avenue Entertainment and Blueprint Entertainment looked, collectively, to be throwing a lifeline to Pinhead in the form of a planned TV series. Larry Kuppin, who has a long history with Hellraiser through New World, announced he would executive produce alongside Eric Gardner with the series plotted as following a tabloid journalist as he uncovers an evil plot between Pinhead and a zillionaire software magnate...
No reflection on these plans but, back in 1995, Clive was less than enthusiastic about previous small-screen plans for Pinhead - see here...
2012 saw the same team look to be working on resurrecting the idea through Sonar Entertainment...

Larry Kuppin : "The mythology of the character and the series has been worked out slowly over the years... Pinhead is one of the most branded characters in the horror genre. There are all kinds of psychological angles to be explored, along with a good scare."

Raising 'Hell' On TV

By Michael Fleming, Daily Variety, 14 December 2004

Blueprint Entertainment : "It's in the early development phase; we're attaching a showrunner to formulate more of a package and series concept. There's a lot of mythology attached to Hellraiser and it's a well-known title - to translate that into a series will take a little bit of work."

Hellraiser, Clive Barker's Classic Cult Horror Movie Series, Is Being Turned Into A TV Series.

By Michael Starr, New York Post, 16 December 2004

Sonar Entertainment : "Synopsis: One of the most successful (and terrifying) franchises in film history is ready for its weekly television debut. For over 25 years, fans have followed the exploits of an insidious villain named Pinhead, summoned from a nightmarish underworld by an ancient puzzle box. He will seduce you with power and tempt you with fear, until your soul belongs to him. Now, for the first time, a weekly series set in the fantastic realm of Hellraiser will thrill audiences worldwide."

Hellraiser, The Series.

By [ ], Sonar Entertainment, [31] March 2012

Hoop Hell, Silo, Retribution and Other Fox Projects

...Fox originally had this series of six TV movies gathered under the banner 'Clive Barker's Spirits and Shadows' as part of a wide-ranging development deal covering TV series, movies and childrens' programming. One of the planned stories was Saint Sinner, lately resurrected by the Sci-Fi Channel. Although it appears that Hoop Hell and Retribution may have been shelved, the chances of of Silo (scripted by Fred Vicarel from Barker's original storyline) actually becoming a reality, did look good. We've even heard that it was finished, was about a creature composed of worms and flies, and was scheduled to have aired before the end of 1999... Well, we missed it if it did...

"They're open to a whole range of offbeat ideas and I think it will be a good marriage. "

Barker Banks 20th TV Pact

By [ ], Daily Variety, 24 February 1997

"[For television] I do think you have to rein yourself in and, at the same time, that's part of the deal - part of what you're doing when you do television. In exchange for that, you get access to that mass audience. It hasn't frustrated me much. If the storytelling's strong, I think you can move people without blood spattered everywhere. On the other hand, as we get closer [to production], I may have an entirely different report for you."

Written In Blood

By Robert DiGiacomo, Philadelphia Gay News, Vol 21 No 38, 11 - 17 July 1997

"My company, which is called Seraphim, is presently developing a whole host of projects for Fox. They are under lock and key at the moment, so I can't share their subject matter with you - but they will be rather dark. "

AOL Appearance

Transcript of on-line appearance, 18 August 1997

"There are long periods when you think nothing is happening and then they want something by next week. We just took in a whole series of proposals to them. All of them have been put into development, which is great. We probably have more stuff in development than another company presently working for Fox. It's a little like juggling. You know those guys spin those plates on sticks? It's almost like Anna, Robb, Joe and myself are running from one stick to the next. I'm learning more and more to delegate from this abundance of work. There's so many parts to these development processes. I can't be there all the time for all this stuff. In this last time of writing this book, it's almost impossible for me to step away from the desk. I have wonderful people working for me and that definitely helps."


By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Issue 9, November 1997

"One of our movies of the week is now warming up for production, which is great. The first will be "Silo". Spelling films, with whom we had struck our deal, went bust about three or four weeks after we had done the deal. That meant we had our deal with a company that no longer existed. (Laughs). We had then to look around for a home for our movies, which is what we've been doing. But that was very troubling."


By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Issue 10, June 1998

"Silo will go before the cameras later this year [1998]...I am instructed by Fox to keep it under wraps. It's a supernatural horror movie, a scary horror movie. What will be interesting will be to see how much we can slide by, because their only concern was that it might be too intense. But they seem to have got past that now. They want it for summer of next year, so they need to start shooting in the autumn.
"For the Fox material, I wrote 25 page stories which are then turned [into scripts] by writers under our guidance over at Seraphim. So we're just getting this material along."

Lord of New Illusions

By W.C.Stroby, Fangoria, No 175, August 1998

"I had a deal over at Fox television for a while, and though nothing came of that deal in terms of actual programming, we had gotten to the point where they had said to [Seraphim], 'We'd like to be in the business of making movies-of-the-week again.' It turns out they made none of them for anyone. But what it did was cause me to create six stories for that venue. One of them was Saint Sinner, and it existed in this twenty-five page treatment. When we came to talk to the Sci-Fi Channel, it turned out that they really did want to make movies. I said, 'I've got this one that I think is really cool'. It found a life over there."

