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Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, at 1:00 am on the morning of 5 October 1952. He grew up there and went to Dovedale and Quarry Bank schools - the same schools that John Lennon of the Beatles had been to a few years before Clive! He then studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University.

Whilst at school he wrote - stories, comic strips and plays - and together with his friends formed a fringe theatre group which mounted productions both in Liverpool and, later, in London.

His first books, The Books of Blood, were published in 1984 in England and Clive began to concentrate on writing fiction rather than plays. Publishing both short stories and novels for adults, he moved to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles in 1991 where he next wrote his first published book for 'all ages' - The Thief of Always.

Clive has directed and produced films, written for television and exhibited his paintings in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, as well as working on comics, models, video games and toys.

The first volume of the Abarat series was published in 2002 and made the New York Times' bestseller lists, as well as winning a number of awards. Abarat II followed in 2004, winning a Bram Stoker award, with volume three - Absolute Midnight - released in September 2011.

Where does Clive live? - Clive lives in Beverly Hills in California, USA

When did Clive start writing stories? - Clive has been writing and drawing stories, plays and comic sketches since he was at school. His first book - a collection of horror stories for adult readers - was published in England in 1984.

When will Abarat 4 be published? - Clive is hard at work on Abarat 4 and he'll let us know when it's completed... Click here for the latest news on Abarat 4 and 5...

Where does Clive get his ideas from? - From his vivid imagination! Clive keeps a 'dream-journal' in which he records thoughts, images and dreams as they come to him. He also keeps notepads around his house so he can sketch or jot down a thought or image whenever it comes to him!

How do I become a writer? - Most writers have always been readers and speak fondly of the books they read and re-read as a child. Successful writers, including Clive, say that they became writers simply by writing a lot! Keep writing every day you can and reading too - if you have a story to tell it will find its way onto your page...

Is Clive going to be visiting my town any time soon? - We'll keep news of Clive's current plans up to date on this page...

Where can I send my copy of Abarat or Thief of Always to be signed? - Please don't send your books to Clive as treasured books can be lost that way. Watch out for any news that Clive might be signing books in a nearby bookstore.

Will Abarat be made into a film? - A script has been written from the first two Abarat books but there is unlikely to be a film made until the books have all been written. Disney were originally going to make the Abarat movies but they won't now be doing that.

Will The Thief of Always be made into a film? - We very much hope so! A proposed Thief project is currently being worked on.

How many books has Clive written for adults? - Clive has so far written and published nine novels for adults. He has also written a number of short stories, plays and work for films and television.

What does Clive like best - writing or painting? - Clive has been writing and painting since he was very young and he loves to do both, but at different times of the day. During the daytime he writes in his study, and in the evening he goes down to his studio to paint.

Does Clive have any pets? - Yes - LOTS! He is very, very fond of his dogs, but he also has parrots (who noisily interrupt his phonecalls!) - one is called Malingo. He also has geckoes, fish and a cockatiel.

Does Clive come from England? - Yes, he was born in Liverpool, England in 1952 but he has lived in Los Angeles since he moved to America in 1991. Recently he became an American citizen.

Can I send you a drawing or a photo I've done that's related to Abarat or Thief? - Sure! We've created a page for them here so send us your drawings or photos by e-mail and we'll pick some to show to Clive and to the world!

Clive and Malingo
Clive and Malingo

Clive in front of The Beautiful Moment
Clive at home in front of The Beautiful Moment

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Where's Clive Going To Be Touring?

From time to time Clive tours across the US and has also had signings in England, Holland and Spain in recent years.

ClIve is currently scheduled to appear at:

  • There are no current bookstore signings - for convention appearances please see the main clivebarker.info site

Please note that last-minute alterations to events are always possible and we strongly recommend checking with event organisers for final details before planning your trip...


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