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The following teaching unit has been constructed by the wonderfully insightful Peggy O'Leary of Kodiak Middle School in Alaska. These materials are available as a resource for all teachers and parents for use in classes or home-schooling.

Our huge thanks to Peggy whose own classes know just how special she is!

Unit Overview

Teacher's notes
Student's course outline
Crossword with answers

Lessons and Activities

Lesson 1 - Pre-reading CLOZE from Chapter 3, “Doodle”
Lesson 2 - Author’s use of literary devices
Lesson 3 - Characterizing the Hero in Literature, Candy Quackenbush: an Epic Heroine?
Lesson 4 - Abarat crossword
Lesson 5 - Abarat poetry assignment and your poems
Review Quiz - Chapters 1 - 16
Lesson 6 - CLOZE #2 from Chapter 20
Lesson 7 - Abarat Alphabet List
Lesson 7 - Abarat Alphabet Squares
Lesson 8 - Writing about author’s use of literary devices
Lesson 9 - Abarat Literary Devices Chart
Individual or Team Art Projects
Lesson 10 - Writing for the Senses
Lesson 11 - Elements of Fiction, Text Connections and Vocabulary
Lesson 12 - Themes and Conflicts
Writing assignment - Persuasive letter
Unit test

Additional Student Resources

The Beautiful Moment map
Literary devices - notes
Literary devices - examples
Revision notes - quiz
Revision notes - test

All artwork copyright © Clive Barker, teaching materials © Peggy O'Leary.

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