Clive And Kicking

By Mike Watt, The Dark Side, Issue 101, February/March 2003

Sandy Grushow (president, Twentieth Century Fox) : "Clive has proved himself one of the most talented and successful writers in any medium today, and we look forward to working with him on a wide range of projects."

Barker Banks 20th TV Pact

By [ ], Daily Variety, 24 February 1997

Shadow House

...Originally in development with Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope and planned for airing as a series on HBO, this project - a "gothic-thriller" - teamed Barker with Blade's David Goyer, himself a very busy man. Disappointingly, Shadow House has gone aground and Goyer's plans with Neil Gaiman are also foundering...

"I'm producing an HBO series with Francis Ford Coppola and that's great... I mean beside the free wine... We got the free wine, yes, it's sitting next door... It's really good, but there's also a thrill value in all of this that I don't discount even as I edge toward 50. I can still be delighted that Francis Ford Coppola was sitting here at this table a week ago. That's just great! The fact he is sitting there in my house, talking about a project I co-created, talking about ' How do I do this?' I mean, this is Francis Ford Coppola, it's too wonderful."

It's Only When He Talks About Hollywood That The Evil Comes Out

By Paula Guran, The Spook, Issue 6, January 2002

David Goyer : "I have a pilot at HBO with Clive Barker. It's called Shadow House. Clive and I did it with Francis Ford Coppola. We're writing it right now.
"We're trying to see if we can put the HBO spin on it, so it is genre, but what I like about the HBO shows is that they take things in a more intelligent direction. There aren't any special effects in it. It's scary and psychological."

Goyer Goes To The Shadow House

By Arnold T. Blumberg, Cinescape, 18 March 2002

David Goyer : "The HBO deal for Shadow House got scuttled. We couldn't work out an agreement and the project was shelved."

Blade And Beyond

By [ ], SFX, No. 95, September 2002

David Goyer : "I was going to do this drama with Coppola and Clive Barker. They approached me, they said, 'Do you want to do this show with Coppola and Clive Barker?' Yeah! I don't even care what the show is. So they said, 'Okay, well go up to Napa and you'll hang out with them for about a week or whatever' And I'm like, 'I don't care!'
"Because I think there are three reasons why you do any project, and as long as you're clear as to which reason you're doing it for, you're fine. On the one hand, there's money. If you're doing something for money, that's fine, you're a hired gun. If you're doing something because you love the project, then it shouldn't be about the money, you should do it for nothing. And the third reason is, there's just somebody you want to work with that would be an interesting experience. And Clive and Francis are just super-interesting great guys. Clive Barker, what a lot of people don't know, is a hysterical person. He is truly funny.
"The problem with that ultimately was... HBO couldn't come up with an economic model to pay everybody. Ultimately it wasn't worth everybody's time because they couldn't carve up enough of the pie. Looking back, we should've tried to figure something out... I would work with those guys again in a second."

Guest Talk

By David Goyer, Creative Screenwriting Magazine Screenwriting Expo, Los Angeles, 16 November 2002

The Inhuman Condition and Revelations

"The guy behind Stephen King's 'It', who is now heading up the drama section of ABC, has commissioned teleplays for what would be a two hour Halloween package of 'The Inhuman Condition' and 'Revelations', which will be framed by me as a sort of host. I think it will be fun. Both stories can be put on TV - they're not really visceral stories. They can be put on TV without softening them overly much. We're working with a man called Bill Link, who is the man behind 'Columbo'. I think it will work. I'm really excited about that prospect."

[The Dreaded News]

By [Michael Brown], Dread, No. 6, 1992

"ABC is presently looking at teleplays of Revelations and The Inhuman Condition to be done as a double bill, to be shot some time this year. They are actually looking at drafts of them at the moment, so maybe it will actually happen. I never know with television."

From The Thief Of Always To Where No Writer Has Gone Before

By J.B.Macabre, World of Fandom, Spring 1993, Vol 2 No.18


...Can you really see anything which might do justice to the original slotting into the schedule between The Simpsons and Friends? With the memory of Freddie's Nightmares, Poltergeist - The Legacy and countless others still far too fresh in our minds, we're with Clive on this one...
Newly resurrected, this idea has come around again - see TV Still To Come...

"At one time there was, unfortunately, talk of a Hellraiser TV series but, somehow I just can't imagine it as a prime time show. At that point I think I'd say, 'Hey guys, enough already'. Look, this stuff is supposed to scare people to death but scaring people with television material is practically impossible. That's the last resort for any monster who, quite frankly, should be ashamed to be seen on television."

Lord Of Illusions - A Fable Of Death And Resurrection

By Simon Bacal, Sci-Fi Entertainment, Vol 1 No 5, February 1995


...Potentially the weirdest family saga to have ever hit our screens (depending how you view Dallas and Dynasty), but we understand the prospect of the network TV miniseries was last seen heading over the horizon in a small boat...

"Galilee looks like it will be a mini-series. It's going to be great fun! A big romantic family saga."

Chats From The Past

Transcript of on-line Hollywood Spotlight appearance, 23 June 1998

Randy Myers : "Barker and NBC are in the early stages of transforming Galilee into a miniseries."

Love, Barker Style

By Randy Myers, (New York)? Times, 30 July 1998

[Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen] : "Seraphim is currently meeting with writers to develop the book as a series for networks."

The World of Clive Barker

By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Vol 2, No 1, April 1999

Borsch Bat

Original artwork for Borsch Bat

...This was the Fox project for the children's market - with initial illustrations in a style similar to those for Thief...

"In addition to the twenty-two million dollar animated feature based on the Thief of Always, I am working on doing a Saturday morning cartoon called 'Borsch Bat' for Fox television. My feeling is that we should start corrupting the children!" "

From The Thief Of Always To Where No Writer has Gone Before

By J.B.Macabre, World of Fandom, Spring 1993, Volume 2 No.18

Damnation Game Mini-Series

...Well, the April 2001 news that Phoenix pictures are looking to shoot The Damnation Game as a movie (see Films Still To Come...) means this proposed mini-series is unlikely ever to materialise. A dense novel to attempt to bring to the small screen, but just imagine Mamoulian and Co. in the hands of the man who brought us The Exorcist...

"With 'The Damnation Game' we're about to sign [movie] contracts, we may even sign contracts to do a TV mini series. That remains a little bit up in the air."

Chains Of Love

By Mark Salisbury Fear, No 3, December 1988

"William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist, wants to do The Damnation a mini-series."

The Inquest Q & A

By Rick Swan, InQuest, No 19, November 1996

"[William Friedkin] and I had lunch about four months ago just on the basis that we wanted to be in business.... I love what he does, he loves what I do. I said what about Damnation Game and he said 'I love that book, let's talk'. I think he'll be tremendous if we could pull it off because 'The Exorcist' remains one of the best horror movies of all time and I think many of his movies were under-rated. I'm a huge fan of 'To Live and Die in L.A.', which I think was absolutely a first rate picture. I would love to be in business with him."


By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Issue 5, October 1996

Ectokid TV Series

...Back in 1994 optimism still abounded for Ectokid - little were they to know that the Razorline imprint would implode before this Saturday morning cartoon could become a reality. Nevertheless, the planned resurrection of Ectokid as a TV movie (see TV Still To Come) shows that all is not yet lost for Ectokid...

Malcolm Smith : "It's looking like these creations are going to have lives outside the comics as well. Ectokid is on its way to becoming an animated TV show."

From Doodles To Decamundi

By Malcolm Smith, Hokum & Hex, Vol 1 No 6, February 1994

Marc McLaurin : "And so, this is the last issue in the first run of Ectokid. But not the end. '94 is the year for more. The future for our hero is a rosy one. The Ectokid Saturday morning cartoon is still in production, due for release in '95. An Ectokid line of toys is currently in production."


By Marc McLaurin, Ectokid, Vol 1 No 9, May 1994


...Clive Barker's Hotel, set to be produced by Clive and Joe Daley with Warner Bros TV and scripted by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Saw, Feast and The Collector) was picked up by ABC in 2009 after competition with other networks. 2010, however, saw Melton being less optimistic for the project...

Patrick Melton : "[We're] doing a TV show with Clive Barker, but I can't really say anything about that yet..."

Dread Central At The Collector Premiere

By SeanD, Dread Central (, 31 July 2009

"'Saw' scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are taking up residence at Clive Barker's Hotel.
"Fresh off Dunstan's feature directorial debut 'The Collector,' the pair have sold a pitch with just that title to Warner Bros. Television, with a number of networks eyeing it as a potential series.
"Plot details are being kept under wraps, but 'Clive Barker's Hotel' is expected to follow a series of ghoulish incidents at a haunted hotel. Barker, the creator of the landmark horror franchise 'Hellraiser' and other well-known genre properties, is attached to produce, while McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision is in talks to produce. Barker associate Joe Daley will co-produce."

Clive Barker And 'Saw' Writers In A Bloody Good Teaming

By Steven Zeitchik, The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business Blog (, 12 August 2009

"ABC has picked up the script 'Clive Barker's Hotel' from 'Saw' scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. The network bested Fox and several other nets eyeing the Warner Bros. TV project.
"The script centers on a series of ghoulish incidents at a haunted hotel.
"Horror maven Barker is attached as a producer, and McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision banner is in talks to produce. Joe Daley is co-producing. It's possible McG could come on board in a directorial capacity if the project moves forward, though the idea hasn't yet moved beyond the conversation stage."

ABC Makes A 'Hotel' Reservation

By Steven Zeitchik, The Hollywood Reporter (, 18 August 2009

Patrick Melton : "We were to do this ABC show with Clive Barker that's called 'Clive Barker's Hotel', which we had high hopes for, but I don't think ABC is going to make it. That took up a lot of energy late last year..."

Exclusive: Patrick Melton Talks The Collector 2, Saw VII 3D, and More

By Sean Decker, Dread Central (, 12 March 2010

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